Zhao Xiaoxue stumbled out of the room. It really was the forest garden outside. Looking at the winding stone roads, Zhao Xiaoxue's running footsteps slowly came to a halt.

She had not stayed in the forest for long. Besides the road out, she had no idea where the other directions led, so she naturally did not know where the Southern King was.

"Hey, my Miss Xue, this way, this way! "I wonder how you've been doing all this time?"

The other party was clearly a rich young master, but why did he end up like this? Not only was there no one by his side to serve him, he was even forced to accompany him in death for no reason. What made people even more confused was why Master Xue could suppress his temper and ignore him.

"Is it here?"

It had to be said that there were too many forks in the forest garden. The stone path was like a spider web, causing Zhao Xiaoxue's head to ache.

"No!" No, it's wrong again, it's this way! "

The wedding maiden continuously pulled back the young miss who was scurrying about.

"Miss Xue, it's useless if you're just anxious. You have to think about what to say when you get to Lin Xuan Pavilion! No matter what, you can't be dragged to be buried with her, can you? "

The woman pulled on Zhao Xiaoxue's arm and wanted to point out her feelings for her, but the people around them ignored her and started looking around.

"Miss Xue, this is all for your own good. If you recklessly charge in like this, not only won't you be able to save yourself, you'll even lose your life!"

"Niang Niang, just how should I go? Right now, I just want to see His Highness the Southern King!"

Zhao Xiaoxue did not believe that Chu Yufeng's life was in danger, she had to confirm it with her own eyes.

"This way, if we continue in this direction, we'll reach Lin Xuan Pavilion!"

Lin Xuan Pavilion was in the forest, and naturally, it wasn't too far away. As soon as the wedding lady finished speaking, Zhao Xiaoxue ran off. She hadn't noticed before and only now realized that this Miss Xue was only wearing a pair of tights, not even a pair of shoes!

"Could it be that this Miss Xue has been bewitched by the appearance of the sickly King, and can no longer extricate herself?"

There were simply too many rumors. Although some were just legends, there were some that were true. Seeing the fleeing figures in front of them, the wedding maiden quietly retreated backwards.

Zhao Xiaoxue did not pay attention to the wedding maiden behind her. She wholeheartedly ran forward until she finally saw many figures, many of which were familiar faces. Looking at their serious expressions, Zhao Xiaoxue did not dare to make any noise.

"Wang... "Wangfei, wangfei is here!"

Without any obvious cover, Zhao Xiaoxue's approach quickly attracted the attention of many people. Although this wangfei rarely showed herself, there were not many servants in the mansion.

Most of the girls were by Huo Caidie and Cao Mengying's side, so when they saw Zhao Xiaoxue, some of them immediately revealed her identity.

Hearing the servant girl's call, Huo Caidie turned around. When she saw the person's messy hair without any shoes, she immediately opened her mouth wide.

"Princess Hua-Yang's outfit is really fitting!"

After saying that, Huo Caidie lowered her head to look at herself. Although she had taken off her colorful butterfly robe and was wearing plain clothes, she originally thought that it was still okay. However, compared to this wangfei, she now knew that her thoughts were not deep enough.

No longer hesitating, perhaps the empress dowager would summon them later, so, with an example, Huo Caidie could only follow her example.

"Hurry, take off my shoes!"

Hearing this order, the little girl beside Huo Caidie was first stunned, but then she thought of her master's intentions and began to move forward.

"And mine!"

Cao Mengying, who was standing aside, did not want to fall behind. This was a critical moment. No matter how elegant she used to be, now she had lost this grace in order to survive.

"And hair, do as the princess does!"

Huo Caidie was going all out. If she could, she would have made herself even more miserable.

"What are you doing?" And His Highness the Southern King? "

Looking at Huo Caidie's panic-stricken expression, Zhao Xiaoxue was slightly stunned. For a moment, she had some doubts as to whether this Huo Caidie was actually from the dream flower, but after looking at her for a while, she felt that it didn't seem like it. No matter who she was facing, she would not be stopped from going to see His Highness the Southern King.

"Your highness is lying inside, the imperial physician is treating him right now, but …"

Huo Caidie was worried that the imperial physician would not be able to save the Duke.

"I want to go in and take a look!"

Zhao Xiaoxue said as she was about to walk inside.

