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The moon was still bright and clear.

After a heavy rain, the sky was completely clean.

On the road, there were still people who had missed their journey and the customers at the relay stations. The pedestrians were hurrying on their way under the moonlight.

Traceless was one of them.

He had just entered the martial arts world and had no experience. He wanted to send her to Lingnan as soon as possible. That way, she would be safe.

Therefore, he had also missed the opportunity to stay the night.

The road wound under the moonlight, never ending.

Some unknown insects chirped and some nocturnal birds flapped their wings in alarm. From the lotus pond in the distance came the sound of frogs.

Yue Ye was both beautiful and lonely.

The night was getting darker, and the pedestrians were gradually disappearing. The only thing left on the road was Wuhen holding the little donkey, and the donkey carrying Mei Wanting on its back, walking slowly.

Suddenly, Wu Hen stopped and looked back.

Under the night sky, a shadow flashed not too far away.

Wu Hen slowly grasped the sword hilt, and lightly pulled out the steel sword on his back.

Mei Wanting looked around, she knew that Wu Hen had sensed danger.

"When we start fighting, you ride my little donkey and run away first. I'll send them after you!"

He spoke very calmly.

"I'm not leaving. You're in trouble because of me. I can't leave!"

Mei Wanting lightly shook her head.

You risked your life for me, how could I abandon you?

"Fine, I'm not leaving!" I don't know how many of them are here, but maybe there's an ambush ahead. If you cannot leave, then fight to the death! "

Traceless's tone remained calm, as if he was whispering to someone he loved.

Mei Wanting's nervous heart suddenly calmed down.

She believed in him. She believed in this young man who had saved her for no reason and wanted to protect her for no reason.

The young man's steel sword was dull and lifeless under the moonlight. Only the tip of the blade was faintly discernible.

"Good!" Good! "Alright!"

Suddenly, three consecutive applause rang out.

His voice was cold and cold like the water in a cold lake, like the cries of the dead and the dead.

Along with the voice, a person wearing a white robe with long hair that covered his face slowly walked out from three meters in front of him.

Under the moonlight, he held his hands together. There was not a single spot of skin on his body. It was as if he was an empty piece of clothing floating under the moonlight.

Behind him followed a man in a dark blue robe.

The man was tall, a full head taller than the man in white.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, staring at Wu Hen and Mei Wanting coldly.

"Your courage is not bad. You actually dared to snatch someone from my Blood Moon Sect, and even killed four of my disciples." Not bad, not bad at all! "

The man in white spoke with great difficulty, as if he would die at any moment if he were to speak a single word. It was very frightening to listen to.

"What is the Blood Moon Sect?" You aren't letting a single little girl off? "

Wu Hen did not curse, but said calmly.

"What is the Blood Moon Sect?" You haven't heard of the Blood Moon Sect? If you do not, leave the sword in your hands and I will spare your life! "

At this moment, the lame man, who had been following behind him, no longer hid and revealed the two short blades in his hands!

Wu Hen suddenly turned around to look at Mei Wanting with a smile that was as radiant as ever.

"If you can't beat me, then run. Don't worry about me!"

She suddenly started to worry about this thin and weak youth.

"Don't worry, they can't even beat my donkey, and they still want to fight me?"

The little donkey called out a few times in a timely manner, looking very proud of itself.

Mei Wanting's eyes widened.

"It can understand you?"

Wu Hen smiled but did not reply.

He suddenly retreated like a monkey and the sword in his hand faintly glinted with a cold light under the moonlight as he stabbed towards the crippled tea servant.

'Ding! 'The long sword was blocked by the dagger. The other dagger flashed and pierced towards his throat like lightning.

Wu Hen was shocked. This man's skills were so fast, he was on a completely different level from the men in black from last time.

With a twist of his wrist, the sword swung in a circle, knocking the dagger away from his throat. Then, he suddenly leaped up and pressed his left hand on the man's head, leaping over his head.

The crippled tea servant was shocked by his sword. He did not understand how Formless Blade could spin around in front of his chest.

But he would never have the chance to understand it!

Just as he turned around, the iron sword stabbed into his back with a cold light.

He pulled out his sword, bringing with it a shower of blood. Under the moonlight, it was extremely beautiful, like blossoming peach blossoms.

Traceless Aftermath had perfectly used the innate advantage of his nimble wrist and performed a move that the Blade Master would not even dare to imagine.

