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This strike was also a hurtful strike!

Zhou Hai and Zhou Hu were both hit by the sword at the same time. They let out muffled groans as blood rained down from the sky. They dropped the serrated blade in their hands and took a few steps back.

The Sword of Clear Origin emitted a ghastly cold light in the flame. Fresh blood meandered on the blade of the sword as it slowly dripped onto the ground.

Yue Liushan looked at Wu Hen and at the sword in his hand. In his eyes, there was a trace of killing intent.

This young man had already killed all of the experts that his Emerald Willow Villa had invited. If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't want to kill them, these people would have already been killed by his sword.

He slowly extended his hand, and one of the manor guards quickly handed over a blade. It was a large purplish-gold ring blade, shining with a golden light.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out among the crowd, and the manor lord slowly stepped aside.

"Eldest Miss!"

One by one, the workers of the manor bowed to a lady who was slowly walking over.

Wu Hen looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a girl gracefully walking over with graceful steps.

The purple-gold blade in Yue Liushan's hand slowly drooped down and stood on the ground.

"Tang'er, why did you come out so late at night?"

Yue Liushan's voice was gentle, completely lacking the arrogance and coldness that he had at the start.

The woman came to Yue Liushan's side. Yue Liushan reached out to support her, his eyes filled with boundless tenderness.

"Daddy, why are you gathered here so late?"

Yue Liushan said, "Tang'er, it's nothing. A brat who doesn't know his place is going to barge into my Emerald Willow Villa at night. When Father sends him away, everything will be fine."

The woman looked up and saw dozens of people surrounding the woman.

As for the lean youth, he was also raising a pair of bright eyes to look at her. He could not help but be stunned and lowered his head, not daring to look at her again.

Wu Hen saw that the girl was weak and delicate, as if she was a weak willow supporting the wind when she walked. She stood there as though she was weak and could not stand against the wind.

Although she was delicate and pretty, her face seemed to have a faint worried expression. Anyone who saw her would not be able to help but feel pity for her.

"Daddy, can you let him go? "I don't want to see you fighting."

The woman's voice was low and gentle. After she finished speaking, she even coughed a few times.

"Tang'er, this brat has gone too far. Not only did he look down on everyone, he even killed one of my manor guards!" Now, you even came knocking on our door and injured several people in our manor. If we do not give him some face, he will think that my Emerald Willow Villa is really easy to bully! "

The girl suddenly walked towards Wu Hen slowly. Yue Liushan quickly pulled her back.

"Father, I will go and advise him to leave."

"My foolish daughter, will he leave if you want him to?"

Wu Hen looked at the woman and suddenly smiled. The long sword in his hand elegantly drew a sword mark in the middle of the fire, and with a "shua" sound, it returned to the scabbard on his back.

The woman's eyes met his, and her face turned red.

"If all the people in the Jadeite Willow Villa are like Eldest Miss Yue, how can there be any right or wrong!"

With that, he turned and walked out of the manor.

Yue Liushan looked at his daughter, waved his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Let him go!"

Everyone moved out of the way and watched as the skinny and monkey-like youth left with ease, without even looking back.

The long night passed quickly, and with the passage of time, the entire Yue Yang City became bustling with activity.

The shops opened one by one and the vendors came one after another.

Yue Yang was still the same, and the street was still the same.

The people on the street were as busy as yesterday. However, between them, a rumor was quickly spreading, and a rumor was spreading about the youth that was as thin as a monkey.

In the middle of the lake, the pleasure boat of the Star Seizer Pavilion was still motionlessly docked there.

Wu Hen slowly walked to the lakeside. A person quietly sat under a lush willow tree and looked at the pleasure boat in the distance.

In the gentle breeze, the zither music suddenly rose.

On the top floor of the cruise liner, four beautifully dressed women stood at four corners. In the middle was a guzheng, a cauldron of cigarettes, and a woman.

The woman lowered her head to caress the zither. The sound of the zither was melodious and melodious, carrying a tinge of sadness.

Wu Hen listened, looking at the woman in the apricot-colored dress playing the zither from afar.

Just as the song ended, the middle-aged man from the day before slowly walked towards the lakeside. This person was the Chief Steward of the Emerald Willow Villa, Yue Zhi.

"Pavilion Master Leng, under the order of the Villa Master, I have once again come to ask for the Tower Lord's help. If there has been a huge change in the Emerald Willow Villa, I would like to ask for you to personally visit the Villa!"

Yue Zhi Zhong cupped his fist as he spoke.

A moment later, a man in a blue brocade suit walked up to the bow of the ship.

It was only because they were too far away that their faces could not be seen clearly.

"What happened to the Emerald Willow Villa?"

