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Fortunately, there was no real blood in this strike!

Just when everyone thought that this sword attack would completely change the situation of the Qin family in Ling Nan, the Sword of the Pure Yuan turned in an inconceivable direction.

Qin Yanjun could even clearly feel the cold air that was being emitted by the Sword of Clear Origin slashing across her neck.

When he saw Wu Hen withdraw his sword and retreat, the jade pendant at his waist fell to the ground, he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat!

Traceless Aftermaths was also sweating profusely!

If he hadn't been able to avoid Qin Yanjun's strike in time, then with the strength of the Southern Mountains Qin family, even if there were a hundred of them, it would still not be enough to kill them!

His nimble and nimble wrist had turned the bloody disaster into nothingness.

Everyone was stunned, as was Qin Feng.

He quickly regained his calm. He was still standing there like a ten thousand year old pine tree. His entire body emitted a sense of majesty and gentleness.

In his mind, he kept repeating the Formless Blade Technique. He kept feeling that there was something familiar about it, but it just didn't seem to make sense.

Wu Hen cupped his fists and smiled embarrassedly.

"Brother Wu Hen's swordsmanship is brilliant, Yan Jun. I concede defeat!"

Qin Yanjun threw away the broken sword in her hand with a dejected look on her face.

Originally, he wanted to show off his grace in front of Mei Wanting, but to his surprise, such an awkward situation had occurred and he had nearly lost his life.

"Young Master Qin is too modest. If it wasn't for the sharpness of the treasured sword in Wu Hen's hand, Wu Hen wouldn't be a match for Young Master Qin."

With that, he took the sword sheath from Mei Wanting's hands and slowly put it back into its sheath. He then held the sword with both hands and bowed towards the butler, returning the sword to her.

Mei Wanting quietly came to Wu Hen's side and asked softly, "Are you alright?"

Traceless Aftermaths grinned, his eyes shining brightly as he watched the increasingly charming and beautiful Mai Wanting under the light of the fire.

He reached out and kicked again.

"I'm fine, I can still climb trees."

Mei Wanting smiled. It was even more beautiful and enchanting.

Not far away, a faint trace of hatred shot out of Qin Yan's eyes.

The next day, after lunch.

Qin Feng asked: "Young Hero compared sword techniques with my son yesterday, but I don't know who your teacher is?" What sword technique is it? "

Wu Hen was startled, this sword technique might be powerful, but the name was not.

But since Qin Feng asked, he had to say something, right?

Thus, he hesitated for a moment.

Qin Feng saw his gaze flicker as if he was thinking about something, so he calmly said: "Young Hero, if it's inconvenient to tell, don't force it!" This old man was just curious and asked casually. "

The more he said this, the more Wu Hen felt that he couldn't hide it.

"My master is Gongsun Qi, but this sword art … This sword art … The name of this sword technique is indeed unpleasant to hear. "

Qin Feng's interest was piqued. He asked: "Oh, Young Hero, there's no harm in saying so."

"Donkey Training!"

Qin Feng was stunned. How was this unpleasant? It was clearly a sword technique used to curse others.

Of course, he would not believe that this sword technique was really called donkey training.

"I studied for ten years, and the old monkey finally told me that this was training a donkey."

"Old Monkey?"

Qin Feng was stunned again.

Wu Hen grinned without a care.

"Old Monkey is the old man Gongsun who taught me swordsmanship."

Qin Feng looked at Wu Hen with even more astonishment.

This youth was too outrageous. It was one thing to call his own master Gongsun, but he actually called him Old Monkey?

But he did not dwell on these questions. What he was thinking was, who was Gongsun Qi?

Logically speaking, a person with such a high level of sword art should be famous in the martial arts world.

However, he had never heard of this Gongsun Qi before.

Last night, he had not slept at all, constantly thinking back to the sword move Wu Hen had used.

However, every time the Spiritual Light appeared and then suddenly lost its clue, he would never be able to recall what sword technique it was.

When he heard about the donkey training, of course, he was astonished.

Either this teenager was making it up, or that Gongsun Qi was making it up.

After two days, Wu Hen had the intention to leave.

He still had a lot of things to do.

His parents were Blood Linglong, whose life depended on whether or not he could survive.

And this martial arts world that would be lonely without a first-rate swordsman like him.

He saw the strength of the Qin family, and also saw the care and concern the Qin family had for Wan Ting.

He had also experienced the Qin family's sincere and warm treatment towards others, even though they were a major power.

He wanted to leave because he felt the enmity from Qin Yan.

He wasn't the least bit surprised by Qin Yan's hostility. If he were in Qin Yan's shoes, he would have done the same as well.

This was because Mei Wanting was his fiancee.

His fiancée spent all day with a young man who didn't seem to be in tune with her. Anyone would feel hostile towards her.

Based on his calculations, he had already stayed in Qin Manor for three days. It was time for him to leave.

He could also leave with a peace of mind.

When he and Mei Wanting revealed that he wanted to leave the Qin Residence and explore the mountains by himself, he could almost see the expression in Mingyue's eyes when he left the Medicine Immortal Valley back then.

A kind of silence contains reluctance, loss contains expectation, sadness contains a little gratification in the eyes.

Mei Wanting lowered her head to look at the ground.

She dared not meet his eyes, dared not meet his smiling face.

"You … Will he come back? "

With a smile, Traceless looked down into her eyes.

"Of course, when you are married, I will come, definitely!"


Mei Wanting was stunned.

Wu Hen nodded seriously.

"Your husband is the young lord of Ling Nan's manor, and he is the future Marquis of Ling Nan. Your wedding will definitely shake the world." Wherever I am, I think I will know and come! "

Mei Wanting suddenly raised her head, tears in her eyes, but there were no tears.

