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At the exit of X City Airport, the reporters had long been waiting.

Ji Zhanrui was wearing a black trench coat, revealing his well-built figure. He was 1.85 meters tall, coupled with his face that couldn't even be hidden under his sunglasses, he was arrogantly and coldly dressed, which caused him to be surrounded by the reporters the moment he came out of the exit.

"Director Ji, I heard that the era J intends to move their headquarters overseas. I wonder if that's true?"

"Young Master Ji, what do you think about your selection this time around?" Where's the number one White Horse Man from? "

"CEO Ji, five years after you took over the J era, the J era has been developing more and more. Do you think you can do an interview with our newspaper regarding this matter?"

As the reporters swarmed forward, even the questions were prepared beforehand. The questions followed one after another, causing the exit of the airport to become noisy all of a sudden.

"Director Ji, now that your career is successful, have you considered having a girlfriend?"

"That's right, what kind of ideal woman does Director Ji have in mind?"

"Young Master Ji, please express your thoughts!"

It was unknown when the topic of conversation was changed to personal feelings. The gossiping reporters were full of joy. They were so excited that they forgot to pay attention to Ji Zhanrui's sullen expression.

"Friends from the media, I'm sorry, Director Ji is tired after just returning. If you have any questions, please contact me. I'm the Public Relations manager of the era J, Ke Hanqing." Ke Hanqing opened his arms wide and blocked a portion of the crowd. The reporters who were in close contact with Ji Zhanrui earlier were immediately distanced from him.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ke Hanqing quickly made a face at the people beside him, signalling them to bring Ji Zhanrui away first, especially before that young master got angry.

Others might not know, but Ke Hanqing, who had followed beside Ji Zhanrui for so many years, knew very well that Ji Zhanrui was a huge germaphobe. If it weren't for the fact that his image was hindered by spraying disinfectant everywhere, he would have long cleaned all the reporters who squeezed in.

Strangely, after the reporters were stopped by Ke Hanqing, they were unable to join Ji Zhanrui's side no matter how hard they tried. In order to get the news to the chief editor, they suddenly turned their spearheads and surrounded Ke Hanqing.

"I heard that Manager Ke is the young master of the Chairman of the St. Ke Group and is favored by Chairman Ke the most. So, do you have any plans to take over from now on?"

"There are also news that you have an older brother. Are you on good terms with him?"

As the reporters started to attack, the corners of Ke Han Qing's eyes twitched. If it were not for his position as the PR manager of the era, he would have thrown them out just like that.

Why were all of them like flies, causing one to feel annoyed with them!

Under the escort of the four assistants, Ji ZhanRui glanced back at Ke Hanqing behind him, and his lips curled into a smile. Every time such a scene occurred, Ji Zhanrui would not only get used to it, but he would also enjoy watching Ke Hanqing's flustered state afterwards.

"Get rid of the reporters." Seeing that Ke Hanqing was about to curse when he was unable to defend himself, Ji Zhanrui took off the sunglasses on his nose. His cold eyes were filled with vigor.

With that, the two assistants left Ji Zhanrui's side and rushed into the crowd.

"I'm sorry, please let me block for a moment. It's just for a moment, I'm begging you!" When Fang Meng Ru saw Shen Jia Hao looking from afar, she hurriedly hid into the embrace of the strange man. Her six meter height was covered by Ji Zhan Rui.

Block it for a moment? The corner of Ji Zhanrui's mouth twitched. Did this damned woman think that he was a wooden board?

"Scram." Ji Zhanrui impatiently pushed Fang Meng Ru away, but she pounced on him again.

Ji Zhanrui lowered his eyes. The lines on his shirt could be clearly seen due to Fang Meng Ru's actions. He tried his best to resist the urge to throw her out and pushed her away.

"How come you don't have any spirit?" Fang Meng Ru was pushed aside by Ji Zhan Rui time and time again. She felt displeased, especially when she saw Shen Jia Hao getting closer and closer. She frantically rushed into Ji Zhan Rui's embrace.

This time, Ji Zhanrui noticed that Fang Meng Ru seemed to be hiding from someone. His gaze followed the direction that Fang Meng Ru was looking, and he saw Shen Jia Hao, who had a shifty look on his face.

