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Mei Wanting lightly shook her head.

"I don't know either, I've been on the Cloudflower Island for 15 years and have never heard of the Jade Net Heart Sutra before, let alone seen it."

Qin Yanjun said, "Perhaps, because it involves the safety of Cloudflower Island, I might not be able to hide this matter."

Mei Wanting turned to look at him and asked coolly, "You also believe that the Jade Net Heart Sutra is on the Clouds Island, don't you?"

Her tone was indifferent, but Qin Yanjun could clearly hear the helplessness in her tone.

"If you want to add to your crimes, why bother saying so? For the sake of a virtual secret martial arts manual, they have already slaughtered all 23 people of our Cloud Tang Island. If I didn't escape by a fluke, wouldn't this hatred sink forever into the ocean? "

Qin Yanjun heard the faint sadness in her seemingly calm tone, helplessness, and deep hatred. Looking at her shoulders that were trembling with excitement, he really wanted to gently embrace her and comfort her and support her.

But he didn't move. He didn't dare.

The seemingly weak little girl in front of him was actually incomparably resolute. This little girl also seemed so sacred and inviolable.

From the first moment he saw her, he was attracted to her.

He had even thanked the heavens in his heart countless times. To be able to bestow such a girl upon him, he would eventually become his wife.

He saw her sadness and sorrow, and he felt it, too.

Because of this, he even forgot his original purpose in coming here.

All he wanted to do now was to comfort this weak girl, the weak girl who would soon become his wife.

"Little sister, don't be sad. No matter who your enemy is, Yan Jun will definitely help you find him. Let him kneel in front of you, and you can punish him however you want!"

His voice was soft but firm.

On the elm tree, Qin Feng's eyes revealed a cold light, a breathtaking cold light.

A wisp that could not be seen in normal times, cold and full of desire. The gaze was cold!

When Qin Yanjun returned to her father's study, Qin Feng was playing with a sword in his hand. It radiated a cold light and seemed to be incredibly sharp.

When Qin Yanjun saw the sharp gaze in her father's eyes, she lightly lowered her head.

"You are the only legitimate son of Ling Nan Qin, the heir to Ling Nan Marquis! Have you forgotten? "

His tone was still calm, but every word was like a hammer in Qin Yanjun's ears, heavily striking her heart.

"For a girl, you can actually forget about your own identity! If you are such a girl, how can you inherit my Qin family's foundation! "

Qin Yanjun did not say a word, but listened attentively with a hammer in her head.

It was not that he did not speak, but that he did not dare to speak.

He understood his father. He understood that in front of outsiders, he was kind yet dignified. He was generous and magnanimous, but behind his back, he was also extremely fierce.

Emotionally, his father was perfect.

Because they were father and son, everything his father did was for him to still be like his father and stand tall in the south of the mountain, or even the entire Martial Forest.

However, Qin Yanjun did not think this way. He did not need to think this way either.

The Qin family of Ling Nan, how prominent was the Prominent Class in the martial arts world? Who would have thought that they would be able to shake the foundation of the Qin family? Even if they did, who could truly do so in this world's martial arts world?

As a result, Qin Feng believed that he had no ambitions. One day, the Qin family would be defeated by him.

So, he wanted to prepare for the future. He wanted to plan everything for his son, for the future of the Qin family.

Five years ago, there was a rumor in the martial arts world that Bi Luo Xin was given to Mei Qingyun, who had been dead for almost ten years, by the Four Unique Old Man, Luo Taihe.

Back then, Old Man Four Jue had relied on the Azure Falling Heart Sutra to look down on all his opponents, and even the number one sword in the world, the Mysterious Sky Devil Sword Luo Jianchen, had lost to him.

In that battle, Wu Lin was shaken!

In that battle, the Four Absolutes Old Man Luo Tai and his successor, Luo Jianchen, became the best swords in the world!

If the Qin family could obtain the Jade Net Heart Sutra, and if it was me, Qin Feng, then my son, Yan Jun, could learn the Jade Net Heart Sutra.

That was what he had thought at the time.

Therefore, he brought Qin Yanjun and hurried to the Clouds Island to pay his respects to the Island Owner of the Clouds Island — — Floating Ping, the female hero, Autumn Tang.

Qin Feng was friends with Mei Qingyun when he was alive, and they were brothers through life and death.

When he proposed the marriage between the two families, Qiu Tang didn't think too much about it and straightforwardly agreed. It was set to be when Mei Wanting turned sixteen and sent to the Qin family in Ling Nan to get married.

As long as the Mei and Qin families got married, Qin Feng would have the Jade Net Heart Sutra.

These five years were bound to not be peaceful.

Furthermore, the Clouds Island also had the Jade Net Heart Sutra that everyone in the martial arts world yearned for!

If it were not for the Qin family protecting them from the shadows and causing many martial artists who coveted the scripture to lose their lives in the sea for no reason, the Clouds Island would have fallen long ago!

However, after a few years, with the sudden rise of the Mortal Realm Pavilion and the gradual strengthening of the Blood Moon Sect, he gradually began to feel uneasy.

