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C6 Hunting

Qin Shaoyu suddenly had an idea when he killed the fourth person.

He used the cover of the corpse to suddenly appear behind the man.

The moment it came into contact with the man, the Energy Ball's energy shot into the man's body. The wild elemental energy had shattered the man's organs and created a bloody hole in his broken heart.

"Sure enough!"

Qin Shaoyu smiled as he saw that the magic in his hand had already jumped out of the pure magic range.

After changing the method of using it and matching it with a martial skill, it would become another technique with even greater power.

It was just a preliminary experiment just now. This application was not perfect yet. If this application could be perfected in the future, then with powerful magic, another powerful skill would be developed.

Imagine that in close combat, a punch contained the power of an elemental essence from a high-level magic. This power would directly pierce into the enemy's body, and no one would be able to withstand the explosive power of such a powerful elemental energy.

Of course, this was just an initial thought. It wouldn't be easy to actually do it.

The more powerful the magic was, the harder it was to control it. It was difficult to control it like how the Energy Ball did, but at least it helped Qin Shaoyu work hard in one direction in the future.

At this moment, the two people that went out first already returned. When they were still quite a distance away from here, Qin Shaoyu already noticed them getting closer with his spiritual energy.

Qin Shaoyu temporarily stopped thinking about magic and went back into the darkness. He slowly approached the two targets.

At this time, the two people who approached seemed to be discussing something. One of them said in annoyance, "We carefully checked our surroundings and only found the lump of dirt that was obviously intentionally thrown there."

"This should be someone trying to lure us over. But we pretended that we didn't know anything about trying to lure that person out, yet nothing happened. Could it be that brat from Qin family?"

The other person shook his head. "If you don't know, then let's go back and tell the first one. If we catch that brat, we'll definitely be rich. We definitely have to reward him quite a bit."

"I guess it can't be him! If he saw us, he would have already run far away! How could he lure us here on purpose!"

The person who started to talk rubbed his sore waist and yawned. Just as he wanted to say something, a sharp pain came from his neck.

"Gulp …"

He stretched out his hand and scratched the back of his neck, which was covered in a sticky, warm blood. His eyes were filled with disbelief as he fell backwards in shock.

Behind him, Qin Shaoyu stood up with blood dripping down from the Battle Sword in his hand. His eyes were as cold as frost and filled with endless killing intent, "If you want to exchange my life for a bounty, you must have the will to die!"


The other guard hurriedly turned around and roared as he heard the noise. The Battle Sword slashed down towards Qin Shaoyu and used all of his battle qi as a Level 4 Warrior, causing the Battle Sword to appear dim and cold.

"It just so happens to be coming at me when you test out the power of your skill!"

Qin Shaoyu did not avoid the attack. Instead, he brazenly activated the Tooth Barb-protrusion skill. The Battle Sword in his hand drew a profound trajectory in the golden light as he attacked towards his opponent.

Although many people had died at his hands, those who had been ambushed or killed by him had never fought face to face with anyone.

Therefore, Qin Shaoyu had always wanted to face off against the power of the Bai family once, and the strength of this Level 4 Guard Warrior was within the range of his experiments.

The moment the Bai family guard Battle Sword slashed down, Qin Shaoyu's sword suddenly stabbed over. The Battle Sword that was enveloped in golden fighting strength easily shattered the enemy's weapon.

The power of this strike did not diminish the slightest bit after breaking through the enemy's Battle Sword. The Bai family guard was shocked to the point where he wanted to cover his wound with his hands, but he was no longer able to raise his hands.

There were only four people left in the search party. If they returned and discovered that their comrades were all dead, they would definitely notify the other search parties to come over.

Now, the only way was to ambush the four of them halfway back. However, the leader was a Level 5 Warrior, while the three Level 4 Warriors were not confident to kill all of them before they gave the signal to attack Qin Shaoyu.

But the situation now was that they had to get rid of them regardless of whether they had the confidence or not. Otherwise, if the other search teams heard the news and decided to focus their search on this area, the danger they would face would increase exponentially.

Especially if there was a Qin family Mage in the search party, they would be able to search him in a small area with their mind power.

There was already no time for him to hesitate. Qin Shaoyu once again disappeared into the darkness and touched the direction where the remaining four people came back from. At the same time, he constantly checked his surroundings and suddenly stopped at the edge of a depression.

"This is the place."

Qin Shaoyu took off his jacket, found a few tree vines and gave them a simple arrangement before quietly waiting for his prey in the dark.

At that time, when the Bai family Leader and his group of four heard the noise and went to check, they coincidentally encountered a wild beast that was walking in the bushes and chased after them for a long distance before they realized this fact.

After realizing that the target of their chase was only a wild beast, the four of them dejectedly chased the four of them back to a place not far from Qin Shaoyu's ambush before they suddenly stopped.

"You guys go over first. My stomach isn't feeling well, so I'd like to relieve myself first!" A Bai family guard said while laughing.

The leader looked around before shaking his head, "Forget it. Leaving you by yourself is too dangerous. We'll just wait here for you. Hurry up!"


The guard answered and hugged his stomach before scurrying into a nearby bush. He impatiently unzipped his belt and pulled down his pants, then squatted down.

At this moment, the grass in the depression in front of them suddenly began to sway, alerting the leader and the others not too far away. Under the dim light, they could vaguely see a corner of his clothes sticking out.

The three men looked at each other and gestured to the leader to keep one of his companions, who was waiting for him, and the other to follow him and see what was going on.

The leader and the other guard slowly approached the two. They were very careful not to make any noise as they approached. The leader and the other guard slowly approached the two very carefully.

The two of them looked at each other, then slowly approached each other. They simultaneously raised the Battle Sword in their hands. Just as they were about to chop down at the human figures in the grass, their companion's miserable cry came from behind them.

At the beginning, Qin Shaoyu arranged a little bit among the weeds and shrubs in the concave. He wrapped a rotten wooden stake with his outer coat to expose a piece of cloth, tied a wooden stake with a tree branch and connected it to the dark corner where he hid.

Shortly after, the four of them appeared. When it was convenient for one of them to get into the weeds, Qin Shaoyu knew that the opportunity had come and it was much better than his original plan.

Qin Shaoyu sneakily arrived beside the convenient person and silently covered his mouth from the back with his hand to prevent him from making a sound. Just when the guy wanted to struggle, Qin Shaoyu had already cut that person's throat.

Then he went back and pulled at the tree stumps and led the leader and the other man over to check that there was only one guard left.

Qin Shaoyu snuck in from the darkness once again. When he attacked, perhaps the remaining guard was alerted and managed to dodge his sneak attack in the nick of time.

The guard rolled to the ground. The moment he jumped up, Qin Shaoyu's Energy Ball already attacked the guard's chest.

"Ga beng!"

With the sound of bones shattering, the Energy Ball released the condensed elemental energy which immediately sent the guard flying. After the guard cried out in pain, he stopped breathing, but the cries had already alarmed the other two.

The leader and the other guard hacked at the other guard with their swords. At the same time, the guard screamed miserably as his clothes and the wooden stake he was wrapped in shattered into pieces.

In the instant Qin Shaoyu killed one of them, his entire body turned into a golden ray of sword light as he charged towards the leader to use his Tooth Barb-protrusion skill. In a short instant, he closed the distance between him and the two.

At this moment, the leader and the other guard had already reacted and charged towards Qin Shaoyu with a furious roar.

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