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Outside the Medicine Immortal Valley of Xiangxi Mei Mountain, a middle-aged man wearing a bamboo hat stood quietly at the entrance of the valley. In his hand was a baby swaddling clothes.

The man's expression was solemn and his eyes were like lightning as he stared at the huge rock at the entrance of the valley.

On the huge rock, there were three big characters carved into it - Medicine Immortal Valley.

At this moment, a dark cloud floated over from the north. In a moment, the sky was dark, as if night had arrived.

In an instant, a violent wind blew, accompanied by flashes of lightning and waves of thunder.

Bean-sized raindrops suddenly rained down, as dense as pearl curtains.

Another clap of thunder, deafening. In an instant, the rain formed a line, and with a whoosh, the heavy rain poured down from the sky like the sky had collapsed, blotting out the sky and covering the earth.

This was precisely the sound of thunder that descended from thousands of zhang, the color of rain reaching tens of thousands of peaks.

The middle-aged man did not move at all, allowing the rain to hit him. He only silently took off his bamboo hat and gently covered the baby in his arms.

At this moment, a thirteen or fourteen year old youth ran over.

"My teacher invites you into the valley!"

The youth shouted as he walked, holding an oil-paper umbrella in his hand.

The man did not say a word as he strode into the valley.

The youth quickly caught up and raised the umbrella above his head.

Less than a mile into the valley, he saw a few grass huts built by the stream. A wisp of smoke rose from the grass huts.

In the grass huts, a slightly fat old man was sitting quietly on a hassock and drinking tea by himself.

He was the master of Medicine Immortal Valley, the number one genius doctor in the martial arts world, the "Enraged Hell King" Faang Buwen.

A boy about ten years old was fanning the wind and boiling the water.

The man strode into the grass hut. Before he could shake off the rain on his body, he stood respectfully at the side.

Faang Buwen slowly turned his head. Half of his hair had fallen off, revealing a bald patch on his head, and his eyebrows had fallen off.

He turned his triangular eyes and stared at the middle-aged man, who was drenched in sweat, in front of him.

"Don't you know the rules of Medicine Immortal Valley?"

He spoke in a slow manner.

The man raised his head and said, "Of course I know!"

"Then why did you wait outside the valley for so long?"

The man took out a dark green jade pendant from his pocket and slowly reached it out.

Faang Buwen's eyes shot out a ray of light and his tone suddenly became fierce.

"Medicinal Immortal Token? Why is it in your hands?"

"I know. The Medicinal Immortal Token is a token given by you, Divine Doctor Faang. With this token, you can ask the Godly Doctor to do one thing. I wonder if that's right!"

"Who are you? How did you get this Medallion of Immortal Medicine?"

"This was originally a gift from senior to Lau Ruyan. Am I right?" The man asked again.

Faang Buwen nodded slightly.

"She is the wife of the b * tch, and also the mother of this child!"

Faang Buwen suddenly stood up and looked at the baby in the swaddling clothes.

This baby was extremely thin, and his eyes were especially big, as if they did not match his face.

"The baby was just born, and she died. "

"She was killed, wasn't she?"

Faang Buwen stared at the baby and suddenly reached out to carry it.

"This child suffered an extremely sinister internal injury before she was born. It's a miracle that she survived!"

"Junior sincerely requests senior to accept this child. The lowly one once said that if there is someone in this world who can let him live, this person must be Faang Buwen!"

Faang Buwen slowly nodded his head, but his expression was still calm.

He took the jade pendant and slowly said, "And who are you?"

"Junior Yun Feiyang!"

Faang Buwen seemed to be shocked and stared at Yun Feiyang in surprise for a moment.

"You are Luo Taihee's eldest disciple?"


"Alright. I'll keep this child. You can leave now!"

Yun Feiyang said seriously, "Junior is now in a dangerous situation. I am afraid that I will implicate others. Senior, you must not reveal this child's origin, lest you implicate Medicine Immortal Valley! "

After saying that, he turned around and walked into the heavy rain without looking back, then strode out of the valley.

At this moment, there was a shocking explosion. The quiet baby suddenly cried and did not stop for a long time.

"His name is Wuhen!"

Yun Feiyang's voice came from afar. Although it was accompanied by thunder, it was still very clear.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

On this day, Faang Buwen, who had gone out to pick herbs, suddenly brought back a baby girl.

Five years had passed, and Wuhen had already grown into a three-foot-long child.

He was still extremely thin, but his eyes were as bright as stars.

The baby girl was already three years old, and she followed behind Wuhen all day long, calling out, "Big brother!"

The girl was called Shangguan Mingyue. Other than Faang Buwen, no one knew where she came from.

The days in Medicine Immortal Valley were incomparably peaceful. Faang Buwen went to the mountain to pick herbs every day, and the two children were taken care of by the two Medicine Apprentices.

Every night, Wuhen would soak in the medicinal soup that Faang Buwen personally brewed for two hours. He also had to drink two bowls of bitter and bitter medicine every day.

