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They said their goodbyes and asked for directions to the south. They decided to take the small road so that they could avoid the Blood Moon Sect's pursuit.

"What happened to you yesterday? That spring is so scary, I thought. He thought … "

Mei Wanting stared at Wu Hen, who was standing at the side. She didn't know what to say next.

"You thought I was going to die, right?"

Wu Hen spat out a blade of grass from his mouth and laughed.

Mei Wanting nodded as she suddenly widened her eyes.

"How do you know I'm thinking you're a little monkey?"

Wu Hen laughed loudly.

This damned little monkey!

"Actually... "Actually, it's not that I can't beat that ghost-like Qu Quan, but at the critical moment, my old illness broke out, so wouldn't it be easy for me to kill him with my top training method?"

Mei Wanting didn't notice that he was bragging, but she heard the words "My old illness has broken out."

"An old illness?"

Although she knew that he had an old illness, an old illness that could not be cured, she still had some lingering fear after seeing him attack with her own eyes.

What she did not know was that if it wasn't for his old illness, he would have died under the hands of Qu Quan last night!

Of course, Wu Hen wouldn't say that he wanted to maintain his image as the world's top swordsman.

But now, this top swordsman in the world had even lost his own sword.

"Yes, it will flare up once every few months. It's just that it didn't do so at the right time yesterday!"

It was hard for her to release the obstruction in her heart.

He went berserk once every few months, and it was really a wonder how he endured for the past ten years!

If it were anyone else, they would have probably died a horrible death.

As for him, he was still as bright as ever, as if the one in pain wasn't him, but someone who had nothing to do with him.

She suddenly hoped that he could find Xue Linglong and cure his illness.

"If one day I really become a dead monkey, then …" "

"No!" "No!"

Wu Hen was shocked when he heard her shout with all his might.

When Mei Wanting spoke, she was always soft and gentle. At most, she was cold and detached.

But this was the first time he had shouted like this, in such a panic, in such a way that it made his face pale.

When Wu Hen saw the tears in her eyes, his heart softened.

"Don't be sad, I won't really become a dead monkey!" If this martial arts world were to lose a top tier swordsman like me, would it still be called martial arts world? "

This time, she didn't laugh.

She was curious in her heart. Even though she was a girl, she would never easily shed tears!

Yet, this extremely annoying young man kept making her cry again and again.

For the next two days, no one from the Blood Moon Sect came.

They didn't know that last time, the Blood Moon Sect had sent out two of their top masters, who were also the most powerful experts in the martial arts world.

If these two experts were not even able to deal with a young girl who did not know any martial arts, then Blood Moon Sect would no longer be a Blood Moon Sect sect!

But it was such a coincidence, such a simple thing, yet it was messed up by a young man called Mo Ge.

At noon, the two of them arrived at a small town called Sha Ping.

The town was small, but it had everything.

After arriving at a restaurant, this was the first time she saw the donkey drink wine with her own eyes.

Apart from Wu Hen, everyone who saw him was completely astonished.

The two of them went upstairs to their private booths. Just as they sat down, a dignified young man dressed in embroidered clothes walked over.

In his hand, he held a blade inlaid with six red agates — the Autumn Wind Blade.

"Mo Ge?"

Mei Wanting stood up and looked at this young man.

"Does the girl remember me?"

Mo Ge laughed, then shook his hair out of habit.

"How could I not remember? I will never forget the kindness of saving my life!"

Wu Hen did not know Mo Ge. When Mo Ge arrived that night, he had already fainted, but he was still confused when he heard someone coming to save him.

He also slowly stood up and stared blankly at the elegant and dignified Young Master in front of him.

"Little brother, are you alright?" "That day, brother, I came late and caused brother's injury!"

Mo Ge looked at Wu Hen and asked.

"I'm fine. Thanks to Brother Mo's righteous actions, I managed to save my life! Wu Hen is extremely grateful! "

Perhaps it was because this was the first time he had seen such a noble and noble young master.

"Is Benefactor alright that night?" Mei Wanting asked.

Mo Ge said, "It's fine, what can it be! "It's just two dogs from the Blood Moon Sect. I only need to beat them a few times before letting them go!"

When he spoke, he had to sit across from Wu Hen.

Unexpectedly, as soon as his butt touched the wooden chair, he suddenly jumped up with an "Ah!" sound.

Traceless and Mei Wanting were stunned at the same time.

"Damned Yin Gou, what's there that's hard to prick, prick my butt!"

Wu Hen and Mei Wanting were even more shocked.

It wasn't until Mo Ge sat down slowly with a grimace that Wu Hen asked softly, "Brother Mo Ge, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, he stabbed me with a knife, and I also cut him with a knife. I'm even now!"

"You also cut his butt?"

Mo Ge shook his head.

"I chopped off his head!"

Wu Hen glared and gave a thumbs up.

"Unfortunately, he dodged it and only chopped off a few strands of his hair!"

Isn't this nonsense? If you want to chop off his head, why would he not dodge and stretch out his neck for you to chop off?

However, Wu Hen did not say that out loud. He just did not know how to retract his thumb.

Mo Ge didn't look embarrassed at all and said very naturally, "I haven't asked for your name yet!"

"My name is Mei Wanting."

"Good, she is just like her name says, gentle and gentle, graceful and beautiful!"

He looked at Mei Wanting, and she blushed, looking even more charming.

"Brother Mo is too kind!"

Wu Hen said, "Being able to get to know brother Mo is Wu Hen's honor. Since we've met here today, we must drink until we're satisfied!"