To avoid him? A man who looked wretched and a woman who looked pretty delicate. Even if Ji Zhanrui didn't investigate her in detail, he still had a rough understanding of what had happened.

Ji ZhanRui placed both of his hands on Fang MengRui's shoulders. Her petite and soft body, as well as the fragrance that wafted into his nose, made him frown in hesitation.

That he doesn't have the spirit of Lei Feng? He didn't mind sending her to that man's side to help others with their happiness!

Thinking of this, Ji Zhanrui could only see Fang Menggru crying in his mind. His lips curled up into a mischievous smile, and in the next second, he had already bent over and hugged her.

The two assistants stood in front of Ke Hanqing, clearly forbidding the reporters from getting any closer. Seeing that Ji Zhanrui and Ke Hanqing were all out of luck, they sighed and suddenly someone in the crowd shouted, "Hey!" Look! Ji ZhanRui has a woman in his arms! "

At that moment, they were so excited that they had managed to push Ke Hanqing and his assistants far away. Their speed was as fast as a rocket and they had managed to push them far away. Even the sound of the shutter door was drowned out by Ke Hanqing's voice.

"Ah — you, what are you doing!" Fang Meng Ru was suddenly lifted up and grabbed Ji Zhan Rui's collar with both of her hands. Both of her legs swung violently, but her body was held down by Ji Zhan Rui's big hands. No matter how she struggled, she was unable to do anything.

"Helping others make me happy." Ji Zhan Rui looked at Shen Jia Hao, who was standing not far away. He replied in a relaxed manner without a trace of guilt.

What do you mean helping others! He was clearly helping the evil! Bullying the weak! Public revenge for personal grudges!

The distance between the two of them and Shen Jia Hao shortened bit by bit. Fang Meng Ru wished she could bury her head in Ji Zhan Rui's embrace to prevent Shen Jia Hao from discovering her.

At that moment, the group of reporters behind Ji Zhanrui swarmed forward and quickly surrounded them. As a result, Shen Jianhao and Ke Hanqing were stopped in the middle of the crowd.

"Director Ji, is this your girlfriend?"

"Director Ji, why did you push this lady away just now?"

"Director Ji, can you take a photo with this young lady?"

CEO Ji's gossip would definitely be explosive news!

The reporters held their cameras in their hands and kept pressing the shutter button towards the two of them. They all wanted to see the woman in Ji Zhanrui's arms leave.

Fang Meng Ru hid in Ji Zhan Rui's embrace, her small hands shamelessly pinching his chest. Bastard! Just now, she wanted to send a sheep into the tiger's den!

Suddenly, Ji Zhanrui's expression changed again and again. His right hand held onto Fang Meng Ru's head tightly as he tried to stop Fang Meng Ru's hand from moving forward.

Damn it, this woman dared to so casually flirt with his chest?!

The J era had shaken the entire business world more than 30 years ago, and the Ji family had a prominent position in the upper class.

Five years ago, after Ji Zhanrui took over the era of J, the company grew in size. Rumor has it that Ji Zhanrui's worth was immeasurable.

Handsome, erect, goldbranded, and single, Wang Ol'fifth became synonymous with Ji Zhanrui in one night, but only the people around him knew that he was a cold, awkward, and squeamish man.

But what was happening now?

In an unremarkable black Unkoré, Ji Zhanrui lazily crossed his legs over the seat, his tie loosened in his right hand, and his left hand left his windbreaker on the back seat. His dark black eyes exuded a sense of disharmony and anger.

"I'm sorry …" From the moment she got on the car, Fang Meng Ru had said those words countless times, but she could still feel the intense anger coming from Ji Zhan Rui's body that made her shudder.

Wasn't it just borrowing him to block Shen Jianhao's line of sight? Didn't they just happen to have been photographed by the reporters? Wasn't his identity unique for a moment?

Fine, he can only blame his bad character. He insisted on bringing her to Shen Jia Hao's side, which was why she gave him a hard pinch out of anger.

However, she was already too modest, why was the man in front of her still that icy brick like before?

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