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Yue Liushan returned to the Villa and stood in front of the mourning hall for a long time with a sad expression.

He seemed to have aged a decade or so, and was dejected and lifeless.

Thinking back to his entire life, in order to amass wealth, he used all sorts of methods. Finally having the scale of Tsui Willow Villa, he, Yue Liu Shan, became the person who commanded the wind and rain in Yue Yang's world.

It could be said that he loved money like his life depended on it. However, he was extremely fond of his wife. It was a pity that her beauty had died young, leaving behind a frail and sickly daughter who had passed away ten years ago.

His daughter was the only one he had besides his possessions, and also his greatest trust and concern.

Now that his only daughter had been killed, he suddenly felt that he had lost everything. What he had lost was not only his daughter, but his entire life of greed.

"If you can come back, even if I have to use up all my wealth and lose my life, I won't hesitate! Now that you've left father and gone, what's the use of me guarding this silver sea of gold and gold? "What use is it?"

Under the cold moonlight and dancing candlelight, two streams of hot tears quietly flowed down.

In the distance, the wailing of birds could be heard, adding to their desolation.

Wu Hen lifted his head listlessly, looking at the ground, as if in a daze.

For the first time, Yu Sanji saw him so silent, and for the first time, he saw him so lost in thought.

"Little monkey, why are you so depressed?"

"You said you could guarantee that I would be able to catch that thief, but that thief has suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Moreover, I broke through his disguise tonight, so I'm afraid I won't be able to come out again. How are we going to catch him?"

"Not only is the little monkey skinny, but it's also a stupid monkey." Yu Sanji laughed heartily.

Wu Hen was stunned as he stared with his bright and clear eyes, turning his head to look at Yu Xiao.

He saw the casual smile, the crafty smile, on Yu Sanliang's face.

"If you were that rapist, what would you do now?"

Wu Hen looked at him, and then suddenly laughed.

He slowly stood up and stretched his back.

"I will go to the Emerald Willow Villa to see if Yue Liushan has really killed that rapist!"

"That kid's Qing Gong is not bad. Your sword art can beat him, but you can't catch up to him. Hehe!"

"Hehe!" Wu Hen felt goosebumps all over his body.

He looked at this unfathomable Yu Sanji and laughed: "With you here, he won't be able to escape."

After he finished speaking, he quietly headed towards the Emerald Willow Villa. Arriving at the entrance of the Emerald Willow Villa, he saw that it was covered with willow trees.

He quietly stood under the shadow of a weeping willow and stared closely at the walls of the Emerald Willow Villa.

Not too far away, in the shadows, a shadow with a sword on his back was motionless.

He had already found traces of it, so he did not move.

"Yue Liushan obviously caught him and escorted him back to the Villa. Why is he still here? Could it be that I let him run away? "

The shadow thought to himself.

He used to be proud of himself for framing Wu Hen so easily, but now, he was surprised to see Wu Hen here.

Escaping was impossible. If he did, why did he come back?

"He is already the target of thousands of men. If he comes back, wouldn't he be walking right into a trap?"

The black shadow was suspicious. No matter how hard it tried, it could not figure out why Wu Hen was here.

After standing still for a long time, Wu Hen suddenly smiled at the hiding spot of the black shadow.

Naturally, the shadow could not see his smile. They were separated by several tens of feet, moreover, Traceless Aftermaths was still in the shadow of the willow tree.

Suddenly, a call from Yu Sanji came from the tranquil night sky.

"Catch the rapist!"

The black shadow was shocked. "Shua!" It pulled out its sword and rushed in the opposite direction.

Wu Hen also took out his sword and sprinted towards the black shadow like a monkey.

The black shadow had just gotten up and ran a step when it noticed Yu San blocking its way and hurriedly turned back. It saw that under the moonlight, the Pure Yuan Sword was piercing towards it as fast as lightning!

He swung away the Sword of Clear Origin and shot off in the direction of where no one was.

With a wave of the fishing rod, the black shadow cried out, and its nose had already been hooked by the fishing hook. It tore off a piece of flesh, causing extreme pain.

He was forced to retreat while Formless Blade chased from the side. Without any time to think, he flew up against the wall.

Yue Liushan, who was standing quietly in front of the mourning hall, was curious about the cries of the black figure and the cries of pain from the outside. Just as he was about to go over to investigate, he saw the black figure suddenly climb up the courtyard wall.

This black shadow held a long sword in hand and its body was thin and frail. Wasn't it the same person who had caught the rapist earlier?

As he was feeling remorseful, he suddenly saw the rapist who was rescued by Yu Sitou deliver himself to his doorstep. He shouted as he struck out with his palm.

The black shadow climbed up the wall, and before he could stand firm, Wu Hen had already caught up with him. His sword was like a rainbow, stabbing towards the back of his waist.

He was just about to use his sword to block it, but Yue Liushan had already launched an attack with lightning speed.

In his panic, he jumped down from the courtyard wall, dodging the palm strike and sword strike and landing in the courtyard of the Emerald Willow Villa.

Wu Hen wielded his sword as he stood on the wall, looking at the shadow that had fallen into the courtyard. "Manor Lord Yue, I've brought the person over for you!"

Yue Liushan was stunned. He looked at Wu Hen who was standing on the wall and then looked at the man in black who was leaning against the wall.

