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C4 Mixed Fighting

Everyone believed that Qin Shaoyu would not be able to escape death. Only he himself wasn't willing to give up like this. In the instant the middle-aged man's Battle Sword slashed down, the two Energy Ball s were smashed to the ground in front of him, blasting the bluestone and raising a lump of limestone.

At the same time, he did not retreat. Instead, he activated his Tooth Barb-protrusion skill once again.

Because he knew that with his current strength, he was still unable to fight against the middle-aged man, thus he chose to activate his Tooth Barb-protrusion against a Bai family warrior who was relatively far away from him.

Qin Shaoyu stuck close to the Battle Sword that the middle-aged man cut down and shot towards the Bai family Warriors outside. The moment the two of them passed by each other, the Battle Sword slashed across his shoulder.

Blood dripped from the sky, but he had already relied on the instantaneous Tooth Barb-protrusion to speed up his sprint past the coverage of the middle-aged man's Battle Sword.

The Bai family Warrior was hit and flew backwards, bleeding from the corner of his mouth. He was injured by the Battle Sword's battle qi but it seemed like he did not know pain.

Qin Shaoyu only frowned slightly. He did not stop and once again activated his Tooth Barb-protrusion skill on the Bai family warrior that he had blown away.

At this time, the Bai family Warrior that was blown away fell onto the wall of the hall. There was a window on the side of the wall that was used for lighting and ventilation, and now that half of the window was opened, Qin Shaoyu used his Tooth Barb-protrusion skill and shot towards the window.

"Stop him!"

When the middle-aged man saw Qin Shaoyu's action, he hurriedly shouted.

He turned around and poured the Battle Sword in his hands into his battle qi, shooting it towards the window while he followed suit.

The Tooth Barb-protrusion skill struck the body of the Bai family Warrior that was leaning against the wall once again. At this time, Qin Shaoyu was already beside the window.

At this time, the middle-aged man's Battle Sword whistled as it shot towards Qin Shaoyu. It was already impossible for Qin Shaoyu to dodge it while the Battle Sword was in the air.

At this moment, he could only slightly move his body, which was filled with battle qi, the Battle Sword could only send his entire shoulder flying through the strong impact bringing his body into the air.


After landing on the ground, Qin Shaoyu spat out a mouthful of blood, but he didn't dare to stop and ran out of the yard in two or three steps.

"Not good! Someone come quickly! Someone from Bai family suddenly attacked the Patriarch! Someone come quickly to save the Patriarch!"

Qin Shaoyu shouted loudly as he rushed out of the courtyard. At the same time, he ran out of the Qin family Building with his feet running nonstop.

After hearing the loud shout, the Qin family guards hurriedly gathered in the courtyard. Following Qin Shaoyu's running Bai family, the news of the Patriarch being injured was spread all the way out.

More and more people rushed toward the courtyard. Everyone who heard the news boiled with excitement.

Before the guards in the courtyard could even understand what was going on, they had already been rushed in with bloodshot eyes by the Qin family guards.

The people from Bai family rushed out from the main hall. They saw that their own bodyguards were being strangled by the Qin family guards, and before they could even understand what was going on, the Qin family guards had already charged towards them.

At this time, the courtyard's gate had already been completely blocked by the guards who rushed over upon hearing the news from Qin family. People from all over the courtyard rushed over continuously from all over the place because they had heard the news of the Bai family's sneak attack on the Patriarch.

When they saw the people from Bai family fighting with their companions, especially when they saw that some of the guards had magic wounds on their bodies, they squeezed into the courtyard without caring for their lives.

Some of the more aggressive people from the Qin family had already run out to inform the other clansmen to prepare a group of people to massacre the people from the Bai family.

The people from the Bai family were fighting in an inexplicable manner. At this time, the middle-aged man suddenly thought of a terrifying thought with a buzzing sound in his head.

It must be that the Qin family was angry from embarrassment because they wanted to vent their anger. After all, it was his own people who caused them to lose an extremely gifted genius in terms of Qin family.

