Seeing the woman's uncomfortable state, Chu Yufeng couldn't help but stroke her head and comfort her:

"Alright, this king will definitely appear before the sun sets. As for the female doctor, this king will think of a way, and, if there really is a problem, you can shout and leave. He's nearby, and you know that he won't be able to get too far away from you!"

If not for Bu Li, Chu Yufeng would never have left the woman's side.

"Bu Li?"

At the mention of Bu Li, Zhao Xiaoxue suddenly thought of the lackey who chased after her yesterday. Could it be Bu Li?

"However, Bu Li is a man right now. He can't appear in the imperial harem in public or else he'll attract trouble. So, unless it's absolutely necessary, it's best that he doesn't appear!"

If it wasn't for his Imperial Mother's order, Chu Yufeng wouldn't have been so worried. He would have taken the woman and left immediately.

Hearing Chu Yufeng's words, Zhao Xiaoxue nodded slightly. She believed in Chu Yufeng, so she would obediently wait here.

After Chu Yufeng left, the yard became deserted again. Zhao Xiaoxue was naturally unwilling to stay in the dark room. She turned the room around and found that only Lotus Pond was someone she loved the most.

Therefore, since everything was fine, Zhao Xiaoxue sat beside the lotus pond and blankly stared at the lotus flower opposite her. Fortunately, there was only one lotus flower that was injured. If the other lotuses …

"This... What was going on? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? "

Seeing that the lotus flower in front of her was very strange, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but rub her eyes. However, when she opened her eyes and looked again, she confirmed that she was not seeing things.

Zhao Xiaoxue opened her mouth wide in fright as she saw the color of the lotus petals begin to fade. She swore that she had only thought about it and had not done anything inappropriate.

However, the lotus flower that had been blooming so well was inexplicably withering away. This lotus flower had already left her in a terrible state. If these lotus flowers withered away at the same time, Esteemed Empress Dowager really would have her accompany in death!

"No matter what, you two are Lotus Essences that have lived for twenty years. Do your best, don't continue to wilt!" If you continue on like this, the empress dowager will really take my life! "

However, no matter how Zhao Xiaoxue pleaded, these lotuses did not listen to her at all. One by one, they became so stubborn that they began to restrain their radiance and slowly drooped down.

"NO!" No! Someone! Help! "

Zhao Xiaoxue also did not care too much and shouted in all directions. If this continued, then the lotus flowers would really be beyond saving.

"Lady! What's the matter with you? "

He only saw a green shadow float past the courtyard. Before landing, the person did not forget to elegantly spin around.

"Bu Li!" Are you really here? "

Indeed, Chu Yufeng did not lie to her, but Bu Li's appearance was useless. Bu Li was not an elemental physician, so he could not help at all.

"Bu Li, quick! Hurry and find someone to save Lotus! "

Since she was locked in this courtyard, Bu Fang was the only one who could come and go as he pleased.


It was Bu Li's duty to carry out the orders of the girl. However, just as he was about to leave, he turned around and looked at the girl in front of him and asked with a blank expression on his face,

"Girl, who are you leaving to?"

Being asked by Bu Fang, Zhao Xiaoxue was also stunned.

"To whom?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was also confused, who should she look for?

"That's right, young lady. You have to tell me where that person is and what he looks like so that Bu Li can find him!"

"I don't know who to look for. Chu Yufeng said that the one who could save these lotuses must be an elemental doctor, and the one who could enter the palace must be a female doctor. However, I don't know who a female doctor is, and I don't know who to look for now, thanks for saving these lotuses!"

Zhao Xiaoxue rubbed her hands together in worry, but no matter how hard she wracked her brains, she couldn't come up with a better idea.

"That's right, why don't you go back to the Southern King's Mansion, and ask Chu Yufeng to help you think of a solution? Yes, he definitely has a solution!"

In Zhao Xiaoxue's heart, Chu Yufeng was the god that solved the problem. Therefore, when they met with difficulties, the first one she thought of was him.

"Looking for His Highness the Southern King is not bad, but … This lady might have forgotten, but it's impossible for Bu Li to be too far away from her. If this lady stays here, even if Bu Li wanted to leave the harem, it would be extremely difficult, not to mention returning to the Southern King's Manor! "

Hearing Bu Li's words, Zhao Xiaoxue slapped her forehead. She was indeed too impatient and had forgotten about this matter.

"Then what should I do?"

Zhao Xiaoxue anxiously looked at the nearby lotuses that did not have much energy left.

"Miss, you said earlier that only a female elementalist could save a lotus flower?"

Bu Li seemed to have thought of something as he stared with eyes full of hope.

"Yes, you have a way? Do you know where there is a female elementalist in this palace? "

Bu Li's expression gave Zhao Xiaoxue hope.

"If you're talking about female doctors, young lady, you are a genuine female doctor, why do you need to go find other people?"

Bu Li had no doubt about the girl's ability.

"I... You said I'm an doctor, but … "However, it's clear that I can't gather any energy, and …"

At this point, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but look at the nearby withered lotus flower. That was her masterpiece, how could she be an elementalist?

"Lady, please do not doubt that you are indeed an elementalist, and a very powerful one at that. Everyone has seen what happened in the Southern Palace that day, and no one can compare to your ability!"

Seeing Bu Li's resolute expression, Zhao Xiaoxue also hesitated. She was very clear about what happened that day, and the power that came from her body was deeply imprinted into her heart.

"Don't tell me I'm really an Origin Doctor? But why can't I gather any energy? "

He had already tried it out at the Southern King's Manor yesterday.

"Maybe the girl wasn't ready at that time. Why don't you try again now?"

Bu Li had never suspected the identity of the young lady's doctor, so he kept cheering for her.

At this moment, she really wanted to give it another try. If he could gather origin energy, not only would he be able to save the lotus flowers, he might even be able to help Chu Yufeng.

"Alright! Then let's try again! "

Zhao Xiaoxue said as she prepared to go to the lotus pond to pick the lotus leaves.

"Miss doesn't need to. Lotus leaves are more helpful in gathering origin energy in the water!"

This Bu Li was a mysterious existence, so Zhao Xiaoxue naturally believed his words. Although she did not pick the lotus leaves, she was still carefully selected.

Standing in front of the lotus leaves, she closed her eyes and started to recall the feeling she had when she was on the round table in the Southern Palace's Lotus Pond. She slowly extended her hands and concentrated.

Slowly, Zhao Xiaoxue felt a surge of energy coursing through her body. Could it be that her energy had finally appeared? So excited, so she was really an elementalist! Recalling the elemental energy circulation hand signals from before, Zhao Xiaoxue slowly started to flip her fingers.

"Miss, stop! Miss, quickly stop! "

She was shocked to see the girl turn her fingers and step away.

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