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In the bamboo forest in front of the grass hut, a child who was not even six years old was wielding a bamboo sword and chopping at a bowl of green bamboo with a crackling sound.

He shouted, and his bamboo sword moved.

This child's body was too thin. At a glance, he looked like a monkey in the middle of a mountain.

His eyes were clear and bright. His skin was white and indistinct, with a tinge of green.

He faced the bamboo pole or stabbed or chopped very seriously, and his face was already covered in sweat.

He was Wu Hen.

As the wind blew, the bamboo forest rustled loudly.

Not far away, Fang disregarded sitting cross-legged on a protruding stone, eyes on the nose, nose on the heart, five hearts facing up.

He didn't even look at the child. The child didn't even look at him.

Beside the stream stood a donkey.

The donkey was the same as a child. It was extremely thin and frail. With its head hanging down, it looked extremely dispirited.

At this time, it was April's weather. It was also the season for new bamboo to open its branches and scatter its leaves. It was also the season when people were the most likely to be lazy.

A gongsun Qi slowly walked out of the grass hut while holding a huge wine gourd, stretching his back in a beautiful manner.

After that, he squinted and looked at the sunlight shining through the gaps between the bamboo leaves. He raised the gourd and gulped down a few mouthfuls of water, letting out a long sigh of satisfaction.

Gongsun Qi was as thin as the donkey.

He wore a grey robe, a pair of cloth shoes, and had a head of white hair.

Traceless Aftermaths was still chopping at the bamboo pole, but there were already many marks left on it.

Fang Buyi was still sitting in meditation, as if he was in meditation, but he also seemed to have fallen asleep.

The donkey suddenly began to bark in a very urgent manner, as if it was looking at a female donkey.

Gongsun Qi looked at the donkey, then suddenly flew up and jumped over the one meter wide stream. He landed in front of the donkey.

"How old are you? You want to drink too? "

Just as he finished speaking, the donkey actually let out a few happy barks and repeatedly nodded its head.

It turned out that it didn't see the female donkey, but the wine gourd.

He opened the gourd and the donkey raised its head to catch the wine.

All of this was coordinated with great tacit understanding, as if a man and a donkey had long since been trained.

Traceless was still chopping at the sword, but he inadvertently licked his lips.

Gongsun Qi turned his head to look at Wu Hen.

He suddenly raised his hand and the gourd in his hand spun as it flew towards Wu Hen.

Xiao Wuhen suddenly turned around and reached out his hand to catch the gourd as it slowly flew over. Unconsciously, his tongue reached out to lick his lips.

Unexpectedly, when the gourd was in front of him, he reached out his hand and made a sudden turn. His speed increased by several times and he flew back into Gongsun Qi's hands.

Wu Hen lowered his head and slowly turned back to slash at the sword, not saying a word.

Gongsun Qi slowly walked over and suddenly said, "When you have the strength to chop a mosquito that day, I'll let you drink!"

Wu Hen stopped his sword and turned to look at Gongsun Qi.

"I want to drink!"

Formless' voice was very soft, but it was also firm.

Gongsun Qi suddenly smiled and pointed to Fang Buyi, who was either meditating or sleeping.

"When you can beat him up like that donkey, you can drink!"

The child stared back at Fang.

"Why should I hit him? He's a good man. "

The old man shook his head, as if he was looking at an inconceivable fool.

"If he's a good person, then there's no bad person in this world!"

The child did not believe it, nor did he believe it from the bottom of his heart.

"If it wasn't for him treating me, I would have died a long time ago. Why would the bad guys treat me?"

The old man was at a loss for words. After thinking for a moment, he said, "Do you really think he can save you?"

The old man shook his head helplessly. Shaking his head, he inadvertently turned to look at Fang Daozi.

Fang Buwen suddenly opened his eyes, and a bright light flashed across them.

"Actually, as long as you pass the 'Jade Net Heart Sutra' to Wu Hen, Wu Hen might not die."

A different light flashed through the old man's eyes, but it was quickly retracted.

"As long as he learns this scripture, not only will he not die, he will also be able to inherit your legacy. Very good."

Fang ignored him. It was as if he was casually saying an extremely ordinary thing.

Gongsun Qi gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine, then turned around and left without a word.

Fang Buwen continued to meditate, and Wu Hen continued to seriously chop at the bamboo pole.

Now, besides soaking in the medicinal soup, drinking the medicinal soup, and using silver needles, he had two more things every day. To him, these two things were both extremely boring and meaningless.

That was to practice the sword, to practice the sword with that old man called Gongsun Qi.

Then there was the matter of learning to read, and following that nearly twenty year old apprentice alchemist to read.

When Gongsun Qi taught him swordsmanship, no one was allowed to stand by his side, not even Brightmoon.

That was why Wu Hen felt bored.

Fang Mojiao would occasionally peek at the old man teaching the Formless Blade Technique to him, but every time, the old man would discover it.

Then, the old man picked up a bamboo branch and raised his hand. The bamboo branch flew towards Fang Buyi with a sharp sound. Fang Juecheng did not pay any attention to it as he fled pathetically.

Gongsun Qi was a strange person, Wuhen thought so in his heart.

If he wasn't a strange person, how could he have raised such a strange donkey?

Sometimes, Wu Hen even thought that this old man was better to a donkey than to himself.

The donkey could still drink his wine, but he couldn't. He could only drink secretly.

He would laugh at the thought of stealing wine.

The first time he stole a drink, he took a few big gulps. The world spun and he fell asleep.

The old man was infuriated. He raised the goatee and raised it high, then the bamboo branch in his hand fell down viciously.

But he didn't feel any pain, not at all.

In the bamboo forest of the Medicine Immortal Valley, there was an old man and a donkey. Both of them were lean and lean, like monkeys.

