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On the long street of Yue Yang City, an extremely skinny little donkey was sitting on top of it, and there was a petite and exquisite little girl sitting on it.

A thin and frail youth slowly walked with a little donkey in hand.

These were Wu Hen and Xiao Li.

By now, the night was dark and the long street was quiet.

The little girl's hair was withered yellow, and a tired and sad expression hung on her face. However, as she sat on the donkey's back, she no longer had the cowardice and fear from yesterday.

The shops along the street had closed and the vendors had packed up and gone home.

"Look, why is he back? "Could it be that he doesn't know that the Emerald Willow Villa is chasing after him?"

There were people selling midnight snacks on the streets, and there were a few customers sitting around. Seeing Wu Hen slowly approaching, they all looked at him in surprise.

Someone shouted softly, "Young Hero, quickly leave Yue Yang, a strong dragon is unable to suppress a snake on the ground!"

Wu Hen smiled. His teeth were as white as jade.

His smile was still as brilliant as ever, causing everyone who saw it to feel as comfortable as the spring wind.

When he crossed the long street and arrived at Jiangnan Spring, he suddenly froze.

The shop owner was sitting dejectedly on the doorstep. Looking through the doorstep, he could see that the tables and chairs were in complete disarray.

The golden lacquer signboard that hung above the door had been taken off, falling to the ground and breaking into several pieces.

When the shop owner felt someone had arrived, he slowly raised his head and stared blankly at Wu Hen with a pair of turbid and sad eyes.

"Young Hero, you're finally back!"

The shop owner seemed to be struggling to stand up, running all the way to in front of Wu Hen.

In his eyes, there was a glimmer of hope. His murky eyes suddenly lit up.

"Was this done by the Tsui Willow Villa?"

Wu Hen asked. There was a hint of anger in his tone.

The shop owner nodded, "This is already the second time." Last night, after Young Hero had left, more than ten people from the Emerald Willow Villa had arrived and turned the store into a mess. They had just tidied up a little bit in the evening, yet a few more people had come and started to beat them up. He had even said these harsh words, if I did not get out of Yue Yang by myself, I would be thrown out of Yue Yang's body.

When he said these words, he was filled with grief, indignation, helplessness, and despair.

"Emerald Willow Villa... What kind of people were they? Why would I make things difficult for you?

A trace of coldness flashed across Wu Hen's eyes, a trace of killing intent.

"Just because I helped Young Hero bury that old man, and they came to find you, they decided to vent their anger on me …"

A trace of coldness and anger appeared in Wu Hen's eyes.

The shop owner let out a long sigh.

"Emerald Willow Villa is very powerful, and in this Yue Yang world, you can call the wind and summon the rain, there is nothing you can't do! Plus, he was close friends with the Yangtze River Gang, so Young Hero should leave as soon as possible! I'll close the restaurant and go back to my hometown. "

Manager Li's eyes were filled with grief, indignation, helplessness and despair

Traceless Aftermaths' eyes burned with fury, anger that wanted to kill someone. In his heart, he felt an invisible pressure, and he had to vent it out!

He picked Xiao Li up from the donkey's back and walked in front of Manager Li.

"Wu Hen had a request. I wonder if Manager Li is willing?"

Manager Li looked at Wu Hen and said, "Young Hero, please speak freely! "As long as it is within my power, I will not refuse."

Wu Hen glanced at Xiao Li and said, "I would like to ask Manager Li to temporarily take care of Xiao Li for a few days. Once Wu Hen is done and has an urgent matter to attend to, I will come to pick her up."

Manager Li didn't even think as he nodded and said, "Young hero, you can rest assured that you can leave it to me."

Xiao Li turned his head to look at Wu Hen and suddenly whispered, "Brother, don't you want Xiao Li anymore?"

Her voice was light, slightly timid.

Wu Hen gently patted her head and smiled, "Big brother has an important matter to attend to. After big brother finishes that matter, I will come to pick you up."

Xiao Li raised his eyes to look at him, his eyes filled with hope and pity.

