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The man in white seemed to swing his hand lightly, and one could even clearly see where he was about to hit. But such a light palm strike was actually unavoidable!

He stretched out his right hand and flicked his index and middle finger with a "zheng" sound.

Formless Blade only felt a powerful force coming from the sword as it lashed out diagonally, sliding past the white-clothed person's neck.

As the man in white's palm neared his chest, he felt a threatening pressure.

Suddenly, a sharp pain came from his dantian, a sudden pain!

He screamed as he fell to the ground!

Meanwhile, the white-clothed person's palm seemed to have already lightly pressed onto his chest.

Spitting out a mouthful of blood, he flew up into the air like a kite with its string cut and landed heavily in front of the donkey!

The long sword in his hand danced in the air and fell ten feet away.

One move! It really was just one move!

The blue-robed man's pupils slowly shrank as he looked at the white-clothed man.

As for the white-clothed person, he looked at the marks on the ground that had curled up into a ball and then looked at his own palm.

He had indeed hit his target with that palm.

Under normal circumstances, his slap wouldn't have sent her flying, at least not this far.

This was because he was practicing Ethereal Palm, a seemingly light but invisible Ethereal Palm that could kill people!

She jumped down from the donkey's back and hugged the still twitching Wu Hen tightly.

Wu Hen glared, his eyes no longer emitting a star-like light, but instead a complicated look, one that was void, lifeless and painful.

She saw the beads of sweat running down his face, and his pale face grew even paler under the moonlight!

"Let him go, I'll go with you!"

Tears fell from her eyes. Was it for Wu Hen, or for her sad life?

After being hit by the white-clothed person's palm, it was the same whether she let it go or not. This bit of confidence, there was still the blue-robed person.

However, the man in white didn't. This was the first time he suspected that his Ethereal Palm wouldn't be able to kill a skinny young man who couldn't even block a single move!

"The Blood Moon Sect has been very generous. For a young girl and a young man, they even sent out the white robed protector of the right side, Qu Quan, and the Blue Flag Elder, Jin Dao Yin!"

Suddenly, a vigorous male voice resounded in the repressed darkness. Following which, a young man dressed in gorgeous clothes, with a handsome appearance, floated over and landed beside Wu Hen and Mei Wanting.

He was dressed in brocade robes that sparkled under the moonlight. On each of his hands, he wore two rings inlaid with rubies. They glittered!

His hair wasn't long, but it was neatly combed. In his hand was a knife, an unsheathed knife.

The scabbard was inlaid with six dark red agates, which shone brightly under the moonlight.

"Man like the autumn rain, saber like the autumn wind!" Your esteemed self is Autumn Wind Blade Mo Ge!? "

Looking at this embroidered clothed person who was not yet twenty, the Ghost Hand Qu Quan seemed to be a little surprised.

Mo Ge casually shook his short hair, and slowly said: "Protector Qu has good eyesight! I am Mo Ge! "

"Are you confident that your Autumn Wind Blade can block Yin Gou and me?"

"I can't block it!"

Mo Ge answered without even thinking.

Mei Wanting held Formless tightly and looked at Mo Ge who was standing in front of her.

"But I can't just watch as you bully a little girl and a weak youth!"

Mo Ge's eyes shone with determination.

"Good, very good! Take out your saber! "

Without wasting any more time on nonsense, Qu Quan turned to look at Yin Gou.

"The Autumn Wind Blade and the golden blade in your left hand, who's faster?"

Yin Gou stared coldly at Mo Ge, while Mo Ge also looked at him.

Mo Ge then softly said, "Miss, please carry him on the donkey's back. Take him away first."

Mei Wanting looked at Mo Ge, who was dressed in rich and luxurious clothing, and felt as though he was a rich aristocrat's son. Her heart was beating like a drum!

Wu Hen was already heavily injured. If someone else was injured for her sake, how would she repay this debt?

Mo Ge suddenly bent down and carried Wu Hen onto the donkey's back.

Mei Wanting mounted the donkey, one hand holding onto the reins while the other tightly holding onto Traceless Aftermaths.

She could clearly feel Wu Hen's body trembling from the pain.

Mo Ge gently patted the little donkey.

"Let's go!"

Qu Quan watched everything with cold eyes, he did not think that Wu Hen and Mei Wanting could really escape.

He sneered, then floated up like a ghost to chase the little donkey.

With a "Zheng" sound, a dazzling cold light flashed by. A steel saber as thin as a cicada's wing was unsheathed. The blade trembled, emitting a buzzing sound.

This was the famous Autumn Wind Blade that shook the world!

Whoever was entangled by the saber was like being entangled by a continuous autumn rain.

It made you feel the icy cold of the autumn rain, but it also made you feel the biting cold of the autumn wind!

