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For the next few days, he travelled day and night.

Every night after midnight, he would jump around the rooftops of Yue Yang City like an ape.

This was all thanks to him playing around with the apes in the Medicine Immortal Valley. Ever since he was young, he had been as agile and agile as a monkey.

He wanted to catch the rapist, so he waited in the city every night.

This method might seem clumsy, but Wu Hen had already figured out the situation in the city these few days.

He already knew which family had the young lady for marriage and which family's young lady's beauty.

However, hard work pays off.

On the evening of the fourth day, under the moonlight on the cold street, there was only the old gongzi wandering alone, beating the bamboo sticks in his hands from time to time.

In the distance, the sounds of birds chirping could be heard, as if they were in a dream.

Wu Hen was lying on the roof of a courtyard, looking at the bright moon in the sky, bored to death.

Brightmoon? He suddenly thought of Medicine Immortal Valley's beautiful, bright, and gentle Moon that loved to cry, and he smiled in his heart.

Suddenly, he saw a figure flying towards the courtyard.

Wu Hen was overjoyed. He knew that this family had a girl who had just grown up, and she was only sixteen years old.

Looking at that black shadow, it was thin and thin, and its body somewhat resembled his own.

On his back, there was also a sword.

Wu Hen was stunned. He looked at the black shadow, then at himself, and suddenly laughed.

The man slipped into the courtyard and looked around. After a moment, he flew into a room, unsheathed the sword on his back, and silently pushed open the window.

He then looked around cautiously and, finding nothing out of the ordinary, jumped into the attic from the window in a flash.

Wu Hen slowly unsheathed his sword and silently walked to the window.

Suddenly, a girl's scream came from the room. Wu Hen knocked on the window and moved to the side.

Under the moonlight, a long sword with a cold glint suddenly thrust out of the window.

Then, a figure rushed out along with a woman's scream and jumped onto the roof.

Wu Hen followed closely behind, his sword reflecting the splendor of the moon.

The man in black struck back with his sword, and Wu Hen just happened to meet it head on.

The two swords clashed, and a string of sparks exploded in the night sky.

Lights were lit in the courtyard. Someone shouted, "Capture the rapist!"

The man in black sneered and leaped off the roof, landing on the empty street.

Wu Hen caught up to him again and thrusted his sword forward, forcing Wu Hen to use his sword to block. Wu Hen caught up with him again, and thrusted his sword forward, forcing Wu Hen to use his sword to block.

Just as Traceless was about to get up and give chase, many commoners on the street with hoes, carrying poles, and weighing hooks swarmed over, surrounding him.

"Don't let the rapist escape! "Catch him!"

Wu Hen's mind was in a mess. He raised his head to look in the direction the black clothed man had escaped in and exclaimed, "The rapist has already escaped!"

Many of the people in the city already knew of Traceless Aftermaths. They were stunned to see his messy face under the light of the fire.

"That's right, it's him!"

Amongst the crowd, a young girl whose face still had traces of fear and tears on it said softly.

Although his voice was soft, everyone could hear him clearly. All the citizens slowly surrounded him.

If Wu Hen wanted to leave, these people naturally wouldn't be able to stop him.

However, if he were to leave just like that, then he would have confirmed his identity as a rapist.

Just as he was feeling extremely awkward about whether he should leave or stay, a voice filled with resentment suddenly sounded out, "It really is that fellow!"

Yue Liushan approached with a purple-gold blade in tow, followed by a few manor servants.

Wu Hen slowly sheathed his sword and looked at Yue Liushan calmly.

He didn't want to resist. He knew that if he resisted, then even if he jumped into the lake, he wouldn't be able to wash away the injuries.

Yue Liu Shan looked at Wu Hen coldly, placing the purple gold blade on his neck.

The commoners didn't want to believe that this youth who saved lives and fought against injustice was actually a rapist who ruthlessly destroyed flowers.

But now the evidence was conclusive, and even if he did not believe it, it would have been in vain.