The man in white and the man in blue were also surprised.

The blue-robed man slowly loosened his arms and gently lowered them.

"Did you see his sword moves clearly?"

The man in white asked, his voice still cold.

The blue-robed man nodded slightly, then shook his head again.

"I can see it clearly, but I've never seen it before!"

The blue-robed man's voice was not so cold, nor so unpleasant.

However, his words were simple, as if he was extremely stingy with the effort needed to say one extra word.

"How many moves do you need to kill him?"

"Three moves!"

The man in white seemed to be surprised as he gently stroked his long hair, which almost covered his face.

Under the night sky, the coldness in his eyes was piercing.

The blue-robed man slowly walked towards Wu Hen, one step at a time.

Wu Hen stood one Zhang away from Mei Wanting as he looked at the blue-robed man approaching step by step.

He suddenly felt a pressure, a pressure he had never felt before!

The blue-robed man stopped about three meters away from him and stared coldly at Wu Hen.

Wu Hen gently raised the sword in his hand. A drop of blood slowly dripped down the tip of the sword!

"That's right!"

The blue-robed man spat out two words.

Wu Hen did not understand what he meant by 'yes'. Was it the sword in his hand or his killing sword?

"What a pity!"

The blue-robed man squeezed out another two words. At the same time, he suddenly rose up from the ground and pounced towards Wu Hen like a hawk.

Wu Hen's wrist shook as the iron sword let out a dragon's roar.

He knew that he had met a true expert this time!

The iron sword was like a bolt of lightning, meeting the blue-robed man's attack head on.

As he was in the air, the blue-robed man stretched out his left hand and a flash of golden light appeared!

With a "ding", the metal sword was deflected. A golden light shot out like lightning, slashing towards Wu Hen's throat.

Wu Hen leaned back, feeling the chill on his neck.

With his left hand on the ground, he slid backwards like a mudfish. Before he could stand up, the sword in his hand had already thrust out three times.

Three soft sounds, accompanied by a few sparks.

Only now did Wu Hen see clearly that there was a golden blade on the blue-robed man's left hand. A curved golden sabre that looked like a saber, but also like a sickle.

After the three sword strikes, the golden blade once again slashed forward like an electric current.

Wu Hen exclaimed in his heart: What a fast blade!

He spun to the side like a spinning top, the longsword in his hand clashing nonstop with the golden blade.

"Three moves have been exchanged!"

Suddenly, the man in white who had been watching the fight from the side said coldly.

The blue-robed man sheathed his saber and retreated ten meters away, standing beside the white-robed man.

Traceless Aftermaths was stunned on the spot!

"Not bad, not bad at all! He was able to execute three moves from the golden blade in his left hand!

Wu Hen knew that if he fought again, he might not be able to last three moves!

"What is your sword technique?" Who did you learn it from? "

A smile returned to Wu Hen's face. It was a brilliant smile.

He looked at the man in white and smiled, "I learned the donkey training sword art from the old monkey!"

The man in white gave a light snort.

How could there be such an unpleasant sword technique in this world? Who would call their master a monkey?

However, what he met was Wu Hen, and what was originally impossible was actually Wu Hen!

For reprimanding the donkey's sword art, and also for the old monkey.

Because in her eyes, Wu Hen was just a little monkey.

She had forgotten about Wu Hen's previous life and death battle, as well as the fact that Wu Hen did not win. Their danger was still there!

However, she just wanted to laugh, because this youth was very calm and at ease to her.

Traceless turned to look at her. He heard her laugh.

Under the moonlight, the two youngsters who seemed to be completely unafraid of death revealed a brilliant smile.

"You, how many moves?"

The blue-robed man suddenly asked in a low voice.

"One move!"

The two words "man in white" were spoken clearly and in a coherent manner.

Along with the voice, his body floated towards Wu Hen like a ghost.

If he saw such a person floating to him alone at night, he would be scared to death without even needing to make a move.

Formless Blade once again felt an invisible pressure, an enormous invisible pressure.

With a shout, he lunged at the man in white.

The man in white sneered. Amidst his cold laughter, a terrifying palm soundlessly struck out. Under the moonlight, it looked like a ghost's hand!

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Thank you for reading my work personally. I am a newcomer. I hope you will give me your support! The martial arts world will never be lonely with you! We welcome everyone's criticism and righteousness! If you are satisfied, please collect and comment! If there was a reward, he would be extremely grateful!

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