"Hmm, the taste of this wine is really good!" "Buddy, give me another pot!"

In the restaurant, the dark-green robed young master waved his arm. The little kid standing next to him pouted, embarrassed. He didn't take a step forward, but stood still while twirling his finger.

Noticing that the shop assistant did not take any action, the dark-green robed Young Master impatiently urged,

"Why aren't you going to get some wine?"

Being questioned by others, the lackey was helpless. Although he knew that this young master had a bad temper, if he didn't receive the silver, then the lackey's days would be even more difficult.

"Young master Bu, I know that you are an important guest of the Southern King's Mansion. If you really want to drink, then there will be a lot of fine wine in the Southern King's Mansion. Besides, the Southern King's Mansion is next door to us, so there is no need to make things difficult for our store!"

He was just drinking. Years ago, no one would stop him from drinking, but now that he finally had a body and he wanted to taste the wine, he was actually controlled. He felt depressed.

"I told you to serve the wine, so just give me the wine. I didn't lose any of your silver coins, so why are you being so long-winded!"

After saying this, Young Master Bu waved his hand to the shop assistant again to get the wine.

"But Young Master Bu, you've already drunk two jars of wine today. Chief Steward Qiu at the Southern King's Mansion said that he only helps you pay for two jars of wine per day. As for the rest, you …" You have to think of a way yourself! "

The boy was trembling with fear as he finished his words. He had been talking like this for the past few days, but every time he finished, there was no effect. Instead, he would anger this Young Master Bu and break a corner of the table.

After what happened on the first day, the shop owner wanted to fix the table, but after a few days, he told the table not to be fixed and gave it to Young Master Bu to use.

Although the safety of the table was of no importance, it was still very important for the waiter to take care of his own safety. As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly retreated so as not to get accidentally injured.

"Damn it! "This Qiu Chao is truly stingy …"

The mention of the Southern King's Mansion's Qiu Chaoge made people angry. They waved their hands, and seeing that the table was about to be ruined again, the young servant hurriedly turned his head to the side.

However, after a long while, the familiar clapping sound did not come, which made the waiter extremely curious. Carefully turning his head, he saw that Young Master Bu's palm was still raised in the air and the palm that was about to clap the table actually had a faint golden glow.

Could it be that Young Master Bu intended to exchange the gold for wine? As far as the merchants were concerned, as long as they had money, anything would be fine. The young servant lowered his arms.

"Young master Bu really likes to joke around. Since you have the gold, you should have taken it out a long time ago. I won't make things difficult for you anymore, right?" Do you want more wine now? This little one will go and get it immediately! "

"Crap!" "Young lady, she …"

Looking at the golden light in his hand, Bu Fang was startled. He turned around and stepped on the railing.

"Hey, if Young Master Bu has something to say, why did you jump off the building?"

Looking at the young man who jumped off the building and chased after him to the railing, he realized that the dark green figure had already ran into the Southern King's Mansion. He realized that he had been worrying too much.

The so-called Lin Xuan Pavilion was in fact a place for the Southern King to leisurely read in, so there was no lack of books here.

Looking at the many books in the room, Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes lit up. The book had a face like jade and the book had a golden house. That book definitely had an introduction to the doctor.

Although the best way to find a level six doctor was to ask Zhuo Fan directly, the other way was to improve his understanding of the profession,

As a medical worker, she also might be able to become an elementalist. Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue pointed at the books on the shelf and seriously asked:

"Chu Yufeng, is there any books on physicians here?"

Hearing the question, the man who had just straightened his robe was slightly surprised as he held his arm.

"Do you or do you not have it?"

When the man didn't answer, Zhao Xiaoxue looked at him anxiously.

"Of course there is. The entire row of books there are all about doctors!"

All these years, Chu Yufeng had asked Zhuo Fan to collect quite a few books. Whenever he was free, he would read them one by one.

"Alright, I'll take these books first. I'll see if there's any knowledge regarding the level six doctor in these books to generalize it to my brain!"

Now that their lives were tied up, Zhao Xiaoxue believed that the man wouldn't object to taking away the books. Therefore, before the man could reply, Zhao Xiaoxue acted on her own.

"This King naturally does not object if you wish to read a book, but... Do you recognize the words? "

It wasn't that a man wanted to intentionally undermine the other party's confidence. The truth was right in front of him. Even if he was impassioned, it wouldn't be of any use.

"Words?" Right, I can't read anymore, I've become illiterate! "

When she thought of this terrifying fact, Zhao Xiaoxue quickly retracted her hand. She turned her head to look at the man who was shaking his head and sighing. She felt an inexplicable sense of guilt.

"I... "Actually, I …"

"Young master Bu, please wait! You can't enter Lin Xuan Pavilion!" "The Southern King, he …"

'Bang! '

With the sound of the gatekeeper's voice, the door was forced open, and someone rushed in.

Chu Yufeng had long since noticed someone approaching him, but he did not expect this fella to be so simple and crude. His face darkened slightly.

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't have any special reactions, so when she heard that someone had barged in, she was startled. She turned around and saw a young master wearing a dark green robe walking quickly towards her.

"It's you?" "You …"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't believe her eyes. Even though she had changed into a green robe, her opponent's appearance hadn't changed at all. He was still as charming as before.

"Ox King, you're actually reviving?"

Zhao Xiaoxue quickly stepped forward, wanting to see the person clearly.

"Miss, you're awake!"

Right now, he did not have the time to explain. He only wanted to know what the golden seal in his hand was all about.

"Wait a minute, isn't your voice the Ox King …"

She looked exactly like the Ox King, but her voice didn't sound like one at all. This made Zhao Xiaoxue involuntarily step back. She turned her head to look at Chu Yufeng, hoping that he would give her an answer.

Unfortunately, Chu Yufeng did not say anything. Instead, this man who looked like the Ox King took the initiative to hold her hand, talking nonstop.

"Miss, it's really great that you're awake. I've been worrying about you all this time. However, tell me first, what happened to the blood contract in your hands?"

Hearing the other party mention the 'blood contract', Zhao Xiaoxue's face became vigilant. She quickly withdrew her right hand and covered the mark on it. She asked in confusion:

"How do you know I have the blood contract?"

As she spoke, Zhao Xiaoxue approached the man behind her. Compared to the Ox King, she believed Chu Yufeng more. Furthermore, the man in front of her was not the Ox King.

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