"Not attacking us is a good thing!"

At this moment, the curtain had already been destroyed. She could see that the man was still sitting there safely, without the slightest bit of panic. Presumably, this was the reason why the talented and powerful were so bold.

"It's good not to attack us, but why does it always attack carriages?"

Zhang Yong really did not understand.

Zhang Yong's words caught Zhao Xiaoxue's attention. Carefully observing the position of the monster, Zhao Xiaoxue discovered that it was actually a place where the lights stopped.

"That lamp... "There's a problem!"

Could it be the same as the torch in his hand, spiritual fire? Thinking of this, Zhao Xiaoxue shifted her gaze to the man in the carriage. At this moment, the man was also looking at her. As their gazes met, Zhao Xiaoxue instantly became more determined. This strange lamp definitely had something to do with this man.

"Lady Shuang, what did you say just now?"

Things happened too suddenly, so Zhang Yong couldn't hear clearly.

"Turn off that lamp!"

Zhao Xiaoxue gave the order immediately.

"Extinguish the lights now?"

Zhang Yong clearly didn't know how to react.


Zhao Xiaoxue urged.


This Lady Shuang's aura instantly changed. Zhang Yong had no way of resisting as he pulled out his long sword and quickly switched on the lights on the carriage.

"Throw it far away!"

Zhao Xiaoxue promptly commanded.

Zhang Yong unconditionally did as he was told and forcefully threw the lamp out. Zhang Yong's strength was not weak and the lamp was thrown far away. With a 'crack' sound, the sound of the lampstand breaking was heard.

"Hmm? How strange, why is the fire still not extinguished? "

Zhang Yong had a lot of questions, but he didn't know the answer. The two people who knew didn't say anything, Zhao Xiaoxue's guess was correct. There was a problem with the flame, it could very well be the spirit fire she had seen before.

Because after the fire left the carriage, the flying monster didn't continue to entangle itself with the carriage. Instead, it circled above the fire that hadn't been extinguished yet.

"Wah!" "The monsters are really not attacking the carriages anymore!"

Zhang Yong was very excited. In an instant, his worship of Lady Shuang reached its peak.

Zhao Xiaoxue did the right thing, but her heart was not happy. She wasn't stupid, even if this monster was attracted by a man intentionally using spiritual fire, this should be his plan to escape.

Although she didn't understand why the man didn't use his powerful abilities to force his way out, making things so troublesome, she knew that she had foiled his plans.

"You … Who exactly are you? "

While Zhao Xiaoxue was still in a daze, the dying person suddenly grabbed her arm and slowly sat up.

"Left Custodian, you're awake!"

Seeing that the Left Custodian was awake, Zhang Yong was both surprised and happy. However, the Left Custodian ignored him and stared at the woman he had grabbed.

"I... I am his servant girl! "

This question was too sudden, and Zhao Xiaoxue also did not expect this' black man 'to suddenly wake up. She did not know what his intentions were, so she inexplicably felt very flustered.

"A servant?" Hehe, a servant girl has never said the word 'servant', nor did she have the honorific title 'Southern King'. May I ask what kind of servant girl you are? Little did they know that in the Southern Chu Country, where etiquette was valued so highly, there was actually a servant girl who had such a lack of respect! Lady Shuang, do you really think that we are all fools? "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't think that this bulky 'black man' would actually have such meticulous thoughts.

"But I really am his servant girl. It's just that … "I'm not used to saying 'servant'!"

When Zhao Xiaoxue said 'servant girl', she felt extremely awkward.

"It seems to be more than that!"

The 'black' was sure that the man was not telling the truth, and the strength in his hands increased even more. Zhao Xiaoxue was already starting to break out in cold sweat from the pain.

"What exactly do you want? What I said was the truth, but I'm not used to saying 'servant girl'. At worst, I'll just slowly learn to say it in the future.

The pain in her arm caused Zhao Xiaoxue to struggle. This' black man 'was getting stronger and stronger. If this continued, then her arm would be broken.

"Learn? For someone like you with such a background, it would probably be difficult for you to learn to be a 'slave'! "

The 'black man' didn't loosen the grip on his hand, and instead seemed a bit excited. When Zhao Xiaoxue saw the pair of eyes that seemed to be looking at her prey, she felt a chill run down her spine:

"What are you talking about? "What kind of background?"

Although her right arm was grabbed, her left arm and feet could still move. Zhao Xiaoxue's left hand grabbed onto the wooden pole and began to move her feet carefully. She had to stay away from that 'black man'.

"Haha, what kind of background is that? That's exactly what I want to know!"

Looking at the woman in front of him, "Black" became more and more excited. He did not expect to be able to find another treasure on this mission. How excited must he be?

"Madman, let go! Let go of me! "

Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to hear any more of this' black man '' s crazy talk, so she tried to wave her arm. However, the other party's palm seemed to be glued to his arm. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get rid of it.

"Left Envoy, just now, Lady Shuang … "I even helped you …"

Zhang Yong's voice was very soft, but seeing that both sides were in a deadlock, he was a little worried. After all, Lady Shuang was just a delicate lady. Moreover, if it wasn't for Lady Shuang's quick wit, they would have been entangled by that monster just now.

"Hm!" She has indeed helped us. Because she was by our side, that third grade spirit beast did not attack us! "

Zhang Yong, who was standing to the side, widened his eyes at the black man's words.

"Could it be that Lady Shuang and … and His Royal Highness the Southern King... Someone who has drank spirit beast blood essence? "

This discovery was truly extraordinary.

"Hehe, if I'm not wrong, then this lady has probably drunk the blood essence of a Rank 4 Spirit Beast. Otherwise, the Rank 3 Spirit Beast wouldn't have avoided her!"

Zhao Xiaoxue could feel the black man's fingers trembling as he grabbed her arm. His excitement was undisguised, but she didn't understand why he was so excited. Furthermore, she couldn't understand what he was saying either.

"Rank 4 spirit beast blood essence!"

This time, even Zhang Yong revealed a surprised expression.

"Left envoy, the mountain entrance is right in front of us. Should we go straight up the mountain or wait for Commander Lai?"

Li Chang naturally knew about what was going on behind the horse carriage. However, he had a steady personality and was born not to meddle in other people's business. If it wasn't for the Left Custodian's decision, he probably wouldn't have spoken on the way here.

"What are you waiting for him for? We'll deal with him when we get back! "

Li Chang could hear the anger of the Left Custodian towards Commander Lai, so he no longer said anything and drove the carriage up Mount Pan.

The road on the mountain was uneven, and the carriage began to shake violently. Taking advantage of the 'black man' being caught unprepared, Zhao Xiaoxue finally escaped from his grasp and quickly ran into the carriage.

"Don't go over there. It's dangerous!"

Seeing Zhao Xiaoxue's actions, the 'black man' was so shocked that he instantly jumped up.

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