This world made her feel very strange, but the man in front of her made her feel even more angry. He was obviously fine a moment ago, but when she asked him why he was being held captive, he unexpectedly said something.

"Why is This King telling you?"

A single sentence blocked all of Zhao Xiaoxue's questioning thoughts. With such a line hanging right there, there was no point in saying anything.

"You strange fellow, since you're willing to be a hostage, then you can slowly be one yourself. Who knows, maybe someone might kill you one day and cook you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue muttered. Even if she couldn't defeat this man, she could only put on an act.

"If anything were to happen to This King, you as a servant girl, do not know what the result would be? "If you're from the Southern Chu Country, you should know that all the female servants in your country will be buried for your masters!"

The man's words were spoken with his eyes closed. Looking at his calm face and hearing such disgusting words, Zhao Xiaoxue felt so angry that she opened her hands and began to brandish them in front of the man. This fellow was a demon.

"Damn it! You clearly don't need me to die with you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue really wished she could rip apart this fellow's head to see what he was thinking. Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to grab him by the head, but at this moment, the head that was originally slightly lowered suddenly lifted up and the closed eyes opened. A pair of eyes that could see through everything coldly stared at her.

The situation had changed too quickly, and Zhao Xiaoxue had no time to stop herself. Both of her hands were sprawled in front of her, staring blankly at the man who was staring at her.

"Hehe, I'm just exercising …" "Exercise!"

After recovering from her shock with great difficulty, Zhao Xiaoxue felt somewhat embarrassed as she spoke like a commander as she began to wave her hands in a rhythmic manner.

"Exercise? It's time to exercise! "

After the man finished speaking, the corners of his mouth slightly curled up. He instantly stood up and stretched out his hand to grab onto the woman's right wrist. He exerted a bit of force and Zhao Xiaoxue felt her body begin to spin uncontrollably.

"What are you doing?"

Although they hadn't been together for long, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this man didn't seem like a stingy guy.

Zhao Xiaoxue's body couldn't stop. She didn't know how this man did it, but he was able to make her stand still and spin around for so long. Her head felt dizzy, making her unable to clearly see what was inside the carriage.

All sorts of voices began to mix together. What was going on? What happened? Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to find out, but unfortunately, her body was still spinning. The time it took for her to spin around was too long, and Zhao Xiaoxue could no longer think. Her originally swaying vision suddenly turned dark, and she fainted.

"Aiyo, my head is spinning!"

After an unknown period of time, Zhao Xiaoxue finally woke up. Before she even opened her eyes, she felt a wave of dizziness. Needless to say, this was definitely the aftereffect of the spinning earlier.

Being born into this foreign world was really pitiful, she could fall unconscious at any moment. As a doctor, she knew very well that people who fainted often would damage their brain. If she continued with this state, she would turn into a retard in a few years.

"It's all because of that evil spirit! "If it wasn't for him …"

Before she could finish her sentence, Zhao Xiaoxue subconsciously closed her mouth. That man was a stingy person. If she were to be hated by him again, he would probably faint again.

He tried to squeeze out a slit between his eyes. What was that man doing when she was unconscious?

"Eh? "This is …"

Zhao Xiaoxue could not believe her eyes. She actually saw the stars shining in the sky. One star, two stars … If he were to seriously count them, it would seem that he could still count them clearly.

However, how could she have the energy to count the stars? Although she was lying flat on her back, her body was still shaking. Needless to say, she should still be lying on the carriage, but why was she able to see the stars in the sky?

"You're awake!"

He flipped over and quickly sat up, and once again saw the man. Under the starlight, the outline of the man's handsome face could be vaguely seen. He still had his eyes closed, but she was sure that he hadn't fallen asleep.

"Why are there so many holes in the roof of the carriage?" Wow! "This carriage …"

She wasn't paying attention just now, but when Zhao Xiaoxue saw the situation around the carriage, she was immediately startled. Not only the roof, but the bottom of the carriage was full of holes. She could even see the rolling wheels on the bottom.

Other than the place where she sat with the man, there was almost no other place to rest. This was not the same carriage she had been riding on; it was a wooden frame that would fall apart at any moment.

"What happened? How did the carriage become like this? "

Moreover, what made Zhao Xiaoxue feel even weirder was that the horse carriage was already in such a bad condition. However, the person driving the horse carriage was still driving the horse forward at a fast speed.

"We were attacked by monsters!"

The man didn't let Zhao Xiaoxue ask that question for nothing.

"Monster?" Were we attacked by monsters? "

Seeing the broken carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue found it hard to imagine the situation at that time and the monster that was attacking it. She looked at herself again. Her dress was a bit tattered, but she wasn't injured.

"You saved me?"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt like an idiot. Wasn't this obvious? If that monster was able to pierce the carriage, then it would be easy for it to pierce her. Besides this man, no one else would be willing to save her.

"This King won't save you!"

The man turned around and looked at the woman beside him with a complicated expression as he answered in a low voice.

"You didn't save me? "Could it be that the monster let me go because I fainted?"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't believe her own guess. No matter what, the man in front of her had definitely saved her. She just didn't know why he wasn't willing to admit it.

"Alright, even if you don't admit that you saved me, I'm not an ungrateful person. At worst, I'll just be your maid for three more days!"

Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt that staying with such a powerful person in this world filled with monsters was the true way of the king.

"You can leave when it's daylight. You won't have a good ending if you stay by This King's side!"

With that, the man turned his head and closed his eyes again.

"You want to chase me away?"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt unexplainable discomfort in her heart. Previously, she really did want to leave and wanted to be a traveling doctor, but now, she suddenly felt that her ability was limited.

Moreover, she … Some didn't want to leave this man. Although this man's words were unclear, she felt abnormally safe by his side. If she left him, where would she go?

"What is it? Do you really want to die with This King? "

This was a strange feeling, always feeling that it was especially interesting to tease the woman beside him.

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