He leaped over the wall and landed in the yard.

"Villa Master Yue, didn't you wholeheartedly capture this rapist and avenge your daughter? Now that he had delivered himself to his doorstep, what was wrong? You don't want to catch me again? "

The position that Yu Sanji was standing, just happened to block the black-clothed man's path.

Currently, the black-clothed man was being surrounded by the three of them. He had nowhere to go, nowhere to go.

The black clothed man looked at Yu Zhang and Yue Liushan and knew that his chance of escaping from their hands was slim.

He looked up at the wall and saw Wu Hen standing there. He decided that if he wanted to run away, he could only bet on him!

With that thought in mind, he flew up and attacked Wu Hen with his sword.

Formless' wrist turned, and the Sword of Pure Yuan drew a half arc, deflecting the sword attack from the black clothed man. Without slowing down, the sword stabbed out.

In terms of swordsmanship, Wu Hen's donkey rearing swordsmanship was one of the best in the world. Not only that, his wrist's agility was extraordinary, and when he executed his sword techniques, he was even more so able to be unfathomable.

During this period of time, after sparring with others many times, he had gradually comprehended the subtleties of the sword technique.

The seventeen chants also allowed him to ponder on them all day long, corresponding to seventeen sword moves, and gradually understood the profound meaning within.

This sword strike was as smooth as flowing water, flowing naturally.

The black clothed man let out a muffled groan. His left shoulder was pierced by a sword and he fell down the wall. Something fell from his body.

Yue Liushan quickly stepped forward and pointed his fingers at a few of his acupuncture points, causing him to be unable to move.

Possessing his body, he picked up the items that had fallen from the black clothed person's body. When he looked at the moonlight, he saw a two finger-sized jade ornament. It was shaped like a fish.

A look of disbelief appeared in his eyes as he looked at the man in black on the ground.

Although this man in black was as skinny as Wu Hen, he was slightly taller and judging from his age, he was over thirty years old. His face was like that of a mountain ape.

His nose was already torn off by the fishing hook on the third pole, and his face was red from the blood. Under the moonlight, he looked extremely ferocious.

He put the sword back into its scabbard and jumped off the wall, arriving in front of Yue Liushan.

Yue Liushan dragged the black clothed man to the front of the mourning hall and made him kneel.

At this moment, Zuo Wuji, the three flood dragons, and the Daoist Priest were all awoken from their daze and rushed over one after another.

When they saw Wu Hen standing in the courtyard, they were all shocked.

The Three Flood Dragons of the Changjiang River were even more furious. However, when they saw the man in black kneeling in front of the mourning hall, they were stunned.

"Speak, who are you? "Why did you harm my daughter?"

Although the man in black had been captured, his expression was arrogant. Hearing this, he laughed.

"Your father has never changed his name, neither has he sat on the ground, even if it is the middle course of the Yu Lang Flower!"

"Are you the Flower Harvester Saint Hand, Lord Yu Lang!?"

Yue Liushan was shocked. A cold light burst out from his eyes as he looked towards the middle of the flower.

"It's a pity that Miss Yue is too weak to withstand the wind. Once the spring winds blew, she actually died. What a pity!" Otherwise, I would rather... "

The man in black knew that today was death on the left and right. Before he died, he still wanted to speak quickly.

"Shut up!"

Yue Liushan roared and reached his hand out to slap him.

Holding the fish-shaped ornament, he slowly stretched out in front of the man in black and asked in a deep voice, "Flowers in the middle of the lake. Moreover, he was a lone wolf, unaffiliated with any sect or school. "What's with your Jade Fish Pendant?"

The black clothed man spat out a mouthful of blood and proudly looked at Yue Liushan.

Yue Liushan's pupils slowly contracted as his eyes shot out a breathtaking cold light.

"It seems that if I don't give you a taste of your suffering, you won't speak the truth!"

As he spoke, he made a grasping motion with his left hand. Slowly lifting up, he slowly descended, landing on the black-clothed man's shoulder blade.

Yu San's eyes revealed an undetectable glint as he looked at the hand that was holding onto the black clothed man.

"Tendon Breaking Bone Breaking Hand!"

He whispered to himself.

The pain from the man in black's shoulder made his eyes bulge out, red as blood.

His face gradually turned pale and a trickle of blood slowly flowed out from his mouth. His expression became even more ferocious under the flickering candlelight.

But he gritted his teeth and said nothing.

"Good spirit!"

Yue Liushan said coldly.

His hands moved as fast as lightning, and with a "kacha" sound, the other shoulder blade was also crushed.

The man in black finally could not hold back a scream.

"I... I said. "I …"

Yue Liushan slowly let go of his hands, the black clothed man gasped for breath and said: "This Jade Fish Pei is …. "It's …"

Suddenly, a cold star shot toward him and pierced his temple.

The black clothed man gave a muffled grunt, his eyes opened wide and he slowly fell to the ground.

Under the candlelight, a drop of blood seeped out of his temple. It was extremely strange.

Yu Sizhe leaped up and onto the wall, only to see a black shadow rushing towards him like a bolt of lightning. It was too late to catch up with him.

Standing on the wall of the courtyard, Yu Sanniang gazed thoughtfully at the figure that had fled far away.

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