The fog in the Confusion Forest was very dense, and the range of vision was too small. The weeds around were all overgrown, and as Zhao Xiaoxue walked on the soft ground, she felt guilty.

Although "Ox King" on the side was certain that there wouldn't be any ordinary spirit beasts attacking, he still couldn't make people feel at ease.

"Coward, can't you walk faster?"

The man had urged her more than once when he saw the girl dawdling.

"I've already left very fast. With so much grass, there's no doubt that something will suddenly appear!"

After saying this, Zhao Xiaoxue looked around carefully, afraid that she might be a jinx.

"Aiya, I already said that I won't, they are all afraid of you!"

He didn't expect this woman to be so stubborn. He had already explained it many times, but this woman just didn't believe him.

"Everyone is afraid of me? No, not long ago, I met a wolf, and I even met a … Pythons, they... They're not afraid of me at all! "

After the terrifying experience from before, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't let her guard down.

"Wolf?" Python? Are you sure they attacked you? "

The woman didn't seem to be lying, and the man started to get serious.

"Of course, especially for the wolves. They pounced on me one after another and even bit my arm!"

Zhao Xiaoxue still felt a lingering fear just thinking about it.

"Impossible! Your blood is able to resist a Rank 3 Spirit Beast. Even if it wasn't, it could resist at least a Rank 2 Spirit Beast. Wolves can't even be considered Spirit Beasts. They should be even more afraid to approach you!"

This was a man's understanding, and did not match what the woman said at all.

"I don't dare to go near, but why am I injured? Forget it, I don't think you can find an answer! But what are you looking for here? It can't be that you just want to come here for a few days, right? "

The name 'Confusion Forest' felt very strange to Zhao Xiaoxue, as if it was the kind of place where one would never be able to return from. With the experience from last time, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this was the paradise of monsters, and to her, it was like a graveyard.

"Find something to save us!"

He wasn't familiar with this woman before, but now, he wanted to tell her the truth.

"Help? To save whose life? "

At this moment, Ox King became serious. Zhao Xiaoxue did not doubt the authenticity of his words. Besides, if it was not such a serious matter, he would not have risked his life to enter this forest.

"My Master's life!"

Mentioning his Master, Wu Chou's steps became heavy. If he was unable to retrieve the antidote this time, then Wu Guang would be in dire straits. He might even be destroyed in an instant. Thinking of this, he clenched his fists in dissatisfaction.

"Your Master... What's wrong with him? "

Zhao Xiaoxue asked carefully, but when she saw that the man's arms were trembling in worry, she didn't dare to ask loudly. Even if she didn't know, she could tell from his expression that her master's illness was severe.

Previously, this doctor, Zhao Xiaoxue, was very confident that even if she couldn't cure the world's illness, she would understand it. But now, in this strange foreign world, there seemed to be many diseases that she didn't understand, so she didn't dare to speculate.

"You …"

The man didn't answer her directly, but frowned as he looked at the curious woman. Gradually, his frown deepened, causing Zhao Xiaoxue's heart to tighten.

"If... "If you don't want to say it, then forget it …"

"My master is poisoned. He needs the Nether Dream Flower to detoxify him!"

To Wu Shuang Yi, this was a secret, but to Wu Guo, it was also a big secret. If this news were to spread, who knew how big of a commotion it would cause in the entire country.

It was obvious that such an important secret would rot in his stomach even if he died. But, he couldn't help but want to tell her because he believed that she would absolutely not tell anyone.

But strangely, the woman beside him didn't have the shocked expression he had expected. Instead, she had a confused look on her face.

"Poisoned? How did your master get poisoned? What is the Nether Dream Flower? "

Sure enough, this was a special case Zhao Xiaoxue had never heard of before. Since the other party was willing to answer, Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to ask more carefully and see if there was anything she could do to help.

"You seem to be knowledgeable in medicine, how can you not even know about the Nether Dream Flower? No wonder Jiao Jiao would call you a quack. It seems like she's speaking the truth! "

He had originally wanted to tell the woman not to spread the news about this matter, but now, since she didn't even know what the Nether Dream Flower was, he didn't seem to be able to say anything at all.

"What quack doctor, it's just that the specialties are different, I'm a cardiac surgeon …" Sigh! Forget it, even a layman like you wouldn't understand.

"Let me tell you, if you don't explain it clearly to me, you will be the one at a disadvantage. No matter what, you only have a pair of eyes. If you tell me about the Nether Dream Flower, I might be able to help you find it!"

Even though Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to know what the Nether Dream Flower was, she also understood that the extremes of things are reversed, so she didn't force the man beside her.

Sure enough, listening to her words, Wu Leng also felt that it made sense. In any case, he had already told her the biggest secret, so there was no lack of follow-up matters. Thus, he cleared his throat and said:

"Actually, it was quite simple. Three months ago, Master had the time to travel through the Confusion Forest and killed a Rank 5 Spirit Beast. However, he also suffered some minor injuries because of this."

Because it was only a small wound, his master didn't pay much attention to it. But after more than a month, not only did the wound on his arm not heal, it started to fester and turn black.

His master's spiritual energy had already reached a certain level, and normal small wounds and poison wouldn't be able to harm him, but he never thought that he would actually be poisoned by the Ghost Beast.

Therefore, right now, only the Nether Dream Flower can detoxify the poison. If there is no Nether Dream Flower, then Master will at most have a month's lifespan! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was attentively listening to the other party's narration, but for some reason, when she heard the end of it, she had a feeling in her heart:

"Why do people in this world always die?"

Before this, some people had already predicted that the sickly King would die a year later, and then Zhuo Fan had said that the 'Ox King' would also die soon. Now, the 'Ox King' '' s master was also about to die, and Zhao Xiaoxue felt that everyone she met would die soon.

"Hehe, everyone wants to live, no one wants to die, but there are so many people who die every day, just that some people die in a way that is not important, but some people die in a way that is even more dangerous, so dying is a kind of sin!"

Although he knew this, it was a pity that Wu Leng knew he could not reverse the situation and could only rely on the few days remaining to find the Nether Dream Flower. Perhaps, he would no longer have the chance to bring it back.

Perhaps, the heavens wanted him to tell this secret to the woman beside him in order to let her fulfill his wish, save his master, and save everyone in the Wu Country.

"Miss Xue …" If... If I can't go back, you must... You must bring the Nether Dream Flower to my Master! "

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