Devil Sword in Jianghu/C4 One with the Donkey
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Devil Sword in Jianghu/C4 One with the Donkey
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C4 One with the Donkey

The five of them probably didn't take it to heart because they wanted to capture a woman without any martial arts skills.

Wuhen followed from afar, but they were not alerted at all.

The mountain path meandered, and the moonlight flickered in and out of the forest.

Suddenly, a person flashed out from the side of the road and whispered to the five people.

Wuhen did not dare to get too close. That was why he couldn't hear what he said.

After the six of them finished whispering, they walked into the depths of the forest together.

A moment later, a run-down temple appeared under the moonlight.

The six of them immediately spread out and surrounded the broken temple. The six steel knives emitted a cold light under the moonlight.

Traceless hid behind a large tree and stared intently at the ruined temple.

The dim light of the temple flickered and jumped.

Traceless thought to himself, 'These people sneakily came to catch a woman. Who exactly are they?'

At this moment, the two of them kicked open the temple door, and a woman's scream came from inside the temple.

Wuhen's heart tightened, and he gently pulled out the iron sword on his back.

Under the moonlight, two men, one on the left and one on the right, grabbed a woman and walked out.

"Let me go! You demons! Let me go!"

The woman shouted and struggled with all her might.

However, she was a weak woman who did not know any martial arts. How could she struggle when she was caught by two men who were highly skilled in martial arts?

Wuhen looked from afar and saw the woman with long hair hanging loosely on her shoulders. Her pure white dress appeared especially conspicuous under the moonlight.

Wuhen's heart was pounding. He had practiced the Donkey Training Sword Arts in Medicine Immortal Valley for ten years, but he didn't know if he could defeat these people.

However, he knew in his heart that it was impossible to defeat them.

A few men walked over with the girl in tow.

Wuhen seemed to have seen the woman's beautiful yet despairing face.

He gritted his teeth and thought to himself, "I don't have a long life anyway. Since I've met her today, even if I really have to die here, I have to do my best to save her!"

After making up his mind, he stared at the few people who were gradually approaching.

Those people had captured that woman. Who would have thought that there would be an ambush in the forest?

When they approached, Traceless stabbed forward without a sound!

Before a man could understand what was going on, he fell to the ground with a sword in his back.

The other men immediately realized what was going on. Three of them swung their swords at Traceless.

The Wu Henn's Long Sword came out. Ding! Ding! Ding! Three steel blades were deflected by his sword three times in a row.

The three men were clearly shocked, and even Wuhen was deeply surprised!

Taking advantage of the moment when the men were stunned, Wuhen stabbed out with his sword once again.

One of the men swung his sword at Wuhen's sword, but to his surprise, his sword suddenly turned and stabbed at another man.

That person retreated in a flash and shouted at the same time, "You guys go first! Wait until we finish off this kid!"

The two men holding the woman in white agreed and pulled her down the mountain.

"Uh, uh, uh. . . "

Suddenly, the donkey's urgent cries could be heard.

Those few people were caught off guard and were startled by the cries.

Then, they saw the donkey suddenly rush out of the forest.

When it arrived in front of the three men who were confronting Wuhen, it suddenly turned around.


The donkey raised its tail high and let out a loud and long donkey fart.

The three of them were shocked and hurriedly covered their noses.

The donkey was barking happily.

One of the men was extremely furious and swung his blade.

The donkey suddenly jumped up from behind. Its two thick, bowl-sized hooves made a "Pa!" sound. One of its legs kicked the stomach of one of the men, while the other kicked the left side of the man's face. The donkey lowered its tail and hit the right side of the last man.

The donkey then ran away at an extremely fast speed.

The donkey was thin, but its kick was not light.

The man who was kicked on the left side of the face spat out a mouthful of blood and a tooth. He was stunned.

"This donkey knows Kung Fu?!"

One of the men asked.

However, no one believed that the three martial arts masters were kicked by a skinny donkey at the same time, and it was not light either.

The three of them were furious and forgot about Wuhen. They only wanted to kill that donkey, the donkey that had caused them great humiliation.

However, at this moment, Wuhen had already leaped onto the back of the donkey. The iron sword in his hand stabbed out like a bolt of lightning!

The three of them only felt a flash of cold light in front of their eyes. The three of them were each struck by the sword.

The donkey cried out and rushed forward as if it was flying.

The two men escorting the woman in white never would have dreamed that this thin youth could kill the three of them with a single sword strike.

However, before they could think too much, the donkey had already arrived in front of them.

