"Wait, there are some words at the back!"

Seeing that the handwriting was still on the back of the book, the man in the dark green robe continued to read:

"For patients with cold deaths, the Blood Essence Pill is only a poison to quench their thirst. In the end, they cannot escape seven years of calamity. If you want to completely cure the patient, you must help him find an unusual path …"

After reading up to this point, it was obvious that there was hope again. However, the man in the dark green robe had already seen the meaning written on the book, but he did not dare to continue reading.

"An unusual path, what is it?"

Chu Yufeng could see the strange expression on the other party's face. It was obvious that what was written on the book was not ordinary at all.

"The book says that if you want to save someone, you must make that person an elementalist. You must let the sick person heal their own injuries!"

These words were indeed strange. At least, Chu Yufeng had never heard of them before.

"Become an Origin Doctor? If he did not have any Essence Qi, how could he become an Essence Doctor? Moreover, origin energy is innately born. For an ordinary person to train in origin energy, that is easier said than done. "

Chu Yufeng even doubted what was written in the ancient book.

"Of course, my lady can!"

The man was certain that this made Chu Yufeng a little hesitant.

"How do you know?"

"Eh, this …" What was written on this book was naturally possible, but this method was too exaggerated. It actually required blood essence of the fifth level or higher, and it even needed to be consumed every other day. Furthermore … There is someone who needs to use their spirit energy to help circulate the meridians in their entire body. This will take a lot of time, it's truly not easy! "

As he spoke to here, the dark-green robed man gently closed the book. He already understood what the book said, but looking at his own leather bag, he felt inexplicably worried.

"It's so hard for this body to save its master!"

Even if she knew the method now, she wouldn't be able to move. After all, this body still had the blood of a peak Rank 4 spirit warrior, so it was completely unable to help the lady cultivate her elemental energy.

"Who asked you to save her? With This King around, she will be fine!"

Chu Yufeng had to give it a try regardless of the effects of the book. With a few strides, he arrived beside the woman. Looking at her still closed eyes, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

He didn't know when it happened, but he had always liked to see a woman's playful and lively appearance.

Without thinking too much, Chu Yufeng moved his finger and placed it next to the woman's mouth. Like a blood pill, the blood disappeared as soon as it touched her lips. Furthermore, Chu Yufeng could feel the blood flowing out from his fingertips.

"Enough. Your Highness the Southern King, quickly let go, or else …"

Chu Yufeng quickly retracted his fingers. Although it hadn't been long, it was enough to make one feel dizzy.

"How do you know this is enough?"

The book did not mention how much blood essence he would need. He did not know if it would be useless to be stopped by someone just now, so he was quite puzzled by the soul fragment that had just opened its mouth.

"The book says that you have to absorb it every other day. If you consume too much, I'm afraid you won't be able to!"

Who knew how long it would take Master to cultivate his Essence. If he hadn't warned him just now, Master would have drained all of the Southern King's blood essence. This thought wasn't without basis, at least he knew that Master had the ability to do so.

At the very least, not many people would be willing to part with their blood essence like this. After all, losing blood essence was extremely harmful to one's body.

"Alright, did the book say anything about how to help him train his Essence?"

Chu Yufeng could not waste his blood, and he had to save a woman. Thus, despite his weakened state, he wanted to help her circulate her energy and blood vessels.

"Young master, please reconsider. You are currently so weak. If you forcefully circulate a large amount of spiritual power, I'm afraid …" "It won't be right …"

Actually, Luo Ze was well aware of how serious the consequences were for forcefully circulating his spiritual energy, and how they could possibly trigger a life tribulation. Therefore, this was not a joke.

"Do I have to give up halfway?"

This was not what Chu Yufeng wanted to see.

"Young master, how about I …"

"Let me do it! Miss is my master, saving her is my duty! "

After Luo Ze finished his sentence, the man in the dark green robe started to gather his spiritual energy. Pink spiritual energy started to seep out from the man's fingers. Although it was very small, it could still continue to seep into the woman's body.

Not long after, the person on the bed slowly lifted her hands. She was still unconscious, but other than her hands, her body had also slowly sat up with her eyes closed.

"Wow, Miss Little Snow is really cultivating!"

