"That's right!" Isn't it obvious in this painting? "

Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head and looked at the man curiously. Chu Yufeng was not stupid. On the contrary, he was very smart, but Zhao Xiaoxue saw confusion in his eyes.

"Could I have seen wrongly?"

In this kind of situation, the first thing Zhao Xiaoxue thought of wasn't that there was a problem with the man, but that she might not have observed him carefully enough. After all, this room was really too dark.

"You're not wrong. This painting is called the 'Nine Lotuses for Brilliance'. Just by its title, everyone knows that it should have nine lotuses on it!"

Hearing the man's explanation, Zhao Xiaoxue became puzzled:

"Since I'm right, then why are you looking at me like that?"

She used to think that this man's facial expressions were too few, but now they became a little plentiful, causing her to misunderstand.

"This King won't find it strange for others to say that, but you... Do you recognize these words? "

Following the direction the man was pointing, Zhao Xiaoxue tilted her head to take a closer look. If she wasn't mistaken, these words should contain the 'Nine Lotus Contest'.

"How strange. Didn't the 'Nine Lotus Contest' only have four words? Why were there six words on it? Then what's the last two words? "

Hearing the woman's words, Chu Yufeng speechlessly shook his head.

"The last two words are 'Brilliance'. These six words are: 'Brilliance of the Nine Lotus'!"

This time, Chu Yufeng understood that this woman couldn't read at all. Of course, she didn't know the word 'nine' either.

"Hur hur, as expected, it's scary that I can't read!"

After the man's explanation, Zhao Xiaoxue felt like she was an idiot.

"Since you can't read, then how do you know that there are nine lotuses in this painting? You should know that this painting once appeared at the feast that was held in the palace. royal father promised to reward you greatly and let people understand the meaning of these nine lotuses. Unfortunately, no one was able to comprehend it then.

The man had finished speaking, but Zhao Xiaoxue still hadn't recovered. She didn't think that this painting would have such a fortuitous encounter.

"No, let me count again. Perhaps I was right!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's plan was just right for Chu Yu. He also wanted to personally witness how these nine lotuses came about.

"One, two, three …"

Zhao Xiaoxue pointed at the lotuses and counted them one by one. Very quickly, she finished counting the seven lotuses.

"Eight, nine!" That's right, there are really nine of them! "


Seeing that the man beside her still had a confused expression, Zhao Xiaoxue smiled and said:

"Aiya, look carefully, this painting is actually a hidden painting, there are seven in the light, and two of them are hidden in the dark, but you can't see them from above or below, you have to look at them from the left and right. Also, these two are still water lotuses, even though they are both water lilies, they are still quite different. It has to be said that this expert's painting skills are quite impressive! "

In order to let the man see more clearly, Zhao Xiaoxue extended her finger and carefully guided him. Under the outline of the woman's finger, Chu Yufeng finally saw two water lotuses. Just as the woman had said, the two water lotuses had very different auras.

"Little fool, you're quite smart!"

"Of course I'm smart. Moreover, don't call me little idiot. I'm not stupid, and I'm not small either …"

Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly stopped talking because she felt that this sentence was very familiar, as if she had said the same thing in the past.

"What are you talking about? Could it be that you want This King to praise you? "

Noticing the man looking at her with a strange expression, Zhao Xiaoxue slightly frowned:

"Who wants your praise? If you hadn't just called me a little fool, I wouldn't have said that.

Zhao Xiaoxue was a bit unhappy. She cared a lot about the feeling just now.

"Little fool? Stupid woman, when did I say that? "

Although the term 'little fool' was not bad, Chu Yufeng still preferred 'silly woman'. Moreover, he hadn't said anything just now. No matter how one looked, no one dared to call a woman with nine lotuses stupid.

"Didn't you just say that there's someone else in this room?"

Zhao Xiaoxue looked around carefully. She might have been scared by what she said just now. She moved her feet and cautiously leaned against the man.

"Alright, don't be afraid. With This King around, no one will be able to hurt you!"

The man's words were like a calming pill, causing Zhao Xiaoxue's uneasy heart to quickly find a safe haven. Not only that, it made her feel exceptionally sweet.

"What should we do? My heart is already used to relying on you, so, in the future, I must always stay by your side and not push me away, let alone leave me! "

In any case, she was already this man's woman, plus she was a modern person, Zhao Xiaoxue wouldn't be as shy as a lady from a noble family in this world.

Unfortunately, Zhao Xiaoxue's words didn't get the man's affirmation. He only wore a faint smile as he looked at the girl beside him. After a long while, he purposely sighed:

"As expected, getting used to it is a scary thing!"

The man's words caused Zhao Xiaoxue to frown. She thought to herself, "This guy actually started to laugh at the critical moment, this won't do." Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue raised her right hand and revealed a golden seal, firmly saying:

"Don't you dare go back on your word! You also said that this is a blood contract. We can only live and die together!"

Seeing the woman's determined look, Chu Yufeng pursed his lips and smiled:

"This King knows that this is a blood contract, but..."

The man wanted to say something but hesitated. The reason why he didn't enter the palace with the woman today was because someone suddenly called him away. Those who could come and go freely in the Southern King's Manor without being discovered were only Imperial Advisors.

Recalling the conversation he had with the Imperial Advisor today, he realized that there really was a way to remove a blood contract in this world. It was just that the conditions were rather harsh.

"Chu Yufeng, what are you trying to say? Don't forget, from that day onwards, I will be your woman and you must take responsibility for me. Don't even think about leaving me behind! "

Even for modern people, Zhao Xiaoxue liked to let things end in one go. Moreover, since she loved this man so much, she naturally couldn't let him go. This was because she believed that she had to strive for happiness.

"That day?"

Chu Yufeng tried his best to recollect the memory, and soon, an awkward expression appeared on his face.

"What kind of expression is that? Have you forgotten?" You and me... "That one …"

Zhao Xiaoxue felt a little embarrassed to say it out loud.

"Actually This King... I can't remember! "

Of course, Chu Yufeng knew what had happened that day. However, since the woman was so resolute, it would make her feel ashamed if it was revealed. Could it be that what she thought was reality was just a dream?

"Ah?" You can't remember, but... How about we try again today? "

After hesitating for a while, Zhao Xiaoxue finally mustered up the courage to invite the man.

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