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"I want to go out. I want to find my parents and ask them why they left me here for sixteen years and never came to see me!"

Wu Hen stopped his sword and looked at Gongsun Qi.

"Whenever your illness is better, you can leave that day." Gongsun Qi calmly replied.

Wu Hen was stunned.

"Can my disease be cured? Didn't old man Fang say that I won't be able to live for more than a few years? "

"What a fart!" No Blood Linglong, just wait for your death! "

From far away, a sound that could not be heard came. It was very soft, but very clear.

"What is Blood Linglong?"

Wu Hen asked Gongsun Qi. But he knew that no matter how far away they were, they would still be able to hear him even if they didn't hear him.

Although he looked old, his ears were actually much better than the little donkey that Gongsun Qi had brought back a year ago.

"One bug, one bug that can kill ten buffaloes!"

Wu Hen glared again.

"This old man wants to poison me?"

Gongsun Qi shook his head.

"If he wants you to die, there are at least a dozen methods, but he definitely won't use Blood Linglong, because that would be too much of a waste!"

Wu Hen did not understand, but he knew that what Gongsun Qi said was not a lie.

What was Blood Linglong? Since it was so poisonous, how could it save him?

Traceless decided to go out.

Since his own illness could not be cured, then why waste his time here?

It would be better to go out and find his parents before he dies, and find the Blood Linglong that could save him.

"I'm leaving here tomorrow. I'm going out to adventure!"

On the rock outside the bamboo forest, Formless and Mingyue were sitting close together as he spoke softly to Mingyue.

"Will he come back?" Brightmoon wasn't surprised, because she knew that this day would come sooner or later.

Wu Hen shook his head. He wasn't sure if he would be able to come back after he left.

"The old man said, I don't have much time left to live, two years? Three years? "Maybe five years?"

Suddenly, he felt his mouth was gently pressed down, and a sweet fragrance came from his nose.

It wasn't the fragrance of a flower, but the unique fragrance of a young girl.

Wuhen was drunk, even more so than the first time he stole wine to drink.

"I won't allow you to die. In three years, come and marry me. I'll wait for you here."

Brightmoon's voice was always so pleasant to hear. It was like the gentle caress of a spring breeze, like the blossoming of a flower, like the gurgling of a stream.

For the first time, Wu Hen's eyes filled with tears. It was boiling hot.

This was the first time he realized that crying was actually like this.

In the past, even if he was in a lot of pain, he would never have had a single tear, not a single tear.

"Promise me!"

Brightmoon's trembling voice was heard.

Wu Hen nodded slightly.

Brightmoon suddenly giggled, her eyes filled with tears.

This smile caused a pain in Wu Hen's heart. It went straight to the bone marrow!

He gently held Brightmoon's delicate hand and placed it under his nose, gently sniffing it, as if he was smelling a fresh flower.

Traceless was riding on the little donkey, which was as skinny as Gongsun Qi's donkey.

He even worried that he would crush the donkey.

Next to the donkey's neck hung a gourd, a gourd that was much smaller than the one Gongsun Qi was holding.

Tears welled up in Wu Hen's eyes once again.

Sometimes, he was really annoyed with this stingy old man. Not only was he stingy, but he was also harsh.

Now, he was about to leave this Medicine Immortal Valley that he had lived in for sixteen years, and suddenly felt a trace of reluctance.

He looked at Gongsun Qi and Fang Buyi, who stood in front of the grass hut, and suddenly felt that they had aged even more.

From far away, he seemed to hear a sigh from Gongsun Qi.

Wu Hen suddenly patted the donkey's neck.

The donkey slowly turned around and walked to Gongsun Qi and Fang Buwen.

Traceless jumped off the donkey and knelt down on both knees.

It was the first time he had ever knelt down before them.

Gongsun Qi opened the gourd and gulped down a few mouthfuls.

"Let's go!" If you can survive, you should come to the Medicine Immortal Valley to take a look! "

Fang Dong's voice trembled a little.

Wu Hen saw the tears rolling in Gongsun Qi's eyes. An old man who only knew how to feed a donkey all day long and only knew how to drink and curse, was actually able to see the tears in his eyes.

Wu Hen mounted the donkey, took a long and deep glance at the grass hut, then glanced at the flowing stream and the bamboo bridge over the stream.

Taking another deep breath, the fragrance of the bamboo leaves seeped into his heart and was engraved in his heart.

Mingyue did not say a word, silently following by his side.

"Remember, I'll wait for you here!"

Mingyue, who usually loved to cry, did not shed a single tear this time.

Wu Hen turned around to look at her. He felt a twinge in his heart as he looked at the slim and graceful lady who had accompanied him for fourteen years.

She took out a silk handkerchief with two red flowers embroidered on it and gently put it into Wu Hen's hand.

Wu Hen suddenly smiled at her.

