Devil Martial Bloodline System/C8 Encircling and Annihilating
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Devil Martial Bloodline System/C8 Encircling and Annihilating
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C8 Encircling and Annihilating

Qin Shaoyu stepped lightly on the muddy road. From time to time, there would be one or two puddles on the ground that could cover his legs. It was a very difficult walk, but he didn't dare to make too much noise.

A thunderous rumble tore through the sky. Lightning instantly illuminated a region. Qin Shaoyu's feet felt soft and filial, while golden stars appeared in front of his eyes.

From last night until now, he hadn't been able to take even a single drop of water. After several consecutive battles, he had been forced to flee for a few more hours under these difficult circumstances.

Qin Shaoyu used both hands and feet to crawl out of the mud pit and rolled into the wet weeds beside the pit. The fatigue in his hands and feet caused him to almost faint like this.

Qin Shaoyu, who was trembling in fear due to the sound of thunder, suddenly rolled to the side of the dog and triggered it.

The creature roared in fear and charged towards Qin Shaoyu. Upon closer inspection, it was a huge boar-type ferocious beast.

The moment the beast roared, Qin Shaoyu climbed up and grabbed the Battle Sword at the side. When it charged towards Qin Shaoyu, the Energy Ball in Qin Shaoyu's hand took action.

The Energy Ball blew up two of its protruding fangs in front of the beast's door and simultaneously blew up half of its face.

However, its vitality was strong and tough, so this strike was not fatal. Before Qin Shaoyu could launch his second attack, the beast had already rammed into it.

In the nick of time, Qin Shaoyu gritted his teeth and activated the Tooth Barb-protrusion's ability once again. With a "puchi" sound, the entire Battle Sword pierced into the beast's body, and at the same time, his entire body was sent flying by the beast.

The ferocious beast's body was pierced by the Battle Sword's power and soon after, it fell into the muddy water, its mouth bubbling with blood and it died.

The wild boar like beast might be dead, but how powerful was its shock impact? Qin Shaoyu was knocked far away into a tree before stopping. When he crashed into the tree, his left shoulder was numb and his left hand was sore, so he couldn't lift it up.

In the instant he landed, his entire body was pressed against his left arm. The entire left arm was twisted strangely, causing a few bones to break.

The pain made Qin Shaoyu's eyes darken. He bit his lips to prevent himself from letting out any moans in fear of alerting the pursuers.

It was a pity that the sound from earlier had already made the pursuers aware that there were several groups of people approaching from three sides.

"It's here!"

Not long after, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, and in the instant the lightning illuminated it, a Qin family pursuer pointed at Qin Shaoyu and shouted. Then, a dozen or so people rushed towards Qin Shaoyu in ecstasy.

"Damn it!"

Qin Shaoyu cursed angrily as he barely managed to get up with his other arm. Just as he ran out, he slipped and fell into the mud again.

At this time, over ten pursuers had already come over. Three of them used swords to slash at Qin Shaoyu's body. It was already too late to dodge and it was already impossible to sweep away the Battle Sword in their hands in a panic.

This time, Qin Shaoyu did not use the Tooth Barb-protrusion technique for the sweep. He only instinctively wanted to use his sword to block the moment Qin Shaoyu blocked the attack with his sword.

Suddenly, the Battle Sword was enveloped by a layer of milky-white light. As the blade of the sword slashed down, a milky-white energy shot out from the blade of the sword and instantly penetrated through the enemies. The Battle Sword sliced the three enemies in half.

At this time, the Miracle System prompted the Host to upgrade his profession level to acquire the skill Wave Chopping Variant.

The previous owner of the Wave Chopping was a Mage. After using the skill, Vacuum Wave, it would release energy fluctuations that would cause a vacuum to shatter and break through the ground, effectively killing the enemy in a straight line.

Qin Shaoyu had coincidentally used the Battle Sword skill, causing the skill to change slightly. It was no longer restricted to the ground and increased its power by many times.

