"Lady Shuang, what are you doing?"

Zhao Xiaoxue had just squatted down when one of the Left Custodian's men asked in alarm.

If the other party hadn't made a sound, Zhao Xiaoxue would have almost forgotten that there was someone squatting beside this' black man '. She raised her head and looked. Under the light, her nervous face was flickering:

"It's you!"

Zhao Xiaoxue recognized him as the person who took care of Li Chang.

"Lady Shuang, it's dangerous outside. You should go inside the carriage!"

Although Zhang Yong wasn't sure why Lady Shuang wanted to do that, he could tell from her expression that she wasn't lying. He believed from the bottom of his heart that she was really going to save Li Chang, so he was still very polite to her.

"Can I see his injuries?"

Zhao Xiaoxue hoped to get his understanding.

"But …"

"Zhang Yong, let Lady Shuang see!"

The driver, who was sitting not far away, suddenly spoke up.

Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head and found that the other person was also looking back at her. Although there was some distance between them, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that that person looked very familiar.

"You're Li Chang!"

When Zhao Xiaoxue reacted, she also felt that it was unbelievable. Li Chang had woken up and was still driving, but when he fell to the ground, he was obviously in such a critical condition.

"Lady Shuang, I believe you should be proficient in the Way of Medicine. Please check on the condition of the Left Custodian!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could obviously feel Li Chang's concern for the black man, she was probably a grateful person as well.

Time was of the essence. As long as there was no one to stop her, Zhao Xiaoxue would carefully check the patient's condition. She would then remove the blood-stained clothes and reveal several deep wounds on her arm.

Although there was not much blood, there were obvious signs of swelling around the wound. Other than the wound on his arm, there was no other injury. His heart was beating very weakly. His breathing was rapid and his body was slightly twitching.

"Lady Shuang, what's wrong with the Left Envoy?"

Actually, most people were very suspicious of the Left Custodian's passing, including Zhang Yong.

"Maybe the poison has entered my body!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wasn't exaggerating. This person's symptoms were very similar to rabies and tetanus, but they were different. It was a pity that he couldn't carry out a blood test right now.

"Poison? Was he poisoned? No wonder Sir Left Envoy only suffered some light injuries to his arm, and didn't expect to faint all of a sudden! "

Zhang Yong believed in Lady Shuang's judgement.

"Lady Shuang, what should we do now?"

Zhang Yong looked expectantly at his opponent. He believed that Lady Shuang would be able to see through his problem and would definitely have a way to treat it. However, when he looked carefully, he realized that the weapon that had appeared before had appeared again.

"Lady Shuang, what are you doing?"

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't tarry any longer. If it really was the same type of poison as the rabies virus, then the only way now would be to expand the wound and let a large amount of poisonous blood flow out. That way, at least the illness would be relieved.

"Lady Shuang, stop! You can't do this!"

Zhang Yong became flustered. This Lady Shuang was really bold. Not only did she not listen to his advice, she even cut open the Lord Left Envoy's wound. Very quickly, blood flowed out.

"What happened?"

The commotion over here attracted Lai Qiang's attention. Before Zhang Yong could explain, he already saw Lady Shuang 'committing murder'.

"Stop! Get her to stop! "

Lai Qiang was shouting, but Zhao Xiaoxue wouldn't stop because she was trying to save someone.


Realizing that scolding had no effect, Lai Qiang pulled out his sword and swung it over.

Zhao Xiaoxue felt a whistling sound beside her ear. Just as she raised her head, she saw a shining long sword stabbing over. She only turned her head reflexively, but she didn't expect the sword to return so quickly.

Zhao Xiaoxue's reaction wasn't as fast as a sword, she couldn't dodge it. Who knew if her head would be chopped off like that? What was going on? Every time he wanted to help someone, his life would always be in danger. Was this the end of his life?


Despair welled up within him, and he suddenly felt as if something had passed through his head. Before he could clearly see what it was, he heard a blood-curdling scream, and the sword that was coming at him changed direction.

Not understanding what was happening, Zhao Xiaoxue turned around and saw that Lai Qiang had already jumped down from his horse. Behind him, there was a person lying on the ground, holding his stomach as he cried out.

"It's here!" "The monsters are coming!"

Zhao Xiaoxue heard the frightened shouts of the surrounding people. Unfortunately, because it was too dark, she couldn't clearly see what the monster looked like.

But when it comes to monsters, Zhao Xiaoxue was the first to think of that green faced, fang-faced monster. If it was such a powerful monster, then her life would have been too fragile.

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to return to the carriage, but as soon as she got up, her arm was grabbed by someone. It was the 'black man'. He still had his eyes closed, but the strength to grab her was not light.

"Let go!"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to pry open his fingers, but it seemed futile in front of her absolute strength.

"It's flying over, it's flying over!"

In the gray sky, an unknown creature was scurrying all over the place. Its attack had already wounded a lot of people, but fortunately, it didn't tangle with the carriage.

"Its target is the horse carriage. Take the horse carriage and leave!"

This monster's speed was too fast. Other than the Left Custodian, no one else could do anything to it. In order to protect its life, Lai Qiang had to abandon the carriage. Of course, that included everyone on top of the carriage.

"Sit tight!"

Li Chang also possessed a third grade spiritual energy, but his foundation was unstable. However, his aura was much stronger. With a shout, he began to swing his horsewhip and started to rush out.

The speed of the monster was almost on par with the speed of the horse. From time to time, the monster would attack the horse carriage, and only a few pieces of the broken horse carriage were left behind.

"How strange!"

Although the situation appeared very urgent, Zhang Yong felt that something was amiss.

"What are you surprised about?"

It wasn't too big, but its speed was very fast and its claws were also very powerful. Wherever it went, nothing would be in good condition. Zhao Xiaoxue never took her eyes off it, as she was worried about when it would attack her. However, in such a tense moment, the fellow next to it still had the time to say 'weird'.

"Before, this monster was going to attack us, but now, it's only destroying the carriage. It doesn't even think of attacking us"

Zhang Yong hadn't forgotten that when he and Li Chang were fighting side by side against this monster, he was in a very sorry state. Fortunately, the Left Envoy was here, otherwise, they would have been injured a long time ago.

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