"But wangfei, it's too …"

Huo Caidie wanted to continue speaking, but her arm was pulled back a few times, causing her to stop.

With no one stopping her, Zhao Xiaoxue walked towards the door. Just as she crossed the threshold, she saw several people in official uniform kneeling on the ground. One of them had a face full of worry as he said:

"Reporting to the empress dowager, His Highness Southern King's body is currently extremely weak. It's impossible for him to be treated with medicine or pills. I'm afraid …" "There's no such thing as good or bad luck!"

Imperial Physician Wang trembled as he reported back to the angry empress dowager, his heart very uneasy. The empress dowager cared for His Highness so much. If anything happened to His Highness, even imperial physicians like him would be implicated.

"This Dowager naturally knows that Feng Er is very weak right now. She called you all here to wake up Feng Er, the Li family's Feng Er!"

Others didn't know about Feng Er's situation, but as a mother, the empress dowager naturally understood her son's situation. As long as the calamity wasn't activated, then Feng Er's health would be better than anyone else's.

"His Highness the Southern King's illness is too fierce, he can't even feed the medicine now. This subject really doesn't know what to do. Perhaps it's like what the Imperial Advisor said before, His Highness …"

"Shut up! If you can't find the reason, then push it to the Imperial Advisor. The Imperial Advisor said that Feng Er won't have the disease for another year, so during this period of time, he won't …"

The empress dowager hadn't finished speaking when she turned her head and saw the woman standing by the door. Judging from her appearance, she didn't seem like a girl at all. If she hadn't guessed wrongly, perhaps she was Feng Er's wangfei.

In order to prevent Feng Er from becoming a joke in Andu, the empress dowager had finally managed to hide the matter of the Southern Princess Consort escaping with great difficulty. She had originally wanted to secretly find the person and then deal with them.

She didn't expect Feng Er to come back with her, and she also didn't think that Feng Er would like her so much. To use her own blood essence to save her, this was already ridiculous, but by the time she realized it, it was already too late; Feng Er was already unconscious.

"What are you doing here?"

Originally, the empress dowager thought highly of this young lady, but when her life was in danger, she regarded her as a ferocious beast and would be annoyed if she looked at her for even a moment.

This was the first time Zhao Xiaoxue had seen such an imposing woman. Furthermore, she was so beautiful, she looked to be no more than thirty years old, and at such a young age, it was hard to imagine that she was the Southern King's mother. Perhaps, Chu Yufeng really was her son, after all, their appearances were too similar.

"I want to see His Highness the Southern King!"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't let go of her heart. Although the empress dowager in front of her was frightening, if she didn't find out, then even if she died, she wouldn't rest in peace.

"You actually have the face to come and see Feng Er, did you not harm Feng Er enough?" "Someone, come …"

The empress dowager wanted to throw him out, but just as she did so, the woman who had not received an order suddenly moved.

"Southern King!"

Zhao Xiaoxue had already discovered her target. She didn't care what was wrong with doing this, she began to run, getting closer and closer. When she saw the pale face of the man lying on the bed, she immediately shouted:

"It's really you!" You... What's wrong with you? "

Looking at the man's pale face, Zhao Xiaoxue was scared to the point that her whole body was trembling. She still hadn't forgotten the appearance of the Ox King when he died.

"Why are you asking? Feng Er lost too much blood essence for you, now … Now that there's no hope, This Dowager had intended for you to die with me. I didn't expect you to come here yourself! "

Although Feng Er didn't have much time left, it was always good to live for a day. The Empress Dowager absolutely could not accept Feng Er leaving early.

"Blood essence?" Is he hurt? "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't understand. If the other party had truly lost too much blood, perhaps he could use the fluid to heal her.

"No, Chu Yufeng, you can't die! I must save you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue stood up and started to look around for something.

"What are you doing? No matter what you do, This Dowager will not change her mind. Even if that old man Xue Mingshu makes a ruckus, I will make you die with my son! "

Seeing the woman in front of her flapping around like a headless fly, the Empress Dowager became even angrier.

"Good!" I promise you that I will accompany you in death, but he can still be saved. If he really loses too much blood, there's still a chance as long as the liquid is replenished! Do you have any equilibrium liquids here? "

Of course, Zhao Xiaoxue didn't think that this world would have any blood within it. Even if it did, she didn't know how to mix it.