Ten years passed in a flash, and Little Marten was already sixteen years old.

He had grown quite a bit, but he was still as lean as a monkey.

There were indeed monkeys in the Medicine Immortal Valley; not only did they exist, there were many of them.

Traceless likes to chase monkeys. At first, before he even moved, the monkey was already gone.

Slowly, he was able to catch up to the monkey's shadow. Seeing the red monkey's butt, he laughed out loud.

Afterwards, he was able to jump up and down on the bamboo and in the forest. The monkey was no longer afraid of him and treated him like a brother. Sometimes, it would even pick up wild fruits for him.

On this day, for the first time ever, Gongsun Qi looked at Wu Hen very seriously.

Suddenly, he tossed over a sword. An iron sword, then read out seventeen sentences.

"It is your destiny to come out of my mouth and enter your ears. It is also your destiny to remember and forget. If you give a word of it to someone else, your legs will be gone. "

Wu Hen asked, "Doesn't Fang know that it's someone else?"

Gongsun Qi nodded without hesitation, as if he didn't know Fang Buwen at all.

Wu Hen did not understand the contents of those seventeen sentences, but his memory was extremely good.

Gongsun Qi stared at him for a long time before suddenly handing over the gourd.

Wu Hen knew that it was a reward. He accepted it without hesitation and gulped it down. After a few bites, the gourd was snatched away.

He saw Gongsun Qi's beard was trembling as he squinted his eyes and looked into the hole in the gourd.

"You old man, why are you so stingy!" "He's even more stingy than monkeys!"

He raised the bamboo branch in his hand and disappeared without a trace.

"That's your master. You didn't kowtow, and even said that he was a monkey. You should have slapped him!"

Fang chose to sit on the rock and spoke lazily.

"My master? When did he become my master? Monkey is my master, and he's the one who brings me to the bamboo garden every day. "

Wu Hen felt that Fang Dong was talking nonsense.

"He taught you the incantation for the sword art, that is his trump card, that is the best sword art in Martial Arts today!"

Before he could finish his words, a bamboo shoot soared through the air with a shrill whistle.

"Don't you like pretending to be mute? Why did you speak? "

Fang Buwen's body tilted slightly, and the branch flew past his face. It was nailed into a bamboo stick, revealing two inches of it from the other side.

Wu Hen opened his mouth and glared.

He looked at Gongsun Qi as cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

How could this old monkey be so strong? It was fortunate that he didn't pay any attention to Fang Xing, otherwise, he would have died.

Of course Fang didn't die. If he died like this, then he wouldn't be the number one genius doctor in Martial Arts.

"What sword technique is this?"

Wu Hen looked at the sword in his hand and asked.

Gongsun Qi gave a bamboo shoot to Wu Hen, then made a gesture of raising his hand.

"Teach a donkey sword technique. As long as you can beat him until he yells like a donkey, you can drink alcohol!"

Wu Hen looked at the distant Gongsun Qi, but didn't say anything.

"Donkey Training?" What lousy sword technique is this? " Wu Hen scoffed.

How could he not have thought that the world's best sword technique would be called the training donkey sword technique?

But Gongsun Qi ignored him, indicating that he should not pay any attention to Fang.

From such a distance, it would be a fool's dream to just hit a bamboo branch and make him scream like a donkey.

"If you don't use your strength, you're not allowed to drink alcohol for three days, and you're not allowed to even steal alcohol!"

Wu Hen smiled coyly. He had always thought that he had stolen wine without anyone knowing, but this Gongsun Qi who looked like an old monkey was actually more intelligent than a monkey.

He quivered. It's not okay not to drink.

He waved his right hand, and the bamboo shot out like lightning, emitting a sharp whistling sound.

Fang chose not to move, as if he didn't know someone was going to hit him.

Wu Hen looked at his hand in surprise, then looked up and ignored it.

Fang Mofei raised his right hand, and the bamboo stick was caught by his index and middle fingers, motionless.

"Why am I so strong now?" he asked Gongsun Qi.

Gongsun Qi turned around with his hands behind his back and snorted. "Big? "He could probably strangle an ant to death, and want to hit Fatty Fang..."

Wu Hen looked at his lean back figure and continuously shook his head, he really wanted to go up and kick his butt.

"Why don't you scream a few times, so that I can drink!"

Wu Hen looked at Fang Yuan, a sinister smile in his eyes.

Fang Xing did not move. The bamboo branch in his hand slowly fell to the ground.

It was a sunny day.

Wu Hen was sitting on a rock outside the bamboo forest, staring at the valley entrance.

Brightmoon quietly sat beside him, following his gaze in the distance.

"Who am I?"

"You are Wu Hen! Brother, what's wrong? "

"Wu Hen? But who are my parents? I haven't seen my parents in sixteen years. Moreover, I suffered an extremely dark and cold internal injury when I was born, so why? "

Mingyue said softly, "I don't know who my parents are, but it's also good if I don't have Brother Hen!"

Wu Hen tilted his head to look at the bright moon, suddenly chuckling, "My little sister is so beautiful!"

Mingyue's cheeks were flushed red as if she was drinking wine.

"Do you want to go out?"

He didn't know why, but when he said that, he felt a little sour in his heart.

"I want to know who I am, and who my parents are, and why they abandoned me in Medicine Immortal Valley and didn't come to see me for 16 years!"

Wu Hen nodded his head lightly and looked into the distance.

"Furthermore, this world is so exciting, yet I haven't seen anything. How can I just die like that?"

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Thank you for reading my work personally. I am a newcomer. I hope you will give me your support! The martial arts world will never be lonely with you! We welcome everyone's criticism and righteousness! If you are satisfied, please collect and comment on the flowers.

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