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At the edge of the lake in Yueyang City.

A young man was lazily sitting below the memorial archway, holding a piece of dried up straw in his mouth.

The young man wore a light gray shirt with a long sword tied behind his back. His pants were rolled up high, revealing his skinny legs.

Beside him stood an extremely skinny little donkey.

He was lazy, and the donkey was listless.

This youth was Wu Hen, who had wandered here.

The summer sun, however, was in high spirits, wishing for nothing more than to burn this land into scorched earth.

The shop assistants on the street were all drowsy, and the peddlers were all looking for the shade under the big tree.

It was a lazy afternoon, a listless afternoon.

However, it was on such an afternoon that the sound of galloping horses could be heard.

The sound of a horse's hooves shattered the tranquility of the street.

The pedestrians all woke up and made way.

At one end of the street, three horses galloped at lightning speed. On their horses, three men in green were raising their whips with all their might.

"Out of the way, out of the way!"

Then, the fruits and vegetables were scattered all over the ground, while the boxes and baskets of the vendors were flying everywhere.

Accompanied by the crackling sounds of the whip, some people screamed while others cried out in alarm.

The previously quiet and lazy street was suddenly thrown into chaos.

Suddenly, a child who was not even five years old was crying loudly on the street, looking around for something.

In the crowd, a young woman's beautiful face lost its color as she threw the vegetable basket in her hands onto the ground.

She screamed and cried and threw herself at the child.

The thunderous sound of the horse's hooves did not wake Wu Hen up. This heart-wrenching shriek caused Wu Hen to leap up.

The horse galloped like lightning, and the child was less than two zhang away.

Everyone's heart leaped to their throats. If he was stepped on, would this child's life still be left?

At this moment, Traceless Aftermaths shot up like an ape towards the direction of the lost child.

He only saw a shadow flash past. Three horses galloped like lightning without any intention of stopping. In a blink of an eye, they were already fifty feet away.

After the woman let out a heart-wrenching scream, her eyes rolled back as she fell to the ground with her head raised.

It was a good thing that the pedestrians were supporting them. Some of them were holding onto people, some of them were pouring cold water, and some of them were carrying wooden stools over.

After a moment, the woman moaned and woke up. She looked down the street and saw that the fruits were all over the place, but she didn't see any trace of the child.

He cried out in pain and almost fainted again.

At this moment, everyone saw a skinny boy carrying a small child. This child was the one that caused them to panic in the middle of the road.

Everyone cheered and applauded like thunder.

The woman looked up and pushed the crowd aside. She walked up and took the child from him. "Plop." She knelt on the ground and choked with sobs.

It's unknown who said: "This Emerald Willow Villa's people are too arrogant! "He actually flew on the long street like a horse, not caring about the lives of others!"

The crowd echoed in agreement as someone else said, "It's all thanks to this young man today. Otherwise, there would have been another unlucky soul on the street!"

Everyone applauded again.

Traceless' eyes flashed, revealing two rows of white teeth as he grinned. Then he walked to the donkey that was standing motionlessly in the distance as if nothing had happened.

The woman took big steps to catch up and wanted to kneel down again, but Wu Hen quickly stopped her.

"Benefactor Duo Meng saved me, which is why I am able to protect my child from being robbed. I hope benefactor can leave behind my name and wait for me to return home to offer up my memorial tablet. Sooner or later, Qingxiang will kneel down to offer my blessings to benefactor and bless your lifespan for a hundred years!"

Wu Hen was stupefied. He did not have many years to live, so how could he possibly live to be a hundred years old?

He slowly climbed onto the donkey's back and said, "My name is Wu Hen."

A man and a donkey slowly walked on the messy street, going alone.

Everyone looked at the skinny youth that was riding a skinny and listless little donkey. They seemed to be able to see a boundless radiance radiate from his body that was even more dazzling than the sun hanging high in the sky.

The donkey was listless and unmarked and drowsy.

A man and a donkey slowly made their way to the lakeside. Their vision was filled with blue waves as the sails intertwined. The lake gulls flew, the sky was a clear blue.

Wu Hen stood by the lake, gazing into the distance. He could not help but feel relaxed and happy.

On the surface of the lake, a pleasure boat was slowly sailing across the water.

The cruise liner stopped 100 feet from the shore. From afar, it looked very luxurious and beautiful.

The cruise liner had a total of four levels. The bottom level only saw a row of windows with a row of wood slurry sticking out from them. The three floors above were all decorated just like an attic.

At the bow of the ship, there was a twenty feet tall flag with a black banner on it. On the flag, there were white threads embroidered with the Big Dipper. The black and white were very distinct and very eye-catching.

On the pavilion in the third floor of the pavilion, several young women wearing colorful clothes stood on each side. Their clothes fluttered in the lake wind as if they wanted to fly away in the wind.

A middle-aged man dressed in embroidered clothes stood silently by the lake. When he saw the cruise liner stop, he clasped his hands and asked, "Are you Star Seizer Pavilion's Tower Master Leng? My house's master found out that the tower lord had visited Yue Yang recently and ordered me to wait here for a long time. I hope that Pavilion Master Leng can condescend to pay a visit to Emerald Willow Villa!

His voice was loud and full of energy. Even though it was far away, he could still hear it clearly.

Moments later, on the pavilion on the top floor of the cruise liner, a man dressed in embroidered clothing announced, "For the past few days, the Tower Lord has been drifting on the water. Today, he will rest here and pay a visit to Manor Lord Yue another day!"