The cultivation method of elemental energy was different from spiritual energy. Cultivators had to use their finger seals to circulate their elemental energy. Luo Ze had seen Zhuo Fan do this before, so he couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

"But why is this... Could this spiritual energy be pink? What's the level of pink? "

Luo Ze was puzzled. He had never heard of pink spiritual energy before, but this time, his horizons were broadened.

Luo Ze didn't understand, but Chu Yufeng was also very confused. Although cultivating his elemental energy with his spiritual energy seemed simple, but it was actually quite difficult, but after seeing the other party's method of circulating his spiritual energy so skillfully, he suspected that he really did learn it from the ancient book. Or had he always been?

Apart from these, Chu Yufeng was also quite puzzled by the pink spiritual energy. The spiritual energy had colors, and according to the color and depth of the color, one could determine the size of a person's spiritual energy.

But apart from the color of human spirit energy, the spirit beasts also had a color when they activated their spirit energy. However, their color was different from humans'. Thus, at this moment, Chu Yufeng was unable to determine the rank of the pink spirit energy; at the very least, it was a spirit energy that he had never seen before.

Time passed bit by bit, and the remnant soul did its best for its master. Circulating spiritual energy for a long period of time was not an easy task, but in order to wake its master up, he had to give it a lot of thought.

Chu Yufeng naturally saw the efforts of the remnant soul. Perhaps he really shouldn't be too harsh on it.

Normally, it would take at least several hours to cultivate one's Essence. However, cultivators were currently in a coma and could not wake up. Thus, things like helping cultivation could only be done through fragmented souls. Furthermore, time naturally could not be wasted.

Through this strange method, Zhao Xiaoxue, who was shouting 'cool' every two hours, finally stopped crying out in pain. Other than not waking up, her body was much better. She just needed someone to help her cultivate her energy every day.

Of course, he would also need to absorb a fifth grade blood essence the next day.

"Young master! He had just received news from Master Bai!

Bai Yi was the envoy under the Southern King. When the Southern King had left Andu, Bai Yi had already left first, and did not know about his whereabouts. Now that news suddenly arrived, it was very surprising, but it was likely that this news was not simple either.

"Bring me the news!"

Hearing the order, Luo Ze quickly walked forward and passed a small slip of paper to the young master in front of him. He unfolded the slip of paper and saw only a few words on it. Although the words were still written there, Chu Yufeng had already understood what was going on.

"Let's go!" To Anduo! "

Hearing this news, Luo Ze was shocked.

"Young master, aren't we going to check out the situation of the pagoda in the West Wu Country? Why is it that now … You're going back? "

"Since the Golden Pagoda in Wu has returned to normal, there's no point in going. Besides, the new year is coming after a month, let's return to Andu as soon as possible!"

Naturally, no one dared to disobey Young Master's decision. Luo Ze accepted the order, but when he turned around, he whispered:

"Young master has never cared about the holidays before, but this year he is actually concerned about them. How strange!" Moreover, if he were to return, what would happen to Miss Xiaoxue? There's still the Southern Princess Consort waiting inside the Residence of South Duke! "

Although he was very worried, these questions should not be asked by one of his subordinates. Presumably, the Southern King had already made his decision.

To Luo Ze's mutterings, Chu Yufeng could only smile without saying a word. Looking at the woman lying on the bed, who still hadn't woken up, Chu Yufeng naturally had his own plans.

Although he didn't want to, since Zhuo Fan wasn't here, he could only look for the Imperial Advisor. Perhaps he could find a way to wake her up.

"So dark!"

Zhao Xiaoxue finally opened her eyes with great difficulty, but it was pitch black around her, and she couldn't even remember how many times she let out such a sigh. She didn't know why, but even though she was able to open her eyes, her body felt soft and weak, without much strength, so after asking, she couldn't help but close her eyes, because she knew that no one would give her an answer.

"It's night, of course it's dark!"

Surprisingly, this time, someone was actually speaking to her. Hearing her voice, it made her feel extremely familiar.

"Night? Then shouldn't I be sleeping right now? "

Since she was too lazy to move, Zhao Xiaoxue closed her eyes and didn't even want to open them.

"You need to sleep again. Haven't you slept enough?"

The man's voice was helpless.

