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C7 Ascending

"Not good!" The leader and the guard suddenly yelled out loud and jumped away from Qin Shaoyu. While they sprinted, they also secretly threw the Energy Ball that they condensed towards the two of them.

"Die for me!" The leader roared as he swept the Battle Sword away. The guards on the other side attacked Qin Shaoyu from the left and right.

"Heh!" The Battle Sword in Qin Shaoyu's hand thrusted straight at the leader. With the instantaneous acceleration of the Tooth Barb-protrusion, he broke through the two people's encirclement. Without waiting for his body to stop, he activated his skill once again, turning into a golden light and piercing towards the leader.

"Come at me!" Instead of being alarmed, the leader let out a loud roar, clenched the Battle Sword in his hands and raised it high into the air.

The cyan Battle Sword furiously slashed at the golden sword beam. Qin Shaoyu only felt a huge force coming from it, and he was sent flying back by the head sword, but he smiled at the leader strangely.

"Not good, retreat!"

When the leader saw Qin Shaoyu's weird smile, he knew it was not good. Unfortunately, he reacted too late. When he shouted, Qin Shaoyu ran towards the guards behind him.

The guard was overjoyed. The Battle Sword in his hand was slanted forward and would definitely behead the enemy. At this moment, when he heard the leader's shout, he quickly retreated. In just a split-second, the Energy Ball attacked him.

The guard was fast enough to react. The Battle Sword in his hand changed its trajectory midway and slashed onto the element that was wreaking havoc, causing his entire body to stagger.

The guard retreated a few steps before he managed to regain his balance. At this moment, he felt something on his neck — he lost all his strength and fell to the ground.

The leader shouted, and after retreating, he charged towards Qin Shaoyu with an aggressive momentum.

Qin Shaoyu used the power of the Leader Chop to quickly retreat while at the same time, a Energy Ball shot towards the guard's Battle Sword and bombarded him.

The moment the guard lost his balance and started to retreat, the Tooth Barb-protrusion Technique instantly accelerated and rushed in front of him. With a slash of the sword, he made a bloody hole in the guard's chest and abdomen, and then grabbed the guard's neck and forcefully threw the guard's body backwards.

The leader quickly dashed behind Qin Shaoyu and hacked down at him with all his strength. Just before he was about to cut down his target, his companion's corpse was thrown to the side.

At this time, the Battle Sword in his hands was no longer able to stop its full power sword from slicing the corpse of its companion into two blood clots, and the shattered internal organs splattered all over the leader's body.

"Ah …" "Little dog, if I don't tear you into pieces today, I swear I won't be a human!"

The leader roared in anger as his entire person moved like a mad demon, the Battle Sword s attacked wave after wave in an attempt to cut the enemy under the sword.

This round of attack made Qin Shaoyu flustered. After all, he had never trained in any real combat skills, so if he fought against a Level 5 Warrior, who relied on the might of the Tooth Barb-protrusion and the Energy Ball s' sneak attacks, he would not need to be afraid.

However, once one was entangled and attacked by an enemy like a torrential downpour, dealing with them would be extremely difficult.


The cyan Battle Sword brought a bead of blood along Qin Shaoyu's ribs and cut a two inch cut. The leader kept sneering at Qin Shaoyu as he attacked once again, not giving him the slightest opportunity to pull away.


With a sound, the cyan Battle Sword hacked onto the golden sword and Qin Shaoyu was pushed back several steps. Traces of blood dripped down from the palm of his hand and his entire arm trembled slightly due to the numbness.

At this time, Qin Shaoyu grabbed hold of the leader's chance. The Energy Ball instantly took action at such a close distance, plus the leader had the upper hand for a while, so Qin Shaoyu didn't investigate the Energy Ball exploding on the leader's shoulder.


The leader let out a howl. Half of his shoulder was blown to pieces by the Energy Ball.

Suddenly, the leader threw the Battle Sword in his hand towards Qin Shaoyu and retreated while holding his shoulder with a pale face.

Qin Shaoyu dodged to the side and dodged to the side. The Battle Sword's face was cold as it walked step by step towards the leader.

The leader retreated in disorder. Finally, he was stopped by a large tree. He saw the enemy closing in on him and laughed bitterly. He extended his hand and took out something from his chest.

"This is bad!"

When the leader reached his hand out and took out this thing, Qin Shaoyu cursed silently.

Qin Shaoyu hurriedly activated his skill and turned into a ray of golden light. He instantly pierced through the air and beheaded his opponent.

Unfortunately, at the very last moment, the item in the leader's hand had already been taken out. With a miserable shriek, the magical arrow flew into the air and it was already too late for him to block it.

The magical arrow let out an ear-piercing shriek as it flew up into the air. After it exploded, a piece of flame lit up half the sky under the black night sky for a long time without dissipating.

At this moment, the dark clouds in the sky seemed to have been ignited and started to rain. Lightning flashed, lighting up the sky with the sound of thunder.

When the magic arrows exploded in midair, Qin Shaoyu knew that the other teams nearby would definitely rush over upon hearing the news.

Once the scope of the search had narrowed, it would be difficult for him to escape from the hundreds of people searching for the mages, who were most likely to attract Qin family.

Fortunately, at this time, it finally started to rain. The rain could wash away all the traces he had left behind, leaving him with a sliver of life.

Qin Shaoyu didn't have time to think about what to do, so he quickly bandaged the wound below his ribs to stop the bleeding and ran away.

Walking amidst the dark underbrush and weeds, he continuously headed towards the interior of the mountain, hoping to be able to shake off the searchers from the Qin and Bai Families behind him.

In less than half an hour, two search teams had arrived.

When they found the corpses of the ten people search team, they didn't immediately think that Qin Shaoyu was as good as killing ten people because in their opinion, Qin Shaoyu couldn't possibly have the strength to kill ten people.

It wasn't until the Qin and Bai Family's leaders came over to check the wounds on the corpses that they were sure Qin Shaoyu's threat had been raised.

They split the search party into twenty groups and fanned out to search internally. At the same time, they sent people back to the clan to report the situation. They wanted the clan to send more experts over.

At this time, Qin Shaoyu's condition wasn't good. After multiple attacks, the magic source didn't have much magic left. Although it would slowly recover, it would be difficult to sustain another intense battle with the remaining magic power.

"If I don't have enough strength, I can only do this for now. One day, I will come back and settle this debt with you!"

Qin Shaoyu sneered as he clenched his fists. His eyes were cold as he looked back at the message that seemed to want to pass through layers of obstruction to deliver his revenge.

Qin Shaoyu's escape lasted for almost two hours. Due to his lack of experience in the jungle, he almost met with danger.

The natural traps limited his speed, leaving behind all sorts of trails that would quickly disappear under the rain.

However, the Qin and the Bai Family seemed to have borrowed some kind of method that allowed them to firmly cling onto Qin Shaoyu even in this kind of situation. They tried several times to change their direction, but they were still unable to shake off the pursuers.

Once the rain stopped, it would be much easier to track it, and once the rain stopped, it would leave a trail of traces as it slowed down to a crawl.

Qin Shaoyu secretly sighed. He was not mature enough, so his anger didn't suppress the reckless killing of that group of people, which had led to so many pursuers. Now it was extremely difficult for him to get rid of these pursuers.

Qin Shaoyu shook his head forcefully and tried to throw all kinds of thoughts out of his mind. Now wasn't the time to think about it, but when he thought carefully, he actually didn't regret killing those people.

Although they had attracted pursuers, the ten-man search party that had killed them was equivalent to giving them a punch in the face. Just thinking about it, he felt like he had earned a little bit of interest for taking out his anger.

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