The middle-aged man on the shore let out a sigh, cupped his fist, and left.

As Wu Hen gazed at the pleasure boat, he thought to himself, "Star Seizer Tower's Tower Lord Leng, this person has quite the manner of an expert! "He has been waiting here for days on purpose, and yet he is unable to get me to come!"

However, after experiencing the incident on the street just now, he didn't have a favorable impression of the Emerald Willow Villa. It wasn't inappropriate for him to not be able to invite the Star Seizer Pavilion's Tower Master.

At this moment, a ray of zither music came from the boat.

The sound of the zither was melodious and melodious, extremely pleasant to listen to.

Wu Hen did not understand the rhythm of the music, nor did he understand the quality of the music.

He only felt that the "Ding Dong" sound was extremely melodious.

Lying under a willow full of lush leaves, he closed his eyes and listened. His intuition told him to be relaxed and happy, and he was intoxicated by it.

Vaguely, he seemed to feel a trace of bitterness and bitterness within the zither music.

Not far away, on an abandoned dock, an old man was fishing.

The old man had a head full of white hair. He sat by the lake alone with a fishing rod in his hand.

However, even after an hour passed, he still hadn't caught a single piece of fish scale.

With the departure of the zither, the lakeside quieted down except for the sound of the lakewater lapping against the shore.

Wu Hen curiously came behind the old fisherman and finally saw him lift his fishing rod. However, he clearly saw a fish jump out of the water and then fall into the water.

The old man had no choice but to fish again.

This continued for two more times, and both times, the fish fled the moment they came out of the water!

The old man was so angry that his beard was sticking out, and Wu Hen was laughing heartily.

The old man looked back and jumped into the lake.

Wu Hen's laughter stopped.

Could it be that this old man had lost his ability to fish? I laughed at him a few times, but he fell into the lake?

Traceless Water also did not know how to swim. Just when he was about to open his mouth and shout, "Save me!" "Splash!" The old man jumped out of the water like a fish and landed by the lake.

"Hahaha!" The old man laughed. He looked at the fish in his left hand and then at the fish in his right. He muttered, "I won't bite the hook, I won't bite the hook!"

He looked very pleased with himself.

Just as Wu Hen was thinking this was interesting, the old man finished his sentence and threw the two fish into the lake.

This time, Wu Hen was completely dumbfounded.

Was this old man insane?

He stared at the old man with eyes as bright as the stars. He watched in disbelief as the old man packed up the fishing rod and the fish basket before slowly walking in front of him and sizing him up for a moment.

"You are the lunatic!"

The old man suddenly said.

Wu Hen was shocked by his words.

"How did he know I was wondering if he was crazy?"

"You are a crazy monkey!"

The old man stuck out his tongue, turned around and left, leaving Wu Hen in a mess in the lake wind.

The sun was setting, and dusk was approaching.

Wu Hen led the donkey into a restaurant on the east side of the city.

The biggest and most luxurious restaurant in Yue Yang City — — Jiangnan Spring.

The restaurant was divided into two floors. The private rooms on the first floor were already filled with people. More than twenty tables were occupied downstairs.

He handed the donkey to the waiter. When he ordered the donkey to burn five pounds of sorghum, the waiter was stunned for a long time.

He arrived at a table in a secluded corner, randomly ordered two side dishes, and ordered a pot of spring in the courtyard.

Within the restaurant, there was still a grandfather-grandson pair singing.

The old man was around 70 years old, while the young girl was only 13 years old.

The old man pulled at the strings, "yiya" sounds were slightly desolate.

The little girl's voice was young, but her words were clear.

Suddenly, a rough voice shouted, "Stop, stop, stop! The singing of some bird was too unpleasant to listen to! Give me a period of eighteen strokes and I will reward you with silver if I can sing it to my heart's content! "

Wu Hen looked towards the source of the sound and saw three men dressed in emerald green. They were the three who were riding the horses on the street in the afternoon.

One of them had a fierce-looking face, thick eyebrows, a lion's nose, a wide mouth, and a mouth full of messy whiskers.

He held a silver ingot in his hand and stepped on the bench. He leaned over and looked at the pitiful little girl who was trembling all over.

The little girl looked at the murderous light in his eyes and retreated timidly.

The other two men also came over and said, "Sing, sing! After the singing, the silver will be yours! "

One of them reached out and touched the little girl's chin.

"This girl is really pretty. Why don't you go back with me and have some fun every day? Why do you need to play the zither and sing?"

Although the old man was afraid, he was anxious to protect his granddaughter. He smashed Hu Qin down and angrily shouted, "Bastard, let her go!"

The man struck the old man in the chest with his backhand, knocking him to the ground. The girl screamed and rushed over, crying for her grandfather.

There were dozens of people in the restaurant, but none of them spoke a word of advice. No one helped.

Most of them just raised their heads to take a glance. There were people with cold faces, people who shook their heads and sighed, people who turned a blind eye.

Traceless Aftermaths was too far away. By the time he found out that the old man had been beaten up, it was already too late to save him.

The man reached out to grab the girl, and Wu Hen roared.

"Let him go!"

Everyone was stunned as they looked towards Wu Hen.

The crowd saw that he was as thin as a monkey, yet he dared to stick his head out and meddle in this matter. The three men were all big and stout, and any one of them could easily beat him to pieces.

Those three men felt as if they had seen the funniest joke in the world, and laughed maniacally at the same time.

"Little Monkey, do you think you can interfere with your grandfather's business?"

As he spoke, the fierce-looking man extended his fist and punched Wu Hen in the face!

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