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Wu Hen revealed two rows of flawless white teeth as he laughed heartlessly.

"This Ling Nan Qin family seems to have a lot of power. Now that you're here, I'm relieved!"

"I wanted to say thank you, but I know that everything you've done was in exchange for those two words. If it wasn't for the blood feud on the Clouds Island, I really want to … I really want to go with you, roam the world with you! However... However... "

Wu Hen looked at her tears and felt his heart ache.

"Don't cry, don't cry. In the past, Mingyue always loved to cry, so when I saw her, I would feel sad!"

As if she had been struck hard by a hammer, her face suddenly turned pale.

"Leave, I hope we will meet again!"

She suddenly felt a sense of loss, not just a trace, but a heart-wrenching sense of loss.

Not for Wu Hen, not for his sad life, but for that bright moon that always seemed so carefree in Wu Hen's mouth!

"Alright, if I have the chance, I will come here to see you!"

Wu Hen grinned. It was just that his smile did not shine, it was not dazzling.

See you later?

Wu Hen shook his head. Would he be able to live until the day we meet again?

The head steward suddenly raised his voice and said, "Young hero, since you're young lady's friend, and I've troubled you with your journey, please stay here as well. How about staying for a few days?"

Mei Wanting immediately turned her head to look at Wu Hen, anticipation evident in her eyes. His heart, which had originally been filled with sorrow, suddenly felt gratified.

In Wu Hen's heart, he really wanted to see the Marquis' Mansion, as well as the place where Mei Wanting would live in the future.

"Thanks to your hospitality, Wuhen will obey!"

He clasped his hands from a distance, looking very much like an old martial artist.

The two of them followed the main steward and slowly entered the Ling Nan Marquis' Mansion.

He walked through several corridors and several courtyards.

Finally, they arrived in front of a decorated pavilion.

The butler motioned for them to wait outside, and he went in alone to report.

After a while, a young man around the age of seventeen or eighteen walked out, shouting as he walked, "Sister Wanting is here, quickly come in! "Daddy has been waiting here for a long time."

Mei Wanting looked over to the source of the voice and saw a young man dressed in brocade robes with a golden lock around his neck.

On the ten fingers, there were two large rings.

The belt was tied around her waist, and a dazzling piece of white jade glittered at the buckle. There was a crystal clear white jade pendant hanging around his waist.

She had a handsome face with delicate features and a straight nose and rosy lips.

From the looks of it, he was even more elegant and dignified than Mo Li.

This youth was the young master of the Ling Nan Marquis' manor, the eldest son of the Ling Nan Marquis, Qin Yanjun.

When he saw her, he stopped five feet away from her.

The girl in front of him seemed to be in her bud, waiting for the time to carve and remove her somewhat immature immaturity, then turning everything in the world into the gentleness of a palm.

She was dressed in a white muslin dress, her black hair fluttering about her waist.

Her eyebrows were moving, her eyes were beautiful, and the corners of her lips were slightly raised.

Tong Tong curling more than 14, night under the moon beautiful people!

Qin Yanjun was dumbfounded by what she saw. After a long while, she said: "Sister, you're so beautiful!"

Mei Wanting bowed slightly, her face as calm as still water.

Suddenly, he saw the skinny monkey like person standing next to Mei Wanting, with her long hair loose and dressed casually without a trace. He couldn't help but be taken aback.

"This must be the young master of the Qin family, right? This one is Wu Hen, greetings to Young Master Qin! "

Wu Hen looked at this luxurious young master, a different feeling flashed through his heart.

"If it wasn't for Wu Hen protecting me all the way, I wouldn't have been able to come to Ling Nan!

Mei Wanting looked at Wu Hen as she spoke softly.

"So that's how it is. Thanks to Brother Wu Hen escorting me all the way, I, Yan Lord, am extremely grateful!"

The two of them followed Qin Yan into the pavilion and saw a middle-aged man, dressed in dark red brocade robes embroidered with flowers and birds flying about. He had a golden crown on his head, and was lazily lying on the bed.

Three strands of a beautiful beard floated in front of his chest. Two thick eyebrows and a pair of phoenix eyes looked somewhat similar to the Guan Gong on the picture.

Although Mei Wanting had only seen Qin Feng once when she was a few years old, when she saw him, she immediately recognized him as the Marquis of Lingnan, Qin Feng, whose reputation shook the martial arts world.

She immediately bowed and said, "Junior Mai Wanting pays her respects to Uncle Qin!"

Wu Hen also greeted him.

Qin Feng slowly sat up and looked her up and down. He extended his hand and lightly stroked the three strands of her beautiful beard.

"Why did niece Xian suddenly come all the way to Lingnan alone?"

Qin Feng's tone was calm, but within it was a sense of majesty and pride.

"When junior's family met with such a huge change, Cloud Tang Island had already become a human purgatory. "There's no other way out for Wan Ting. She has no choice but to seek help from Uncle."

The previously calm Qin Feng suddenly froze and slowly stood up.

"What?" Clouds Island... Then, how is the female hero Tang Piao Ping? "

"In order to allow me to escape and to stall my enemies, mother … "In the end …!"

She raised her head and looked at Qin Feng.

"I hope Uncle can take her in and give her a foothold!"

"What are you saying, niece Xian? Not to mention that you and my worthless son Yan'er are already engaged, just based on the fact that your father and your mother and I have been friends for many years, you can't just ignore your niece! Since niece Xian has come to my Qin family, you can stay here peacefully. Uncle will naturally decide everything for you! "

His words were sincere and full of spirit.

Soon, Mei Wanting regained her composure. She did not cry, nor did she mourn. She only gave a slight bow.

"Thank you, Uncle Qin, for taking me in!"

