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Yue Liushan saw him jump down from the wall and asked, "Has Senior seen clearly who did it?"

This was the first time Yue Liushan called him senior.

He slowly shook his head and said, "That person's qinggong is extremely high and his movement speed is extremely quick. This old man was unable to see it clearly."

Yue Liushan and Wu Hen were both stunned.

With Yu Xiang's skill, he actually couldn't even see the other party clearly.

Yue Liushan looked at the dead man in black.

"He's a middle flower?"

"Of course not! Didn't you say that wandering among flowers only destroys one's innocence and doesn't harm one's life? This is his rule, and the whole world knows it! "

Yu Sanji slowly said.

"That's right, how could Yu Lang Jun Hua Zhongyou possibly join the Changjiang Gang!"

Yue Liushan suddenly looked at the Jade Fish Pendant in his hand and said thoughtfully.

Yu Sanniang said, "Villa Master Yue, the real culprit has been executed. This old man will take his leave now!"

Saying that, he began to walk away.

Senior, please wait! Senior and … "

Yue Liushan was stunned, because he did not know Wu Hen's name.

Wu Hen laughed, "My name is Wu Hen."

Yue Liushan nodded his head and continued, "Senior and Young Hero Wu Hen helped me capture the murderer who killed my daughter. I am extremely grateful!"

With that, he waved his hand. Yue Zhi Zhong then took out a few silver notes and passed them to Yue Liushan.

"Here are some silver taels. Although it is insignificant, I can still express my gratitude towards you. I hope Senior Wan Hen and Young Hero Wu Hen can accept them!"

Yu Sanji laughed and said proudly, "Yue Liushan, do you love this kind of white and yellow thing like everyone else?"

With that, he waved his hand and called Wu Hen, and the two of them left.

Yue Liushan stared blankly at the two of them as he held onto a few silver notes.

Was there really a fool in the world who didn't love gold and silver?

However, he knew that these two people were not idiots.

He retracted his surprised gaze, and his eyes gradually regained its sharpness.

He looked at the corpse on the ground and took the torch from the hands of one of the manor guards, lowering his head to look at his temple.

Blood droplets could be seen on his temples. The droplets of blood had yet to dry up. However, they were black in color.

He secretly channeled his internal energy and slowly pressed his index and middle fingers against the two sides of the bead. After a while, a thin, pitch-black needle slowly emerged from his fingers.

When he saw this needle, he knew that it contained a deadly poison. Even if it was not injected into the fatal acupoint, it could still instantly take a person's life.

He wrapped the thin needle in a cloth and slowly pulled it out. Facing the light of the fire, he pondered for a long time.

The next day, Eldest Miss Yue's funeral.

On both sides of the streets of Yue Yang City stood many commoners, sending off this good-natured young miss Yue who had met a tragic end.

Rumors of the rapist had been widely spread among the people.

This time, the Emerald Willow Villa was neither overbearing nor tyrannical.

If there were civilians blocking the way, they would wait for them to leave in fear before continuing.

Tsui Liu Manor's manor guards walked along the street to clarify that the person who had killed Miss Yue was not Wu Hen, but someone else instead. The murderer had been executed with Traceless Aftermath's help.

This news was like the wind, quickly covering the entire Yue Yang City.

Eldest Miss Yue was buried in the west side of the city.

When they arrived at the graveyard, the sky darkened. It was a scorching summer day and a drizzling rain had unexpectedly appeared. It was as if she was shedding sad tears for this unfortunate and kind girl.

After the burial, everyone dispersed. In front of the new grave, only Yue Liushan and Chief Steward Yue Zhi were left.

Yue Liushan was holding the Jade Fish Pendant in his hand, his eyes were filled with sadness and profoundness.

"Changjiang Gang, Ge Changjiang, I, Yue, have never treated you unfairly. Why have you treated me like this and why!"

Yue Liushan first acted as if he was mumbling to himself, and his voice gradually rose. When he said "why are you doing this to me", he practically did his best to shout out.

