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That night, the Qin Residence hosted a banquet for Mei Wanting and Wu Hen.

A three meter wide wooden table was filled with more than twenty types of delicacies.

A few jars of top-grade flower carvings had yet to be opened, yet the aroma of wine already permeated the air.

The cups and bowls were made of top-grade white porcelain and the chopsticks were carved and carved ivory chopsticks, showing the Qin family's wealth and luxury.

Qin Feng, Qin Yan, Mei Wanting, and Wu Hen each sat in their respective seats. Behind each of them stood two young maidservants. One held a silver wine jug, while the other held ivory chopsticks.

Forget about Wuhen, even Mei Wanting, who came from a wealthy background, had never seen such a grand show before.

There was an endless stream of maidservants who were passing the dishes, but all of them were moving around quietly.

Seeing this scene, Wu Hen felt uneasy.

He had the temper of a monkey, yet he was told to eat a meal in such a proper manner. This caused him to feel extremely stifled.

Suddenly, he grinned.

"Master Hou, I have a small request. Is it rude?"

Qin Feng said slowly: "Young master, you can speak your mind!"

"My little donkey is gluttonous. It doesn't drink much every day, but the wine in this manor is all high quality. It would be a waste if that beast were to drink it. This … "

Qin Feng and Qin Yanjun were shocked at first, but after hearing what was behind them, Qin Feng lightly waved his hand.

"Young Hero, what are you talking about?" With just a few jars of good wine, the Qin Residence would not be stingy! "However, that donkey, Young Hero, can actually drink wine, truly rare!"

Mei Wanting looked at Wu Hen and said with a smile, "Master is happy to drink, but a donkey is happy to drink!"

"Haha," Qin Feng laughed and said: "Young Hero is a man of character. Since he's come to my Qin Manor and is an esteemed guest of my Qin Manor, there's no need to be polite!" However, if there is a request, the Qin Residence will do its best to satisfy it! "

Saying so, he lightly clapped his hands.

The head steward entered and bowed respectfully.

"Young Hero's mount must also be prepared. Prepare two pots of high-grade flower carvings for Young Hero's mount to drink."

The head steward replied respectfully and backed out of the hall.

Wu Hen laughed, "Master Hou is frank and straightforward. Wu Hen admires you greatly! Once again, I shall offer the flower to the Buddha and toast to the marquis! "

The wine jar opened and the aroma filled the room.

It was the best wine Wu Hen had ever tasted, and the best food he had ever eaten.

After three rounds of drinking, Qin Yan's face was already flushed red.

Traceless or dry.

The maidservant behind him had already changed two jugs of wine.

Qin Feng didn't drink much, he just ordered everything.

"Young Hero, good alcohol capacity!"

He calmly looked at Wu Hen, a glint of light flashing across his eyes.

"Stop drinking, you'll be drunk later!"

Mei Wanting softly spoke to Wu Hen.

Even though his voice was soft, the entire hall was silent. Everyone could hear him clearly.

Wu Hen pursed his lips into a smile as he gently put down the wine cup in his hand.

Qin Yanjun's eyes suddenly flashed with an imperceptible glint, and a trace of obvious jealousy.

"My sister once said that if Brother Wu Hen did not rescue me along the way, the danger that my sister encountered would not have been resolved. In that case, Brother Wu Hen's martial arts must be pretty good!

He spoke slowly, his tone full of admiration for Wu Hen.

Wu Hen laughed, "How dare the Light of Firefly act arrogantly in front of Young Master Ling Nan? For Wu Hen to be able to escort Wan Ting here, it is just luck! "

"Young Hero, you came from far away to escort Wan Ting here. It can be seen that Young Hero not only has a good sense of courage, but also a chivalrous heart! Although my Ling Nan Qin family lives in a secluded corner and rarely asks about the affairs of the martial arts world, but I admire all the heroes of the world! For Young Hero to be able to repel the pursuit of the Blood Moon Sect by himself, it is not just because he has the courage and insight to do so. "

Qin Feng said calmly.

"I'm sure that Young Hero definitely possesses peerless martial arts. Why not use your wine and show some of your skills so that my son, Yan Lord, can have an eye-opener?"

Wu Hen hesitated. He had never thought that his martial arts were superb, but Qin Feng's tone was respectful to him. If he acted too humbly, it would seem fake.

"Forget it. Wu Hen will be the one to make a fool of himself and demonstrate a few moves!"

Qin Feng said: "What weapon did Young Hero use?"


He was stunned as he reached out to grab the top of his head and said with a smile, "But I lost my sword!"

Qin Feng was stunned, then he smiled: "If Young Hero doesn't mind, then why don't you try using the sword that my Qin family has hidden?"

Wu Hen nodded, his original sword was originally a broken sword in his eyes.

"Butler, go to the Sword Pavilion and get the Pure Yuan Sword. Let this young hero try!"

