"..." Wake up! Wake up! "

He vaguely heard a girl's pleading voice. Who was she? Why cry? Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to ask, but her head was so heavy and her eyelids were so heavy that even moving her fingers was difficult.

"The eyelids are moving …" It's moving! "

Soon, he heard the little girl's tearful and joyous voice.

"Water …"

It was not easy to make a sound, but the dryness of her throat gave Zhao Xiaoxue a strong desire for water.

"Alright, miss, wait a moment. This servant will go and pour the water now!"

After struggling for a moment, she finally opened her eyes. Although she was not in a good mood, her vision was not blurry at all. It was a wooden house about ten square meters wide, with several wooden chairs and a square table in the middle.

At this moment, a little girl dressed in a short grey suit with a bulbous head was standing at the front of the table, pouring water into a cup with a purple clay teapot.

"Miss, the water is here!"

The little girl's eyes were still filled with tears. It could be seen that she truly cared about herself, but even so, Zhao Xiaoxue still easily avoided the cup that was coming towards her.

"I'll do it myself!"

After saying that, he took the cup from the girl's hand and gulped it down. She was truly thirsty.

"Little... "Miss …"

Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head and saw that the little girl was looking at her with a puzzled expression.

"Who are you? What did you just call me? "

She was clearly the attending physician in charge of the cardiac surgery at the First People's Hospital in Jiang City. If she remembered correctly, she had fainted at the door of the operation room because even her strong body was unable to endure four consecutive surgeries.

But even if he fainted, he should still be lying in the hospital, not in such a strange place.

"Oh, this servant almost forgot. Seven days have passed, Miss must not remember this servant!" "Your servant's name is Qing He, and she is Miss's personal maid. As for Miss, you are the eldest miss of the Xue Residence in the Southern Chu Country — Xue Yu. Your father is the richest man in the Southern Chu Country, and your brother is the great general of the Southern Chu Country!"

The little girl was explaining, but Zhao Xiaoxue felt as if the other party was talking nonsense. What was all this nonsense?

"What Southern Chu?"

Hearing this strange phrase, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a headache coming on.

"The Southern Chu Country is the Southern Chu Country! The Southern Chu Country is very big, it's a very powerful country! "

Qing He was just a maid and her knowledge was limited. She would circle around the young mistress every day, not caring about the affairs of any country.

Moreover, in the past, even if Miss lost her memories, she would never ask what was the Southern Chu Country. Every time she was told, Miss would quickly accept her identity and live the life she deserved.

"You're saying that I'm the daughter of the richest man in the Southern Chu Country, and I also have a brother who's a great general?"

At this moment, Zhao Xiaoxue realized a very serious problem. This body wasn't hers, and yet she was able to control it. From this, it could be seen that while she was unconscious, something very strange had happened.

Could she have transmigrated? Zhao Xiaoxue, who never believed in the saying of ghosts and gods, found it hard to accept this kind of reasoning. However, this was the only explanation she could come up with. It was just that how could such an important young miss live in such a simple and crude room? It was really puzzling.

"That's right!" "Miss, you …"

"He should be up there!"

Before Qing He could finish her words, someone suddenly spoke not far from the door. Hearing the sound, Qing He immediately became flustered.

"Qing He, who are those people from outside?"

Zhao Xiaoxue had an ominous premonition, that the people outside were not good people.

"Mistress, it's bad, our people are coming!" We have to leave this place immediately! "

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could react, Qing He had already dragged her out the door. What was surprising was that although Qing He was young, her strength was not small.

"Look, over there!"

As soon as he ran out the door, he heard a rough male voice behind him. Even if he didn't know what the other person looked like, he could imagine that all the people who had caught up to him must have vicious expressions.

"Miss, run!"

No matter how strong the Qing He was, it required the cooperation of the people around them. Otherwise, the two of them would not be able to escape.

Realizing the severity of the situation, Zhao Xiaoxue no longer hesitated. She was a sports expert and had once ranked first in the school for a hundred meters, so her speed couldn't even compare to that of a male student.


