"Wah!" How amazing, it's just that … "In that case, he's actually healed!"

When she thought of the exaggerated method of 'black man' saving her, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but copy it once.

"I really want to know how it is done!"

As a heart surgeon, if you find a way to cure a heart attack without having to open up your chest, then you're out of your mind.

"Unfortunately, that black guy definitely won't teach me!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could clearly feel how disgusted the other party was towards her. It was difficult even for her to jump out and talk to the black man, after all, it was too unsafe for the black man to tie her up.

"Were you really planning to save him?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was so focused that she almost forgot there was someone else at the side. Hearing the man's words, she quickly turned her head and met his questioning gaze. Zhao Xiaoxue slightly hesitated and nodded, replying:

"Of course I'm planning to save him, but …" "I don't have much confidence!"

In such an environment, having an open chest operation was a bit risky, but at that time, in order to save her, she would have tried her best even if she had to take the risk.

"Not sure? "Hehe, without being certain, you actually dare to stab your heart and bleed. Do you think that life is child's play?"

Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that the man was somewhat angry with her for her actions.

"I respect life a lot. It's just that the situation was urgent and I didn't know that you had other ways to save patients with heart disease. That's why …"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know if this explanation was understandable to men, but no matter what, she was indeed at fault, so she lowered her head, intending to reflect on it.

Zhao Xiaoxue was reflecting on the situation, but the man sitting opposite her appeared to be very surprised.

"How do you know he's a cardiologist?"

The latter word was a bit awkward, he had never come into contact with this before, it could be seen that this woman really knew something that no one else knew.

"He … "Of course he's a patient with heart disease, and he's a very critical type. He has a narrow heart valve, and if I'm not wrong, there's a high possibility that his heart is full of fluid. If we don't save him in time, he will die soon!"

Speaking of the illness, Zhao Xiaoxue was very confident. Even if she didn't have the tools to examine the patient, based on her many years of experience in the medical field, her judgement shouldn't be wrong.

"How do you know all this?"

The man's gaze never left the woman in front of him, and the woman's self-confidence when she spoke convinced him that it wasn't a lie. However, this was the first time he heard such a thing, which made him feel both puzzled and excited.

"I've seen this kind of disease a lot, so of course I …"

It was so dangerous, she almost exposed her identity. This man in front of her was already very dangerous, what would he do if he knew of her origins? Would he treat her like a monster and then …

At this moment, the image of the man chopping off the monster's arm appeared in front of her again. She couldn't help but shiver.

"You're an Origin Doctor?"

The question hovered in his mind for a long time, and he kept wanting to confirm it.

"What doctor? "What do you mean, 'physician'?"

She had heard many people bring up the word 'doctor' today. Those people outside also said that she was an doctor, but what exactly was an doctor? Could it be the doctors of this world?

"A doctor can treat those kind of patients with heart disease. If you say that you have seen a lot of these patients, then you must be a rather amazing doctor! Tell me, what's your current level? "

The man really wanted to know the answer. Just how high had this woman reached?

"Rating? I am now a middle-ranking official! "

The woman replied very seriously. Although she was young, she was already considered as a vice principal physician, which was not bad. However, she regretted after saying that. This strange conversation seemed to be endless.

"Intermediate elementalist?"

This was a level a man had never heard of.

"Actually, I am not an elementalist. I should be considered a doctor or even a doctor! Of course, compared to that 'black guy' outside, I am definitely a lot weaker. But I am pretty ambitious, and I can study. How about you let him teach me? "

She finally had the chance to speak out her thoughts. If she could learn some techniques, she would be willing to be a servant girl for a few more days.

"You are not an elementalist? You're just a doctor? "

This result was clearly disappointing.

"Black? Which black man? "

Although her mood became downcast, the noun that this woman said really made the man feel baffled. He couldn't just ignore it even if he wanted to.

"Oh, the tall and big one with the swarthy face outside... What Left Custodian! "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that the way they addressed her was very strange, but it was common practice. If she wanted to learn techniques, she would have to flatter them.

"Oh, so you were talking about him!"

Hearing the woman's description of the Left Custodian, the man couldn't help but to turn his head to look at her. That woman was right, he was indeed a little unlucky.

"That's him, that's him! Your subordinates are so powerful! If he were to make a move just like that, then... That person will be fine! "

Zhao Xiaoxue was excited.

"He's not a subordinate of This King!"

The man looked out of the window and replied softly. It was as if he was just talking about a very ordinary thing, but when Zhao Xiaoxue heard the news, she froze on the spot.

"Not yours... Not your men? Then he is … What's yours? "

Even though she hadn't been with this man for long, Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that this man always put on a high front. This kind of person was somewhat disdainful of lying.

"Could it be that the Left Custodian and His Highness are of the same level?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully asked. Even if the two of them were on the same level, she believed that this man could still speak. As long as he spoke, she would have a chance at learning medicine.

"Horizontal? Hehe, you really have a lot of strange languages! But I forgot to tell you, This King is their hostage! "

With that, the man elegantly turned around and returned to his seat.

"Hostages? You mean... They caught you, did they mean that? "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that she must have misunderstood, but the man's nod made her collapse and return to her seat. She stared at the man across her with a smile that wasn't a smile.

"Why do they want you? You're so amazing, why did you let them catch you? "

After staring blankly for a long time, Zhao Xiaoxue finally came back to her senses. She puzzledly asked the man in front of her, "Why did he play such a strange game?"

Before the appearance of the 'black', Zhao Xiaoxue was sure that these people were no match for this man. But now that this' black 'person had appeared, she really didn't know which one of them was stronger.

"The person who arrested This King has his own reason. As for why This King was captured, there's naturally a reason as well!"

"What reason?"

When Zhao Xiaoxue asked this question, she felt that it might be a waste of time. This man probably wouldn't say it.

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