The originally drizzling rain suddenly rumbled like thunder, tearing the dark sky into a deathly pale state.

Yue Zhizhan stood at the side and said softly, "Manor Lord, let's go back!"

Yue Liushan slowly grasped the Jade Fish Pendant in his hands and raised his head to look at the dusky sky. Suddenly, he raised his head and shouted loudly.

The roar was like the roar of a wild beast. Accompanied by a clap of thunder, it resounded through the sky.

The drizzle turned into a torrential downpour, as if it were pouring from the sky.

In the middle of the lake, the Star Seizer Pavilion's pleasure boat was still standing at its original spot, allowing the torrential rain to pour down.

Leng Zhaoxing stood in the pavilion at the top floor of the cruise liner, gazing off into the distance at the misty lake surface of the lake.

Suddenly, a fast boat flew through the rain across the surface of the lake and quickly approached the pleasure boat.

On the fast boat stood an old man in his fifties wearing a dark gray, coarse cloth coat. He was wearing a straw cape and a shiny black soft whip wrapped around his waist.

This man was the gang leader of the Changjiang Gang, the Iron Back Dragon, Ge Changjiang.

The fast boat arrived at the side of the cruise liner. He then flew out like a bird and landed on the cruise liner.

He quickly walked to the pavilion and stood there solemnly. Clasping his fist, he said respectfully: "Tower Head Leng, it's been a long time!"

Leng Zhaoxing continued to gaze into the distance, as if she had no idea that someone had come.

"Sect Leader Ge, if I want to see you again, it will be really difficult!"

He spoke slowly.

Tower Lord Leng is joking! I was informed that OP has come to the Dong Ting and hastily rushed back from the Tai Hu. Before I could return to the main rudder of Jun Shan, I had already come to pay my respects to OP! "

Only then did Leng Zhaoxing let out an "Oh" and slowly turn around.

"Sect Leader Ge, please come in for a chat!"

Saying that, he made a gesture of 'please'.

Ge Changjiang took off his raincoat, and a man came forward to receive it. He then left the pavilion with Leng Zhaoxing, arriving at the pleasure boat cabin.

Inside the cabin, the fragrance of tea permeated the air. A young woman wearing a gorgeous dress was scooping up some water to boil the tea.

Next to it were a few simple and unadorned red wooden embellishments.

Leng Zhaoxing slowly sat down and said, "Sect Master Ge, please sit! This is this year's newly picked Jun Shan Tea, why don't you try it and see if it's the same tea that the Sect Leader brewed? "

Ge Changjiang laughed and said, "I am a boorish man, this cup of tea has always been a big bowl full. Why don't you accompany the OP today and have a small cup of tea as well?"

After which, he sat down across from Leng Zhaoxing.

The woman poured out two cups of hot tea and handed them over separately.

As Ge Changjiang looked at the slightly green tea in the cup, a sweet fragrance assaulted his nose. He took a sip and a sweet fragrance flowed down his throat, seeping into his heart and soul.

"It really is different from drinking a big bowl of tea! It seems that I was only able to tame heavenly objects in the past! "

He put down the teacup. He still felt that his lips were fragrant, and it was truly wonderful.

Leng Zhaoxing remained expressionless as she slowly took a sip.

"Sect Leader Ge, did you come here in the rain because of some important matter?"

He slowly put down the teacup in his hand and said.

"I have come to pay my respects to the Tower Lord because I have a matter that I wish to seek confirmation from the Tower Lord."

"Oh? What is it that requires Sect Leader to personally come? "

"It's been rumored that the Blood Linglong Fragment Map has flowed to Yue Yang. Does OP have any news about it?"

Leng Zhanxing nodded his head lightly.

"The Blood Linglong Formation is divided into four parts, and is drawn by the alchemist master of the previous dynasty, Spiritual Master Zi Yun." When this map was released, the world was thrown into chaos. Many martial arts experts and sects wanted it for themselves. In the process of the competition, they were divided into four parts and left without a trace. Right now, there are indeed rumors of the appearance of a fragment, but they are only rumors! "

Ge Changyang seemed to be deep in thought. He held his teacup tightly in his hand for a long time, watching the storm outside the window.