"You're all imperial physicians. If you meet some patients who have lost too much blood, you should have a way to treat them, right?"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care how angry or puzzled the empress dowager was, she just wanted to hurry up and save them.

"This... "There are Blood Coagulation Pills and …"

The imperial physician who was being questioned began to search the medicine box beside him. There were still pills to stop the bleeding, but the imperial physician knew that stopping the bleeding wasn't enough and that there was a need to replenish the liquid. However, the Southern King simply had no way of opening his mouth right now! The imperial physician was at a loss as well.

"Alright, alright, go and find me some salt and sugar!"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care about the empress dowager who was standing next to her. She carelessly ordered people to search for something.

"There is one here!"

Sometimes, the imperial physician's medicine chest was truly a treasure chest. As long as it could treat illnesses, anything could happen.

Hearing that someone had found salt and sugar, Zhao Xiaoxue did not hesitate anymore and poured out a cup of water, then placed the salt and sugar inside.

"What is she doing?"

Seeing this woman's actions, the other imperial physicians were all puzzled. The empress dowager was originally very angry, but now she wanted to see just what this Miss Xue wanted to do.

"Ah?" She actually wanted to give the unconscious Prince Nan Wang some water? At this point in time, His Highness the Southern King is already unconscious and unable to feed him any water at all! "

"That's right!" "How could a unconscious person drink water from a bottle? This water …"

The imperial physicians discussed amongst themselves, thinking that the wangfei was probably afraid of being buried with them, so she was tormenting herself for no reason. They only saw the girl carefully place a cup of water next to the Southern King's mouth. She didn't pour the water into the cup, but instead used her left hand to caress the Southern King's chest.

"What is she doing?"

The young lady's actions were even more incomprehensible, but very quickly, they saw that when the young lady's left hand gently rubbed her chest, the South King, who had his lips sealed tightly, actually opened his mouth slightly. However, it did not last long before he closed his mouth again.

Taking advantage of the Southern King's opening mouth, Zhao Xiaoxue poured the prepared salted sugar into her mouth, and as she repeated the process, a cup of water was quickly emptied.

"Wow, what technique is that? It can make a unconscious person drink water?"

The royal doctors were curious.

"All of you, go down!"

At this moment, the empress dowager gave the order. Since these quack doctors were useless, perhaps they could really let Snowflake give it a try.

No one dared to disobey the empress dowager's orders. Even though they wanted to see if a miracle would happen, they still left the pavilion dejectedly in order to preserve their lives.

Zhao Xiaoxue wholeheartedly wanted to save him. Now that she needed to replenish the liquid in her body, it definitely wasn't an easy task, so she busied herself non-stop. Although a man's pulse was still very large, but at least his complexion had changed.

'Bang! '

Zhao Xiaoxue had wandered back and forth for who knows how many times. Just now, when she wasn't paying attention, the teacup in her hand broke. Seeing that there was still half a cup of salted water on the ground, Zhao Xiaoxue decided to change to a new teacup and continue using it.


Just as Zhao Xiaoxue's finger touched the broken teacup, she felt a sharp pain and blood started to flow out from her fingertip.

"Sigh!" Fortunately, the water was not spilled! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't care about the cut on her finger because she knew that everyone had the ability to clot blood. After a while, the bleeding stopped and the most important thing was to replenish the liquid in Chu Yufeng's body.

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully placed the new teacup next to the man's mouth. Just like before, she placed her left hand on the man's chest, but this time, before her left hand could press down on his chest, the man's mouth was already opened.

"Chu Yufeng, are you awake?"

Seeing the man's change, Zhao Xiaoxue was overjoyed and carefully fed him some salted water. A cup of sugared salt water was not a lot to begin with. The man opened his mouth wide and drank it all in one gulp.

"Wait a moment, I'll make you more salt and sugar water. You need to drink some more before you can …"

Zhao Xiaoxue did not finish speaking, her face slightly changed, her right hand seemed to have been stuck for some reason, making it unable to move. She let go of her finger, and the teacup tumbled to the ground.

"What's going on? He … He was actually sucking it in … "My blood!"

Zhao Xiaoxue tried hard to move her fingers, how could she allow anyone to suck her blood? Although her right hand was difficult to move away from, after some effort, her right hand finally left the man's mouth.

"You … How can you suck... Where's my blood? "

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to question the man, but when she came back to her senses, she found that the man's face had actually turned a lot redder.

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