A calm voice that was filled with energy traveled forth. It was precisely what the blue-clothed person said.

Yue Zhizhan cupped his fists and said: "Reporting to OP, my Miss was hurt by the evil person last night. The OP was in extreme pain and ordered me to invite OP to visit."

Wu Hen was startled when he heard that. The image of the weak and delicate lady from last night appeared before his eyes.

The people on the boat didn't speak any further. They suddenly jumped down, and like a Peng, they slipped away five zhang. Just as he was about to fall into the water, his feet stepped on the water surface and flew up, brushing past the water surface for several meters. With this rise and fall, he floated down to the shore and landed in front of the man.

Wu Hen was secretly amazed at this person's agility skills. He actually stepped on the water and floated past a distance of over a hundred feet.

At this moment, his face could be seen clearly.

This person was in his fifties and had a handsome face. If it wasn't for the white and white beard, he looked even more handsome.

However, there was a trace of icy arrogance in his eyes.

This person was the Pavilion Master of Jiang-Nan Star Seizer Pavilion, Leng Zhaoxing.

"Who is it that went to the Emerald Willow Villa to kill people? Who killed Miss Yue?"

Yue Zhizhong let out a long sigh.

"A few days ago, a strange youth came to this Yue Yang City and fought against my Tsui Willow Villa. Yesterday, he killed a servant of my Villa's guard and injured a hanger-on hired by the Villa Master — — — Dong Ting Yan Xia Sword, Mister Zuo."

"Young man?" "Since when did the Emerald Willow Villa allow a youth to be so easily bullied?"

"This youth's sword technique is amazing. Last night, he even broke into the villa and killed Miss Yue … Here. Gouge. "Kill him!"

Leng Zhaoxing seemed to be taken aback and did not say another word. She made a "please" gesture, causing Yue Zhizhong to step aside as Leng Zhaoxing took a step forward.

Wu Hen almost vomited blood. What youth? That was clearly him.

Although I barged into the Emerald Willow Villa at night, I didn't commit any grave crimes.

At this moment, the woman who was playing the zither slowly stood up. She leaned on the railing as she looked toward the shore.

Vaguely, one could see her long hair fluttering in the wind, floating like an immortal.

After they left, Wu Hen slowly walked to a willow tree and sat down with a willow branch in his mouth.

Looking at the sky and the lake, a faint light shot out from his glittering eyes.

Just what was the origin of this Leng Zhaoxing? Judging from the light movement technique that he had displayed, it could be seen that his martial arts skills were not weak.

Other than Gongsun Qi, this was the first time he had seen someone with such lightness skills.

He turned his head to look at the abandoned dock and thought of the old fisherman.

He couldn't catch them, so he went into the water to catch them. But when he caught them, he let them go.

He had always thought that this old man was a madman, but now he suddenly had a feeling that he was completely enlightened.

Perhaps, a person's entire life was not just to catch a fish and cook it into a delicacy. It was not just to catch a fish and let it struggle desperately in his hands.

Instead, he released it. Because the fish gave the old man pleasure, the old man gave him a second life.

"Little monkey, are you daydreaming here again?"

While he was lost in his thoughts, he heard a familiar voice.

Wu Hen leaped up and saw the old fisherman, barefooted, holding onto his fishing rod and fish basket as he looked at him with a smile that was not a smile.

"You can't catch fish, and you have to let them go when you catch them. What are you doing carrying a fish basket?"

Wu Hen took the willow branch in his mouth and asked.

"Who said I can't catch them? You can't catch it! "Humph!"

The old man seemed to have been stepped on by his tail, jumping and jumping.

Wu Hen chuckled and tilted his head to look at his anxious expression.

The old man lowered his fishing rod and sat by the shore.

"Why are you still here, brat? Are you not running?"

"Run? "Why should I run?"

Wu Hen was stunned.

"You offended Yue Liushan, aren't you afraid that he will turn you into a dead monkey?"

"No, why should I be afraid?"

Wu Hen came to his side and sat down slowly.

"You know the sword?"

The old man kept staring at the water.

"A little."

"I heard that a big case occurred in the Emerald Willow Villa last night, but you didn't know?"

"What big case?"

"A skinny monkey-like young man barged into the Emerald Willow Villa at night. Not only did he injure a few Martial Masters, but when he saw Lady Yue, he became interested in her. After leaving the Villa, she secretly turned back and raped Eldest Miss Yue. Killing her in her pavilion. "People are saying that you did it."

Wu Hen almost fell head first into the water. He stared.

How can you speak nonsense like that? Although I, Wu Hen, look like a monkey, I don't look like a bad person, do I? How could I be the one to do such a despicable, cruel, inhumane thing?

"I think you did it."

The old man added, his words were resolute and decisive.

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

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