Qin Feng turned his head and looked at Wu Hen: "Who is this young man?"

Wu Hen saluted and said, "Junior Wu Hen greets Master Hou!"

Qin Feng waved his hand and smiled: "Young Hero doesn't need to be so polite!" "Since you are Wan Ting's friend, you are also a distinguished guest of my house!"

"There are many dangers on the way to Wan-Ting. If it wasn't for Wu Hen who saved her, Wan-Ting might never have been able to get here if she had escorted us all the way."

Mei Wanting slowly said.

Qin Feng lightly stroked his long beard and nodded: "Young Hero is a warm-hearted person, this old man admires you!" "Young Hero, please stay here for a few days no matter what, so that my Ling Lin Southern Marquis Mansion will be at your service!"

Wu Hen saluted and thanked him, thinking to himself, "Not only is this Marquis Ling Nan very dignified and dignified, but he is also a very magnanimous person. "Also, the Qin and the Mei Family have an engagement. It looks like Wan Ting can be at ease staying in the Qin Family."

At this time, Qin Yan, who was standing quietly at the side, politely said, "Sister came all the way here. We have to rest for a day. If anything happens, we can talk about it after we have recovered our spirits!"

Mei Wanting didn't even spare him a glance. Although the young master of this Ling Nan Marquis' Mansion was her future husband.

When the three of them walked out of the pavilion, they saw four maidservants, two old women and two servants waiting outside.

When they saw that Mei Wanting and Wu Hen had come out, they greeted them simultaneously.

"Greetings, young mistress!"

The six of them stood in unison, clearly having gone through rigorous training.

Two workers led Wu Hen to a different place.

When Mei Wanting was on the Clouds Island, she was also the Eldest Miss, but from the beginning to the end, she had never had such a grand show.

"These people are here to serve little sister. If little sister is not satisfied, tell me at any time. I'll immediately send someone else to serve you!"

Qin Yanjun led the way at the front, and the four servants followed closely behind.

"I am flattered by Uncle's arrangement!"

"My sister is an honored guest of the duke's manor. Now that she's come to the manor, she's the eldest young miss of this manor. Naturally, we have to arrange everything according to the young lady's rules."

Qin Yanjun was always very cordial and appeared to be very careful.

He walked through the garden, the veranda, the pavilion, and the winding paths. Finally, he arrived at a unique and elegant small courtyard.

On the marble lintel of a crescent-shaped door, three words were engraved — "Listening To the Wind".

The yard was planted with Begonia, Rose, and a lush green bamboo.

At this moment, the flowers were blooming, and the fragrance of the flowers in the courtyard was very pleasing to the nose.

The small courtyard was quiet and secluded, which was something that Mei Wanting liked.

When she was on the Clouds Island, she liked quiet places with many people around. Usually, she rarely went there.

"I've specially prepared this small courtyard for my sister. Is she satisfied with it?"

As he pushed the door open, a sweet fragrance wafted into his nose.

Looking at the room again, it was spacious and bright, and all the furniture seemed to be newly purchased. It was clean and bright, without a speck of dust.

The bed was made of fine rosewood, with pink curtains. Above his head was a tasseled robe, swaying gently with the wind. It was luxurious yet simple.

On the bed, the complex and magnificent Cloud Glow Silk rippled like water and was incomparably soft.

From time to time, a purple sandalwood fragrance would float over and seep into his heart, calming him down.

Beside the couch was a window. The window was made of exquisite carving techniques and rare pieces of wood.

Outside the window, there was a beautiful scenery: a fake mountain, a small pond, a green lotus root, and a pink water lily.

With a single glance, he felt relaxed and happy.

To her surprise and surprise, on the shelf to her right was a zither with a scorched tail and a full moon string.

Mei Wanting quietly stood in front of the window. A light breeze blew in, bringing with it a fragrant scent of flowers.

"If sister is satisfied, we'll rest here for now!"

Mei Wanting lightly bowed and said, "I'll be troubling Big Brother Qin, Wanting is extremely grateful!"

"Sister, you don't need to be so courteous with me. We are family to begin with, and now that little sister has come, the Yan Lord is extremely happy! "As long as little sister is happy, and has some hardships, the Yan Lord will be happy!"

Finished speaking, he bade farewell and left.

Before leaving, he turned around and said, "All of you must take care of Eldest Miss with all your heart. You must not slack off in the slightest!"

The maidservant and the old lady saluted and agreed in unison. Then, he turned around and slowly left.

After Qin Yanjun left, Mei Wanting slowly turned around, a trace of melancholy on her face. Suddenly, she let out a soft sigh.

The six servants stood there silently, their heads bowed.

Mei Wanting glanced at them and said in a soft voice, "You can all go down, I'll rest for a while."

The two maidservants were quick in their actions. One of them went to spread out the bedding while the other went to fetch hot water.

Since she was young, Mei Wanting had never been served like this before. For a moment, he was at a loss.

Fortunately, these maidservants had been trained for a long time, and everything was done in an orderly manner.

Mei Wanting lay quietly on the bed. Although she was physically and mentally exhausted, she could not fall asleep.

What was in front of his eyes was the scene of the calamity on the Cloud Tang Island. It was the scene of his mother desperately trying to hold on to the enemy until her blood stained Luo Shan's shirt and she died with hatred.

It was the scene of butler Mei Si risking his life to protect her from escaping the Demon Claw, regardless of his serious injuries.

Suddenly, Wu Hen's lean face jumped out again, his eyes were like the stars in the night sky, and his face was filled with a bright smile that showed no signs of being worried at all.

"Little Monkey …."

She silently recited it in her heart, and a trace of a smile appeared on her lips.

A sad smile!

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