After Bu Li left, Zhao Xiaoxue assigned him two tasks.

The first was to search for primeval stones. According to Bu Li, these primeval stones seemed to be very common, because once a baby was born, they would first need to test if they had spiritual energy or elemental energy.

Only measuring a spirit stone could tell the level of spirit energy, but a spirit stone could not. It could only distinguish if people had spirit energy or not, but even this judgment was very important to the current Zhao Xiaoxue.

His second mission was to find something to cover the lotus pond. Now, the lotus flowers were all gone from the lotus pond and in front of him was the Yongan Palace. There was no guarantee that someone would pass by the tower.

If the empress dowager saw Lian Chi's miserable state below, she might immediately kill her. Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to die too quickly. She had to find Chu Yufeng and discuss this matter before making any plans.

In the evening, Chu Yufeng arrived as promised. Zhao Xiaoxue told him everything that had happened today in detail.

"You are so honest!"

Although the woman was in trouble again, Chu Yufeng couldn't bear to blame her. He knew that it wasn't all her fault.

"I made too much of a mistake this time. If the empress dowager …" "If mother finds out, I don't know if she'll …"

"She definitely won't forgive you if the lotus flower really doesn't come back to life!"

Without waiting for Zhao Xiaoxue to finish, Chu Yufeng gave her an answer, because he knew his mother very well.


He had already guessed that it would be very serious, but now that he had received confirmation from the man, he felt even more hopeless.

"Mother really likes these lotuses. Not only are they special, but they were also planted by that expert first. I'm afraid there are only these few lotuses in the entire world! Furthermore, the expert once made a prophecy that seemed to have something to do with the lotus. The Queen Mother cared very much about it. As for what it was, no one knew! "

Chu Yufeng was also very curious, but every time he asked his mother, he couldn't get an answer.

"Then what should we do? The Queen Mother treasured these lotuses so much that now, these lotuses have already … Yu Feng, did you find a female elementalist? "

Upon hearing the woman's question, Chu Yufeng's expression changed slightly. He hesitated for a moment before asking:

"The female doctor was indeed able to find them. Moreover, they are currently in the residence. It's just that … They gave a condition that if you want to ask for their help, you have to make them stay in your mansion, and you even have to stay in the forest garden! "

Of course, the Southern King also didn't want other women to live with him, so when the other party had made such conditions, Chu Yufeng didn't want to agree. He even wanted to have a good talk with his mother.

He didn't expect that after a day of hard work, the matter had blown up. With the current situation, Chu Yufeng didn't dare to bring it up with his mother anymore. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to clean up the mess.

"The condition for female doctors is to live in the forest garden. Could it be that they don't have a place to live? Perhaps they felt that it would be inconvenient for them to live in the Southern Palace because they were all grown men. If they wanted to live in the forest garden, they could live there.

Right now, Zhao Xiaoxue's mind was filled with thoughts of saving Lotus, and she couldn't think of anything else.

"Alright, since you don't object, This King has nothing else to say. Just like you said, the manor is very big! It's not like it's a big deal to have two more people! "

For some reason, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that this man seemed to be angry, perhaps it was because she had agreed to stay here with the female doctor, but now, she had a request from someone, this condition was not too harsh, agreeing was not a big deal, she really did not understand why Chu Yufeng was not happy.

Chu Yufeng once again sat cross-legged in meditation. Now that the lotus flower had wilted, Zhao Xiaoxue was not in the mood to think about other things. She just quietly fell asleep like this, not wanting to make any more men unhappy.

Early the next morning, Zhao Xiaoxue opened her eyes only to find that the man had disappeared. Chu Yufeng was also nowhere to be seen around the courtyard. It seemed that he had really left.

"Is he really angry? You actually left without saying anything? "

Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't figure it out.

'Creak! '

The courtyard door suddenly made a noise. It had been two days since he had arrived here, and the door would only open when someone brought him food. However, it wasn't even the time of breakfast.

Could it be that Chu Yufeng had returned? At this thought, Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't help but run out of the courtyard.

When they arrived outside the courtyard, Zhao Xiaoxue did not see Chu Yufeng. Instead, she saw two beautiful women in long, emerald green dresses. Their oval-shaped white faces looked like they were painted on, making her unable to look away.

While Zhao Xiaoxue was staring at the two of them in a daze, the person who had arrived had already noticed the famous Miss Xue. With a smile, the two of them stepped forward and gently stroked their sleeves:

"We pay our respects to the Southern Princess!"

"You are?"

Zhao Xiaoxue was puzzled. She wondered if these two were the two female physicians that Chu Yufeng had mentioned. However, he was afraid that it might not be, so he didn't dare to make any guesses.

"We are the doctors sent by His Highness the Southern King to help you. I am Qingguo, and she is Qingcheng!"

Hearing Qingguo's introduction, Zhao Xiaoxue was delighted. Just a moment ago, she had been unsatisfied with Chu Yufeng's decision, but now, she realized that he had left early in the morning for some serious business. What a fast speed!

"The name 'devastatingly beautiful woman' really matches your name! I've gotten into trouble this time, and I'll have to trouble the two of you to help me out.

These two were female doctors, and their statuses could be considered high. Now, they even needed a favor from them, so Zhao Xiaoxue's attitude was not bad.

"We're all on the same side, it's only right for us to help each other!"

Qingcheng's smile was exceptionally sweet, yet her words caused others to feel a little uncomfortable.

"Hehe, Miss Mo sure knows how to speak. Since that's the case, I shall bring the two of you to the Lotus Pond right now!"

Although this devastatingly beautiful woman looked friendly, Zhao Xiaoxue felt that something was off. Their occasional glances at her contained an indescribable emotion. Right now, treating Lotus was more important, so Zhao Xiaoxue didn't want to pursue this matter any further.

"Elder sister, look!"

Zhao Xiaoxue was leading the way, but when she heard Qingcheng speak again, she recalled that there was nothing attractive about the courtyard. What did Lady Qingcheng mean by that?

"The way she walks, and her figure … I'm sure she …"

If even Zhao Xiaoxue couldn't react, then this Lady Mo was referring to her, and Zhao Xiaoxue was the most foolish person in the world.

Zhao Xiaoxue stopped and turned around. She hated people who talked about others behind their backs the most, and she didn't even try to cover it up. However, since she had a favor to ask of others, she couldn't let go of her pride, so she suppressed the anger in her heart and slowly asked:

"Lady Qingcheng seems to be extremely concerned about my appearance when I walk. Is there something wrong with that?"

Hearing the Southern Princess's question, the woman called Qingcheng raised her brows and said:

"Actually, it's not that it's inappropriate. It's just that your figure is clearly not yet …"

"Qingcheng, don't be rude to the Southern Wangfei. You're about to circulate your energy. You need to prepare well, or else you'll be unhappy!"

Faced with Qingcheng's reminder, Qingcheng immediately realized her mistake and lowered her head in silence.

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