Ah!" "Don't come near me!

Looking at the black figure charging towards her from the sky, Zhao Xiaoxue was so scared that she turned around and ran, muttering to herself, "Why did this guy start attacking me for no reason?"

"Because you are too weak!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished reciting, the soft voice of the black cat came from behind her. She turned around and found that the black cat with wings had actually appeared behind her back and showed its sharp claws, making people's hearts jump.

"Big Brother Cat, Immortal Cat, let me go. I'm so weak, but do you really have the heart to do it?"

In order to protect his life, it wasn't a big deal to say something soft that he was praying for. If he could save his life, then anything he said would be worth it.

"But this cat fairy really likes the things you're wearing!"

He had already felt that this human possessed extraordinary items, and now that he had approached, he was even more excited. There was indeed a treasure.

"What is it?" Calm down, cat fairy. We can sit down and discuss it! "

Zhao Xiaoxue tried her best to run, but even if she didn't turn around, she could still feel that the Flying Cat was right behind her.

"I, the cat fairy, never negotiate with humans. After I kill you, I'll naturally get what I want!"

Black Cat's reply made Zhao Xiaoxue despair. Could it be that she was going to die in the hands of a cat today?

"Chu Yufeng! Help! Help! "

Perhaps it was his habit, but whenever Zhao Xiaoxue faced a desperate situation, the only person she could think of was Chu Yufeng, that omnipotent man.

Coincidentally, every time she shouted, it actually worked. She wondered if she could similarly avoid danger this time.

Ah!" "Don't come near me!

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was expecting a miracle to happen, she slipped and followed the momentum of the running force, throwing herself forward.

"Very good, your life is mine now!"

The Soaring Cat was very proud of itself. It pulled its mouth open and grinned, swiping its claws at the person on the ground without any hesitation.

"Oh my god!" This time it's really over! "

With the Flying Cat behind her, Zhao Xiaoxue knew she couldn't struggle anymore, but she still couldn't help but say:

"If you can, just give it to her. Don't let her be paralyzed!"

With fear in her heart, Zhao Xiaoxue began to speculate where that deadly cat paw would strike from. Back or neck? Suddenly, something heavily landed on Zhao Xiaoxue's leg, making her scream in shock:

"Why start with the legs?"

It was different from Zhao Xiaoxue's expectations. Could it be that this damned black cat really wanted her to be paralyzed? No matter how the other party planned to kill her, she couldn't accept starting with her legs.

Zhao Xiaoxue exerted strength in her legs. The weight that was originally on her legs quickly left. Without any pressure, her legs soon regained their freedom. After a few movements, she was even able to stand up.

"Why don't you feel any pain?"

After standing up with much difficulty, Zhao Xiaoxue did not think of continuing to run. Instead, she strangely looked down at her legs. There were no wounds, nor did she feel any pain. What was going on?

"You coward, are you alright? "This …"

Hearing Wu Shuang's cold voice coming from behind, Zhao Xiaoxue was excited. She quickly turned around and said with a face full of excitement:

"At such a crucial moment, you are quite useful. Thank you for coming in time and saving my life!"

Zhao Xiaoxue sincerely thanked him. The feeling of escaping from death was always good. However, the person she thanked seriously had a weird expression on her face. After staring blankly for a long time, she shook her head in disbelief and said:

"I... I want to save you! But, by the time I arrived, this Flying Cat was already dead! "

Wu Lengyi said with a face of disbelief as he looked at the kitten beside him that no longer breathed. Speaking of which, this kitten died in a very strange way. It didn't even have the slightest scar.

Curious, Wu Leng started to slowly walk forward. Only when he found out the cause of death of the flying cat, would he be able to find out what had just happened.

"If it wasn't you who saved me, then who was it? And this... Why did this strange black cat suddenly die? It feels like it's not as powerful as that huge monster! "

Now that there was no longer any threat, Zhao Xiaoxue was in the mood to compare the black cat and the giant monster. She carefully thought about it, it was still the monster that was more powerful.

"This Soaring Cat has a stronger attack than all fourth grade spirit beasts. It should be much stronger than the Giant Spirit Monster. However, how did it die?"

Wu Chou had already gotten close to the cat and was carefully searching its body for the cause of its death.

"You have to be careful! If it's really as you said, this Flying Cat is so powerful, then … Someone who could kill him must be stronger than it is, maybe it is some kind of blood sealing throat poison! "

Although Zhao Xiaoxue had the heart of a doctor, her heart wouldn't be used on the black cat that just tried to kill her. So, no matter how this black cat died, she would only clap and cheer.

'Gulp! '

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, a furry object rolled beside her feet. She didn't know what kind of strange object was approaching, but Zhao Xiaoxue quickly retreated in fear. She looked down and realized that the thing that was approaching her was the black cat's head.

"This... Since this black cat is dead, isn't it a little too cruel for you to cut off its head? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't understand why this man would do such an evil thing for no reason.

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to speak more with the other party, but when she saw the other party's astonished expression, she was at a loss:

"What's the matter with you again?"

"So powerful. This Flying Cat was actually decapitated by the sword qi. No wonder no other wounds could be found. Such tyrannical spiritual energy, it is even stronger than my master!"

Wu Lengyi couldn't believe that this was real. At the very least, he had never seen anyone stronger than his master.

"One strike to the head!" It was him! It must be him! "

Other than him, Zhao Xiaoxue had never seen anyone else with this ability. She had just called out his name at such a dangerous moment, so she was sure that he had heard it.

If that was the case, then he must be in the surrounding area. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue started to stand on the spot, looking at the surrounding dense forest and loudly shouting:

"Chu Yufeng, you were the one who saved me, right? Since you're nearby, why aren't you willing to show up? Come out! I have something to say to you! "

Zhao Xiaoxue pondered over and over again. Even if Chu Yufeng knew about her situation, there was no need for her to escape. At the very least, escaping was not the only solution to her problem.

"Chu Yufeng, I really have something to say to you. Come out!"

Standing on the same spot, Zhao Xiaoxue shouted in every direction, but no one responded.

"Chu Yufeng? "That should be the name of the Southern King. Stupid woman, don't tell me you think that the powerful sword qi earlier was caused by that Southern King?"

Wu Lengyi believed that there were experts around. Although he did not know who these experts were, they were definitely not that sickly prince from the Southern Chu Country.

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