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Outside of Medicine Immortal Valley, a middle-aged man wearing a bamboo hat was standing quietly at the entrance of the valley. In his hands, he was still carrying a baby wrapped in a swaddle.

On the man's face, there was a solemn expression and his eyes were like lightning as he stared at the huge rock at the entrance of the valley.

On top of the huge rock, three large words were carved — Medicine Immortal Valley.

At this moment, a group of dark clouds floated over from the north. After a while, the sky darkened as if it was night.

In an instant, a gale erupted, accompanied by flashes of lightning and bursts of thunder.

The bean-sized raindrops suddenly fell down, it was as thick as a bead curtain.

Another thunderclap, deafening. In an instant, the raindrops connected into a line. With a "hua" sound, it was as if the sky collapsed and the rain poured down from the sky.

This was the sound of thunder descending, and the color of the rain pouring down.

The middle-aged man didn't move at all, allowing the rain to hit him. He silently took off his bamboo hat and gently covered the baby in his arms.

At this moment, a thirteen or fourteen year old boy rushed over.

"My husband invites you into the valley!"

The youth shouted as he walked, holding an oil-paper umbrella in his hand.

Without saying a word, the man strode into the valley.

The teenager quickly caught up and held the umbrella high above his head.

After entering the valley for less than a mile, he saw several grass huts that were built near the stream. A wisp of smoke was rising from the huts.

Within the grass hut, a slightly fat old man was quietly sitting on a prayer mat, sipping his tea alone.

He was the master of the Medicine Immortal Valley, the current number one genius doctor of Wu Lin, the "King of Hell" Fang Buyi.

A boy around the age of ten was gently fanning and boiling the water.

The man entered the grass hut with large strides. He didn't have time to shake off the rain water on his body, so he respectfully stood to the side.

Fang Buwen slowly turned his head. Half of his hair had fallen off, revealing a bald patch on top of his head. Even his eyebrows had fallen off.

He turned his triangular eyes and stared intently at the drenched, middle-aged man in front of him.

"Don't you know the rules of the Medicine Immortal Valley?"

He spoke slowly.

The man raised his head and said, "Of course I know!"

"Then why did you wait outside the valley for so long?"

The man stretched out his hand and took out a dark green jade pendant.

A ray of light shot out from Fang Buwen's eyes, and his tone suddenly turned sharp.

"Medicine Immortal Token? Why is it in your hands? "

"This humble one knows that the Medicine Immortal Token is a keepsake issued by your Godly Doctor Fang. With this token, I can ask Godly Doctor to do something, I don't know if that's right or wrong!"

"Who are you? How did you get this Pill Immortal Token? "

"This was originally given to Liu Ruyan by senior, wasn't it?" the man asked again.

Fang Buwen nodded slightly.

"She's a bitch, and also the child's mother!"

Fang stood up abruptly and looked at the baby in its cradle.

The baby was extremely thin, and his eyes were especially large, as if it didn't match his face at all.

"She died when the baby was born."

"Was she killed?"

Fang disregarded the baby and suddenly reached out to hug it.

"This child suffered an extremely insidious internal injury even before he was born. It's truly a miracle that he was able to survive!"

"Senior, I sincerely request that you accept this child. My humble servant once said that if there is anyone in this world who can keep him alive, then this person will not be heard of!"

Fang Buwen slowly nodded, but his expression remained calm.

He took the jade pendant and slowly asked, "And who are you?"

"Junior Yunfei!"

Fang Buwen seemed to be shocked as he stared at Yunfei in surprise.

"You're the head disciple of Luo Taihe?"

"That's right!"

"Alright, I'll keep the child here. You can leave now!"

Yun Feiyang said solemnly, "This junior is currently in danger, afraid that it will implicate others. Senior must not reveal the origin of this child, so as to not implicate the Medicine Immortal Valley! "

Then, he turned around and walked out of the valley without looking back.

At this moment, an earth-shaking thunderclap sounded. The baby that had always been quiet suddenly let out a wail, and didn't stop for a long time.

"His name is Wu Hen!"

Amidst the thunder, Cloudsoar's voice came from afar. Although it was accompanied by a clap of thunder, it was still very clear.

Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, two years had passed.

On this day, Fang Buwen, who went out to gather herbs, suddenly brought back a baby girl.

Five years had passed, and Traceless had grown into a three-foot-long child.

He was still as thin as ever, but his eyes were as bright as the stars.

The baby girl was three years old. She followed Wu Hen around the whole time, calling out, "Big brother!"

The girl was called Shangguan Mingyue, no one knew where she came from, except for Fang Buwen.

The days in the Medicine Immortal Valley were incomparably peaceful and quiet. Fang Juxi went to the mountain every day to gather medicinal herbs, and the two children were taken care of by the two ingredient boys.

Every night, Wu Hen would soak in the medicinal soup personally concocted by Fang Buyi for two hours, and every day, he would also drink two bowls of extremely bitter and bitter medicine.

In the morning, Fang didn't even need to give him a needle. He was like a hedgehog.

