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C2 Slander

The large hall in the house was extremely spacious and had a unique pattern to it. Sitting high among the Patriarchs of the Qin family were two magicians wearing Sichuan robes. These were powerful people within the clan, and there were many other people on the other side dressed in tight clothing. It seemed like they were people of Bai family.

Walking into the hall, Qin Shaoyu noticed that the atmosphere wasn't right. He quickly walked forward and said, "Greetings Patriarch and two elders."

"Mhmm, stand to the side and ask you something!" The patriarch said coldly.

"Yes sir!"

Qin Shaoyu originally wanted to tell the family head about him being able to use magic, but seeing the family head's annoyance, he stopped himself.

"Okay." Ye Zichen walked to the side and stood there quietly.

At this time, the Patriarch of Qin family turned his head towards the Bai family on the other side and said, "Qin Shaoyu is already here. If there's anything you have to say, just say it!"

A middle-aged man in his thirties walked out of the Bai family crowd and greeted the Patriarch and the two elders slightly.

"It happened like this. A few days ago, a young man of my clan was out on a sightseeing trip when he happened to see a rascal messing with a girl."

"My clan's youth hurriedly went up to stop him from having a conflict. In the end, although he chased the slut away, after returning home, he discovered that the cultivation technique he brought along with him had disappeared!"

"Hmph!" The Patriarch of Qin family lightly snorted, then said with a frown, "The youth of your Bai family lost his cultivation technique in a conflict with someone else. What does this have to do with my Qin family?"

Following the Patriarch of Qin family's light snort, the elements in the air violently surged. However, the middle-aged man's expression did not change.

"Of course there's a connection! After a few days of investigation, we discovered that the slut who was beaten away was none other than Qin family. He's your Qin family's Qin Shaoyu!" The middle-aged man pointed at Qin Shaoyu and said coldly.

"Hmph. How preposterous."

The Patriarch of Qin family snorted angrily, stood up, pointed at Qin Shaoyu, and asked: "Did you fight with the people from Bai family a few days ago?"

Qin Shaoyu slightly recalled and looked up, "I did argue with someone outside a few days ago, but things weren't as he said."

"It's good that you admit to it." The middle-aged man with Bai family sneered.

"Qin Shaoyu, what exactly happened? Did you take out the Bai family cultivation technique?" Another elder asked in a low voice.

"I didn't!"

Qin Shaoyu replied loudly, "What happened that day was clearly after my fiancée and I met a rascal teasing my fiancée while we were out sightseeing."

"After I got injured, I coincidentally met with a mercenary group that had entered the mountain range and helped me escape. After that, my fiancée and I went our separate ways home. I didn't even see any cultivation method for Bai family."

Qin Shaoyu's fiancee was a rich family's daughter who was surnamed Mei on Qingshan Town. Previously, she was close friends with her father, Qin, and her father was a mage of Qin family. Their status in Qingshan Town was very high, so the rich family proposed marriage between two families.

It was just that after the Qin father and mother pair passed away, the marriage came to an end like this. But the two of them grew up together, so their relationship was very good.

Hearing Qin Shaoyu's words, the middle-aged man laughed coldly again and again. "I originally wanted to give you a chance. As long as you hand over the cultivation method and secret methods, then it's fine.

"The truth is like this! What else do I have to admit?" Qin Shaoyu said stubbornly.

"This time, Patriarch Qin invited a witness. He's in the side hall right now, please let the witness come in and confront Qin Shaoyu face to face!" The middle-aged man greeted Patriarch Qin.

"So that your witness can come in. You'd better give me a satisfactory answer, otherwise …"

"Definitely!" The middle-aged man answered Patriarch Qin with a smile and then said to a guard behind him, "Go to the side hall and invite Third Young Master and Miss Plum to the hall to confront the villain Qin Shaoyu!"

"Yes sir!" The guard answered and ran out of the hall to call witnesses.

The side hall was just next to the hall. Not much time had passed before the door was pushed open again.

After the Bai family guard pushed open the door, a well-dressed youth around eighteen to nineteen years old walked in. He had a short and bulky build and a luxuriously decorated sword hung from his waist.

The person holding the young man's hand was a sixteen to seventeen year old girl.

The girl's figure was so mature that it was concave and curvy. Her jet black hair fell down over her shoulders, revealing the jade-white skin on her neck. Her slender eyebrows were like crescent moons, and her little red lips slightly curled up under her small nose.