In the morning, Faang Buwen still had to perform acupuncture on him. It pierced his entire body, making him look like a hedgehog.

Every time Mingyue saw him inject needles, she would cry. She would quietly watch him from the side, biting her lips and crying.

Every time she inserted a needle, It was as if she was the one in pain.

Every few months, Wuhen would feel intense pain throughout his entire body. When the pain flared up, his entire body felt as if it had fallen into an ice cellar. However, sweat poured down like rain.

But every time, he would grit his teeth and endure without a word.

Every time Faang Buwen saw him acting up, he would feel his heart tighten.

On this day, the wind was warm and the sun was bright, and the wind was warm.

In the valley where no one usually came, a person suddenly came.

An old man riding a skinny donkey and himself as skinny as a monkey.

His hair and beard were pure white, and his long eyebrows were hanging down to his cheeks. He was also flawless.

On his waist hung a large yellow skinned gourd.

A pair of small eyes rolled around as they looked at Wuhen, who was playing with the moon in the bamboo forest in front of the grass hut. Suddenly, they spoke.

"You are a monkey? Little monkey?"

Wu Hen curiously walked in front of him and reached out his hand to touch the little donkey.

The little donkey did not dodge. Instead, it opened its nostrils and revealed two rows of white teeth.

"I'm not a monkey, I'm Traceless. "

The old man slowly got off the donkey's back. He stared at Wuhen for a moment before suddenly shaking his head.

Then, without saying a word, he walked into the grass hut.

"Fatty Fang? Fatty Fang! "

After he reached the entrance of the thatched cottage, he suddenly shouted at the top of his voice.

"So it's Sect Leader Gongsun. Master went up the mountain to pick herbs. He'll be back soon!"

A Medicine Apprentice came out upon hearing the voice. Currently, the Medicine Apprentice was already an elegant youth.

"What kind of medicine is he picking? Such a reckless waste! Damn it!"

The Medicine Apprentice was stunned. It did not understand why he was angry.

He knew this old man. He was Faang Buwen's friend, Gongsun Qi.

As his name suggested, he was a strange person.

"Little monkey, where did you come from?"

"I'm not a little monkey, I'm called Wuhen! Little sister is called Mingyue. "

Gongsun Qi was stunned, and he nodded. "Alright, alright, alright. I'm not called Little Monkey. I'm called Little Wuhen!"

Wuhen stared at the gourd at his waist and asked, "What's inside?"

Gongsun Qi removed the gourd, opened the lid, and drank a mouthful. He then smacked his lips, looking very satisfied.

Wuhen subconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.

"Do you want to drink it?"

Traceless nodded, his eyes seemingly sparkling with stars.

He took the gourd, raised his head, and took a few gulps.

Gongsun Qi quickly snatched the gourd, narrowed his eyes, and looked into the hole in the gourd.

"Really. . . Digging. . . Door. . . "

Wuhen vaguely said these three words before he slowly collapsed onto the ground with a red face.

Mingyue was shocked and quickly reached out her hand to pull it. The moment she touched his hand, she felt extremely hot.

"Big brother, big brother! What's wrong with you? What did you give big brother to drink?"

Mingyue became anxious and tears streamed down her face. She sat on the ground and started crying.

"Why are you crying? He's fine. He's sleeping. "

Gongsun Qi also sat down and reached out to grab Wuhen's wrist.

After a moment, his beard trembled rapidly. His eyes slowly widened, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

"Gongsun Qi, what are you doing!?"

Following Faang Buwen's voice, he flew to the bamboo forest.

Gongsun Qi slowly stood up and said, "Fatty Fang, what a waste of heaven's gifts!"

Faang Buwen lightly snorted. He slowly picked up Wuhen and walked into the grass hut.

"This little monkey's Ren and Du meridians are naturally connected. He is a genius in martial arts! Furthermore, his wrists are extremely nimble. If he were to learn the sword, he would definitely become a Sword God of his generation! "

Gongsun Qi followed behind Faang Buwen and said slowly.

"Brother is not a little monkey! Big brother is Wuhen!"

Mingyue followed closely behind. When she heard Gongsun Qi's words, she didn't understand anything else, but she knew Little Monkey was talking about Traceless.

Gongsun Qi curiously turned his head to look at her and said, "Little girl, you're so protective of your brother!"

"He's my big brother, I won't allow you to call him a little monkey!"

Gongsun Qi could only compromise. After all, Mingyue was only a three-year-old girl.

"I know!"

Faang Buwen calmly placed Wuhen on the bamboo bed and said.

"You know? Oh, right, you are the number one Godly Doctor in the martial arts world. It would be weird if you didn't know! "

"So what if I know? You can't take in disciples, and you can't teach him inner force mantras either. "

When Gongsun Qi heard this, he seemed to have wilted.

He opened the gourd and drank another mouthful of wine.

After a long while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"I won't teach him inner force mantras, but I can teach him sword techniques!"

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