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Wu Hen looked at the elder who was lying motionlessly on the ground and at the little girl who was crying out in pain. For the first time, a hint of anger appeared in his eyes that were bright as the stars.

When they were on the street, he had resisted the urge to attack, but now, they were bullying the weak again. He could no longer bear it.

In the eyes of everyone in the restaurant, this skinny monkey like youth couldn't withstand the punch from the man no matter how hard they tried.

The man naturally thought the same.

Even if it was a cow, it would still fall to the ground from this punch.

But when he saw the anger in Wu Hen's eyes, he regretted it.

He could clearly hear the crisp sound of a bone breaking.

What was even worse was that the cracked bones were clearly from his own body.

Everyone saw the man's terrified eyes and his red eyes that seemed as if they were about to bleed.

Then everyone saw the man's twisted face and his painful stoop.

This punch was not directed at the thin youth, but at a red-hot metal plate!

Only the man himself knew clearly that his punch had not hit the youth. Instead, he had been the first to be hit on the chin.

The other two men wailed and were about to charge forward.

Wu Hen suddenly jumped up like a monkey.

Two fat bodies were kicked at the same time. Their expressions were as twisted as the man's; they were in pain.

Many people in the restaurant had expressions of surprise on their faces as they stared at the skinny and monkey-like young man.

"A seven foot man only knows how to bully the weak and the old. This is truly hateful!"

Wu Hen looked at the three men lying on the ground, fury still burning in his eyes.

The three of them got up in a sorry state. The face of the man who had been punched in the chin earlier was deformed. His jaw was broken and could not fit back down.

One of the men said harshly, "Brat, if you have the guts, then leave your name behind! The Emerald Willow Villa will definitely prepare a generous gift, and then pay their respects! "

Wu Hen suddenly grinned and said in a low voice, "Scram!"

The three men did not dare to say anything more. They supported each other and stumbled out of the restaurant onto their horses and left slowly.

Wu Hen turned around and looked at the crying little girl and the old man lying on the ground.

Someone in the restaurant shook his head and sighed. He could vaguely hear someone say, "This youth has offended the Emerald Willow Villa. He's probably in for it!"

The little girl kept crying out for her grandfather, but the old man didn't move at all. His face was pale, and a trickle of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Wu Hen's heart tightened and he quickly bent over to check the old man's breath. His face suddenly went blank.

It turned out that the old man was no longer breathing.

He raised his head and looked outside the restaurant. The three men had already disappeared.

He took out two taels of silver and looked around the restaurant, saying, "Here is twenty taels of silver, who can help me with this old man's affairs?"

The restaurant was completely silent, with only the little girl crying bitterly.

No one even turned around to look.

Wu Hen smiled bitterly and said to the little girl, "Little sister, please grieve for me. Let's find a plot of land and bury grandpa first before we make any plans!"

When the shopkeeper heard this, he walked over and said, "Unlucky, truly unlucky! I was kind enough to allow you two grandsons to sing here for a living, but you actually caused such a thing! Hurry up and move the body! "

Many customers stood up and paid their bills to leave. It seemed that if they didn't leave now, they would be facing a calamity.

Wu Hen gave the shop owner ten silver taels and told him to send someone to the coffin shop in the city to buy a coffin.

After settling down the old man, they hired someone to send him to the city to be buried. When they were not far away from the city gate, they saw an old man who looked like a farmer anxiously chasing after them with a head full of sweat.

"Young hero!" Young hero! "Please wait!"

Wu Hen halted his steps, that person walked up to Wu Hen, panting heavily.

"Young hero, the people from the Emerald Willow Villa are looking for you everywhere, hurry up and leave Yue Yang! You cannot offend people from the Emerald Willow Villa! "

"Oh, where are they?"

"They went to Jiangnan Chun and saw that you weren't there, so they scattered their anger in the restaurant. They are currently smashing it!"

Wu Hen cupped his fist and said, "Thank you for coming to inform us, Wu Hen is not afraid of his Emerald Willow Villa! "If he does not provoke these arrogant and despotic people who oppress the people, I will go to them!"

Wu Hen was feeling guilty and angry about the death of the little girl's grandfather, so when he heard the news, he told the servants who were carrying the coffin and the little girl to leave first …

The old man shook his head and sighed as he walked back to the city.

As Wu Hen was leading the little donkey back to the city, the sound of hooves could be heard!

The surrounding onlookers looked towards the source of the noise. They saw a line of more than ten riders holding torches on the long street. They ignored the cries and howls of the street vendors and flew over like fiends.

The one in the lead was the fierce-looking man. Behind him were over a dozen men. They were all wearing emerald green coats as they stared at the skinny young man who was standing proudly with a little donkey in his hand.

The leader pointed with the horsewhip and shouted, "It's this kid!"

