"Master, what's wrong?"

Hearing the call from the fog, the Nether Dream Flower was extremely worried. It wanted to help, but it didn't know what it could do. It could only stand there anxiously.

Taking advantage of the dream flower's inattentiveness, Chu Yufeng flew forward and seized Zhao Xiaoxue's body from its hands. Although she was unconscious, her face was pale, and her breathing was steady. He felt slightly more at ease.

Chu Yufeng would stop the fog even if he could return to the red rope. How could he be at ease with such a strange mass of spiritual energy around the woman?

Thus, when he was sure that the woman was safe, Chu Yufeng started to carry her to the other side.

"Hey, where are you going with the girl?"

The pink ball of mist discovered that its owner had been carried away, and could not help but ask loudly.

"I won't tell you where I'm going!"

Chu Yufeng's goal was to get rid of this suspicious creature, so why would he tell it the truth?

"You … You can't be so overbearing, the girl is my master, I have to follow wherever the girl goes! "

The pink mist was extremely anxious. He could not stay too far away from her, or else his last remaining soul fragment would disappear.

"If you want to follow us, that will depend on your capability!"

Chu Yufeng would not easily change his mind. The woman was in their hands just now, so he had his reservations. Now that the woman was safe, he was naturally not afraid of the spirit beasts chasing after him.

If it wasn't for the fact that the Nether Dream Flower showed mercy to the girls, he would have long since used his spirit fire to burn them all.

Hearing the pink ball of mist behind him, Chu Yufeng waved his hand and drew his sword. Pointing at the ball of mist not far away, he said,

"No matter what kind of spirit beast's remnant soul you are, if you follow me again, I'll make you disappear!"

Everyone knew that this man was a ruthless character and that he would definitely keep his word. The Nether Dream Flower didn't want its master to suffer any losses, so it stepped forward and advised:

"Master, let him take the girl away first! We'll think about it further in the future! "

Right now, this was probably the best solution. As long as everyone was fine, they would always think of a solution.

"But as I said, I can't leave Miss at all. If I were to leave Miss even a mile away, my soul would scatter!"

The pink mist was not an exaggeration. For him, only with the existence of the girl would he be able to survive. If there was no girl, then he would also disappear.

"You can't leave! If you want to leave, you have to bring me as well! "

The pink mist began to chase after Chu Yufeng.

"Lord, be careful!"

Chu Yufeng was a man of his words. He had warned his opponent before, so when the pink ball of fog got close, Chu Yufeng swung his sword.

Sensing the incoming sword qi, the pink mist quickly retreated. Even though it was only a ball of mist, its movements were very fast. Chu Yufeng's sword qi did not harm it.

The nimbleness of the pink mist ball was within Chu Yufeng's expectations. Although it looked weak, it was actually not simple at all. He swung it again a few times, but the pink mist ball was still able to dodge it.

However, the sword aura became denser and denser. In order to not get hurt, the pink mist was forced to move far away.

"Your Highness, I cannot leave the lady. You will let me … "I …"

The pink ball of fog wanted to beg for forgiveness, but halfway through its words, it suddenly began to sway for no apparent reason.

"This... Why is there such a strong suction force here? "

The pink mist in the sky slowly started to change shape. What used to be a round fog was now gradually being stretched out.

"Master, what happened to you?"

Seeing the abnormality of the fog, the Nether Dream Flower could not help but ask.

Not good, there's something I need to …" To suck... Absorb my discarnate soul! "Ah …

Just as he finished his sentence, the pink ball of fog let out a shriek and started flying rapidly towards the ground. In just an instant, the pink ball of fog drilled into the red-robed man's body.

"Sir!" "My Lord!"

The Nether Dream Flower cautiously approached the red robed man. This man's body was strange, he could actually absorb and remove the soul fragments of an adult. This meant that he was definitely not simple.

"The return of the spirit? But why is there no phenomenon in the sky? "

Chu Yufeng couldn't help but be curious. For a dead body to be able to absorb the remnant soul, it meant that the body hadn't died in the first place. Could it be that it had survived a life-threatening tribulation?


Just as Chu Yufeng was deep in thought, the man lying on the ground suddenly let out a loud scream, causing the Nether Dream Flower beside him to retreat quickly.

"I... "I …"

When the red-robed man woke up, his eyes were filled with disbelief as he looked at his surroundings. He then looked at his outstretched hands, unable to conceal the excitement on his face.

"You … "Are you an adult or …"

The Nether Dream Flower carefully asked, not knowing who the person who woke up was.

"Little Meng Hua, it's me! Look at me, I actually have a body now! Look at my flesh and blood body!"

As the red-robed man spoke, he leapt to his feet. In order to ensure that he was able to control his body, he began to dance about with joy.

"Lord, could it be that you borrowed the corpse just now to return the soul?"

After confirming that it was an adult, the Nether Dream Flower asked curiously.

"Borrowing a corpse to repay a soul? Of course not, my residual soul is unable to attach itself to the bodies of the dead. Otherwise, I would have been able to possess an independent body since long ago! "

The red robed man was getting more and more satisfied with his body. Besides losing too much blood, this fellow's physique was not bad at all.

"He's not dead. Lord, since you're currently occupying his body, then has he already …"

The Nether Dream Flower obviously didn't pity the red robed man, it just wanted to know the truth.

"With me in his body, he will definitely be fine. But before his source spirit recovers, this body will be mine!"

With his body, the red robed man felt extremely proud of himself.

"Humph!" "He's just a thief!"

Chu Yufeng sighed as he turned around and left slowly with the woman in his arms. Perhaps, this was already the best outcome for Wu Shuang Yi. At the very least, he would still be able to live.

"Hey!" Why did you leave again? "

As he watched the man carry the girl away, the red robed man quickly followed.

"If you follow me again, This King can make you disappear in an instant even if you have a body!"

Chu Yufeng didn't want to waste any more time with them, so he drew his sword and gathered his spirit energy. Soon, his spirit fire reached the sword again, causing the surrounding spirit beasts to retreat in fear.

"Lord, you have a body now. Perhaps, you no longer need to rely on Miss anymore!"

The Netherworld Flower stepped forward to stop her. The spiritual flame on her sword was too terrifying. She didn't want to provoke such a terrifying opponent.

"Little Meng Hua, perhaps, what you said makes sense!"

Facing the rising spirit fire, the red robed man didn't dare to persist.

Hearing this, Chu Yufeng withdrew his sword, turned around, and walked out of the Confusion Forest with the woman in his arms.

The red robed man looked at the back of the red robed man as he walked further and further away, sighing with emotion:

"Sigh!" It's really a little strange to be leaving a lady just like that! "

"Pfft!" Master, you'll get used to it soon! "

When the Nether Dream Flower heard the red-robed man's words, it couldn't help but laugh. But very quickly, the Nether Dream Flower could no longer laugh. For some reason, the red robed man's body had started to move forward. Not long after that, he actually started to run.

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