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C15 A Controlled Rage

The two men shivered and shut their mouths.

"Bai Qianruo, why aren't you staying in your room and running out?" The man was furious. His sharp gaze seemed as if it could cut a person into two.

I've already apologized, and even the victim isn't angry anymore. For some reason, he got angry! How strange.

"I was bored staying in my room and wanted to go for a stroll. How could I have known that I would run into your friend? I thought it was that bad running guy, so I wanted to catch him and use his innocence."

"Grab a run... "Bad people?" Mu Junxing drove the wheelchair forward slowly.

"Yeah, I really saw someone running that day, it's pretty similar to Nan Xingchen. It's weird, didn't you say you won't let anyone leave the room? Why would anyone else run, I have to catch that bad guy …"

"Bai Qianruo, why did you capture him? Moreover, how do you know he's a bad person?" Mu Junxing's face was extremely ugly. It was the kind of face that was filled with anger, but he just couldn't let it out.

"Of course it's a bad guy," Bai Qianruo didn't know where his anger came from, but she knew where it came from, "Isn't it because of her that I can be punished? In a sense, I'm doing it for him. If I catch him, I'll beat his teeth all over the ground!"

Mu Junxing felt a chill run down his spine. He coughed lightly and said, "Ahem, I understand. That is to say, you won't stop until you find that person?"

"Yes!" She nodded. How could she not take revenge!

"Stars," the man called after him.

Nan Xingchen was watching the two of them talking, especially Bai Qianruo. Watching them having fun, he suddenly heard the man shouting, "What's the matter?"

With cold eyes, the man said lightly, "Tell Bai Qianruo that it was you that day!"

"Me?" Nan Xingchen was slightly surprised, but he quickly turned around, "Oh, right, it's me, Qianruo …"


"Bai Qianruo?"


Nan Xingchen gritted his teeth, "Young Mistress..."

The man didn't say anything.

Nan Xingchen wiped off his sweat and continued, "Young Mistress, the one who was running that day was me. I don't know if I made a fuss about it or not!"

Bai Qianruo blinked her bright almond-shaped eyes, "It's really you. It seems like I'm not seeing things wrong. Let me tell you, I've been punished for you. What do you think we should do?"

"I'll do what I want to do..." Nan Xingchen's lazy, roguish look emerged.

Mu Junxing coughed lightly. Nan Xingchen immediately withdrew his posture, "Um, Young Mistress, I promise I will never run again!"

"That won't do..." Bai Qianruo didn't seem to want to let him go.

"Qianruo, you can go back first. Stars and I still have matters to attend to, so you can rest assured that I will punish them!" Mu Junxing suddenly said.

"Alright, I'll go back first."

When she left, the man's face was extremely cold. However, before he could say anything, Nan Xingchen opened his mouth first, "Junxing, what's with you? I was just joking. Look at you, you want to eat me up!"

"A few jokes?" Mu Junxing turned around.

The man's gaze showed that he was serious. Nan Xingchen trembled in fear. Others might not know how amazing men were, but he did.

"Junxing, she is only a prop, she was exchanged for it with ten million, you are the successor to Mu Group, it's impossible for you to marry her …"

"Enough, Stellar Union. This is not something you should care about." Mu Junxing looked displeased.

Nan Xingchen did not dare to say anything else, "You want me to admit that the person running is not …"

Mu Junxing started his wheelchair and walked towards the front of the rockery, "Yes."

Nan Xingchen nodded as if he understood, "Oh yeah, I have to ask you something else. What about Bai Jingyu?"

"What's wrong with him? Is he going to settle the bill?"

"Strange, it's here, he doesn't want to settle the bill, he said that he will pay us back, and only asked us to give him some time, and even told me to bring you a message, say, he wants to follow Mu Family a little more!"

The man frowned, "What does this Bai Jingyu want?"

Nan Xingchen threw up his hands, "I don't know!"

"Then let's just do as he says. Just pay more attention!"

"Alright!" Nan Xingchen patted the dirt off his body again and said as he walked away, "Junxing, I'm leaving too."

"Xingchen, you know me. Forget about anything else, Bai Qianruo is my woman now …" His tone was bone-piercing cold.

Nan Xingchen shivered. After knowing him for so many years, he had only heard him say something so cold once.

The next second, he smiled mischievously, "Junxing, what's wrong? You're tempted!"


"Fine, a man in heat cannot be provoked!"

"Nan Xingchen, you must be tired of living!"

Nan Xingchen had run away without a trace...

Bai Qianruo had no choice but to take out her cell phone and have a look when she returned to her room.

Suddenly, an internal call came in.

She picked it up. "Hello …"

"Bai Qianruo, come over here!"

It was a man's voice. "What is it?"

Before he could finish, the call ended.

She curled her lips. A man really wanted to die. Did he really think that the Earth was his?

After walking out for a few steps, he walked up to the door of the man's room and knocked.

"Come in!" The deep, magnetic voice of the man seemed to be waiting for her.

Pushing the door open, he saw the man sitting across from him. His handsome face was still as calm as ever, but there was a faint sense of dissatisfaction on his face.

"Mr. Mu, why are you looking for me?"

The first time he came to this room, he had been tossing and turning about in the bathroom. The interior of the room was completely bare of furnishings, and now, upon closer inspection, he found that the room was very large.

Sports, electronics, entertainment … Everything.

She could not help but exclaim, a rich life is extravagant!

"I have to go to work tomorrow, help me match a set of clothes!" Mu Junxing said faintly.

So that's how it is. Although I don't dare to say how great my taste is, it's still possible to use a simple combination.

Bai Qianruo opened the wardrobe. There were countless clothes inside, and they were all famous brands.

He never would have thought that Mu Junxing was just a cripple in the eyes of the Mu Family people and his treatment was so good.

Very soon, a set of matching suits was put in place. "A navy suit with a crimson tie, which is both serious and festive. This will also add to your first day at work. Not bad, right?"

"It looks good, but what about inside?" The man only glanced at it indifferently, as if his mind wasn't on it.

"Inside?" Bai Qianruo choked, "It's summer now, there's no need to wear anything inside... Concussive, you're talking about underwear! "

The man nodded. "Yes!"

Can't we just play together? We are still here studying the color matching. Why are you still carrying your underwear? In a short while, your level has dropped to the level of a bathhouse.

"Underwear... Don't you have it? Can't you go first? "

"Looks like you've already seen it, then it's a good match!"

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