"Good!" Brother Wu Hen is generous! Today, your big brother here will do the work, and I will get drunk! "

When Mei Wanting saw the tiny stars appear in Wu Hen's eyes again, she looked at the donkey that was tied to the entrance of the restaurant, drinking wine, and suddenly let out a soft laugh.

A pot of spring wine was sent over, and a table full of delicious food was placed on top of it.

The two of them gulped down large bowls of wine like two donkeys drinking water.

Mei Wanting gradually widened her eyes. When the three big bowls were down, she gently tugged at Wu Hen's sleeve and softly said, "We still need to hurry on our way!"

Mo Ge laughed and said, "Does this lady care about Brother Wu Hen?"

The blush on Mei Wanting's cheeks flowed as she loosened her grip on Wu Hen's sleeve.

"He's just recovered from a serious illness, it's better for him to drink less!"

Wu Hen laughed, "It's fine. I have to meet Brother Mo today. If I don't drink to my heart's content, how can I be considered a man!"

"You're not a real man, you're a little monkey!"

These words were said very softly. Mo Ge didn't hear it clearly, but Wu Hen heard it clearly.

He looked at the longing eyes of Mei Wanting and felt his heart soften.

"Alright, I'll listen to you. Today, we'll drink these three big bowls. When we meet again in the future, we'll drink until we're drunk!"

Mo Ge was stunned, he looked at Wu Hen, then at Mei Wanting.

"Fine, I'll do as you say, young lady!"

Putting down the bowl in his hand, he smiled and said, "Brother Wu Hen is extremely obedient to this lady!"

Wu Hen raised his head and smiled, then looked at Mo Ge and then at Mei Wanting.

"I don't want her to worry about me all day!"

Her voice was soft and gentle, and when she heard it, it was as if someone was gently scratching her heart.

After the three ate, Mo Ge left.

Wu Hen and Mei Wanting continued their journey south.

Fortunately, the journey was peaceful. The Blood Moon Sect did not expect them to be able to escape from Qu Quan and Yin Gou. They did not arrange for anyone to follow them and lost the opportunity to capture them.

The two of them walked and stopped, enjoying the scenery along the way.

If it wasn't for the two of them harboring worries in their hearts, they would have gone on like this forever.

But how could there be an endless path in this world?

On this day, they finally entered Ling Nan.

Lijiang River, the weeping willow Yi Yi Yi, the flowers like brocade. The jade-green river reflected the image of a magnificent ancient garden.

He saw that the courtyard was surrounded by red walls, willow trees drooping, and a red lacquer octagonal door. On both sides, there were colorful paintings of the veranda.

The entrance was a serene and serene path. The stone steps were paved with bright pebbles. Large pear blossoms along with bananas, countless strange flowers and herbs, dancing in the air like butterflies and butterflies.

The path in the courtyard was marked with a strange mountain. Three golden flying plants were inscribed in front of his eyes. It was written — Marquis of Ling Nan's Mansion.

He also saw beautiful trees and scallions, and a clear spring flowing down through the stone gap from the depths of the flowers and trees.

After a few more steps, they entered the courtyard. The scenery in front of them was flat and wide, the flying buildings on both sides were empty, and there was an embroidered threshold on both sides of the building. Rising up from the ground, they occupied the entire mountain.

Climbing the building and looking down, then clear brook, snow, stone stepping through the clouds, white stone rails, around the edge of the pond, stone bridge, three ports, beast face vomiting. Arches crisscrossed and yellow tiles covered the ceiling.

The entire courtyard was magnificent, graceful, and filled with beautiful gardens.

The garden in the backyard was filled with purple and white roses. They looked like birds and birds, had rouge and water powder, and were dancing with long sleeves.

The fake mountain, the ancient stage, the exquisite jade, the beauty sang a shallow song, a spring day in the most gorgeous in the eyes of the jumping.

Mei Wanting stood in front of the door for a long time. Looking at the majestic Qin family, she turned her head to look at the escort, and suddenly her heart ached, and her eyes became unsteady.

This is the Ling Nan Qin family? "So impressive!"

Wu Hen was flabbergasted as he looked at the eight guards standing by the door, as well as the maidservants and servants walking in and out through the entrance.

At this time, there was a long time since Zhuang Dingfei had reported this.

After a long time, a middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothing, wearing a jade belt and a staff hat slowly walked over. He stood at the door, looking at Wuhen and Mei Wanting from afar.

"Who is it?"

he shouted. It seemed like he was asking the steward beside him, but also like he was asking Wuhen and Mei Wanting.

At the door, the guards bowed together and called out, "Greetings, Chief Steward!"

Mei Wanting took a step forward, bowed lightly and said, "Junior Mei Wanting requests an audience with Uncle Qin!"

That person looked at her proudly and asked, "Mei Wanting? "Are you from the Cloud Tang Island?"

Mei Wanting nodded lightly.

That person pondered for a moment and said, "Follow me!"

"Yes!" Mei Wanting replied. "Please wait a moment!"

He walked back to Wu Hen and looked at the young man who had accompanied him for more than ten days from head to toe.

Wu Hen grinned and said, "I've finally managed to deliver you safely!"

Mei Wuting suddenly said softly, "You …" Is it about to leave? "

Wu Hen was stunned as he looked at Mei Wanting with a pair of eyes as bright as the stars.

Her eyes seemed to be filled with hope, loss, reluctance and sadness.

And tears. Hot tears. Author

Xiaoxiang Zhouzi

Thank you for reading my work personally. I am a newcomer. I hope you will give me your support! The martial arts world will never be lonely with you! We welcome everyone's criticism and righteousness! If you are satisfied, please collect and comment! If there was a reward, he would be extremely grateful!

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