"Boom …" The moment the short and stout young man walked into the hall, holding the girl's hand, Qin Shaoyu's mind buzzed like it was going to explode.

The girl's name was Mei Xuehan! The plum blossom fragrance emitted by her was a very beautiful name! Just like her, she was Qin Shaoyu's fiancee. However, she was currently embraced by an ugly man.

It was a fact that everyone in Qin family knew that Mei Xuehan was Qin Shaoyu's fiancee. When she appeared, the man in white said to her, "Say what happened between you two that day in front of Patriarch Qin!"

"It's uncle!" The chunky youth told everyone what happened again. It was nothing more than what the white clothed middle-aged man said. Mei Hanxue lowered her head and didn't dare to raise her head. She didn't dare to look at Qin Shaoyu.

"Miss Mei, is that really the case?"

"Miss Mei!"

Patriarch Qin asked Mei Xuehan over and over again, but Mei Xuehan didn't react until the short and stout youth reminded her again. Only then did Patriarch Qin slightly raise his head.

"It's really like this. That day, Qin Shaoyu publicly touched me on the street because I'm his unmarried wife. Master Bai passed me and saved me and I saw Qin Shaoyu putting something away after their argument."

Mei Xuehan spoke very slowly. As she spoke, her voice was already choked with tears from the corners of her eyes, making her seem like a delicate and touching little girl.

"Forgive me, Shaoyu, I am a bad woman and I don't deserve you. But my father was in their hands and I was forced to. If I hadn't said that, they would have killed my father! "Forgive me …"

Mei Xuehan screamed desperately in his heart as he bit his lips to prevent himself from crying out loud. Unfortunately, this attitude made Qin Shaoyu even more doomed.

At this moment, anything he said would be useless. Even his fiancée had proven that no one in this world would believe that he was innocent!

Until this moment, Qin Shaoyu's mind was still blank. At this moment, everything in his eyes was dark.

Mei Xuehan's every word was like a knife that stabbed deeply into his heart. He clenched his fists so hard that his nails dug into his flesh, yet he couldn't feel a single bit of the pain. It was insignificant compared to the pain in his heart.

"Hmph." Patriarch Qin snorted coldly, "Qin Shaoyu, how can you still have the face to face with your parents after doing such a thing? Right now, I'm going to break the engagement between you and Miss Mei on behalf of your dead parents and expel you from the Qin family. From now on, you are not allowed to call yourself a descendant of Qin family."

"Why did you do this to me …"

Qin Shaoyu roared with bloodshot eyes. At this moment, he understood everything.

All of these were all designed long ago. No wonder people on the road of Qin family would point fingers at him and discuss about him in private.

"All of this is what they forced you to do, right?! This isn't what you volunteered to do, right?!"

Qin Shaoyu walked towards Mei Xuehan step by step, and asked her over and over again with reddened eyes.

Mei Xuehan's hand was grabbed tightly by the fat young man. Qin Shaoyu questioned her while she desperately bit her lips and shook her head with a choked voice.

"You're the one who forced her, right?!"

Qin Shaoyu's bloodshot eyes flashed with a cold aura. The well-dressed young man was pushed back half a step out of fear.

Then, he immediately realized that the other party was just an ordinary person who didn't know any martial arts or magic. There was nothing for him to be afraid of!

At this time, Patriarch Qin suddenly stood up and said to the people from Bai family:

"From now on, I will expel him from the Qin family and hand him over to you. No matter what happens, it has nothing to do with my Qin family!"

After saying that, Patriarch Qin and the two elders retreated to the side and looked at the scene coldly.

"Is this how the Patriarch is doing well?"

"After all, Qin Shaoyu is a disciple of Qin family, and his parents died fighting for Qin family."

"For the sake of the three magic crystals and the people from the Bai family, we have joined hands to deal with him. I feel very sorry for that!" The other Qin family elder whispered to Patriarch Qin.

Patriarch Qin waved his hand to stop him from continuing before saying, "These three magic crystals are extremely important. With them, I will be able to increase my cultivation level again."

"If we can even break through the barrier of a magus of the ninth rank and become a magus of the ninth rank, our Qin family might be able to suppress our power!"

"Sigh …" "For the clan!"

The two elders sighed and looked at each other without saying anything.

In the hall, Qin Shaoyu's eyes were red as he walked step by step towards the well-dressed youth. He forced the ice-cold killing intent to spread out without restraint. It was like a bone-piercing icicle that pierced the hearts of people.

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