Just as he ran out of the town, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his calf, followed by the loss of balance. Before he could stabilize himself, he was already lying flat on the ground.

"Miss, what's wrong?"

After Zhao Xiaoxue fell to the ground, Qing He quickly ran over and squatted to the side to examine her. Her face was full of worry.

"What should we do? I may not be able to run anymore! Who are those people chasing us? "

Zhao Xiaoxue needed to weigh the pros and cons. What was the reason for such an embarrassing situation for the daughter of the richest man?

"Miss, those people who came after us were sent by Madam Guo and Madam Cai. They are really ruthless. No matter what, Miss is their niece, how can they treat Miss like this!"

As Qing He finished speaking, tears started to shine in her eyes again.

"So they are relatives. Why don't we argue with them!"

There was no way for her to run now, she could only face it. Moreover, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't think there would be any great hatred between the two of them.

"No, miss, you can't go, they... "If they catch you, they will give you …"

Qing He's face was red, but she still couldn't say it out loud.

"It can't be that they want to kill me, right?"

Looking at Qing He's terrified expression, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt scared. For the sake of money, it wasn't impossible to not acknowledge her as one of her kin.

"Miss, that's even scarier than killing you …"

Since it was so scary, Zhao Xiaoxue could not wait for death here no matter what world she was in. She treasured her life, even if this life did not belong to her, but with such pain, she could still feel it!

"Then what are you waiting for? Run!" "Ouch!"

As soon as he lifted his foot, he felt a sharp pain in his calf. If he did not have a strong endurance, he would have fainted from the pain long ago.

"Miss, don't leave. You can't move at all now!"

Seeing Qing He holding onto her arm, Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled. Wasn't this little girl just now unwilling to compromise? Why was he giving up now?

"Miss, quickly come over here. There is a tree hole here. You can hide inside first and wait for this servant to lure the person away before coming out. This is your burden. This is not far from Qian Zhou. Go find the eldest young master!"

Following the direction that Qing He was pointing in, they indeed saw a small tree hole. Before Zhao Xiaoxue could regain her senses, Qing He had already pulled her towards the tree hole and placed her inside. Then, she quickly covered the hole with weeds and ran down the road.

"Miss, be careful!"

He heard Qing He's voice from afar.

"Over there!"

When they discovered Qing He, a group of people started to chase after her. They were all attracted by her voice and couldn't find the tree hole where Zhao Xiaoxue was hiding.

"Qing He, thank you!"

Even though she had only known Qing He for a short period of time, Zhao Xiaoxue was sincerely grateful. If she had the chance to meet Qing He again in the future, she would definitely befriend him.

But now, what she really wanted to know was how to get back, back to the hospital where she worked, back to her operating table, where she had to face her responsibilities.

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't dare to return to the town, afraid that there would be people waiting for her, so she could only choose another road. Although it was a one meter wide road, for some reason, she was the only one on it.

"Miss, be careful!"

Suddenly, a man's voice came from beside her. Zhao Xiaoxue stood on the spot and looked around, but no one approached her. Could it be that a ghost was speaking?

If it was in the past, Zhao Xiaoxue wouldn't believe anything she said. But now, she could teleport herself to another world. What else didn't exist?

"Leave quickly! Danger! "

Her voice was hurried, but Zhao Xiaoxue didn't understand what was going on. She only felt that the solid ground beneath her suddenly began to shake, and ping-pong sounds began to ring out from beneath her feet.


This was the only possibility Zhao Xiaoxue could think of. Looking at the ground that had begun to crack and sink within a radius of ten meters, Zhao Xiaoxue realized that there was nowhere to run. According to common sense, she could only lie down and use this to reduce the damage.

Rumble rumble rumble!

With the deafening sound of a mountain collapsing, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly lost consciousness. The moment she fainted, she discovered that there was a pink mass around her body. What was this? She really wanted to see it clearly, but unfortunately, it was already too late.

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