If it was a real fool, Zhao Xiaoxue would have brandished the branch without hesitation. But she wasn't. After hearing Qingcheng's heart-wrenching screams, how could Zhao Xiaoxue remain indifferent?

Before the branch landed, Zhao Xiaoxue turned her head to look at the pond. Although there were white lines connecting the flower and flower, the diameter of the lotus did not get any worse. On the contrary, it had already started to recover its vigor.

"This... It's really effective? "

Seeing this result, Zhao Xiaoxue threw away the branch in her hand.

"Of course it's effective. As an ignorant and foolish lady, why are you causing trouble?"

Even if the other party didn't continue to cause trouble, Qingcheng's anger hadn't subsided, and she continued to call him 'foolish miss'.

"I... I really didn't do it on purpose! I'm so sorry! "

Zhao Xiaoxue knew she was in the wrong. Even if someone called her 'foolish little miss', she didn't mind. After all, she felt guilty for causing Qingcheng to vomit blood just now.

"Miss Mo, you're injured. Do you want me to take a look?"

Zhao Xiaoxue wanted to express her friendliness. No matter what, she was still a doctor. If it was an injury, she could immediately deal with it.

"Don't come over here, don't touch me either. I don't want a silly little miss like you …"

"Qingcheng, enough! The Southern Wangfei didn't do it on purpose! You have suffered a backlash from your Essence and are not easily angered. Take good care of yourself! There are too many damaged lotuses. Without your help, it would have been very difficult to treat them! "

Qing Shui had already discovered the abnormality of Qingcheng long ago, but he was helpless as she couldn't split her attention when she used her Essence. Hence, he could only wait for it to be completed before it was used.

"Elder sister, but she …"

Qingcheng wanted to continue speaking, but was quickly stopped by Qingcheng's gaze.

It could be seen that this Qingcheng was extremely obedient.

"Thank you Miss Qing. Just now, I was too reckless and caused trouble, causing Miss Mo to be injured. How about we find a doctor to take a look?"

Zhao Xiaoxue knew that she was rejected by Qingcheng, so she didn't dare to cause any more trouble. Even if she wasn't allowed to show it to her doctor, she had to at least let the other doctors see it.

"There's no need to worry, Southern Princess. Although Qingcheng's injury looks serious, we actually have our own ways to rectify it. There's no need to ask for a doctor!"

As Qingguo spoke, he took out a small stone from his belt and handed it over to Qingcheng.

"Thank you elder sister, elder sister is so nice to me!"

But unfortunately, even if Zhao Xiaoxue had any more questions, she dared not ask. After Qingguo passed the stone over, she turned around and returned to the lotus pond, and with her back facing the two people behind her, she said:

"Now that Qingcheng is injured, she won't be able to use her Yuan Qi today, so I need to think of a way to save the flower paths of all the lotuses here. I hope that the Southern Princess can protect her from the side!"

Hearing Qingguo's words, Zhao Xiaoxue nodded her head seriously. Although she added a pleasant name of 'Protector', it was actually to stop her from causing any more trouble. She could understand the implications of this.

She started to circulate her Essence. This time, even if she saw the white line appear again, Zhao Xiaoxue wouldn't dare to make a fuss.


It wasn't that Zhao Xiaoxue was surprised, it was just that when she turned around, she actually saw Mo Qingcheng trying to swallow that little stone.

Although it was a small stone, it was still as big as an infant's palm and several times bigger than a pill. Was this thing really that edible?

Zhao Xiaoxue's eyes were fixed on this Lady Mo's martial art, and she herself was far away. No matter how outrageous something was, she could no longer act rashly, or else Lady Mo would definitely be even more unrelenting in her actions.


Zhao Xiaoxue watched as Lady Mo struggled to put the stone into her mouth. Not long after, Lady Mo's mouth was extremely similar to the mouth of a frog. Combined with that strange sound, it made Zhao Xiaoxue feel very funny.

"Pah pah!"

Maybe Qingcheng also realized that there was something wrong with putting the stone in her mouth, so she took it out and placed it in her hands, turning it over and over. After staring at it for a long time, a look of worry appeared on her face.

"If you want to eat a rock, you can break it?"

Qingcheng stared blankly at the stone, while Zhao Xiaoxue stared at the man and the stone in front of her. She was so curious that she couldn't help but give a suggestion.

"Smash it?" "This is Yin Yuan Stone, it's very rare, it's able to provide vitality for us female doctors, if it really breaks, what happens if it loses its vitality?"

Although she knew that this Yin spirit stone was extremely rare, no one told her how to use it. Therefore, even if she obtained a treasure, she could only look on foolishly. Right now, she could only obediently wait for her elder sister to finish circulating her Yuan Qi before telling her how to use it.

"Yin Yuan Stone? "Source Stones?"

I wonder if Bu Li and the stone are talking about the same thing? In this way, Zhao Xiaoxue became even more curious. If she were to hold the stone, how would she react?

"I heard primeval stones can measure primeval essence. I wonder if your stone can also measure primeval essence?"

Although Qingcheng detested this Southern Princess, because she wouldn't have become so weak if it weren't for her, she was free anyway. Hearing such a silly question, Qingcheng couldn't help but laugh as she said:

Ordinary primeval stones can only detect the vitality in a person's body, but this Yin Yuan Stone can not only detect vitality, if it is used by a female elemental doctor, it can also help replenish the vitality in the person's body, it is an incredible treasure!

After speaking, Qingcheng once again placed it against her chest. It was a pity that these treasures couldn't be used by her right now, causing one to feel an itch in their hearts just by looking at them.

"Miss Mo, may I know if you can lend me the Yin Energy Stones in your possession for a look?"

Zhao Xiaoxue carefully asked. She really wanted to know if there was any Yuan Qi in her body.

"No way, how can I give you such a precious thing!"

Qingcheng rejected directly.

"Perhaps, I can help you find a way to heal your injuries!"

Zhao Xiaoxue's words weren't false, perhaps she really did use some tricks.

"You … "How did you find a way? You even …"

'Clang! '

As Qingcheng spoke, she felt the stone tremble before slipping out of her palm and rolling away.

"Aiya, how did it fall!"

Although it was unexpected, Mo Qingcheng wanted to quickly retrieve it. She struggled to stand up, but found that her body was stiff and unable to move. The backlash from the Yuan Qi was actually this scary. If she couldn't recover her Yuan Qi, she wouldn't be able to move today.

"Can I help you?"

Seeing the difficulty in moving Qingcheng, Zhao Xiaoxue volunteered herself. Of course, when she picked up the stone, she also wanted to check if there was any Yuan Qi in her body.

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