"Big brother isn't lying to me?"

"Of course!"

Xiao Li's sudden smile was also incomparably brilliant.

Wu Hen bid farewell to Xiao Li and Manager Li. He mounted the donkey and slowly walked towards the other end of the long street.

Less than a mile away from the south gate was Yue Yang's famous Green Willow Villa.

Suddenly, there was a faint blockage in his heart, a blockage that made him unhappy.

He could clearly feel that he had now entered the martial arts world and had become one of the people there.

How mighty was the Emerald Willow Villa? They oppressed the masses, ran rampant across Yue Yang, were arrogant, domineering, and killed wantonly and wantonly.

This made him feel a bit indignant. He wanted to ask, why is the Emerald Willow Villa doing this!?

Wu Hen felt depressed in his heart. It was not because of his sad life, nor was it because of his fate that he could die at any moment. It was all for this martial arts world.

The sound of the donkey's hooves striking the flagstones on the long street slowly without a trace.

Wu Hen left the city, and along a wide path paved with bluestone, he arrived at the lakeside Emerald Willow Villa.

Yue Liushan, on the wealthy side of the Green Willow Villa, had an extraordinary aura.

The bluestone paved road led directly to the Manor's front gate. Three zhang in front of the gate, two green willow trees with lush foliage were surrounding the area.

At the door, there were two pairs of stone lions that were as tall as two people. On the three meter tall red door, there was a teacup sized copper nail that was shining.

Directly above the door was a large gold-painted signboard. The words "Emerald Willow Villa" were not written in pen or ink, but rather in pure copper. From afar, it looked even more extraordinary.

The door was tightly shut. Four men in tight green clothes stood motionlessly under the light.

Wu Hen slowly got off the donkey and slowly walked towards the Manor's entrance.

At this moment, it was already deep into the night, and such a youth suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Emerald Willow Villa.

The servant standing at the entrance saw Wu Hen, who was slowly walking over.

One of them shouted, "This young man has come looking for us!"

Another person opened the door and quickly entered.

Moments later, a dozen people came out with a "hualala" sound. The Daoist priest was in the lead.

"Good, you brat, you actually dared to come knocking on my door. I was just worried that I wouldn't have a place to find you!"

The Daoist Priest waved his hand and the horsetail whisk flew towards Wu Hen.

Wu Hen jumped off the donkey and, before he could draw his sword, the horsetail whisk had already swept towards his face with a strong gust of wind.

Wu Hen's body nimbly turned, dodging the attack, and with a flip of his hand, he pulled out his sword, thrusting it forward.

This Daoist Priest was incomparably ruthless. He angrily cursed as he turned his horsetail whisk around and attacked between Traceless Aftermaths' chest.

Wu Hen originally wanted to teach the Emerald Willow Villa a lesson, but this Daoist Priest started off speaking without thinking and attacked ferociously.

In his heart, he was angry at this Daoist, so when he attacked, he no longer showed mercy.

The Sword of Clear Origin pierced out consecutively, only to see a cold light flashing, and a sword shadow akin to the wind.

The strands of the horsetail whisk descended one after another. After a short while, only the handle of the horsetail whisk remained.

The Daoist Priest was stunned as he looked at the bare whisk in his hand. Before he could react, a cold light flashed by. His wrist hurt and the whisk fell to the ground.

He looked over with rapt attention, and saw that his wrist had been pierced by the sword of the Clear Origin Sword, causing him to bleed profusely.

Traceless Brilliant Stars coldly glanced at the Daoist Priest and the few manor guards, then he walked into the manor.

The dozen or so men looked at the Qing Yuan Sword that was still dripping with blood, the fear in their eyes clearly visible.

They couldn't help but step back as they watched the thin and weak youth stride into the villa.

Under the moonlight, his long hair danced in the wind. He surveyed his surroundings, looking at the Verdant Willow Villa, which Yue Yang's citizens hated and feared.

Suddenly, the fire in the manor flared up. Dozens of manor guards, holding shiny steel sabers, rushed over one by one.

