Devil Sword in Jianghu/C6 Golden Blade in His Left Hand
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Devil Sword in Jianghu/C6 Golden Blade in His Left Hand
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C6 Golden Blade in His Left Hand

The moon is still bright.

After a heavy rain, the sky was clear.

On the way, there were still customers who missed their itinerary and the relay station. The pedestrians hurried under the moonlight.

Traceless was one of them.

He had just entered the Pugilistic World and had no experience. He wanted to send Mei Wantine to South Ridge as soon as possible. That way, she might be safe.

Therefore, he also missed the boarding trip.

The road, under the moonlight, meandered endlessly.

There was the sound of insects chirping, birds flapping their wings, and frog-like sounds coming from the lotus pond in the distance.

The night was beautiful and lonely.

The night deepened, and the pedestrians gradually disappeared. On the way, only Wuhen was holding the donkey, and Mei Wantine was sitting on the back of the donkey as they slowly walked.

Suddenly, Wuhen stopped and turned his head to look.

Under the night sky, not far away, there was a faint shadow.

Wuhen slowly grasped the hilt of his sword and gently pulled out the iron sword on his back.

Mei Wantine looked around. She knew that Wuhen had sensed danger.

"When we fight later, you ride my little donkey and run first. I will send them to chase you!"

Wuhen said softly, his voice extremely calm.

"I'm not leaving. You're in trouble because of me. I can't leave!"

Mei Wantine shook her head lightly.

You are risking your life for me. How can I abandon you?

"Fine, I won't leave! I don't know how many people they sent, perhaps there's an ambush ahead. If we can't leave, then let's fight to the death! "

Wuhen's tone remained calm, as if he was whispering to someone he deeply loved.

Mei Wantine's nervous heart suddenly calmed down.

She believed in him, believed in this youth who saved her for no reason, and also wanted to escort her for no reason.

The youth's iron sword was dull and lightless under the moonlight, only the tip of the sword faintly revealed a cold light.

"Good! Good! Good!"

Suddenly, three consecutive applause sounded.

The voices were cold, like the water in the cold pond under the moon, like the weeping of the dead souls of those who had died under the earth.

Following the voice, a person wearing a long white robe and with long hair covering his face slowly walked out thirty feet in front of him.

Under the moonlight, his long sleeves were wrapped around his hands, and there was almost no skin on his body. It was as if an empty piece of clothing was floating under the moonlight.

Behind him was a person wearing a deep blue robe.

That person was very tall, and was a head taller than the man in white.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked coldly at Wuhen and Mei Wantine.

"Kid, you are quite brave. How dare you snatch someone from my Bloody Moon Cult? You even killed four of my disciples. Not bad, not bad at all!"

The man in white spoke with great effort, as if he would die at any moment after saying a single word. It was terrifying to hear.

"What is the Bloody Moon Cult? Not even a little girl is spared?"

Wuhen didn't curse angrily, but said calmly.

" What is the Bloody Moon Cult? You've never heard of the Bloody Moon Cult? If not, throw down the sword in your hand and I will spare your life! "

At this moment, the cripple who had been following behind no longer hid. He revealed the two short knives in his hands!

Wuhen suddenly turned his head to look at Mei Wantine and grinned brightly.

"If you can't beat me, then run. Don't worry about me!"

She suddenly began to worry about this thin youth.

"Don't worry. They can't even beat my donkey, yet they still want to fight me?"

The little donkey called out in a timely manner. It was very pleased with itself.

Mei Wantine stared at it.

"It can understand your words?"

Wuhen smiled and did not reply.

Suddenly, he scuttled backwards like a monkey. The sword in his hand faintly flashed with a cold light under the moonlight as he stabbed towards the crippled tea servant.

With a "ding" sound, the sword was blocked by the short knife. The other short knife, with a cold light, stabbed towards his throat like lightning!

Wuhen was shocked. This person's technique was so fast. He was on a completely different level from the other black-clothed men from last time.

He turned his wrist, and the long sword spun in a circle, deflecting the short knife that was aimed at his throat. Then, he suddenly jumped up, pressed his left hand on the man's head, and jumped over his head.

The crippled tea man was already shocked by his sword. He did not understand why Traceless' sword could spin in a circle in front of his chest.

But he would never have the chance to understand!

Just as he hurriedly turned around, the iron sword stabbed into his back with a star-like cold light.

The long sword was pulled out, bringing with it a rain of blood. Under the moonlight, it was sad and beautiful, like a peach blossom blooming.

