"How did you know I was here?"

Ever since she saw Chu Yufeng, Zhao Xiaoxue was unwilling to let him go. With him by her side, not to mention a mere 'haunted house', she would even dare to charge into Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

"The Queen Mother sent someone to tell us!"

Chu Yufeng gave a simple reply without stopping. He brought Zhao Xiaoxue to find the candlestick in the room and then took out a fire piston. Soon, the room was lit up.

"Did Esteemed Empress Dowager send someone to speak?"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't believe him, but Chu Yufeng didn't seem to want to explain. He just turned his head slightly and looked at the woman staring at him dumbly:

"You silly woman, you're perfectly fine. Why did you go and get that lotus flower?"

Hearing the question from the man, Zhao Xiaoxue also felt extremely regretful.

"I was just curious. Who would have thought that this lotus flower would be so strange. The moment I touched it, it would wither!"

When Lotus was mentioned, Zhao Xiaoxue was heartbroken. Chu Yufeng could only come to see her, and not bring her back to the estate. This meant that Esteemed Empress Dowager's words were still valid.

"What should we do? Esteemed Empress Dowager has a limit of seven days. If I can't restore this lotus, I'll be sent to the cold palace! But, what exactly is the Cold Palace? "

In Zhao Xiaoxue's heart, the Cold Palace was just some unfavoured place for concubines. However, she wasn't the Emperor's concubine, so why did she have to be locked in the Cold Palace? That was a bit unreasonable!

"The Cold Palace is just like its name. It's a very cold place. There's a thousand year old ice inside, just for summer!"

"Ah?" This is the cold palace! "

The Cold Palace that Zhao Xiaoxue understood was vastly different from this place.

Hearing the woman's sigh, Chu Yufeng couldn't help but poke her forehead.

"You, sometimes it's really surprising!"

"Accident? What accident? Just because I don't know what the cold palace means? "

Zhao Xiaoxue was a little curious as to why the man said that.

"How can you not know the meaning of cold palace? A three year old painting, five year old poetry, and a seven year old genius student who was able to read the books in his account books, yet is unable to even read a single word. This is truly surprising! "

Hearing the man's words, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly felt inferior. She gently let go of the man's arm and looked at his figure. She felt that the distance between the two of them was quite far.

"Have you ever thought that I'm actually not flying in the snow? "I can hear that you know Snowflake is an outstanding girl, but I …"

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't know what to say. After all, she was Xue Wufei's double, an imposter.

"It was also seven years ago that Snowflutter was known as a prodigy. Since that day seven years ago, Snowflake was praised by everyone and was no longer a prodigy. She was a foolish lady who did not even know who she was!"

At this point, Chu Yufeng looked at the woman seriously. With both hands on her shoulders, he asked with a pained expression:

"What exactly did you experience? Why did he get those seven days of bone-chilling cold for no reason? Fortunately, you are the precious daughter of the Xue Clan, otherwise, no one would be able to supply you with Blood Essence Pills continuously for seven years to save your life! "

Chu Yufeng was very excited. He wanted to know the reason, but looking at the woman's blank expression, he knew that he had wasted his words. This woman didn't even know how to read. How could she remember what had happened seven years ago?

"I... I don't know anything. Perhaps, I am just an imposter! "

She was Zhao Xiaoxue, and Snowfly was just a synonym for her arrival in this foreign world. Sometimes, she even felt that Snowfly might suddenly appear one day, and her imposter would lose everything.

She had clearly been very free and unrestrained before, but now she unexpectedly was completely unwilling to part with this man in front of her. After all, it was Xue Yu who had already been betrothed to him, not her.

"Idiot, how could you be a fake? You are Snowflake, you used to be, now you are, and will be too. Even if you are ill for a while and lose your memory, the fact that you are Snowflake will not change. Fortunately, we signed the blood contract!"

Chu Yufeng knew very well that Snowfly did not need him to feed her blood nor did she need the Blood Refinement Pellet to sign the blood contract. She had become a normal person by now, but if the blood contract could not be broken, then her life would still be in danger.

"Blood contract, yes, we've already signed it, so we can live and die together!"

Looking at the golden seal in her hand, Zhao Xiaoxue realized that whether or not she really did fly in the air, her relationship with Chu Yufeng was already very deep. As long as that was enough.

"Come, let This King teach you how to write!"

As Chu Yufeng spoke, he brought a candlestick to the table. It turned out that there was a large table in the room, with several brushes of varying sizes and sizes on it. There was also an inkstone and cut paper.

"Is this the place where the empress dowager practices calligraphy?"

After all, this was the back hall of Yongan Palace, Esteemed Empress Dowager's residence. Seeing that the empress dowager liked the lotus flowers outside the house, it wouldn't be impossible for her to practice calligraphy here.

"No, this is the place where an expert once lived. Everything here is hers!"

Chu Yufeng's face was full of respect when mentioning this master, because if it weren't for her, he might have long passed away from this world.

"Master?" What kind of expert? Should he grow taller, have higher martial arts, or … I got it, it's a master painter! "

He had been too focused on talking to Chu Yufeng to notice that there were so many paintings hanging on the walls. Furthermore, the paintings looked identical, as if they were painted by someone else.

"He's really amazing. Even this ink painting can be drawn in such a unique state!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was quickly attracted by the painting on the wall, especially the lotus flower picture, which she took a good look at.

"How amazing. The lotus looks about the same, but this expert can draw nine different kinds of lotuses with different styles on this painting. It's really not easy. Just look at this lotus, it seems very cute, but this one looks like an arrogant princess …"

Zhao Xiaoxue and the others were also impressed by the painting. Who would have thought that it would attract the attention of a man? Just as Zhao Xiaoxue was speaking, that man actually put down his brush and came to her side.

"What's wrong? Am I wrong about something? Why are you looking at me like that? "

The levels of appreciation varied. Although Zhao Xiaoxue also liked to paint, she wasn't professional enough and naturally couldn't be considered an expert. When a man looked straight at her, his words could only be cut short.

"You said earlier that you saw nine lotuses on this painting?"

Chu Yufeng asked as he turned his head to look at the picture in front of him. On the picture, there were seven different styles of lotus flowers.

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