Devil Martial Bloodline System/C3 Assault and Killing
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Devil Martial Bloodline System/C3 Assault and Killing
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C3 Assault and Killing

Outside, they saw that the young man's strength was not strong on the outside but not in the middle. In the end, he could not withstand Qin Shaoyu's pressure.

He only realized that he had been scared off by an ordinary person and turned into a rage out of embarrassment when he saw the guards with Bai family after he was forced two steps back.

"Why are all of you still in a daze? Capture this little thief for me!"

Looking at this scene, the middle-aged man shook his head and let out a low sigh. He really couldn't understand why the Ancestor doted on this disappointing nephew of his so much, and actually gave his opponent three crucial magic crystals for a woman.

What lost profound arts manual, what profligate children … All of these were just an excuse to end the engagement and not directly clash with the Qin family. All of these were just plans that had been set up.

Originally, Qin Shaoyu was a disciple of Qin family. If he unilaterally snatched away the wife of a disciple of Qin family, for the sake of Qin family, even if she wasn't willing, she would still have no choice but to make a move against Bai family.

This was why Bai family had paid such a great price and the people who had secretly communicated with Qin family had designed such an event in order to end the marriage.

It was useless to think too much about it now. Even though he felt uncomfortable, the middle-aged man still waved his hand and signaled the guard behind him to go and capture Qin Shaoyu.

Bai family two guards jumped out. They disdained to attack an ordinary mortal using their swords to flank him from the left and right. One of them grabbed onto Qin Shaoyu's arm and slightly exerted some force to twist it behind his back.

Seeing that Qin Shaoyu had been captured by his own bodyguard, the well-dressed youth stood up once again. He walked up two steps and kicked Qin Shaoyu's lower abdomen while cursing, "Take him away for me! Once we return to Bai family, I'll let you know just how powerful I am!"

He slowly raised his head and stared at the well-dressed young man with bloodshot eyes. From his mouth, he spat out the three words "Energy Ball"!

As Qin Shaoyu finished his sentence, a milky white light emitted from his palm. Before the crowd realized what was going on, the milky white Energy Ball was instantly shot out and bumped into the two guards.

Before the two Bai family guards could react, the Energy Ball had already clashed head-on against their bodies. The two of them did not even have the time to react before they were sent flying several meters back by the berserk element within the Energy Ball.

The two of them didn't stop until they hit the wall. Half of their bodies were already blown to smithereens.

"What's impossible!"

The three people from Qin family shocked the three of them, who were all magicians of the eighth rank and above, into having a unique sense for elements. However, even they did not discover any signs of magic usage.

"Qin Shaoyu is actually a mage! He can use arcane attacks!" That is a magic that only a Mage of the third rank or higher can control! "

"To use an arcane spell in such a short period of time, you have to be at least at the level of a rank 5 mage!" An Elder exclaimed in a low voice!

"A fifteen-year-old level five mage needs a heaven-defying talent for magic. In the future, he might even be able to enter the legendary realm!" Another elder said in a low voice.

The two elders looked at Patriarch Qin and said, "A genius like the patriarch is worth thousands of times more than three magic crystals. Now, it's time for us to protect him!"

"Is it too late?" Patriarch Qin shook his head bitterly.

"It's too late! He already hates us for protecting him! Blame us for missing out on such an opportunity to rise up!"

"Sigh …" The two of them sighed, their hearts filled with an incomparable bitterness. Just like that, a chance for them to rise was ruined.

"Since he can't be used by me, then I can't let him grow up or else his Qin family will be destroyed by his hands!"

Patriarch Qin's hands, which were wrapped in his sleeves, clawed backwards while a blood-red flame was constantly compressed and condensed in his palm.

At the same time, Qin Shaoyu waved his hands, and Energy Ball filled with berserk element power started to be thrown out one after another. Among those who tried to dodge out of the Bai family, there would be one or two who got hit.

Even if he were to use his sword to block, he would be sent flying by the exploding Energy Ball and suffer quite a bit of damage.

