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Wu Hen really wanted to kick this hateful self-righteous old man into the water.

The old man suddenly turned his head. "You want to kick me?"

Wu Hen grinned, feeling slightly awkward.

"If you want to prove that you didn't do it, then go and capture the person who did."

Suddenly, Wu Hen's eyes lit up like the stars. He looked at the old man and laughed.

After the old man finished speaking, he continued to look at the thin line in the water, waiting for the fish to take the bait.

However, just like yesterday, he gained nothing from it. He jumped into the water again and caught two fat fish. After dancing for a while, he threw the fish into the lake again.

Wu Hen was stupefied.

If this old man isn't crazy, then I, Wu Hen, am a fool!

As the old man left, he sang loudly along the way. It seemed as if he had gained nothing at all and had returned with a great fortune.

For the time being, Emerald Willow Villa did not have the energy to find Wu Hen again. Instead, they were busy with the funeral affairs of Yue Eldest Miss.

Inside Yue Yang City, everyone was discussing about two people and two things.

One of them was Wu Hen, the matter of him killing a servant of the Tsui Willow Villa.

One of them was the matter of the young miss Yue who had suddenly passed away.

No one knew of the evil reputation of the Emerald Willow Villa, but no one did not know of the kindness of Eldest Miss Yue.

For this reason, there were many rumours that the Eldest Miss Yue might not be Yue Liushan's biological son.

Emerald Willow Villa colluded with the Yangtze River Gang to control all the fishing boats on the lake. Anyone who went out to fish would be taxed heavily by the Tsui Willow Villa.

The shops and vendors in the city could not escape the exploitation of the Emerald Willow Villa, even if the martial artists that traversed the martial arts world were to pass by Yue Yang, they would not be able to escape.

But the Eldest Miss Yue had a Bodhisattva's heart.

No matter what she bought on the streets, she would not miss a single one of them. Whenever she saw a beggar by the roadside, she would always give them alms.

In times of disaster, she would try her best to open a porridge factory, set up a porridge shed and provide widespread relief.

Yue Liushan obviously didn't want to do this kind of business, but he couldn't do anything to his only daughter.

Eldest Miss Yue had been weak and sickly since she was young. She often threatened her with death in order to help others.

Yue Liushan, who only cared about profit and gain, actually gave birth to a merciful daughter. This in itself was a joke.

However, this heartless Miss Yue did not receive the good news she was supposed to have. Instead, she suddenly passed away at such a young age.

This made everyone sigh.

Within Yue Yang City, rumors were flying all over the place, saying that Miss Yue had been harmed by the thin and weak youth who looked like he was acting in a chivalrous manner.

Many people did not believe it, nor did they understand it.

A very righteous and gentle youth, how could he suddenly do something so infuriating?

But the rumour was that the evidence was solid, because only last night, fishermen who had gone out to fish at night had seen him enter Tsui Willow House.

As the night fell, Yue Yang City gradually quietened down. Only in the Green Willow Villa, the lights were still brightly lit.

In a flower room in the side courtyard, Yue Liushan was sitting dejectedly on a golden rosewood with a look of despair and regret in his eyes.

To his left sat the Star Seizer Pavilion's tower lord, Leng Juxing.

"Villa Master Yue, what's going on? Who was so bold as to dare to commit such a huge crime in the Emerald Willow Villa? "

Leng Zhaoxing asked with an incredulous tone.

"These few days, a strange youth came to Yueyang City, he first killed a guard in my Villa, and then injured two of my Villa's hanger-ons. Last night, all the people in the Villa went to catch that brat, but who would have thought that brat took advantage of the emptiness to sneak in, and caused trouble …"

Speaking to this point, her voice choked with sobs and she could not continue.

"Are you saying that the one who broke into the Emerald Willow Villa last night and committed the heinous crime was that nosy youth?"

Yue Liushan slowly nodded his head, a trace of resentment flashing across his eyes.

"Since when did the Emerald Willow Villa fall to letting a youth bully them just like that?"

"Although that young man is young, his swordsmanship is indeed outstanding. Last night, he barged into my Emerald Willow Villa and injured a few of my Villa's hanger-ons. "

A cold light flashed through Leng Zexing's eyes.

"Did you recognize that youth's sword technique?"

Yue Liushan slowly shook his head and said, "His sword art is very sharp and tyrannical, but unfortunately, I'm not experienced enough to recognize it!"

Leng Zhaoxing nodded her head and said: "Good ah, such a young expert actually came to this Yue Yang City, I would like to meet him!"

"As long as Tower Master Leng is able to help me catch that kid, the Tower Lord can take all of the Emerald Willow Villa's property!"

Leng Zhaoxing did not nod her head nor did she shake her head. Instead, she had a profound look in her eyes.

"Manor Lord Yue, you and I have known each other for many years. If you put it this way, you are underestimating me!"

"How could I dare to underestimate OP? I, Yue Yang, have always regarded the Tower Lord as my close friend. If it wasn't for the Tower Lord, the Emerald Willow Manor would have been swallowed by the Yangtze River Gang a long time ago! "Now that my daughter has died, my heart is as dead as ashes. If I can't find the culprit, what's the use of having this sea of gold and silver?"

"Does the manor lord recognize the youth?"

The light in Leng Zhaoxing's eyes flickered. He slowly raised his teacup and lightly touched his lips.