The butler replied and quickly left.

Everyone stood up and headed to the courtyard.

Moments later, the housekeeper retrieved a longsword.

This sword seemed very ordinary, its sheath was dark and unadorned.

Wu Hen took it and felt it lighter than the metal sword he had used earlier.

With a "Zheng" sound, the longsword was unsheathed and a long dragon roar could be heard.

The long sword trembled and reflected the moonlight.

The blade of the sword gleamed with a cold light, seeming incomparably sharp.

Formless didn't understand the sword.

But his first thought came to him: This is a good sword!

He stabbed out with his sword, releasing a dazzling beam of cold light.

"Good sword!" He blurted out, and his eyes glittered as if he had seen fine wine.

"dancing alone is not boring at all. Why don't you let Yan Jun practice a few moves with Brother Wu Hen and let him smile!"

As Qin Yanjun spoke, she slowly extended her hand.

A servant of the manor quickly handed over a sword. It was an extremely ordinary sword, the one that was used by the manor steward.

"That's fine, but Yan'er, you just need to point it out and stop. Do not hurt anyone!"

Qin Feng slowly retreated a few steps and stood quietly to the side.

Qin Yan slowly drew her sword, cupped her fist and said, "Brother Wu Hen, please enlighten me!"

Mei Wanting glanced at Qin Yanjun before she slowly retreated a few steps back and returned her gaze to Wu Hen.

At this moment, there were more than ten people holding torches in the courtyard. The entire courtyard was as bright as day.

Wuhen's smile was still as innocent as ever, as heartless as ever.

The longsword in Wu Hen's hand twirled nimbly as he said, "My apologies!"

Suddenly, a sword shot out diagonally.

Since the Ling Nan Qin family was known as the number one sword of Ling Nan, the sword techniques passed down in their families were not just for show.

Qin Yan welcomed the incoming attack with her long sword, her movements extremely relaxed and elegant.

"Ding!" The swords of the two clashed.

After which, with a flip of her sword, Qin Yan pressed down on the sword.

Wu Hen withdrew his sword, turned around and slashed towards Qin Yan in an arc.

Qin Yan waved his sword and deflected the Sword of Clear Origin. At the same time, he let out a sound of exhalation and pierced forward with his sword.

His moves seemed graceful and calm, but they were extremely fast. His longsword was also very agile, and it was common for one to be unprepared when attacking.

Qin Feng, on the side, lightly nodded his head as if he was satisfied with Qin Yan's swordsmanship.

In Wu Hen's mind, the seventeen chants of the training donkey's seventeen swords and Gongsun Qi's seventeen chants echoed.

He knew that those ten chants corresponded to these seventeen sword styles.

He could see his memories, but Gongsun Qi had never explained the meaning of these seventeen chants.

But at this moment, he could not afford to think too deeply about it.

"Ding Ding!" The sound of the two swords intersecting rang in his ears.

Qin Yan's sword attacks became faster and faster.

The Qin family's swordsmanship had always been dense and fast.

In the blink of an eye, more than ten moves had passed.

Although Qin Yanjun's swordplay was fast, Wu Hen's was also fast. Not only that, his sword would always be able to strike out at unimaginable speeds.

This was his unique advantage, the advantage of having a nimble wrist.

Qin Feng, who was watching the fight from the side, slowly narrowed his eyes. He stared at the sword in Wu Hen's hand and fell into deep thought.

He was a sword expert, so he naturally saw through the brilliance of the Formless Blade Art!

However, this youth's internal energy was mediocre, and his sword technique seemed to have no spirit.

In time, this youth's attainment in sword arts would be unimaginable!

In the same generation, Qin Yan's sword technique was definitely the best!

However, his continuous attacks were easily neutralized by Wu Hen!

Suddenly, Mei Wanting cried out in alarm!

The two swords clashed fiercely, and with a "ding" sound, the longsword in Qin Yanjun's hand broke. The broken sword flew ten feet away before being nailed to an old locust tree with a "snatch" sound.

With a flash of cold light, the Sword of Clear Origin slashed towards Qin Yan's neck!

Qin Yanjun wanted to dodge, but it was already too late. If Qin Feng wanted to save her, it was already too late!

If he was unable to retract this strike, then Qin Yanjun would surely be drenched in blood on the spot!

From Qin Feng's point of view, if one wasn't an extreme sword expert, it would be impossible to stop this strike.

Because this strike was simply an accident!

It was because the sword in Qin Yanjun's hand had been broken!

It was impossible to stop this strike, so naturally, Wu Hen could not.

This was because he could not be considered a supreme expert in the way of the sword.

The usually elegant and composed Qin Yan's face had already turned pale.

Qin Feng, who was usually as calm as the waters of a pond, also exclaimed!

A figure flashed by like lightning.

No matter if he could or couldn't, he had to be saved.

Because that was his only son, the only heir to the Ling Nan Qin family!

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

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