His blade was like the wind, drawing out a beautiful arc of light. Accompanied by a slight sound of the wind, it slashed towards Qu Quan's feet.

Yin Gou suddenly made a move. With a flash of golden light, a "ding" sound was heard as he blocked the Autumn Wind Blade.

The little donkey suddenly began to bark a few times. Under the moonlight, it was running as fast as lightning!

Not only was Qu Quan's palm technique powerful, his Qing Gong was also a rare opponent! Even if he were to gallop on a horse, he could easily catch up.

Therefore, his Dantian's luck was like flying to chase after it.

As soon as Mo Ge and Yin Gou came into contact, they separated immediately. With a tap of his feet, he became like lightning and became one with the saber. He attacked Qu Quan and blocked the attack right in front of him.

Qu Quan was in the air, and was forced to turn back. He struck out with his backhand, and a flow of feminine power struck towards Mo Ge who was chasing after him.

Mo Ge dodged. He knew the power of Qu Quan's Ethereal Palm.

The golden blade behind him attacked, but he raised his blade to block it.

The left-handed golden blade was famous for its speed.

The Autumn Wind Blade was also famous for its speed.

As the two of them clashed, the sound of "Ding Ding" rang out unceasingly. In an instant, they had exchanged five moves.

Qu Quan was stopped by Mo Ge. When he turned around to look, the little donkey had already disappeared into the night!

Qu Quan was stunned! Is this a donkey? How could he be faster than a horse?

In his heart, he felt slightly regretful for being so conceited.

He turned his head to look at Mo Ge and suddenly shot out a palm strike without a sound!

Under the night sky, the little donkey ran like crazy.

Mei Wanting held on tightly to Traceless Aftermaths, allowing him to ride freely.

After running for an unknown distance, the little donkey finally slowed down its footsteps, opened its nose, and panted heavily.

Wu Hen, who was in his arms, was still unconscious, but the sweat was gone from his face, and his body was no longer trembling.

She looked around and saw that there seemed to be light not far away.

She rode on her little donkey and slowly arrived in front of a courtyard surrounded by a fence.

As expected, there was light coming out from the window, it was dim like a bean.

"Is anyone there?"

she called softly. Although the sound was soft, in the silent night, it was extremely clear.

"Creak!" An old man with white hair walked out from the room with his pair of muddy eyes staring at Mei Wanting who was standing outside the door.

"Who is it?"

The old man's old voice rang out as he slowly opened the door, allowing the two of them and their donkey to enter the courtyard.

"Old man, I'm really sorry. My friend is injured. Can I stay here for the night?"

"Of course, I can. It's just that my house is simple and crude, I'm afraid that I'll have to trouble Miss!"

The elder helped Mei Wanting into the room so that he could lie down on the only bed in the room.

The old man said, "Miss, what's wrong? Did you meet any villains? "

The old man let out a long sigh.

He shakily went to make a fire to cook the porridge.

Looking at his pale face and his tightly shut eyes, Mei Wanting felt waves of pain in her heart.

Is this still the little monkey that can smile at anything and shine brightly in the sun?

What's wrong with you? For an unknown me, I made myself immortal, immortal.

She used her sleeve to wipe away the dried blood on the corner of his mouth while two streams of tears silently flowed out from her eyes.

Normally, not to mention wiping the blood of others with her sleeve, even if someone touched her sleeve, she would still feel troubled for a long time.

Suddenly, she felt his eyes move slightly.

Surprised, she gently caressed his thin, angular face.

"Wake up, wake up quickly!" How can I go to Lingnan without you? "How do I get there..."

His voice choked and the pain in his heart increased.

She just silently looked at him without blinking, afraid that she would miss any minute signs of him waking up in the blink of an eye.

"Miss, it looks like you're hungry too. Drink some porridge first!"

The elder placed a bowl of porridge on the table.

"Thank you, old man. I'm not hungry. Please leave me there for now. I'll eat later."

She was still staring at Wu Hen as she spoke softly.

The old man let out a sigh and went to the woodshed by himself.

The moon was setting, and the night was as cold as water.

Mei Wanting just sat there on the bed, looking at the unconscious body without a trace, until she saw the white of the fish in the east.

The bowl of porridge remained untouched on the table.

Suddenly, Qiu Wuhen opened his eyes.

He was stunned to see the nearby Mei Wanting staring at him unblinkingly.

"What's wrong?"

He suddenly smiled. There was blood on his white teeth.

Author Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Thank you for reading my work personally. I am a newcomer. I hope you will give me your support! The martial arts world will never be lonely with you! We welcome everyone's criticism and righteousness! If you are satisfied, please collect and comment! If there was a reward, he would be extremely grateful!

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