She wanted to say, "I don't want to be the young mistress of the Southern Marquis Manor. I want to roam the Jianghu with you."

But she couldn't, didn't dare.

If only he could follow him and roam the world.

"You should be happy. You are safe here. With the protection of the Qin Residence, they wouldn't dare to provoke even the evil people of the Blood Moon Sect."

"Mm, I'm happy, I'm very happy!"

There was a hint of sobs in his happy tone.

She slowly took off the golden hairpin and held it tightly in her hand.

After a moment, she slowly extended her hand and handed the golden hairpin to Wu Hen.

Wu Hen looked quietly at Mei Wanting, at this seemingly weak but in fact, strong little girl.

His heart ached for no reason. He silently reached out to take the golden hairpin, placed it on his nose and gently touched it. Then, he grinned.

Not far away, behind a huge red lacquer pillar, Qin Yan was quietly listening. His handsome face was contorted into a distorted shape.

When Wu Hen asked Qin Feng to leave, Qin Feng wasn't surprised. He didn't ask him to stay either.

He asked the dealer to bring out the skinny donkey and give it to the skinny youngster.

When the donkey saw Wu Hen and Mei Wanting, it let out a few cries, both happy and sad.

It slowly walked to her side, lowered its head and gently rubbed her arm.

Suddenly, Mei Wanting could no longer control her hot eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks.

She reached out her hand to gently stroke this donkey that had saved her more than once, deeply unwilling to part with it.

Traceless eyes seemed moist, and he gave a respectful bow.

"Thank you, master Hou, for your hospitality these few days. Wu Hen is a wanderer of the martial arts world, it would be inappropriate to stay for long." "Thus, I shall bid farewell to the marquis. If he has time, he will definitely come visit again!"

Qin Feng ordered the butler to give him a thousand taels of silver, one hundred taels of silver in cash.

"My greetings were not good enough, I hope that young hero will not take offense. I will give you some silver taels as a gift for you to use as a gift. Young master, please do not refuse!"

Wu Hen did not hold back as he grabbed two silver ingots and smiled, "Master Hou is too courteous. How can a person who is a wanderer like Wu Hen use so much silver? "A hundred liang of silver is enough."

Qin Feng didn't force him and said: "I saw that Young Hero's swordsmanship was superb, yet his hands didn't have a sword, so how about it?" "The Sword of Clear Origin that Young Hero created a few days ago, I wonder if it's still working?"

"The Pure Yuan Sword is indeed a treasured sword that is hard to come by. However, how can Wu Hen's miniscule sword technique be compatible with such a treasured sword?"

"There is no need to be polite, Young Hero!" "Since Young Hero likes it, I shall give it to him for self-defense."

With that, he gestured to the butler to bring the sword over and passed it to Wu Hen.

Wu Hen did indeed have a bit of love for the sword. Moreover, his own metal sword had already been lost, so he needed a sword in his hands.

He wasn't a pretentious person. Since he liked it and the other party had given him such a generous gift, how could he reject it?

Mei Wanting watched the butler walk him out of the house with a sense of loss in her heart. Even her breathing wasn't as smooth as it had been before.

From a distance, he felt a sharp pain in his heart as he saw the youth looking back at him. He then quietly turned around, and two streams of tears rolled down his face. He could no longer hold it in.

She went back to the Wind Listening Pavilion alone and saw the ancient zither.

She extended her slender fingers and lightly strummed the zither string. A wisp of zither music echoed out from her fingers, lingering on for a very long time.

She slowly sat in front of the zither stand, her slender, white, jade-like fingers raised and resting on the zither.

As he was deep in thought, the sound of the zither suddenly resounded in the room. The sound of the zither was soft and gentle, like the trickling of a stream, and occasionally high and mighty, like the crashing of waves on the shore.

The zither music jingled with a tinge of sadness, causing the zither music to be slightly stifled.

When she finished playing the song, the sound lingered and she let out a soft sigh.

"Good!" Good! "Little sister's hands are so coincidental, so heavenly, from little sister's hands, so wonderful, so wonderful!"

Qin Yanjun's shout of praise came from outside the door. Following that, all the maidservants outside saluted in unison: "Greetings, Eldest Young Master!"

Mei Wanting stood up and opened the door. Qin Yanjun saw that her tears had yet to completely fade.

He knew, of course, that she was grieving over his departure.

However, he did not care about it now, nor did he need to.

In the Qin Clan in the south of the mountain, the sect was illustrious and he, Qin Yanjun, was also a talented person. The most important thing was that he had an engagement with her to begin with.

Moreover, that skinny monkey like youth had already left. No one knew where he was now.

Qin Yanjun said, "Has little sister thought of the sad things that happened at Cloudflower Island?"

He didn't know why he suddenly thought of this question.

She nodded slowly.

"Sister, don't be sad. The revenge for the Cloudflower Island is the revenge of my Qin family! As long as my Qin family exists, I will definitely avenge my sister. "

Mei Wanting still nodded slightly without saying a word.

"However, the Yan Lord does not understand why there are enemies coming to the island to start a massacre, even when the Cloud Dew Island is so far away from the martial arts world. "Does little sister know why?"

Mei Wanting let out a light sigh and said, "They are after a book, an internal energy mental cultivation manual called the Jade Net Heart Sutra."

Qin Yan Jun seemed to be surprised, and asked: "Jade Net Heart Sutra? Wasn't that the unique inner force cultivation method of Old Man Four Jue? "How could it be on Cloudflower Island?"

Mei Wanting lightly shook her head as she stood up and looked out the window.

Not far away from the window, on an elm tree, Qin Feng stood on a branch and looked at the window.

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