"Don't be afraid, it will be alright if you eat it!"

Perhaps, only when Chu Yufeng spoke to the woman would his voice soften.

Chu Yufeng carefully placed the Blood Essence Pill into the woman's mouth. The pill melted in her mouth. It seemed like a big pill, but it was not difficult to eat.

A miraculous scene appeared once again. After the Blood Essence Pill melted, the frost that was about to cover her entire body began to recede at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not long after, the woman's complexion returned to a rosy red, as if nothing had happened.

But after witnessing that scene, the white-bearded doctor no longer dared to speak so brazenly and brazenly. Even if he didn't check his pulse, he could still tell that the girl was very sick. Furthermore, she had …

"Luo Ze, bring that old man out. There's no need to find a doctor in the future. They are just a bunch of quack doctors!"

None of these people had the ability to even speak.

"Sigh!" How could an ordinary doctor be able to cure this young lady's illness? Even the frost on her body would be hard to come by for a hundred years, or even a thousand years! "

Hearing the white-bearded old man begin to chatter on, Luo Ze, who was standing beside him, started to sweat for him. He silently cursed this old fellow for not giving up his life and not letting him learn his lesson just now.

Luo Ze's worry wasn't unreasonable. At least, Chu Yufeng, who was standing beside the bed, turned his finger again, wanting to shut the old man up.

"This disease is recorded in ancient books. If I want to save someone, I can only …"

"Be careful!"

The young master acted too quickly this time, scaring Luo Ze so much that he couldn't react even if he wanted to help. Unfortunately, the white-bearded old man didn't know what had happened and could only stare blankly at the scene in front of him.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the purple-robed Young Master, who was previously quite far away, had suddenly appeared in front of him. The other party waved his arm and stood with his hands behind his back, and asked:

"Did you just say how to save him?"

If not for these words, the white-bearded old man would have long since become a mute.

"Save …" Oh! Right, let me look around! "

The old man turned his body and began to search the medicine box.

"Eh, I found the book!"

Surprisingly, there was also an old medical book that was on the verge of falling apart in the medicine box.

Looking at the man in front of him, Chu Yufeng could hardly hold back his anger. However, if the man did not give him an explanation, he would not be able to get out of the room easily.

"Eh, I found it!" There's a way to treat this kind of frost here, and it says... Blood Essence... No, yes... It was a Blood Essence Pill! [Oh my god. He actually used Level Three and above Blood Essence Pills!] "Blood Essence Pill is so precious, one is so hard to find …"

Seeming to think that it was too inconceivable, the elder didn't dare to explain any further.

However, he didn't need to explain. As soon as the old man finished speaking, the book in his hand was immediately taken away.

"Hey, how are you going to steal my book?"

After the book was stolen, the white-bearded old man was somewhat angry. However, when he raised his head to meet the pair of cold eyes, his voice immediately became much softer. In the end, he even begged for mercy:

"Haha, if young master likes this book, you can have it as a gift. After all, this book was found by me in the 'Black Region' a while ago. It was because I was curious about the strange discussions that I kept it. Now it is also …"

Seeing that the white-bearded old man was about to start blabbering on again, and that he had finally managed to retrieve his life just now, Luo Ze who was standing to the side did not dare to let him go. In order to reduce the trouble, Luo Ze started dragging him towards the exit:

"Doctor, you can leave now!"

"Hey, don't pull me, I can walk by myself, I can walk …"

The doctor's voice grew softer and softer, but Chu Yufeng was unable to take his eyes off the book.

"Seven-Day Bone Chill is also known as Coldness Death. Anyone who suffers from this disease will have a cold attack every seven days. When the disease occurs, frost will cover the entire body. If the Grade 3 Blood Essence Pill does not remove the frost, you will be frozen to death!"

The words on the book were similar to the illness of a woman. Chu Yufeng continued to read on, but what was strange was that the words on the back of the book were too blurry to read clearly.

"Strange, why is there a spiritual energy fluctuation in this book?"

The book in front of him seemed ordinary, even a little tattered. However, Chu Yufeng could feel the fluctuations of spiritual energy from it.

"This book is so strange, could it be that there is a method to treat this disease recorded in it?"

At this point, Chu Yufeng began to gather his spiritual energy, hoping to make the words appear. Unfortunately, the results were not good.

"Your Highness, why don't you let me try?"

Outside the door, a man with long, dark green hair was eagerly looking in. He had been wandering outside the door for the past few days, wanting to come in to see the lady's condition. However, he was afraid and was conflicted.

"You have a way?"

For some reason, Chu Yufeng hated the person not too far away. Not to mention that he was a spirit beast of unknown origins, just his cold face made people feel uncomfortable.

Recalling the scene where Wu Lengyi and the woman were together in the Confusion Forest, it made one's heart hurt. So it turns out that he cared so much about her.

"My Spiritual Energy is fused. Therefore, if these words are truly covered by Spiritual Energy, I can think of a way to change it and make the words appear!"

The man in the dark green robe was very confident. Although his current condition was only that of an ordinary powerhouse of the fourth step, his spiritual energy's specialties were still different.

"Give it a try!"

There was no better way now. Although Chu Yufeng hated this lingering spirit beast, he couldn't leave the woman's side after a few days of testing.

This was how he had caught up to her in the Confusion Forest. No matter what, this spirit beast had acknowledged this woman as its master, so Chu Yufeng didn't want to go overboard.

Having received permission, the dark-green robed man was overjoyed. He quickly strode inside the house and took the ancient book. He looked at the Spiritual Qi traces on it and began to carefully operate it.

Compared to before, Chu Yufeng's spiritual power was much weaker. However, this lack of spiritual power allowed the blurry words to become clearer.

"There is no cure for the cold. After receiving this disease for seven years, the cold will worsen. In just a few short months, countless Blood Essence Pills will be required, and in the end, the frost will cover the entire body and the body!"

Thinking about the consequences, the dark-green robed man didn't continue any further. The two men seemed to be shocked by this terrifying outcome.

"A layer of frost covered him and he died. Impossible, how is this possible?"

Chu Yufeng had never thought that this woman would die in front of him. It was just too sudden and unacceptable.

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