Unless one was truly stupid, who would be willing to be buried with him?

"Alright! I'll leave at daybreak! "

After saying so, Zhao Xiaoxue looked up at the sky. She didn't know what time it was, but when would it be dawn? Although she didn't really hate the man next to her, it was not a good omen for him to ask her to die with him.

Could it be that he really had something that he couldn't pass through? Thinking up to here, Zhao Xiaoxue sneaked a glance at the man. She was surprised that he didn't close his eyes again, but his cold face under the starlight made her feel a little desolate.

"Once upon a time, there were two ants. In order to find food, they broke into the iron box and were locked inside. The iron wall was too hard, so there was no way for them to dig it out.

But the other ant did not resist, since there's food in the iron box, so even if it dies, it wants to be a dead person that's full of food. Not long after, two ants died in the iron box, but their expressions were very different before they died.

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, a gust of cold wind blew past, causing people to shiver uncontrollably. It felt as if the winter night had become colder, and in a certain direction, there was a gaze that had turned into a sharp sword that could instantly pierce her skin. Needless to say, her words must have provoked a man.

"What is it? Do you think I'm that ant that doesn't want to die? "

The man's forceful words were a bit terrifying. This woman was quite daring. Not only did she treat him like an ant, she even teased him. If he was in the snow before, he probably wouldn't have let this woman live.

Zhao Xiaoxue felt the chill seeping out of the man's body, and fear filled her heart. However, before she could finish speaking, she rolled her eyes and carefully glanced at the man who was glaring at her. She swallowed her saliva and said,

"I didn't mean it that way. I just wanted to say that humans are like ants, they will die sooner or later. Rather than feeling unresigned, I might as well enjoy it!" "In addition, this story has another ending …"

Zhao Xiaoxue looked at him carefully, and when she saw the change in his eyes, she felt slightly more at ease.

"What ending?"

Perhaps the storyteller's favorite thing was for the storyteller to interact with it, and Zhao Xiaoxue naturally had the same thoughts.

"After a few days, the iron chest finally opened a crack, but the ant who had been digging the wall no longer had the strength to climb out, and since it couldn't defeat the wall, his will began to slowly sink. Finally, he could only watch the gap die.

The other ant was excited and felt that this was a gift from the heavens. Not only had it crawled out, but it had also taken away a large amount of delicious food and continued to lead a life of prosperity … "Ahhh!"

Just as Zhao Xiaoxue finished speaking, a hand grabbed her neck, making her unable to breathe:

"Put..." Put... "Hands!"

The feeling of lack of oxygen caused her to feel dizzy and her hands were struggling to live. She had only wanted to explain herself to him, but she hadn't expected that it would be counterproductive.

"Do you know the consequences of trampling on This King's dignity?"

No one in this world had ever spoken to him like this before.

"I... Only... But... Want to... Help You... "Help you …"

The woman's intermittent words moved the man and he loosened his grip. Zhao Xiaoxue felt that her breathing became smoother and she quickly explained again:

"Really! Really! I just want to help you! "

If there was a next time, she definitely wouldn't be so impulsive. That was close. That feeling of death just now was really hard to bear.

"Help me?"

The woman was clearly overestimating herself. She didn't have any ability, but she still boasted shamelessly.

"Yes, I'm helping you. You looked a bit …" "It's a bit sad, so I …"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't describe the feeling she had in her heart just now, because it was a look of despair that made it impossible for her to live. Now that she thought about it, perhaps she had guessed wrongly, after all, this man was so powerful.

"So my expression just now …"

Before the man could finish his words, he suddenly turned around to look at the woman beside him. He stared at her as a thought flashed through his mind.

After the lesson just now, Zhao Xiaoxue deeply felt that she couldn't let her sympathy flood over. This man was still as dangerous as before. She, who originally didn't want to leave, suddenly looked forward to the day.

It was unknown if it was because the heavens had heard her thoughts. When they lifted their heads once again, they found that the surroundings had started to turn gray. This should be the prelude to dawn.

"It's almost daybreak!"

Zhao Xiaoxue tried to stand up. She wanted to find a place slightly further away from the man, what if he angrily pinched her neck later? A gentleman would not put himself in danger, Zhao Xiaoxue naturally understood this principle.

But as soon as she stood up, the carriage began to shake violently.

"Left envoy, there's some movement behind you, and the horse is shaking heavily …"

This was Lai Qiang's voice. For some reason, his voice trembled as if he was afraid of something.

"That guy is coming!" As long as we circle around Mount Pan, there will be someone ahead to greet us! "Cough, cough …"

It was the voice of the 'black man'. He did not know why, but it sounded very weak.

"Left envoy, is that really a third grade spirit beast?" However … But it was so... So powerful … Even Lord Left Envoy was injured by it! "

The strength of the spirit beasts had already made Lai Qiang feel discouraged.

"That guy is indeed a Rank 3 Spirit Beast. However, his speed is too fast, so …"

'Plop! '

Zhao Xiaoxue realized that the 'black man' seemed to fall off his horse before she could finish her sentence.

"Left envoy!" "Left envoy!"

"Lord Left Envoy …"

The fall of the 'black man' caused a lot of panic and everyone stopped.

"Commander Lai, what should we do?" What do we do now? "

Everyone gathered around Lai Qiang.

"Now... First, get Left Custodian on the horse carriage, and then everyone can get on the horse carriage and leave! "

When the mountain of the Left Custodian fell, Lai Qiang had also lost his will. However, the only thing he knew clearly was that he had to run for his life right now.

Hearing Lai Qiang's order, the few of them started to help Left Enforcer into the horse carriage. Soon, the group of people started to set off again.

Knowing that the patient was right in front of the carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't just sit there and watch. Even if that person had tried to tie her up, as a medical worker, a devil's will was urging her to check on the patient's injuries.

Holding the broken carriage, Zhao Xiaoxue finally arrived at the front of the carriage and pulled open the curtain. There was a lamp hanging on the carriage, and under the shine of the lamp, Zhao Xiaoxue saw a face so dark that it was red. The corner of her mouth was twitching.

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