When this thought appeared, it crazily spread inside his mind. His mind was filled with this thought. Finally, he couldn't hold back anymore and shouted loudly.

"Everyone, retreat into the hall. Leave a few people at the door to block the others from following me to capture the trash from Qin family."


Everyone from the Bai family responded with a shout and retreated into the hall, leaving behind a few people who blocked the door and fought with all their might against the people from the Qin family!

Just at this time, a few people suddenly rushed into the hall from various windows and rushed into the Bai family troops like sharp blades. In an instant, a few people killed them and opened a gap in the formation to let the people from Qin family in.


A loud shout exploded in everyone's ears. This loud shout was like a clap of thunder when the magic undulations were added to the clashing noise.

Everyone was so shocked that their ears buzzed for a while before calming down. At this time, the battle also quieted down because of this loud shout.

The one who shouted was Patriarch Qin, who came out from the back of the hall. Originally, when he saw Qin Shaoyu being sent flying by the middle-aged man's sword, he thought he had no reason to survive so he retired to the back of the hall to discuss it with the two elders.

However, they didn't expect such a thing to happen. When they walked out, they saw the two families engaged in a bloody battle and hastily shouted at everyone to stop.

"Patriarch Qin, what do you mean by saying that you accepted three magic crystals and promised to give Qin Shaoyu to me? Now that you realize that you lost your talent and want to vent your anger on my Bai family, I'll tell you that my Bai family is not something to be trifled with either!"

Before the middle-aged man could say anything, Patriarch Qin's face turned even more unsightly and his face turned purple.

"What's going on? Who told you to fight with the Bai family's people?" Patriarch Qin pointed at one of the Qin family's captain and asked angrily.

"This …"

The captain guard looked at the Patriarch suspiciously and replied, "We saw Qin Shaoyu running out after getting injured, and said that the people from Bai family had ambushed the Patriarch and wanted us to rush in to save the Patriarch. That's why we rushed in."

"Bastard! With my strength and the Bai family of the two elders, who among you bunch of trash like you can sneak attack me? What's more, we were all ambushed! How could Qin Shaoyu run away?"

"That's right!" At this moment, everyone suddenly realized something. They were all staring at each other.

"Where is Qin Shaoyu?"

"I don't know, but someone must have seen him running out of the clan towards Qingshan." Another guard who had just arrived from the outside replied in a low voice.

"Is it in the direction of Qingshan?"

Patriarch Qin remained silent for a while before ordering, "Qin Shaoyu, betray the family and incite the relationship between the Qin and Bai families. Gather troops to search for him and capture him. If he dares to resist, kill him!"


The people from the Qin family urgently gathered a few leaders to disperse some unknown guards and then gathered once again on the field.

There were about two to three hundred people that majestically chased after the green mountain after they had gathered. There were even two cultivators with Qin family following them.

After the middle-aged man apologized to Patriarch Qin, he brought the rest of the Bai family guards and rushed back to the Bai family Report. Following that, he also gathered a group of people to search for Qin Shaoyu's whereabouts in the green mountain area.

The two families had to get rid of this hidden danger for Qin Shaoyu to be at ease. Qin Shaoyu's demonic physique was too heaven-defying and once it grew, it would be extremely easy for him to destroy the two families.

It was rare for a demonic physique to appear once in a thousand years. A physique like this could cultivate battle qi while cultivating magic. Moreover, those with this physique were gifted with such heaven-defying cultivation speed that exceeded one's imagination.

In addition, the dual cultivation of magic and martial arts allowed him to rid himself of a series of ills that mages suffered. How heaven-defying would this be? Imagine being a powerful magus who had the same physique as a powerful warrior.

While possessing a speed and strength that surpassed warriors, he was also able to use a destructive magic with inexhaustible power. When these two things were combined together, it was definitely not as simple as just adding one plus one.

So regardless of whether it was Qin family or not, they did not want this hidden danger to grow up. Especially the people with Bai family, they had already become mortal enemies with him and there was no room for compromise.

As for those with Qin family, their hearts were also not well. Originally, it was the clan's opportunity to rise in power, but now, it had become a threat to the clan's survival.

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