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In the rain, six servants were standing beside her.

Without an umbrella, the servants naturally wouldn't dare to do the same.

The rain beat against his entire body, flowing down his long hair and falling into the dust.

In her mind, the faces of the twenty-three people who died on Cloud Tang Island flashed again and again. When they fell under the swords of the butcher, their bodies were covered in blood.

The deep hatred in his blood was caused by a scripture called the Book of Azure Falling Heart. This world, this martial world, how laughable!

Naturally, she could not laugh. Even if he smiled wryly, he didn't.

She had no expression. Her eyes were filled with despair, desolation, pain, hatred, and helplessness?

No, it's unswerving determination. A kind of unswerving determination that I can look down on the world even if thousands of people have to back me up!

It was her body that the rain washed away, it was her will that was washed away.

His will to take revenge, the more he washed it, the more determined he became!

She didn't know that not long ago, in the short moment she moved from the pavilion to listen to Feng Xuan, someone had rummaged through her room at least three times.

Now, she didn't need to know.

She signalled to the servants not to follow. Alone, she walked leisurely in the rain.

In the eyes of the servants, this was not only the young miss of the Mei Family, but also the young lady of the Qin Family.

None of their identities was something they could afford to offend.

It was the first time that Mei Wanting was walking alone in the Qin Residence.

The night was dark, and on such a rainy night, the people of the Zhuang family were extremely tired and lazy.

Someone saw Mei Wanting walk by slowly. Everyone knew this future mistress.

Besides standing up and bowing, he didn't ask any more questions.

She gradually lost her way as she walked past the fake mountain pavilion, the pavilion's pavilion, and the nine winding corridors.

The size of the Qin Residence had exceeded her imagination.

The lights in the room had already been extinguished, leaving only the lanterns hanging outside swaying in the wind and rain.

Suddenly, she saw a lone pavilion not far in front of her.

The pavilion was very simple and inconspicuous within Qin Manor.

However, there was light pouring out from the inconspicuous building.

Moreover, there weren't even a single guard here.

She slowly walked closer and stopped in front of a white jade cage lamp.

"Don't you know how much energy I've spent for the Jade Net Heart Sutra?"

Suddenly, Qin Feng's slightly angry voice came from the pavilion.

On the windowsill, there was a motionless figure. It was Qin Yan.

"I don't need any Jade Net Heart Sutra. I want Wan Ting!"

This was Qin Yanjun's voice.

"Useless thing! As long as you get the scripture, don't even mention one Wanting, ten Wanting will be easy. "

"No, I want her! The only one I like is her! "

"Confused!" How could the Qin family produce a trash like you! For a girl, you are so stubborn! "

Qin Feng's tone became even angrier.

"Back then, it was rumored that the Clouds Island had the Bi Luo Heart Sutra. That's why I got the Qin and Mei families to marry one day, so that the Bi Luo Heart Sutra could deliver itself to my doorstep! But you, instead of getting the Jade Net Heart Sutra, you fell for that little girl! "

After a moment of silence, Qin Yanjun said in horror, "So the reason for the marriage that year was because of the Jade Net Heart Sutra?"

"Nonsense, with my Qin family's strength, what kind of woman do you want? If not for the Jadefallen Heart Sutra on his Clouds Island, how could our Qin Family marry them! "

"If you continue to be so stubborn, sooner or later, the foundation of the Qin family will be destroyed by you!"

At this moment, the sound of rain became even more urgent.

Not far away, Mei Wanting heard the sound of thunder clearly. Although there was no thunder, she could clearly feel the sounds of thunder exploding above her head.

She slowly retreated step by step in extreme fear.

In her heart, she finally understood that coming to Qin Manor was an enormous joke.

He had originally thought that with the friendship between his father and the Qin family, and with his engagement with the Qin family's young master, the Qin family would be duty-bound to avenge the Clouds Island.

But now that he thought about it, how laughable was this idea!

"All the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit; all the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit."

Even if the Lin Nan Qin family was the most powerful family in the world, even if the hero was known to the world, Qin Feng was no exception when he looked at the straightforward and generous Marquis Ling Nan.

She suddenly thought of the little monkey.

This little monkey, who clearly knew that he wouldn't be able to live for long, yet didn't know how to be troubled and didn't fear life and death.

He was the only one who had risked his life to rescue her without any reason, despite the fact that his life was in danger.