"Ah!" A Energy Ball flew towards the luxuriously dressed youth and was just about to be struck. Right at this moment, the man in the middle pulled out his sword and slashed at the Energy Ball while destroying the wild elemental energy around him with his sword.

"You can't be left alive!"

The middle-aged man held his sword and walked step by step towards Qin Shaoyu. At this moment, his heart was filled with joy.

"I didn't think that three magic crystals would be enough to sell a talented mage to my Qin family. Did my head get crushed?"

At the same time, his admiration for his ancestor grew even stronger. He firmly believed that his ancestor must have known about this and that his nephew would use this chance to get rid of a hidden danger in the future.

At this moment, Qin Shaoyu instinctively sensed danger and used his powerful mental energy to scan the surroundings. Finally, he locked onto the middle-aged man who was approaching with a sword in hand.

Other than that, there was another threat. Unfortunately, it was not something the current him could sense. After all, Patriarch Qin was hiding too much of his spiritual power, and it was much stronger than his …

"This is a Bai family expert! A warrior of the seventh rank and above cannot defeat him with just the strength of a Energy Ball, so it must be done in an extraordinary manner!"

At this moment, Qin Shaoyu was extremely calm and analyzed the situation.

"Seems like I can only try out the power of this move!" Qin Shaoyu instantly made up his mind to stare at the well-dressed youth with eyes filled with endless killing intent.

The middle-aged man continued to get closer and after taking a few steps, he suddenly sprinted forward. His figure was extremely fast and he raised the Battle Sword in his hand high into the air, then slashed it down towards Qin Shaoyu's head.

This sword was definitely going to cut him into two halves! The Battle Sword was covered by a layer of cyan colored battle qi that emitted a bone-chilling cold glow.

"Now is the time!"

The moment the middle-aged man attacked with his sword, Qin Shaoyu immediately used Tooth Barb-protrusion. His entire body was enveloped by a layer of golden light and shot out.

A golden light sliced through space in an instant. In an instant, the golden light swiftly broke through the middle-aged man and appeared before him.

This moment of power was beyond everyone's expectations. No one could have imagined that a mage could have such incredible speed. This kind of power surpassed the average warrior of the fifth step.

"How is this possible!" At this moment, everyone was shocked that this was the effect Qin Shaoyu wanted. While everyone was stunned by the sudden change in events, the Tooth Barb-protrusion skill had already struck the well-dressed youth.

Although Qin Shaoyu did not have a weapon in his hand, the mana within the mana source was automatically converted to combat strength. The battle force instantly sent the well-dressed youth flying under the impact of the Tooth Barb-protrusion skill.

The instant he was hit, his chest was caved in. Bones pierced his chest, revealing his miserable white bones. The internal organs in his mouth were shattered by his combat strength, and blood spurted out.

"Die for me!"

When the middle-aged man reacted, he shouted angrily. The battle qi on the Battle Sword surged towards the place where Qin Shaoyu had landed and it was going to chop him into pieces.

At the same time, Patriarch Qin, who had been hiding behind Ye Zichen, felt a strong impact on his chest.

Qin Shaoyu's performance made him feel weak all over. Looking at the other two elders with the same weird expressions, he knew how wrong he was this time around.

"A dual magus and martial talent! A warrior of the fifth rank isn't even sixteen yet, and this genius with a heaven-defying talent actually appeared in his family."

"The hope for the rise of my family has been ruined by greed and foolishness!"

The chance for the family to rise was ruined just like that. Seeing Qin Shaoyu about to be buried under the middle-aged man's sword, Patriarch Qin had the urge to vomit blood.

Leaning weakly against the pillar behind him, the explosive fire essence slowly dissipated. Subconsciously, he inclined his head slightly, as if he could not bear to see the clan's rising hope be ruined.

The man in the middle fiercely swung down the Battle Sword with a savage expression. The cold air that tore through the bones of the Battle Sword and enveloped Qin Shaoyu completely. At this moment, everyone thought that Qin Shaoyu had lost his life just like that.

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