Traceless perfectly used the innate advantage of his flexible wrist and used a move that no swordsman dared to even think about.

The man in white and the man in blue were also surprised.

The man in blue slowly loosened his arms and lowered them.

"Did you see his sword move clearly?"

The man in white asked. His voice was as cold as ever.

The man in blue nodded and shook his head.

"I saw it clearly, but I have never seen it!"

The man in blue's voice was not so cold and unpleasant.

However, his words were simple, as if he was very stingy with the effort he had to spend to say one more word.

"How many moves do you need to kill him?"

"Three moves!"

The man in white seemed a little surprised. He gently stroked his long hair that almost covered his face.

Under the night sky, the cold light in his eyes was piercing.

The man in blue slowly moved his feet and walked towards Wuhen step by step.

Wuhen stood ten feet in front of Mei Wantine and looked at this blue-shirted man who was walking towards her step by step.

He suddenly felt a kind of pressure, a kind of pressure that he had never felt before!

The blue-shirted person slowly stopped ten feet in front of him and coldly looked at Wuhen.

Wuhen gently raised the iron sword in his hand. A drop of blood slowly dripped from the tip of the sword!

"That's right!"

The blue-shirted man spat out two words.

Wuhen did not understand what he meant by 'that's right'. Was it the sword in his hand or the sword technique he used to kill?

"What a pity!"

The blue-shirted man squeezed out two more words. At the same time, he suddenly pulled himself up from the ground. Like a goshawk, he pounced towards Wuhen.

Wuhen's wrist shook, and the iron sword let out a dragon's roar.

He knew that he had encountered a true expert this time!

The iron sword was like a bolt of lightning as it pierced towards the blue-robed man.

In the air, the blue-robed man stretched out his left hand, and a strand of golden cold light suddenly appeared!

With a "ding," the iron sword was deflected. The golden light was like a bolt of lightning as it slashed towards Wuhen's throat.

Wuhen's body leaned back. He felt the chill that ran through his neck.

With his left hand supporting himself on the ground, he slid backwards like a loach. Before he could stand up, the longsword in his hand had already stabbed out three times in a row.

Three soft sounds, accompanied by a few sparks.

Only then did Wuhen clearly see that on the blue-robed man's left hand, there was a Golden Blade. It was a curved Golden Blade that looked like a blade but also like a sickle.

Once the three swords passed by, the Golden Blade once again slashed out like a bolt of lightning.

Wuhen exclaimed in his heart: What a fast saber!

His body was like a spinning top as he spun to the side. The sword in his hand continuously clashed with the Golden Blade.

"Three moves passed!"

Suddenly, the white-clothed person who had been watching from the side coldly said.

The man in blue suddenly withdrew his saber and floated 30 meters away, standing beside the man in white.

Wuhen was left stunned on the spot!

"Not bad, not bad at all! To be able to withstand three moves from the Golden Blade in his left hand!"

Wuhen knew in his heart that if he fought again, he might not be able to last three moves!

" What sword technique is your sword technique? Who did you learn it from?"

The smile on Wuhen's face was once again replaced by a brilliant smile.

He looked at the man in white and said with a smile, "Donkey Training Sword Arts, I learned it from the old monkey!"

The man in white snorted lightly.

How could there be such an unpleasant sword technique in this world? Who would call their master Monkey?

However, the person he met was Wuhen. This originally impossible matter was now possible on Wuhen!

Mei Wantine laughed softly. For the Donkey Training Sword Arts and for the old monkey.

Because in her eyes, Wu Hen was just a little monkey.

She had forgotten about the life-and-death battle that Wuhen had just fought, and also forgotten that Wuhen actually did not win. Their danger was still there!

However, she wanted to laugh because this youth was very calm and at ease.

Wuhen turned his head to look at her. He heard her laugh.

Under the moonlight, the two youths who did not seem to fear death revealed brilliant smiles.

"How many moves do you have?"

The blue-shirted man suddenly asked in a deep voice.

"One move!"

The man in white said the word very clearly. It was also very coherent and decisive!

Following the voice, his body flew towards Wuhen like a ghost.

If he were to see such a person floating towards him alone at night, he would be scared to death without even needing to make a move.

Once again, Wuhen felt an invisible pressure, an enormous invisible pressure.

He shouted. He raised his sword and charged at the white-robed man.

The man in white sneered. Amidst his cold laughter, a white, terrifying palm silently slapped out. Under the moonlight, it was like a ghostly hand!

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