Every time Brightmoon saw him piercing a needle, she would cry. She would silently look at him from the side, biting her lips as she cried.

Every time she inserted a needle, it seemed like she was the one in pain.

Every few months, Traceless Aftermaths would experience an intense pain that would cause him to sweat profusely, as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

But every time, he would grit his teeth and endure it without a word.

Every time Fang Buwen saw his outburst, his heart would tighten.

On this day, the wind was beautiful and warm.

In the valley where no one usually came, a person suddenly appeared.

It was an old man riding a skinny donkey that was a thief. He was also a thief himself, but was as skinny as a monkey.

He had a white beard and long, beautiful hair. His long, beautiful eyebrows drooped down to his cheeks. He was also spotlessly white.

On his waist hung a large yellow gourd.

A pair of small eyes rolled about, looking at the bright moon playing in the bamboo forest in front of the grass hut.

"Are you a monkey? "Little monkey?"

Wu Hen curiously walked in front of him and extended his hand to touch the little donkey.

The little donkey did not move aside. Instead, it widened its nostrils and revealed two rows of white teeth.

"I'm not a monkey, I'm Wu Hen."

The old man slowly got off the donkey's back and stared at Wu Hen for a while before he suddenly shook his head.

Then without a word, he walked back into the grass hut.

"Fatty Fang?" "Fatty Fang!"

After walking past the entrance of the grass hut, he suddenly shouted at the top of his lungs.

"So it's Sect Leader Gongsun. Master went to gather herbs. He'll be back in a moment!"

A medicine boy came out when he heard this. Right now, the medicine boy was already an elegant young man.

"What kind of medicine is he even picking? Why is he wasting this kind of heaven's treasure? Damn it!"

The medicine boy was stunned, not understanding why he was so angry.

He knew this old man. He was Fang Buwen's friend, Gongsun Qi.

He was a strange person, just like his name suggested.

"Little Monkey, where did you come from?"

"I am not a little monkey, my name is Wu Hen! "Sister's name is Brightmoon."

Gongsun Qi was dumbfounded. He nodded and said, "Good, good, good. You're not called little monkey, you're called little Wu Hen!"

Wu Hen stared at the gourd by his waist and asked, "What's in there?"

Gongsun Qi took off the gourd, opened the lid, and drank a mouthful. Then, he smacked his lips in satisfaction.

Wu Hen subconsciously stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.

"Do you want some?"

Wu Hen nodded, stars seemed to shine in his eyes.

He took the gourd and gulped a few mouthfuls.

Gongsun Qi quickly grabbed the gourd and peered into the hole with one eye.

"Seriously... Scratch... Door... "

Wu Hen spoke those words in a muffled voice before slowly falling to the ground with a red face.

Surprised, Mingyue quickly reached out to tug on his hand, but the instant she touched it, she felt that it was scalding hot.

"Big brother, big brother!" What's the matter with you? "What did you give big brother to drink?"

As the moon grew brighter, tears welled up in her eyes. She sat on the ground and began to cry.

"What are you crying for? "He's fine, he's sleeping."

Gongsun Qi also sat down and placed his hand on his wrist.

After a short moment, his beard quickly trembled and his eyes slowly widened, seeming to have seen an extremely inconceivable thing.

"Gongsun Qi, what are you doing!"

Following an inaudible sound, he flew into the bamboo forest.

Gongsun Qi slowly stood up and said, "Fatty Fang, you're really wasting this heavenly resource of yours!"

Fang Buwen snorted lightly and slowly picked up Wu Hen, carrying him into the grass hut.

"The two branches of the little monkey are connected by nature, it's a prodigy in martial arts! "Moreover, his wrist is extremely nimble. If he were to learn the sword, he would definitely become a Sword God of his generation!"

Gongsun Qi slowly said as he followed behind Fang Buwen.

"Big brother isn't a little monkey!" "Brother is Wu Hen!"

Unexpectedly, Mingyue also followed him in. Hearing Gongsun Qi's words, she didn't understand anything else, but she knew that the little monkey was talking about Wu Hen.

Gongsun Qi curiously turned his head to look at her and said, "You little girl, why are you so protective of your big brother!"

"He's my big brother, so you're not allowed to say he's a little monkey!"

Gongsun Qi could only compromise. After all, Mingyue was only a three-year-old girl.

"I know!"

Fang Buwen calmly placed Wu Hen on the bamboo bed and said.

"You know? Oh, right, you are the number one genius doctor of Wu Lin, it would be weird if you did not know! "

"So what if I know? "It's not like you can accept a disciple, much less teach him inner force cultivation methods."

When Gongsun Qi heard this, he seemed to wilt.

He opened the gourd and gulped down another mouthful of wine.

After a long while, his eyes suddenly lit up.

"I won't teach him the inner force skill, but I can teach him the sword art!"

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Thank you for reading my work personally. I am a newcomer. I hope you will give me your support! The martial arts world will never be lonely with you! We welcome everyone's criticism and righteousness! If you are satisfied, please collect and comment on the flowers.

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