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C10 Freshmen

The night was as cool as water. The cool breeze caressed Qin Shaoyu as he sat alone on the roof. His eyes stared at the stars in the starry sky out of nowhere. Whenever he did so, he would have a special kind of tranquility.

Qing Shui sighed as he recalled all the things that had happened to him. He had escaped into the green mountains and encountered the endless pursuit, and had coincidentally encountered the flash flood. He had lost all consciousness the moment the sandstorm engulfed him.

When he woke up again, he was rescued by the people from this mountain village.

This was a small village outside of the mountain. The name of the village was Crazed Battle Village.

The villagers were all natural born warriors with berserk bloodlines. Although they were both at the edge of the mountain, they were thousands of miles away from Qin Shaoyu's original Qingshan Town and were separated by the entire mountain range.

Qin Shaoyu couldn't understand why he would appear here after crossing the mountain range of millions of miles for no reason. However, the strange things that happened to him didn't surprise him at all, not to mention the souls from other spaces and the miraculous Miracle System.

Speaking of Miracle System … Ever since he woke up, Miracle System had already told him that the evolution had been going on for several days. He didn't know when it would end, nor did he know what surprises it would bring him.

"Big Brother Qin Shaoyu, why did you run upstairs again? Come down quickly! Dad has something to talk to you about!" At this moment, a somewhat coarse voice called out from outside the room.

Below the house was a sturdy figure about two meters tall. His dark skin, which was half naked and half muscular, was suffused with a red glow.

Although this man looked like a middle-aged man, he was actually a teenager that was half a year younger than Qin Shaoyu. It was Meng Lieh who happened to rescue Qin Shaoyu back to the village.

"Alright, I'll be right down."

Qin Shaoyu agreed and jumped down from the roof that was not too high, then walked to Meng Lieh's side and said, "Is there something that your Abba wants to talk to me about?"

"I don't know. Daddy only told me to come find you!"

Meng Lieh shook his head like a rattle, replied with a muffled sound, then pulled Qin Shaoyu's arm and ran in the direction of his home.

There were over a thousand families living in the village. The Meng Lieh house was in the center of the village. Qin Shaoyu was dragged by Meng Lieh as they jogged to the front door of a small yard.

The yard was surrounded by thick wooden piles that were used as fences. They walked in through the simple door and found a big guy sitting on a tree stump in front of the big pot house that was used for marinating meat. It was Meng Lieh's father, Mong Tian.

The big guy raised his head and looked at Qin Shaoyu. Then, he put down the work he was doing and took out the wineskin on his waist and drank two mouthfuls of the old wine that he had made himself.

Mong Tian wiped his mouth for a while, then said, "Tomorrow, the village is going to the market in town to trade the animal meat and animal skin for oil and salt. Do you want to go to the market and see if anyone knows about your hometown?"

Qin Shaoyu shook his head gently, "There's nothing to ask about in my hometown that can make me linger, so when I'm strong enough, I will naturally go back to take revenge!"

"But I do want to see the area that hasn't been out of the Qingshan Town for more than ten years. Since I'm out, I might as well go out and experience the outside world!"

Mong Tian nodded and said, "Since that's the case, let's rest early today. We'll go to the market town together tomorrow."

"Dad, I want to go to town too, I want to take a look!"

"What are you going for? Why aren't you training at home?" Mong Tian said angrily with his big eyes.

Meng Lieh, who was more than two meters tall under the gaze of his father, shrunk his neck like a child and argued in a wronged tone, "Qin Shaoyu is only 15 years old, why is he able to go to the town?"

Wu Tie glared at Meng Lieh with his palm-sized palm as if he wanted to slap him. Meng Lieh was so scared that he did not dare to say anything else.

Qin Shaoyu felt his heart ache when he saw the father and son. Ever since he was young, he had never felt this way towards his family. His parents died for the family long ago, and now, even the family abandoned him.

Qin Shaoyu secretly swore in his heart that no matter if it was Bai family or the Qin family, one day, he would return and seek justice.

