"It's already the fifth day, why isn't he awake yet?"

Seeing the person lying on the bed, the purple-robed man frowned deeply. Because of his question, the servants around didn't even dare to breathe, afraid that the purple-robed man would be displeased and cause trouble.

"Young master!"

The people inside the house did not dare to speak, but the people outside did not know what was going on inside, and reported back to the house.

"What about mortals?"

Chu Yufeng didn't sense Zhuo Fan's presence, so he narrowed his eyes at the person who just entered.

"Doctor Zhuo Yuan, he … I still can't find it! "

Upon discovering the high pressure in the room, the person who reported this matter immediately felt guilty, as if something bad could happen.

Sure enough, right after he finished speaking, his body was pushed away by a strong current of air. His chest was in severe pain, and then a mouthful of blood leaked out from his mouth.

"If you can't find him, why did you come back?"

"Subordinate... Your subordinate will look for him now! "

As soon as he finished speaking, the person reporting the matter ran off. If he stayed any longer, he might even lose his life.

Looking at the sorry figure of his comrade, the two lackeys beside the Purple Robed Master actually began to envy him a little. Although they had received a solid slap to the face, they could at least run outside to cushion it.

How could they be like this? Standing here and enduring the fear, that kind of mental torture was even more terrifying than a slap. They truly wanted someone to come and save them!

"Young master!"

Hearing this voice, the two people standing behind the violet-robed young master instantly became alert. Their savior had finally appeared.

The purple-robed Young Master turned his head slightly and skipped over Luo Ze who was leading the way. His gaze landed on the white-bearded old man who was carrying a medicine box and walking through the door.

"Young Master, this is a famous doctor that we've just invited from the Mausoleum City. Let him let young lady have a look first, shall we?"

"Famous doctor?"

Hearing that it was a famous doctor, the corners of Chu Yufeng's mouth curled up into a mocking smile. These days, he had heard too many famous doctors. He had seen all of the famous doctors in Guanxing City, but unfortunately, none of them lived up to their names.

"This old man... This old man will first look at the patient! "

This doctor was rather famous in the Mausoleum City. He was an expert in medicine and naturally had a somewhat arrogant temperament. If the other party had not paid a high price, he would not have run to the border of the Wu Country, the Grand Ascension City.

He had originally wanted to show his power, but before he could even open his mouth, he was already suppressed by his opponent's aura. He even felt a bit scared.

Chu Yufeng naturally did not stop the doctor's suggestion. However, Luo Ze, who was standing at the side, was slightly surprised. This doctor's temper was quite good. He didn't expect that he would be so easy to talk to after seeing his young master.

When the doctor approached, he discovered that it was a female patient. She had a very keen eye for medicine, and from the look on her face, it seemed that the other party was fine. Furthermore, her breathing was smooth and there was no strange smell.

"This female patient doesn't seem to be sick!"

The doctor gave the answer carefully.

"You mean she was just asleep?"

Hearing the doctor's reply, Chu Yufeng frowned as he tried his best to control his emotions.

"It isn't impossible for her to be asleep. In my opinion, perhaps when she wakes up, she'll be fine!"

'Bang! '

As soon as the doctor finished speaking, his body was sent flying. Seeing the doctor in such a sorry state, no one else dared to stretch their body. They had seen this kind of scene every day for the past few days, so they weren't too surprised by it.

"You … You all are so rude, the only reason why you invited this old man here is to see a sleeping patient, and even beat him after telling the truth, is because there's no justice in the world! "

Because of his superb medical skills and the love he received in the Tombal Mountain City, the doctor was unable to accept this kind of grievance. He stood up with great difficulty and wanted to ask for an explanation, but just as he took a step, he was stopped.

"Doctor, I advise you not to go any further. The doctors that were talking the same thing as you have already returned home to treat your injuries. Now that you're further away, if you're seriously injured, I'm afraid you won't be able to return to Mausoleum City!"

Luo Ze knew that these doctors were wronged, but there was nothing he could do. Who asked them to wake up Miss Xiaoxue?

"Injured? All of you are truly too overbearing. That young lady is clearly asleep, yet you … "

This doctor really didn't care about his life. He actually said stuff that he shouldn't have said.

Chu Yufeng pointed at the Doctor. He hadn't used his spiritual power before, so he wasn't going to let him off the hook this time.

"Cold!" So cold! "Cold …"

Just as Chu Yufeng was about to take action, the person on the bed started to move, and started to shout the words that he said the most these few days.

"It's only been two hours, why is Miss Xiaoxue's cold acting up again?"

Hearing this, the subordinate beside the purple-robed young master couldn't help but worry. However, he felt that he had said something wrong the moment he opened his mouth. Without waiting for the young master's rebuke, he kneeled on the ground and admitted his wrongs:

"Young master's subordinate was wrong!"

Chu Yufeng's heart ached at the sound of her voice, because the past few days of experience had taught him that this woman wasn't just playing around, but was actually very cold, to the point that she could even cry out in pain if she was unconscious.

"Quick, prepare the Blood Essence Pill!"

Chu Yufeng ordered while holding the trembling body of the woman.

"Yes sir!"

The subordinate who was standing not far away accepted the order and quickly came to the table. He opened the long wooden box, took out the white jade bottle, and quickly opened the bottle's lid. But what surprised everyone was that there was nothing inside.

Seeing his subordinates' actions, Chu Yufeng's face turned even uglier.

"Go get it again!"

Hearing his young master's orders, the subordinate brought him back to the table and hurriedly started to look for the white jade bottle with the pills. He had used so much previously that he had forgotten to separate it, resulting in his search to be difficult.

"Cold..." "Cold …"

The unconscious person pulled the only other man in purple beside him even more tightly because of the bone-piercing cold. Even so, he still couldn't ease the cold.

With just a few words, the previously flushed face turned deathly pale. Starting from her hands, the snow-white frost started to spread at a visible speed throughout her entire body.

"This... Frost... This girl … "This young lady is actually …"

As if intimidated by his own conjecture, the white-bearded doctor staggered back a step and fell to the ground, his eyes wide open in disbelief.

"Cold..." "En..."

When the ice reached her neck, she was no longer able to make a sound, and was about to suffocate.

"You haven't found it yet?"

Looking at the trembling subordinates who were looking for the Blood Essence Pill, Chu Yufeng could not help but feel angry. He waved his hand and shattered all the white jade bottles. Finally, a Blood Essence Pill floated in the air.

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