"Why are you pushing me?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very angry, she raised her eyes and stared straight ahead. She had originally thought that someone would suddenly appear, but she didn't expect that it would be a black-faced man wearing a strange outfit. It wasn't that Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to judge someone by their appearance, but this person's face was indeed quite dark.

"Left... "Your subordinate pays his respects to Lord Left Envoy!"

Under Lai Qiang's lead, all the people around them kneeled down.

Needless to say, upon seeing this scene, Zhao Xiaoxue could guess that this person's identity was not ordinary and that these people were very afraid of him.

"Lai Qiang, how did you become a commander? You actually tolerated this crazy woman to assassinate your subordinates. Do you not want to live anymore?"

With a suction force, Lai Qiang, who was kneeling on the ground, was instantly sucked into his palm. With one hand, he grabbed his clothes and lifted him up.

"Left envoy, spare me!" "Your subordinate was unjustly accused. Just now, this woman repeatedly said that she could save someone, that's why your subordinate …"

Before Lai Qiang could finish his sentence, the person threw him onto the ground impatiently. Then, he stared at the woman who was still holding the dagger.

"Speak, who sent you? Why did you kill him?"

"Killed people? "I am saving him, you wouldn't understand even if I told you. This is a heart operation, as long as the blood from his heart is drained away slightly and the pressure from his pericardium is reduced, he wouldn't feel so uncomfortable!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had used the most popular words to explain herself, but the other side didn't appreciate her.

"You still want to bleed? How can there be such an evil woman like you in this world? What are you all standing there for? Hurry up and tie her up!"

Under the awe-inspiring might of the Left Custodian, some of them had already rushed forward.

"Don't come over, why did you tie me up? I was just trying to save him!"

Seeing them approach, Zhao Xiaoxue started to back away. It was really hard to explain when an Elementary Scholar encountered a soldier.

"Cough cough, Shuang'er, where did you go?" This King wants to drink water! "

At this critical moment, the voice of the Southern King came from the carriage.

"Oh!" I'm here, I... I will immediately pour the water! "

At this time, the man's words became Zhao Xiaoxue's lifeline. Not to mention pouring water, even massaging his back didn't cause her to complain in the slightest.

Regardless of the others' reactions, Zhao Xiaoxue was the first to move. She turned around and climbed into the carriage. Her body nimbly entered the carriage.

However, just as he entered the carriage, he saw the purple-robed Southern King already sitting there, cup in hand. He was leisurely drinking water, as if he wasn't drinking water, but rather tea that was extremely tasty.

"You … "Thank you!"

It was obvious that this man had spoken just to help her out.

"Thank me? Maybe not! "

The man raised his eyes and stared at the woman who had become a little uneasy. His eyes flashed with an unexplainable emotion. The man's reply made Zhao Xiaoxue at a loss. However, she was still grateful. It was this man who had helped her.

"I really want to thank you!"

"Hehe, if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have met with such trouble. We're even now!"

The man continued to drink the water in his cup nonchalantly after he finished speaking.

The man did not say anything, while Zhao Xiaoxue started to worry about the patient called Li Chang. In this situation, she could only watch as he died from the pain, but she had no choice.

"Lord Left Envoy, that Lady Shuang'er is the slave girl taken in by His Highness the Southern King. His Highness the Southern King dotes on her, so today's matter …"

Lai Qiang stood beside the Left Custodian and explained.

"Forget it, since he's the Southern King's servant girl, we might as well not move and bring him over. Today, he should consider himself lucky to have met this emissary!"

With the Left Custodian's words, Zhang Yong's depressed face started to have hope. With the help of a few people, he sat Li Chang on the ground with his legs crossed.

Hearing the voices outside, Zhao Xiaoxue was also curious. With the protection of the Southern King, she felt much safer. She opened the curtain a crack and looked outside carefully.

The 'black man' came up to the seated Li Chang and extended his hands, slowly bringing his hands together. At the beginning, it was nothing, but the moment his hands came together, the black man's palms actually produced a green gas.

What a strange scene, it scared Zhao Xiaoxue so much that she couldn't help but swallow her saliva. However, her strong curiosity didn't move her eyes away as she saw the black man slowly bring that strange green gas to Li Chang's back.

After more than 10 minutes of struggling, Li Chang, who was holding onto his shirt in pain, gradually calmed down. The black guy then hit Li Chang's back with his palm.


Li Chang spat out a mouthful of blood and then fainted.

"Li Chang!" Li Chang! "

Zhang Yong was worried for Li Chang, so he started to shout with all his might, but Li Chang didn't respond.

"Left envoy, this … "What's going on?"

Lai Qiang was someone who had experienced this. Although the person who helped him level up was an elemental doctor, he had heard that if a spiritual force expert were to make a move, the result would be the same even though their methods were different.

"Hmph, this guy is simply courting death. He hasn't reached the peak of the second level yet, but he wants to use external forces to increase his spiritual energy, and he also doesn't know how to use spiritual energy. Fortunately, this emissary is here today, otherwise, he will die without a doubt!" Wasting this emissary's spirit energy for someone who doesn't know his place is not worth it! "

Seeing that the Left Custodian was very angry, the others didn't know how to dissuade him. As for Lai Qiang, he echoed,

"Left Custodian has taught me a lesson, this Li Chang deserves to die. How about we tie him up first and interrogate him when he wakes up, then arouse his spirit energy intentionally in violation of the rules. He will be severely punished this time!"

As Lai Qiang spoke of making a move, Zhang Yong's face was full of fear.

"Stop! "Give this to him to consume!"

At this critical moment, the Left Custodian shouted at Lai Qiang. Then, he took out a white porcelain bottle and threw a medicinal pill to Zhang Yong.

"Blood Essence Pill!"

After obtaining this pill, Zhang Yong was overjoyed and quickly fed it to Li Chang.

"Left envoy, the Blood Essence Pill is so rare, why did you give it to Li Chang? Really …" He really picked up a big deal! "

Lai Qiang was very unhappy. Originally, he was the only one who possessed a Rank 3 Spiritual Energy and everyone followed him. However, now there was another Li Chang. Moreover, this Li Chang had broken the rules and leveled up.

"Although the Blood Essence Pill is precious, the most important thing is to protect the South King. We are almost at the State of Qian, so it would be safer to have a third grade Qi warrior. Also, there was a red cloud in the sky last night, which means that there are fourth grade spirit beasts around, so everyone should be extra careful and not miss out on Master's plan!"

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