However, despite his meticulous precautions, the Cloudsoaring Island still allowed the Blood Moon Sect to take the first step.

Fortunately, Mei Wanting was lucky enough to escape danger and came to the Qin Family on her own!

Perhaps this was heaven's will.

However, this disappointing son of his was obviously enchanted by her.

She had asked him to find a way to ask Bi Luo about the Heart Sutra, but in the end, he had turned into sympathy and concern.

This was truly hating him for being unfavorable, hating him for not fighting!

During dinner time, Qin Feng dismissed all the servants, including the butler.

"Wan Ting, you said that the reason the Blood Moon Sect massacred the Cloud Dew Island is because of a Jade Net Heart Sutra. Do you know that the Jade Net Heart Sutra has fallen into the hands of the Blood Moon Sect?"

Qin Feng said. He spoke nonchalantly, like he was chatting after a meal.

Mei Wanting looked at Qin Feng; she looked at the gentle and amiable Marquis Ling Nan.

Once again, she heard Bi Luo's Heart Sutra.

"Why do you all think that the Azure Falling Heart Sutra is on the Clouds Island? It was that non-existent book that killed my mother, killed Little Luo, killed twenty-three people on the island, twenty-three people! "

She looked a little excited. Zhang Xuan shook his head.

"It doesn't exist at all?"

Qin Feng repeated these words. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out from his eyes, a deep ray of light.

Not only does the Jade Net Heart Sutra concern the lives of three people on the Cloudsoaring Island, it also concerns the safety of all martial practitioners in the world. Yun Tang Island had already suffered a calamity because of this, Uncle Shi was truly saddened! You are the orphan of my brother, and I cannot stand by and watch you get involved in this bloody mess! "

"Involve? Could I not be involved? As a weak girl, even if I don't want to get involved, so what? "

Mei Wanting's tone was desolate.

Who would be willing to get involved in this endless conflict? Moreover, she was a weak girl who had no desires.

"Now, although Niece Xian is already in the Qin family, but the rumors say that the martial arts world will not stop just because you are in the family! In order to prevent premonition, if the Bi Luo Heart Sutra is in the hands of his niece, it is given to his uncle for safekeeping. If someone is to overestimate their capabilities and barge into our Qin Residence, we can guarantee that they will be absolutely confident! "

Mei Wanting suddenly stood up and looked at Qin Feng. She then looked at Qin Yan, who had been silent the entire time, and felt her heart rise and fall.

"Niece Xian, don't worry. With the Qin family's strength, I am confident that I can protect this book!"

Qin Feng's words were always slow and unhurried, but as Mei Wanting listened, they became more and more ear-piercing.

"If I had the Jade Net Heart Sutra, why would I need to travel thousands of miles to seek help from Uncle Qin? "Could it be that I am unable to understand the Heart Sutra and am unable to learn the martial arts of the Heart Sutra, thus I personally went to take revenge?"

Qin Feng's expression was the same as before, but in his heart, he felt as if he had fallen into an icehouse.

He believed that a little girl that wasn't even 15 years old wouldn't have such a deep scheme and wouldn't be able to tolerate it.

His eyes slowly narrowed as his heart churned.

He knew that the Jade Net Heart Sutra had not fallen into the hands of the Blood Moon Sect.

The murder being him, he had sent someone to watch over the entire Cloudflower Island.

After the Blood Moon Sect's people had massacred everything, they finally found nothing after digging three feet deep into the Cloud Tang Island.

Could it be that the Jade Net Heart Sutra really was not found on the Clouds Island, and the rumors about the martial arts world for many years were fake?

He suddenly felt that he had been fooled. All the hard work he had put in for so many years had all suddenly gone down the drain with a few words from Mei Wanting!

He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Qin Yanjun looked at his father. He didn't understand why his father would want the Jade Net Heart Sutra!

He had thought that his marriage to Mei Wanting was because the two families were originally old friends. Originally, it was because Qin Feng and Mei Qingyun were sworn brothers.

But now, no matter how foolish he was and how ignorant he was, he understood that his marriage with Mei Wanting was just a joke.

It was a move that Qin Feng had meticulously made many years ago!

He suddenly felt fear and despair.

He liked Mei Wanting very much.

The first time he saw her, he knew that this was my wife, the only wife in my life.

But now, the longing in his heart for the future, the dream that had once made him smile and wake up countless times, had been mercilessly torn into pieces by his father!

He even felt a bit of hatred towards this father who had been both a father and a mother for more than ten years, and had brought him up with great effort.

But what could he do? So what?

In the Qin family, he was the Young Marquis above everyone. What was he when he left the Qin family? Nothing!

The wind was blowing outside the window and the shadows of the trees were swaying.

The bright moon that had been hanging high in the sky was blocked by the boundless dark clouds.

There was no thunder, no lightning. The rain quietly fell.

From sparse to dense, from small to large, the sound of dripping rain soaked the dry land and the fiery hot roof, also wet Qin Yan's heart that seemed to have been hollowed out all of a sudden.

In the distance, the mournful cries of night owls could be heard. In the quiet night, amidst the rain, it was desolate and ear-piercing!

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