The iron sword stabbed out like a bolt of lightning once again. One of the men cried out in pain. The sword in his hand fell to the ground, and the steel knife in his hand fell to the ground.

The other man was shocked, and he was already kicked by Wuhen.

He swung his sword to block, but Wuhen suddenly bent down and grabbed the woman's wrist, lifting the donkey's back.

The donkey was running away. With these two men, how could they catch up to the donkey that was flying away?

The two men and the donkey ran under the moonlight.

The donkey looked lean and carried the two of them. When it ran, it was not inferior to a healthy horse.

After running for more than ten miles in one breath, the donkey gradually slowed down.

The woman in white finally escaped danger and her originally tense nerves relaxed.

She was tightly hugged by Wuhen in front of her chest, and her heart was beating like a deer.

Her long hair danced in the wind, brushing against Wuhen's face. Her neck was itchy.

A faint fragrance came from her nose.

This fragrance was similar to the bright moon, but it was completely different.

The two of them could smell it, but the woman in white did not dare to move. She did not see Wuhen's face, nor did she know what kind of person was hugging her tightly from behind.

When the donkey slowed down, she said softly: "Can you put me down now?"

Wuhen jumped down from the donkey's back. He stared at her with eyes as bright as the stars in the night sky and reached out to help her down from the donkey's back.

"The situation just now was urgent. I'm really sorry!"

He was a little embarrassed and said in embarrassment.

"You saved me, you're my benefactor, why are you apologizing to me?"

The woman slowly turned around and faced Wuhen.

Under the moonlight, Wuhen felt his eyes light up.

This woman looked to be around fourteen or fifteen years old. Although her long hair was loose, it could not conceal her beauty.

Her jet-black hair casually fell down her shoulders, straight down to her waist. A tassel hung from it. As the breeze blew, the tassel gently swayed.

His white and clean face and soft and delicate skin. His eyebrows were long and slender like a painting, and his eyes flickered like stars.

There was a small mouth under his small nose bridge, and his lips were thin and thin. The corner of his mouth was slightly curved, as if he was carrying a sad smile.

His entire face was delicate and elegant, otherworldly and otherworldly, without the slightest hint of the smell of fireworks in the mortal world.

Dressed in a white flowery shirt, her white long dress swayed along with her movements.

Wuhen seemed to be stunned by what she saw.

He was used to seeing the beauty of the moon, and felt that the moon was like a fairy. However, the girl in front of him was not inferior to the moon at all.

The girl looked at Wuhen and saw that although he was skinny like a monkey, his face was angular and his facial features were delicate and pretty. Especially his eyes, which were big and bright like the stars in the night sky.

"Mei Wantine, thank you for Young Hero's help. I can't thank you enough! May I ask Young Hero's name?"

Wuhen seemed to have woken up from a dream and smiled awkwardly.

"My name is Wu Hen, what do you mean Young Hero has a lot of chivalrous men? I don't feel comfortable listening to you. Just call me Traceless!"

Mei Wantine's expression was calm. It did not seem like she had just experienced a calamity.

"Who are those people who wanted to capture you? Why did they want to capture you?"

Wuhen was very curious. How could a fourteen or fifteen year old little girl provoke so many people to capture her? Furthermore, she did not have any martial arts at all.

"They were sent by the Bloody Moon Cult. "

Mei Wantine said slowly.

"Bloody Moon Cult?"

Wuhen had stayed in Medicine Immortal Valley for more than ten years, so he had no idea about the outside world. Not to mention these sects in the pugilistic world.


Mei Wantine nodded and continued, "They are doing it for a book, a supreme inner force heart technique in the martial arts world. "

Supreme inner force mantra?

Hearing this, Wuhen shook his head secretly.

What kind of inner force heart technique was it that made them unwilling to let go of a little girl?

"Where's your family? Why did they abandon you and ignore you?"

After pondering for a moment, Wuhen asked.

"Dead. They were all killed. "

Wuhen looked deeply at the weak woman in front of him once again. He could not imagine what kind of grief she had endured!

"I'm sorry, I. . . "

Mei Wantine gently shook her head.

"It's fine. If I could not bear it, I would have died a long time ago. "

Wuhen was stunned.

"Then do you have any relatives or friends that you can rely on?"

"South Ridge Qin Family, now that I think about it, I can only go there!"

She let out a light sigh of relief, and there seemed to be a trace of helplessness in her tone.

Wuhen stretched out his hand to help her up the donkey's back. He did not want her to slowly climb up on her own.

Although his posture was not very elegant, he still sat on the back of the donkey steadily.

Traceless slowly retracted his extended hand and thought to himself, This girl has such a strong personality!"

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