He was the only one who, without any conditions or reason, risked the risk of being hunted down by the Blood Moon Sect and sent her to Ling Nan.

It was still only him that could cause her to feel despair, helplessness, and insanity. In that instant, her heart became as calm as water.

Just what kind of person was he?

His eyes were clear, bright, clear. But sometimes, he was just as cunning as a monkey!

When he thought of the little monkey, his heart ached, and a wave of warmth followed.

I want to leave the Qin family, leave this hypocritical and worldly Qin family, to find him, to find the little monkey!

What bloody feud, what plum blossom marriage, they were all thrown aside by the heavy rain!

I want to follow the little monkey and roam the world, even if it's just for a day, half a day, or two hours.

This was Mei Wanting.

He was like a man who could let go of a decision once it was made. He could never give up on her!

You couldn't just look at her weakness, you couldn't look at her beauty, you had to look at her heart — her heart!

But with such a huge Qin Residence, how could it be easy for her to leave?

The next day, when she saw the pale-faced Qin Yan's face with a worried expression, she lightly said: "I want to go out for a walk, okay?

Qin Yanjun agreed without hesitation.

He didn't want anyone to follow him, so he and Mei Wanting each left the Qin Residence on their respective horses.

About five kilometers away from Qin Manor was Lotus Town.

The two of them rode their horses to Lotus Town and walked slowly.

Many of the business owners in the town recognized this illustrious young master of the Qin family. They all looked curiously at the beautiful girl standing next to him, whose clothes were as white as snow.

Although the town was small, all kinds of goods could be seen.

Mei Wanting looked around, seemingly very interested.

As long as she took one more look, Qin Yanjun would send someone to package it up and send it to Qin Manor.

Mei Wanting did not stop him and allowed him to buy whatever he wanted.

Soon it was lunch time. Both of them went to the biggest restaurant in the town and ordered a private room.

Qin Yanjun's taut face slowly relaxed as she revealed a smile.

Before the dishes were served, Mei Wanting left the private dining room.

After the dishes were served, Qin Yanjun still did not see Mei Wanting. He could not help but feel that something was wrong.

He asked the owner, who was also unsure.

Startled, he looked at the two horses tied to the door and saw that they were gone.

His heart felt as if it had been struck by a hammer as he stood there in a daze.

In the name of convenience, Mei Wanting excused herself and left.

When he went downstairs, he wanted to ride a horse and leave. Then, thinking about it, he untied the other horse, took two horses with him to the outskirts of the town, let one of them go, and sped away.

As soon as they left Lotus Town, Mei Wanting had a feeling of being released from prison.

The horse galloped, and she went straight for Hunan.

In her heart, she thought about the little monkey again and again. Sometimes she would cry and sometimes she would laugh.

After a few days of speeding, she finally arrived at the Shaping Town where she and Wu Hen had stayed when they went down to Ling Nan.

She dismounted and walked slowly. Looking around, she hoped that Wu Hen would suddenly appear before her.

"Miss Mei? It's really you! "

Just as he was thinking about Wu Hen, he suddenly heard a surprised voice.

She looked in a daze towards the direction of the voice, only to see that it was Mo Li.

He was standing ten feet away, smiling at her.

"Brother Mo!"

Mo Li walked over and sized her up.

"You're here alone? Where's my brother Wu Hen?

Hearing this, Mei Wanting's heart sank.

He had been pleasantly surprised, thinking that Mo Li might have found out about the news about Wu Hen.

"You didn't see Wu Hen either?"

she asked, slightly disappointed.

"Didn't Wu Hen send you to Ling Nan? Why are you here alone? Are you separated? "

Mei Wanting lightly shook her head.

Right now, she didn't have the mood to tell anyone about what she had experienced in the past few days, except for the little monkey.

Mo Li naturally noticed the hint of disappointment in her eyes. He knew that Mei Wanting must have experienced something extraordinary.

He did not ask any further, but took the reins from her hand and said, "Come, I'll take you to eat something first! And then, I will slowly search for Brother Wu Hen. "

"Slowly search?"

Mei Wanting suddenly stopped, she wasn't willing to slowly search for it.

Mo Li slapped his forehead and said apologetically, "Don't worry, I will definitely help you find him!"

After they finished eating, they left the town and continued to head south.

"Do you know where Brother Wu Hen went?"

Mei Wanting lightly shook her head.

They didn't notice that half a kilometer behind them, two men in black followed along.

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