Yue Liushan walked towards the south gate with Wu Hen in tow.

He was going to kill the person who had killed his daughter before she was born, to comfort her spirit in heaven.

The people in the city sighed endlessly. Yesterday, he was still a hero and a hero that everyone admired. Today, he had become a rapist that everyone despised and hated.

Fortunately, this family of girls had preserved their innocence and their lives.

The crowd watched as Yue Liushan escorted Wu Hen away. After which, they slowly dispersed while shaking their heads and sighing.

At a corner of the city wall, a black silhouette carrying a sword on his back smiled coldly as he watched Wu Hen being dragged away by Yue Liushan.

After exiting the south gate, one would be able to see the lakeside, brightly lit Emerald Willow Villa.

Suddenly, a figure appeared from under a willow tree by the side of the road, blocking their path.

Wu Hen looked over and saw that it was the weird old man who was fishing by the lake.

His pants were rolled up and he carried the fishing rod on his shoulder. He looked at Wu Hen with a smile that was not a smile.

"I already said that the rapist was you brat, right? What do you think, you've been caught by him?"

Wu Hen almost vomited blood. His bright eyes were fixed on the old man, who was even more annoying than Gongsun Qi.

"Get out of my way!" He then raised his blade and rushed towards the old man.

The old man chuckled as he suddenly raised the fishing rod in his hand.

The fishing rod created several afterimages as it pointed at the few manor guards.

With a few clangs, the steel blade in his hand fell to the ground. The four manor guards stood there motionlessly. It turned out that at this very moment, his fishing rod had tapped on the acupoints of these Zhuang Ding, causing them to be unable to move.

"The Smoke Swirling Claw is a foregone conclusion. My Emerald Willow Villa has always kept its peace with you. What do you mean by that?"

Yue Liushan looked at the old man and said solemnly.

When Wu Hen heard "Yu Honghu", he chuckled.

He thought about how he got nothing and splashed into the water.

"This little monkey is not the rapist you want, you caught the wrong person."

Yu Sanji calmly said.

"It can't be wrong! He was captured on the spot by the people of the city, and the girl who was almost the victim personally testified, how could he be wrong? "

"This little monkey can see pretty girls, but if he is going to pick flowers, tsk tsk …"

He shook his head.

Wu Hen did not try to defend himself. He really did not understand, and there was no way to defend himself.

"How could it be wrong for me to capture him personally? You don't have to side with him, I will use him to avenge my daughter's tragic death! "

How could Yue Liushan believe Yu Sanji's words?

Yu Sandao laughed: "I know you won't believe me, but I know that the rapist is definitely not him, but someone else. "So …"

As soon as the two words came out of his mouth, the fishing rod in his hand suddenly stabbed forward.

The fishing rod was a bamboo pole, a very thin bamboo pole.

This bamboo pole, which looked very thin and would break at a touch, struck the surface of the purple gold blade with a "ding" sound.

Unexpectedly, Yue Liushan felt the hand holding the saber tremble, and felt a faint numbness. The golden blade moved to the side and Wu Hen had already dodged to the side, calmly looking at him.

"Yu Sanji, don't try to use your seniority to put on airs! I, Yue Liushan, am not afraid of you! "

Yu Sanniang smiled and said, "If he really is the rapist you spoke of, I will naturally not save him!"

Yue Liushan's face was still filled with anger. He looked at Wu Hen coldly and said in a low voice, "Even if he isn't, he killed one of my guards and even hurt a few of my hanger-ons. I won't forgive him either!"

Yu Sanzi said, "Even if you can't spare him, are you confident that you can take him down now? Even if I don't make a move, you might not even be able to take him down. "

Yue Liushan looked at Wu Hen hatefully. He had seen Wu Hen's sword arts before. If he really wanted to fight, even if he could win, he was afraid that he could not easily take him down.

"Villa Owner Yue, don't worry. I will definitely capture the real culprit and cleanse myself of this injustice!"