"Hehe, why aren't you sleeping at night? Chu Yufeng, if only I could put you to sleep! Of course I won't have nightmares! "

As Zhao Xiaoxue spoke, she waved her arm and made a hugging gesture. She originally thought that her arm would fall on empty air, but she didn't expect that she would actually hug someone. Moreover, this person's body smelled so good of plum blossoms.

"Sigh!" Indeed, it was the easiest dream to come true in a dream! "Fine, just sleep with me for a while!"

With that said, Zhao Xiaoxue once again fell into a deep sleep.

"Oh my god!" Miss Xue, quickly wake up! "

Vaguely, Zhao Xiaoxue heard someone shout next to her ear.

"Don't be noisy, I'm so sleepy. Let me sleep a little longer!"

Zhao Xiaoxue really wanted to sleep, because she knew that once she opened her eyes, she would have to face reality. She also didn't know what reality was today, but was she still in the Confusion Forest?

"Miss Xue shouldn't sleep anymore. If you continue sleeping like this, there will be a huge problem!"

The person beside her was very anxious. It sounded like something urgent had happened, so Zhao Xiaoxue had no choice but to try her best to open her eyes. For some reason, her body felt extremely tired, and she especially wanted to sleep.

It was not easy to open her eyes. Just as she had thought, she was lying on a big bed with a pillow in her arms. There was no trace of that man. She felt quite disappointed:

"I didn't expect it to be a dream!"

"Miss Xue, stop dreaming, something big is happening at home!"

Seeing the person on the bed react, the person was also excited.

"Something wrong?" "Residence?"

Her memories were still stuck in the Confusion Forest. At that time, she had fainted, and perhaps Chu Yufeng had brought her back to Grand Dominance City, but why did it seem like she had heard the voice of the wedding lady?

"Hey, my Miss Xue, can you stop daydreaming? The prince is about to die. The two aunts have already gone to take a look. If we don't go now, you …" "Sigh!"

The wedding was also very anxious, but this Miss Xue's lazy look really made one feel depressed.

"What?" Your Highness can't take it anymore? Which prince? "

Even if she still lacked physical strength, how could Zhao Xiaoxue remain calm after hearing such extraordinary news? She turned around and sat on the bed, looking at the anxious Xi Niang across from her. She felt like she was in a dream.

"Niang Niang, why did you come here?"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know how long it had been since she last saw the wedding lady. Or could it be that everything that had happened to her before was just a dream? Because of the dizziness, Zhao Xiaoxue could not tell the difference between dream and reality.

"Hey, my dear Miss Xue, it's been so long, how come you're still not worried! In this Residence of the Southern King, other than the Southern King, do you think there are any other dukes? "Moreover, the Southern King's health has always been poor, and right now, it's about to …"

The rumour had it that the reason the Southern King suddenly fell ill was because of Miss Xue. The empress dowager had also said in the past few days that if anything happened to the Southern King, the Southern Princess would accompany him in death.

If it weren't for this terrifying piece of news, the Empress would never have risked returning to the Southern King's Estate. Ever since the last time she saw the two aunts of the Southern King's Estate, she knew that Miss Xue's life at this mansion would be difficult, but she was only a wedding lady who tied the strings. Even if she wanted to, she would be powerless.

"Wait, Southern King? Was it Chu Yufeng? What happened to him? How could he be sick? He's very powerful! "

Zhao Xiaoxue felt that her brain wasn't enough. She sat for a while and realized that the furnishings around her were very familiar. This place was no other than this. She had actually returned to the sickly Prince Zhi's house.

"My young mistress, no matter what, you have lived in this mansion for more than two months. Let's not talk about how you have yet to see the Southern King, right? That Southern King was famous for his illness, and it was true that he was powerful. After all, he was very sick. Today, there were almost no people left!

"Moreover, if you don't plead for mercy now, you'll have to accompany the Southern King in death. This was an imperial decree by the empress dowager herself!"

Seeing that the young miss in front of him was still in a daze, the wedding lady was so anxious that she jumped up and down.

"Bury? No! The Southern King would not die, this must not be true, it was impossible! I want to take a look! "

Right now, Zhao Xiaoxue really wanted to fly to the Southern King's side and see what he looked like. She believed that he definitely wasn't him, because in her heart, he was a legend!

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