"Hey, let go of Miss Xue. You can't take her away!"

Being a man as well, Zhuo Fan could feel that Wu Lengyi had an extraordinary special relationship with Miss Xue. However, Miss Xue was Young Master's person. If Miss Xue wore the hat on her head, it would be a great disaster.

"Sigh!" You can't even protect yourself, and you still dare to yell at my big brother.

Although Wu Jiao scolded Zhuo Fan, her tone was much gentler. It was precisely because her tone changed too quickly that Zhuo Fan was unable to respond and could only look at her dumbly.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" "Don't think that if you don't say anything, I'll let you go. My big brother won't keep you, but I want you to stay and have a cup of wedding wine with me!"

The long and depressing atmosphere made Wu Jiao look forward to the joyous event. Her face unconsciously revealed a smile. As long as her brother liked it, she would be happy.

"A wedding wine?" What wedding wine? Could it be that this high and mighty princess of yours intends to marry me, a poor boy? "

Zhuo Fan wasn't stupid. He didn't need to think too much to know that it was Wu Lengxin who wanted to do something to Miss Xue, but he didn't expect it to be like this. At this moment, Zhuo Fan regretted saving him.

But there was no medicine for regret in this world, and in this situation, he could only act according to the circumstances. No matter what, he must think of a way to save Miss Xue.

"What is it? You toad want to eat swan meat? However … "You look like …"

Wu Jiao's delicate face was smiling, and her smile was especially strange. This caused Zhuo Fan to be unable to help himself from beginning to regret. If he had known earlier, he would have spoken less.

"Alright, stop wasting time, what do you want me to help you with? If you are a man, just say it directly. Don't hide anything from me, I'll see if I can help you! "

Zhao Xiaoxue actually didn't object to his help being mentioned, but she didn't want to keep talking and arguing with this man. She didn't know why, but she actually felt guilty, as if she had let down the Southern King.

"Ugh, we haven't seen each other for a few days. You coward, your thoughts have become a little heavier. Alright, in order to fulfill your wish, you must prepare some things. Therefore, once I have finished preparing, we will set off!"

Wu Shuang Yi called for the guards not far away after he finished his sentence.

"Bring this … Miss Xue, take me to the guest room and treat me well! "

Honestly speaking, Wu Lengyi knew that the other person's surname was Xue from someone else. They had known each other for quite some time, yet they didn't even know each other's name. Perhaps, a 'coward' was enough.

"Miss Xue, this way please!"

The guard was very dutiful, so Zhao Xiaoxue didn't say anything more. She just glared at him before she left, wanting to see what kind of trick he was playing.

Zhao Xiaoxue was taken to a larger room with a bed covered in all sorts of tables and chairs. The others were very polite to her and also ate and drank a lot, but when she asked about Zhuo Fan's situation, they all shook their heads and couldn't explain it.

Of course, Zhao Xiaoxue also wanted to go out and look for it herself, but unfortunately, she couldn't get out of the door. At this moment, she realized that she was being restrained.


Zhao Xiaoxue was running around the room like a housefly. A group of girls wearing a long skirt carried a tray and entered the room.

"We servants greet Miss Xue!"

Very quickly, eight maidservants with similar appearances stood in front of Zhao Xiaoxue and respectfully bowed.

"What is this?"

Other than these eight girls who were very eye-catching, the trays they were carrying were also very special. There was a crimson robe and a shiny pearl necklace, as well as a few other items that Zhao Xiaoxue could not recognize.

"Miss Xue, this is the wedding gown. In two days, you and the prince will be getting married. Please try it on. If it doesn't suit you, the sewing woman will change it immediately!"

The maid's words were really shocking. Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't believe that it was true:

"Are you all mistaken? Who wants to marry the prince? This … This is ridiculous! "

"But these are all made for Miss Xue …"

The servant girl still wanted to explain.

"Take it out, I won't wear it!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was very angry. Originally, she wanted to help, but she didn't expect this to happen. No matter what the reason was, she wouldn't wear a wedding dress like this.

This is the first time in my royal brother's life that he's fallen in love. His unfulfilled wish is to find a girl he likes and spend his life with with. Obviously, Miss Xue is the most suitable candidate!

Outside the door, Wu Jiao slowly walked into the house. Although there was a faint smile on her face, her tone was so cold that it made people shiver when they heard it.

"I'm not suitable. He doesn't like me at all, and I … won't like him either!"

Zhao Xiaoxue really hoped that these siblings would give up on such an absurd decision.

"Hehe, my royal sister-in-law, you are overthinking it. We have all seen how much royal brother loves you. As for the wedding dress …

Wu Jiao wanted to say something but stopped. Her eyes slightly moved. The maidservants beside her knew that the princess was not to be trifled with and could not help but lower their heads.

"I won't wear this wedding dress, so …"

Before Zhao Xiaoxue could finish, Wu Jiao, who was standing in front of her, suddenly made her move. Zhao Xiaoxue felt as if all the nerves in her body had lost contact with her brain.

"Sister-in-law, there are some things that are destined to happen, so don't struggle anymore! Someone, come and test the wedding dress of our wangfei! "

At the princess' order, all the maidservants in the room began to move. Even though Zhao Xiaoxue was extremely unwilling, she still wore the bright red wedding dress.

Zhao Xiaoxue was a beauty to begin with. After her exquisite clothing, her beauty caused everyone's eyes to light up. Even Princess Jiao Jiao, who stood beside her, felt that she was inferior to this' royal sister-in-law '.

However, this great beauty in wedding dress had a face full of worry. The tears that filled her eyes were on the verge of bursting out, making people feel a bit unbearable.

"Imperial Sister-in-Law, actually, royal brother is quite good. If you marry him, you won't be at a disadvantage in your entire life!" Although the time was short, there was no guarantee that after this celebration, Royal Brother would be able to overcome the obstacles and successfully level up. Then … After that, your wealth and glory will be inexhaustible! "

After Wu Jiao finished speaking, she lightly tapped her body. Zhao Xiaoxue, who could not control her body freely, reacted.

"But I already have someone I like!"

This was what Zhao Xiaoxue had always wanted to say. The first time they got married, she was already so helpless. This time, she would absolutely not compromise.

Perhaps, she really didn't belong to this world, so she had no way to embrace freedom. If she really was forced into a corner, even if she didn't want to live a life lightly, she could only end her life.

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