Wu Hen blinked his big eyes and said decisively.

Right now, he was feeling very complicated. Although the young miss Yue had not been harmed by him, it was truly a pity for such a weak and delicate girl to die like that.

Moreover, this crime was also blamed on him. If he did not find out who the real culprit was, even if he really jumped into the lake, he would not be able to wash it clean.

"Why should I believe you?"

Although Yue Liushan knew that Yu Youji was here today, he could not bring the teenager in front of him away no matter what.

However, his only daughter had been brutally murdered. Now that the biggest suspect for killing his daughter was right in front of him, how could he let it go so easily?

He waved the purple-gold blade in his hand as he spoke in a somewhat sorrowful tone, "The 'Sister-in-Law' is gone. What fun is there for me to live on my own!? "Today, even if I have to risk my life, I will avenge my brows and mind!"

With that, the golden blade slashed towards Wu Hen.

Wu Hen dodged to the side. He understood Yue Liushan's feelings very well. Anyone who lost their daughter would feel the same kind of grief and hatred when they saw the murderer who killed their daughter.

Therefore, he did not plan to fight back, even though he did not kill the girl himself.

He suddenly thought of his parents and let out a bitter laugh. How could he not know who his parents were when he was in such a sorry state?

Yu Sanliang extended the fishing rod in his hand, and a slender bamboo pole actually blocked the golden blade that contained the power of thunder.

"Today, if anyone tries to stop me, I will personally kill this kid and take revenge for my image!"

Yue Liushan seemed to be in a crazed state as he waved his blade and chopped down.

However, the few consecutive slashes were all blocked by the fishing rod in his hand.

He suddenly sheathed his saber and stood up. First, he glared at Yu Ziji with a sorrowful look in his eyes.

"Tang'er, daddy is incompetent and cannot protect you properly. Now, I can't even avenge you!"

As he spoke, the golden blade in his hand fell to the ground with a clanging sound. He slowly fell to his knees and wailed.

Wu Hen was stunned, Yue Liu Shan was a character that could shake the world in Yue Yang, who would believe that he would cry like that?

"If you trust me, I can guarantee that he'll catch the real culprit and hand him over to you so that you can take revenge!"

Yu Sanji said with a rare solemn expression.

Yue Liushan slowly raised his head and looked at Yu Xiang. Looking at this man who was known as Feng Chen Xia, Yu Xiang [1], Yue Liushan slowly stood up.

He knew that although he looked like he was playing a game, in fact, he was as famous in the martial arts world as Luo Tai and the others back in the day.

Therefore, he nodded his head lightly without saying a word and slowly picked up the golden blade on the ground.

Yu Yu lightly waved his fishing rod and opened the sealed acupoints of the four workers.

Yue Liu Shan looked at Wu Hen for a long time, he cupped his fist at Yu San and led the four manor guards back to the Emerald Willow Villa.

Suddenly, Wu Hen looked at Yu Sanji with a brilliant smile.

This smile caused Yu Sanji to be stunned.

"You can still laugh? If it wasn't for me, you'd already be dead! "

Wu Hen laughed heartily. He walked to the side of Wu Zhangkong and circled around him.

"Yu San? Haha, humans truly live up to their name! "Just like the old monkey."

Yu Sanji was so angry that his beard slightly rose. Although his name was Yu Sanliang, he was most afraid of being called Yu Sanliang by others. Moreover, Wu Hen's tone was clearly teasing him?

Wu Hen went to the willow tree and took the donkey, the two of them slowly walked towards the lake.

The moonlight covered the surface of the lake, and when the wind blew, it shattered the silver lake.

The two of them sat under a weeping willow as they gazed at the distant and hazy pleasure boat. Suddenly, they remembered the zither music and the yellow-clothed woman who was playing the zither on the pleasure boat.

Yu Sanji suddenly laughed, "Little monkey, can you fish?"

Wu Hen blankly shook his head. After a moment, his eyes suddenly lit up like the stars in the night sky.

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