"I have heard that Villa Owner Yue obtained a fragment map, it was left behind by Dao Master Ziyun from the previous dynasty. The gang leader of the Changjiang Gang, the iron-backed godly dragon Ge Changjiang, found out about this news and came to find me. "The events that happened in the Emerald Willow Villa today are likely because of this!"

Yue Liushan was shocked, "Blood Linglong? I am not a martial artist or a martial artist, what use do I have for that? "

"Could it be that Villa Owner Yue does not know that Blood Linglong is the treasure of this world, capable of removing the Regeneration, returning to life and death, and extending her lifespan? If those who practice martial arts were to use it, it would increase their strength by ten years. It is truly a precious treasure for martial arts! "

Yue Liushan slowly shook his head, his eyes suddenly shooting out killing intent.

"If he wants to obtain my map fragment, he can look for me, Yue Liushan, and why would he want to harm my daughter!"

As he spoke, he slapped the armrest of his chair and stood up.

"So Villa Owner Yue really obtained the map fragment?"

Yue Liushan's face kept shaking as he shook his head slowly.

After a while, he said angrily: "Ge Changjiang has been coveting my Tsui Liu Manor's property for a long time! A few days ago, he sent someone to propose marriage with me. He wanted to become my daughter, but I rejected him. Presumably, he went to the Tower Lord to spread the rumor, causing my Tsui Willow Villa to become the target of public criticism!

"Oh, why did you reject Sect Leader Ge?"

Yue Liushan sighed and slowly sat down. He took a sip of tea and said slowly, "OP doesn't know. Ge Changjiang's son was born dumb and didn't even know his parents. How can he marry his daughter?"

"Does this mean that he's really making up the matter of the map fragment?"

"Of course, although I, Yue Liushan, am greedy for wealth, I know that Blood Linglong is a treasure of the Martial Forest. If she were to fall into my hands, she would only cause a fire to burn her body!"

Yue Liushan laughed bitterly and slowly shook his head.

"Right now, my only thought is to find the culprit and avenge my daughter! "For this reason, even if my family's wealth is all gone, I will not even bat an eye!"

"Alright, since I have to deal with this matter, I naturally have to be in charge of it!"

Leng Zhaoxing bid her farewell and returned to the pleasure boat quietly stationed on the lake.

In the darkness of the night, a fast boat glided across a lake of moonlight and stealthily arrived next to the pleasure boat.

A figure flew onto the pleasure boat and quickly arrived at the pavilion on the top floor.

Leng Zhaoxing had already been standing quietly for a long time. With a profound look in his eyes, he looked at the hazy Yue Yang Hall in the darkness of the night.

When the person came upstairs, he slowed his pace and quietly stood about three meters behind him.

"How is it?"

Leng Zhaoxing suddenly asked. Even as he spoke, he remained motionless.

"Reporting to Tower Lord, this subordinate has followed your instructions and told Ge Changjiang about the map fragments."

Leng Zhaoxing still did not turn around and calmly asked, "How did he react?"

"At first, I couldn't believe it, but then I repeated the question twice more. However, your subordinate was unable to see what he's thinking. "

"Twice! Twice! Alright, you can go now! "

Leng Zhaoxing watched the scene unfold in front of her. Suddenly, a smile emerged on her face; it was a sinister and sinister smile.

The moon hung high in the sky, and the night was dark. The night wind blew gently and the sound of frogs could be heard.

Wu Hen tied the little donkey beside the willow tree and ran towards the Emerald Willow Manor.

He flew up to the roof of the Emerald Willow Villa's backyard, climbed and jumped like an ape, and quickly arrived on top of a osmanthus tree in the front yard without a sound.

The night was as cold as water, and in the silence of the night, there would occasionally be the chirping of some unknown night birds.

On a lonely and cold night, the Emerald Willow Villa was brightly lit.

Yue Liushan stood solemnly in front of the mourning hall. Behind him were Yue Zhizhong, the Three Flood Dragons of the Yangtze River, the Daoist Priest and Zuo Wuji.

"Tang'er, Daddy has let you down! Father loved money as if it were his life. He always thought that as long as he had money, he would be able to make you happy. Now, because of these worldly possessions, he lost his son's life. "Father is truly regretful from the past!"

Yue Liushan said slowly in front of the mourning hall, his tone heavy and sorrowful.

After he had finished speaking, he suddenly turned around. His eyes shot out a sharp beam of cold light which brought with it a hidden murderous intent.

"Whoever kills that young man will receive a thousand gold taels!"

Since ancient times, humans died for money, and birds died for food. How could these desperate men not care about their wealth?

Everyone was eager to give it a try. Who wouldn't be moved by the sight of a thousand taels of gold?

Wu Hen stealthily hid himself in the tree, and upon hearing his words, the corner of his mouth curved up into a smile.

"I didn't expect I would be worth a thousand gold."

He suddenly thought, "No, I'm not that murderer!"

He looked at the mourning hall in the distance, and his heart was filled with sadness. Yesterday, he was fine, but today, he was coldly placed in the mourning hall.

He secretly decided that he must find the culprit and avenge this innocent nemesis.

He quietly left the Emerald Willow Villa and snuck back into the city.

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Say: the afternoon is approaching, Xiaoxiang Zhanzi ahead of time to you book friends with a holiday greetings! Happy Dragon Boat Festival and Father's Day! In order to thank you all for your hard work in reading < The Devil Sword >, I have added a chapter in the afternoon when the festival was coming! Once again, I wish everyone a happy holiday, and everything goes smoothly!

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