Wu Hen looked at them calmly, pointing the long sword in his hand at the ground.

"How is the commoner of Yue Yang innocent? I actually let you bully me so recklessly, and treat me as your own life! "

Wu Hen's voice was also very calm, but within the calmness was a sense of majesty and desolation.

The crowd slowly parted, and a slightly plump middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothing slowly walked out.

This person was the owner of the Emerald Willow Villa, Yue Liushan.

There was a trace of coldness in his eyes as he looked at Wu Hen.

"You are the youth that killed one of our manor's attendants?"

Wu Hen looked at Yue Liushan and said calmly, "He killed the innocent. Damn it!"

"I, Yue Liushan, am naturally in charge of the people from my Tsui Willow Villa. When has it ever been your turn to criticize them and judge whether they are dead or alive?"

"The people of the martial arts world meddle in the affairs of the martial arts world. Although Wu Hen is young, he still knows how to respect the elderly and loves to be young! However, the people of the Emerald Willow Villa not only bullied the old and young, they even beat an old man who wandered the martial arts world to death! "Those who kill will pay with their lives, it is only natural and right!"

Wu Hen remained as calm as water, speaking slowly.

"How dare you!"

"Impudent!" "He actually dares to speak to our Manor Lord in such a manner!"

Someone from the manor shouted, but no one dared to charge forward.

Wu Hen suddenly grinned. His smile was innocent and heartless.

Everyone was stunned, even Yue Liushan.

No one had expected him to laugh at this time, and in such a casual manner.

"I don't want to kill anyone. I've come here just to tell you that if you do anything wrong, you will die!"

Yue Liushan looked at him coldly and said, "You little rascal, it's not your turn to teach me a lesson! "Today, since you have the guts to come here, I will let you see what it means to act unfairly!"

Saying so, he gently waved his hand.

The three flood dragons took out their serrated knives and encircled Wu Hen.

Wu Hen suddenly thrust his sword forward.

There was no need for him to waste words. He had come here for the sake of letting the Tsui Willow Villa know that the arrogant and domineering Tsui Willow Manor in the fish-meat village had received retribution.

Thus, he only wanted to use the sword in his hand to speak.

His sword was like the wind as it pierced toward Zhou Jiang, bringing with it a luster of moonlight and a drop of blood.

The sawtooth blade in Zhou Jiang's hand met it head on. Zhou Hai and Zhou Hu rolled on the ground at the same time, and the two serrated blades slashed at both of Wu Hen's legs.

When these three brothers fought the enemy, regardless of whether the enemy was strong or weak, they would all act together. Zhou Jiang was in charge of the road, and Zhou Hai and Zhou Hu were in charge of the road.

The Formless Blade clashed with Zhou Jiang's serrated blade and suddenly turned around, leaping up at the same time.

His long hair fluttered, and his sword flashed like a rainbow.

"Ding Ding", the two blades under his feet swung away.

The two serrated swords didn't stop for a moment as they took the opportunity to attack.

The blade in Zhou Jiang's hand also came pressing down.

Yue Liushan, who was standing beside her, narrowed his eyes as he looked at each and every sword attack that Wu Hen made.

The blade is a fast one, the brothers of the Zhou Dynasty traversed the Yangtze River and were hardly able to meet their match.

Under the moonlight, shadows and flashes of swords and sabers could be seen flying about.

In the blink of an eye, a few moves had passed. Although Wu Hen was surrounded by the three of them, his sword had always been as smooth as the wind.

Suddenly, Wu Hen smiled at Zhou Jiang. His smile was like the autumn moon in spring, gorgeous yet cold.

Zhou Jiang was a bit confused by his smile.

At the same instant he laughed, the sword stabbed into his right shoulder.

The serrated knife fell to the ground with a clatter. His face was deathly pale as he staggered back a few steps.

Formless Blade suddenly turned around, and his long sword carried a slight chill as it clashed with the two blades that were slashing at his legs from behind.

With a flick of his wrist, the sword shot out like two swords.

This was a very swift and free and easy sword attack!

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

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