"If that's the case, then this news is true!"

"About this, I am unable to verify it."

"I have even heard rumors that Yue Liushan from the Emerald Willow Villa has a remnant map in his hands!"

A light flashed in Leng Zhaoxing's eyes as he looked at Ge Changjiang.

"Villa Head Yue?" He thought about how he was indifferent to the martial arts world and only wanted to amass wealth. How could he have a map fragment? "

"Since Yue Liushan is greedy for treasures, how about the world's most valuable treasure, Blood Linglong?"

Leng Zhaoxing slowly nodded his head.

"Sect Leader Ge's words are reasonable!"

"Tower Lord Leng, could it be that your news about Xue Ling is not affected at all?"

"How can the treasures of the world not be tempted? However, Villa Owner Yue is my close friend, so how can I go and become enemies with him for the sake of a fragmented map? "

Leng Zhaoxing said calmly.

"Tower Lord Leng is so righteous, I, Ge Yang, am impressed! I am just a common person, not like OP who thought so much! The Tower Lord and Yue Liushan were close friends, and Ge also views the Tower Lord as close friends. I want to know, if Yue Liushan and I were to have a conflict, how would Pavilion Master choose? "

Ge Changjiang said as he swirled the tea cup in his hand and looked at Leng Zhaoxing.

Leng Zhaoxing slowly stood up and walked over to the window.

"It's raining so heavily!"

Ge Changjiang was stunned. He also looked out of the window at the misty rain, not knowing what Leng Zhaoxing meant.

"Didn't you two families always ally in interest? What? Sect Master Ge, are you preparing to make a move against the Emerald Willow Villa? "

Ge Changyang snorted coldly, and said with a trace of hatred in his voice, "An alliance?" I am wholeheartedly an ally of his interests, but what about Yue Liushan? "

Leng Zhaoxing slowly turned around, looking at Ge Changjiang who seemed a little indignant and indignant, and asked: "What happened to Villa Owner Yue? Just because of this map fragment, is it worth for Clan Master Ge to fall out with him? "

"Yue Liushan humiliated me time and time again. A few days ago, I personally came to propose marriage and wanted to become relatives with him. Not only did he not agree to it, he even humiliated me and made me lose all face in the Changjiang Gang! "

The more Ge Changjiang spoke, the more indignant he became. The teacup in his hand trembled slightly.

"This is indeed Villa Owner Yue's fault! But now, after Miss Yue has passed away, Sect Leader Ge should be able to let go of her! "

"Put it down? Can I, Ge Changjiang, get people to ride around my neck and make sarcastic remarks? "

"Then what does sect leader plan to do?"

"The Yangtze River Gang and the Emerald Willow Villa will have a fight sooner or later. I hope that the Tower Lord can stand aside and watch without helping."

An almost imperceptible strange expression flashed in Leng Zhaoxing's eyes. He slowly sat down and didn't speak for a long time.

After a long while, Ge Changjiang seemed to have made a decision. He stood up and said, "As long as the Tower Lord can agree, the Changjiang Gang will definitely reward us handsomely!"

Leng Zhaoxing said, "Sect Master Ge's words are out of consideration! However, both of you are my friends. It would be inappropriate for me to stand aside and do nothing. How about you wait until I leave Yue Yang before you guys break up? "

Ge Changjiang cupped his fist and said, "Tower Lord Leng, since you've said so, it will be hard to keep up with your words! The reward was delivered right after! I thank Tower Lord Leng and will take my leave first! "

Then, he strode out of the cabin, took the raincoat and put it on, jumped onto the fast boat waiting on the lake, and left through the rain.

The rain seemed to come harder. Leng Zhaoxing stood at the bow of the ship, letting the torrential rain wash over her.

He coldly looked at the ship as it left. A hint of a smile appeared on his face, a hint of a cold, strange smile.

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