"Don't be sad, I will come back!" "Of course!"

Mingyue silently gazed at him. In her heart, she also firmly believed that he would return and marry her.

Raising his head, he could faintly see Gongsun Qi standing on top of a bamboo pole, swaying in the wind.

Wu Hen had left Medicine Immortal Valley, which he had lived in for sixteen years. He had left that place without saying much, but he had completely ignored the caring and meticulous Fang Mu. He had left that Gongsun Qi who had stayed in Medicine Immortal Valley for ten years for him, and suddenly felt a sense of emptiness in his heart.

And then there was Brightmoon, the beautiful, gentle, kind, and tearful girl who stung his heart.

"I can't die! I must find Blood Linglong and live on! "

But what was Blood Linglong?

He had asked Gongsun Qi and also asked Fang Buyi.

All they knew was that Xue Linglong was just a bug, an incredibly poisonous bug that no one had seen for almost a hundred years.

But he wasn't depressed. As long as he had it, he would definitely find it.

On the official road to the courtyard, Wu Hen was slowly walking on the thin donkey that was the thief.

The donkey hung its head, listless.

Many passersby looked at him with a strange expression. They looked at the monkey-thin youth sitting on the donkey's back.

The youth was also listless as he sat on the donkey. He was drowsy, causing people to be worried that he would fall down.

Suddenly, the little donkey lifted up its ears, sniffled its nose with all its might, and began to let out "Eeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" sounds.

Traceless seemed to wake up from his sleep and look up.

Not far in front of them, a flag from a restaurant was fluttering in the wind.

Wu Hen opened his star-like eyes and couldn't help but stick out his tongue and lick his lips.

"You beast, are you hungry for wine?"

After he finished speaking, he was stunned.

Because he was also hungry for wine. If that was the case, wouldn't he be a beast?

The inn was by the side of the road, in a grass hut made up of a few wooden pillars.

There were a few tables placed outside the grass hut.

Inside the grass hut sat five black-clothed men wearing dark red cloaks. Beside each of them was a steel knife.

The five of them were drinking wine in big bowls.

When the passersby saw that all five of them carried weapons, they did not dare to enter. A few of them were resting outside.

Since the little donkey found the wine house, he walked very fast.

The owner of the inn was an old man over a hundred years old. There was also a white-haired woman who was presumably his wife.

Wu Hen got off the donkey and sat at an empty table by the roadside.

The boss eagerly ran over.

"Young master, what would you like to order?"

Before Wu Hen could open his mouth, the donkey beside him began to whimper again.

"Beat five catties of sorghum first and burn it to that beast."

The owner was stunned. He looked around and muttered, "What … Which one … "Animal?"

It wasn't that he was stuttering, it was because he thought Wu Hen was referring to someone that he was frightened by.

Scolding an animal right after he opened his mouth, wasn't that just looking for trouble?

Wu Hen pointed at the little donkey. The boss's eyes were wide open as if he had seen the most unbelievable thing in the world.

However, when he saw the little donkey happily drinking sorghum braised, he wondered if he had lost his eyesight.

"Interesting! Brother, look, a donkey can drink! "

A man in black pointed at the little donkey under the grass hut and laughed loudly.

"Give me five catties of sorghum stew and two catties of beef!"

At the next table, a customer was so shocked that he almost threw away his wine cup.

It was one thing for such a thin donkey to drink five catties of sorghum to burn. After all, it was a donkey.

But this young man was as thin as a monkey that hadn't eaten in a few days, yet he could drink five pounds of sorghum to burn?

Wu Hen looked at him, his eyes as bright and pure as the stars.

The merchant shook his head and turned away.

Five catties of sorghum was burnt down, and the donkey and Traceless Aftermaths were refreshed.

A man and a donkey staggered to the edge of the river.

He watched as the sky gradually darkened and the distant mountains gradually became blurry. He let the donkey walk forward without a trace.

"Brother, for the sake of capturing a girl who doesn't know any martial arts, do you still need the five of us? I will bring her here in a while! "

Suddenly, a man's voice drifted over. Although it was mixed with the sound of flowing water, Wu Hen could still hear every word clearly.

"Although that girl doesn't know any martial arts, we must not be careless!" The Lord has ordered her to be taken alive. Furthermore, the last time he escaped from her on the Cloud Tang Island, my Lord was already enraged. If we fail again this time, I'm afraid our heads won't be able to hold on! "

Another man said slowly, his voice low.

Wu Hen jumped down from the donkey's back and saw that there was a black boat tied to the river. The sound came from that boat.

At this time, the moon was bright and the stars were sparse. The moonlight was shining on the river.

Suddenly, five people came out of the boat and jumped onto the river bank.

Under the moonlight, Wu Hen could vaguely make out that these five people were the five people he met at the inn that day, drinking wine.

He held the little donkey and followed from afar, walking into a forest by the river.

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