Unfortunately, Qin Shaoyu didn't have the time to pay attention to this. After he used the mutated vacuum wave, it was as if he lost all of his strength.

The pursuers saw their three companions die miserably and shouted out loud. They all raised the Battle Sword in their hands and wanted to kill Qin Shaoyu's Chaotic Sword Technique.

"Cough cough …"

Qin Shaoyu spat out a mouthful of mud mixed with blood. He used the last bit of strength in his body and kicked out with his foot, using the force of the kick to flip backwards.

A dozen or so Battle Sword in the chase flew into the air, exploding into a puddle of mud. The dozen or so people were unwilling to give up and pounced on the group once again. Their eyes were cold and filled with greed.

With a "Puchi" sound, a tree next to Qin Shaoyu was sliced apart by a dozen swords. Qin Shaoyu rolled a few meters away again and while rolling, he activated the Wave Chopping skill with his Battle Sword.

The layer of translucent energy on the Battle Sword shot out a vacuum wave more than a meter long, instantly killing the two pursuers who were close by.

"Quick, everyone, let's kill this puppy together!"

One of them shouted at the others, who reacted and started charging towards Qin Shaoyu.

This time, the crowd no longer divided into groups as they moved forward together with Qin Shaoyu. Two groups of people went forward and killed two groups of people. They split into two groups and surrounded the space where Qin Shaoyu could escape to.

Looking at the cautious pursuer Qin Shaoyu let out a bitter laugh. At this moment, his body no longer had the strength to fight anymore. Although the magic power of the magic source had yet to be seen, the pain on his body made him feel powerless.

Using the slope of the ground, Qin Shaoyu rolled downwards for a distance. As he did so, even the Battle Sword was lost in the mud. At this moment, he was no longer a threat to the pursuers.

But was that really the case? To warriors, losing the Battle Sword's fighting strength could not pose a threat, but don't forget that Qin Shaoyu was a mage that could fight as long as his magic power was not empty.

The original Qin Shaoyu was also limited by his own thoughts. He thought he had lost the ability to fight when he was unable to wave his Battle Sword or dodge the enemy's blades.

When he lost his Battle Sword, he realized that as long as he could still wave his arms, he would still have the ability to fight.

He could not help but sneer at the greed in their eyes as they closed in on him.

"Come on, come on! Even if I die, I'll drag a few people down with me!"

Qin Shaoyu laughed maniacally in his heart as he watched the incoming pursuers. He stopped struggling and slowly gathered a sliver of energy, waiting for the final attack.

"Is he resigned to his fate? He should have been like this a long time ago. He should obediently let the great lord chop his head and return to receive the reward. From now on, he won't have to suffer any more, haha …"

After the leader of the pursuers saw Qin Shaoyu's appearance, he laughed and said: "Take two steps forward! Take the Battle Sword and chop Qin Shaoyu's head off!"

"Okay." Qin Shaoyu suddenly opened his eyes and waved his right hand that was still usable towards the ground with a ruthless sneer.

The Wave Chopping was activated with a force that was more than one meter high, like a normal vacuum wave, ripping the vacuum space apart as it shot out in a straight line.

Before the leader could even react, his entire body was split into two halves by the Wave Chopping. After beheading the leader, the power of the Wave Chopping did not seem to have been able to once again behead the two people in a straight line behind him.

In the instant before the pursuers could react, Qin Shaoyu consecutively activated several Wave Chopping skills. Although the vacuum fluctuation after losing the Battle Sword was limited to only being able to shoot close to the ground, resulting in its power being greatly reduced, there were still seven or eight pursuers who died tragically.

At this time, Qin Shaoyu's face changed several times. He used up all his remaining magic power from the Wave Chopping, but at this point, he had really lost the ability to fight.

"Is it going to end like this?" Qin Shaoyu closed his eyes and could no longer gather any energy. He could only wait to die quietly.

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