This was especially so for the Qin family which his parents had sacrificed their lives to protect him. They felt that it was not worth it, but at the same time, they decided to completely destroy him.

Just as Qin Shaoyu was lost in thought, a shrill sound of a bull's horn was heard. No matter what, Mong Tian and Meng Lieh's faces changed drastically as if something big happened.

Mong Tian fished out a huge axe that was more than 3 meters tall from the yard and told Meng Lieh to protect Qin Shaoyu. Then, he led the huge axe and ran out with big steps.

"What happened?"

"Even if the Beastmen from the mountains invaded, I still have to go kill the enemy."

Meng Lieh's face was flushed red with excitement as he said, "After saying that, I picked up my two meter long axe and ran out of the yard in big strides."

When they arrived at the gate, they turned around and said to Qin Shaoyu, "Quickly hide in the house and wait for us to kill off the beastmen before coming out."

After Meng Lieh said that, he took big steps and ran away, leaving Qin Shaoyu behind to shake his head helplessly.

"Their physiques are incomparable to theirs, but they are definitely not cowards who need to hide in their houses and tremble when enemies come knocking on their doors."

Qin Shaoyu wiped his nose as he followed Meng Lieh's footsteps and ran out of the village.

Before they could reach the village entrance, they could hear the battle cries ahead. The air was filled with the faint smell of blood.

At this time, rumbling sounds could be heard as millstone-sized rocks fell to the ground along with a whistling sound of the wind...

After falling on the ground, those rocks smashed holes in the ground one after another. Some of the village warriors were accidentally hit by those rocks and flew out while vomiting blood, and many houses were smashed down by those rocks.

Qin Shaoyu felt his scalp tingle as he watched so many stones smash down on the enemy from all directions.

However, the warriors of the Battle Crazed Village were not easy to kill. They threw the axes that were made of iron ore. They weighed about twenty pounds, and with a great strength, they were thrown over a hundred meters away, which could effectively kill the enemies.

Qin Shaoyu dodged rocks that flew towards him all the way to the front of the line.

At this moment, the two sides weren't in close combat yet. They were using ranged attacks against each other because they wanted to consume some of the enemy's strength and also because they wanted to suppress them.

This was a battle method that had been passed down for thousands of years and had always been used by the people of this world.

"Why are you here? It's dangerous, quickly go back!" Mong Tian grabbed Qin Shaoyu's hand and yelled loudly.

"I'm not a girl who needs to hide behind a wall while I'm in danger. I'm also a warrior, so I can also go on the battlefield and kill my enemies!"

Qin Shaoyu also roared in reply. He slightly used his strength to get his arm out of Mong Tian's grip and walked two steps forward.

Mong Tian suddenly realized that Qin Shaoyu had already broken free from his grasp and felt his strength. Mong Tian knew he was worried for nothing.

Judging from his appearance, he should be one of those warriors who trained in battle qi. Otherwise, with such a small physique, how could he have such great strength?

In fact, Qin Shaoyu didn't know that ever since Miracle System activated the Spellblade profession and fused with his Swordsman profession to forge the True Magic Bloodline, his physical attributes, whether it was strength, speed, or patience, all increased as the level of the profession increased.

Right now, his body was much stronger than that of an ordinary warrior of the fifth rank.

"Daddy, I saw Big Brother Qin Shaoyu. Why did you let him go? I want to go too …" Meng Lieh said as he caught up with them, carrying a huge axe over two meters in length.

"Go away and stay put for me!" Mong Tian gave his son a slap on the head before running to the front with big steps.

"What right do you have to be able to go to the frontlines with a small body like Big Brother Qin Shaoyu? Even if I can't go, I still want to kill the enemy!" Meng Lieh stomped hard on the ground and followed, carrying his huge axe.

Today, we are getting married. Ono is going to the wedding. We'll post a chapter first and a chapter later tonight.

In this chapter, the new students hope that their new life after marriage will be better.

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