However, his jaw was cracked, and his speech was slurred. Moreover, his words caused his wounds to twitch, and he grimaced in pain.

"Good boy, you even dare to provoke our Emerald Willow Villa. I think you must be tired of living!"

Another man shouted.

Wu Hen looked at the men in front of him, grinned, and patted the donkey's neck.

The little donkey slowly walked to the side. Suddenly, he raised his head and shouted, "Ahhhh!"

The men were shocked by the sound. Some of them were running in circles, some were jumping in front and some were jumping behind. Some of them were standing up. It was very lively.

Two of them were caught off guard and fell off their horses. They fell down like dogs gnawing on mud, looking extremely miserable.

All the men were used to being arrogant and domineering. When had they ever made others laugh like this?

With much difficulty, the little donkey managed to calm the horse down. It suddenly revealed two rows of snow-white fangs.

The surrounding crowd burst into laughter.

This youngster was lean and so was the little donkey. When they stood together, they were already acting strangely. This man and this donkey caused everyone to discuss amongst themselves.

Embarrassed and embarrassed, the men all dismounted from their horses.

They could never have imagined that their horses would be scared like this by a little donkey that was always as thin as a monkey.

Looking at Wu Hen's smiling yet indifferent expression, everyone's anger rose up.

"If you don't want to die soon, kneel down and kowtow a few times to Master Cai Tong. Call him grandpa a few times, and I'll spare your life!"

The man who had shouted earlier pointed at the man with a cracked chin with the horsewhip in his hand and spoke arrogantly.

"A vat?" I always thought there was only a rice bucket, I didn't expect there would be a vegetable bucket in this world? "However, Wuhen did not understand. Is he a vegetable bucket or a vegetable leaf?"

Wu Hen smiled evilly as he looked at the man called Cai Tong, his eyes sparkling with excitement.

Not to mention the observers, but even the people from the Emerald Willow Villa were amused by it and they all started to loudly laugh. At that instant, the city gate was filled with laughter.

There were people in the crowd who were secretly shaking their heads. They were worried for this young man who didn't know the limits of the heavens and earth.

In this Yue Yang City, Emerald Willow Villa was a first class rich family. Not to mention their power, there were already dozens of guards and helpers in the village. Most of them were Yue Yang's lackeys.

In recent years, the manor had also invited a few martial arts experts with a great deal of money, making it even more impressive.

In this Yue Yang City, ordinary citizens did not dare to provoke the Emerald Willow Villa, and not to mention provoking them, they were even bullied by the Emerald Willow Villa.

In this Yue Yang City, there was a high chance that someone who had been bullied by the Emerald Willow Villa.

At this moment, although the youth was as skinny as a monkey, he still stood there radiantly.

Someone recognized him as the person who saved the people from the flying horses on the long street in the afternoon and even opened his eyes wide, hoping that this godlike youth could teach the people in the Emerald Willow Villa a lesson so that he could vent out his resentment.

"I don't want to kill people, but you guys keep bullying me! A pair of grandfathers and grandsons who were living in the martial arts world. Since when did they offend you two, to actually beat them to death! "I was just about to settle this debt with you guys when you delivered yourselves to me!"

As Wu Hen spoke, Cai Tong could clearly see the invisible murderous aura radiating from his star-like eyes.

Wu Hen slowly unsheathed the Pure Yuan Sword from his back, and with a dragon's roar, the sword shone with a cold light under the illumination of the fiery light.

All the men surrounded Wu Hen, each drawing the saber at his waist.

Wu Hen suddenly laughed softly.

"Those who kill good will be killed!"

As the nine words left his mouth, everyone saw a traceless figure flash past in the midst of the fire!

A streak of cold light shot out like lightning.

With that said, the men all took a few steps back in shock.

Everyone watched as Wu Hen slowly sheathed his sword, returning it back into its scabbard.

This was the Lifesteal Sword!

Blood gushed out from the left side of Cai Tong's chest. It shone even brighter under the light of the fire!

Fear appeared in the eyes of the men, and even the crowd was silent.

Wu Hen looked at the dozen men who did not dare move, and suddenly grinned.

"He killed, so I killed him. If you think I shouldn't have killed him, you can also kill me. "

These words were said casually, as if a person buying vegetables at a market was bargaining with a peddler.

However, when these burly men heard the words of this skinny and weak youth, they suddenly felt a chill.

This was not a person they could afford to offend!

In their hearts, they started to curse this damned Cai Tong!

He deserved to die, so he died.

Wu Hen slowly walked towards his donkey, and the men quietly made way for him.

They didn't seem to come here to cause trouble for Wu Hen, but to send Cai Tong here to die on purpose!

"If I have the time, I will go to the Emerald Willow Villa as a guest. Definitely!"

The little donkey slowly walked forward. In the night sky, a sound that left no traces came from afar, making the men of the Tsui Willow Villa want to find a hole and hide in it.

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

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